Personalised Sweet Hamper from MenKind - Perfect for Valentine's Day
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Personalised Sweet Hamper from MenKind – Perfect for Valentine’s Day

I am sorry to tell you this but we are just 7 days from Valentine's Day and if your anything like me, then trying to get the right present for your other half, that isn't yet another game, can be hard. However, thankfully MenKind have this year come to my rescue, with this personalised sweet hamper.


What is included in the MenKind Sweet Hamper?

Each of the sweet hampers come in a wicker hamper, contain 21 different (romantic) sweets and have a 16cm cuddly monster hidden inside. The hamper can be personalised, thanks to the card that is placed within the box, which can include a greeting, name and message of your choice.

If you want an idea of all the sweets contained in the box then please do check out exactly what was in Ash's box in this video:

I have to admit I was really surprised by how much they had stuffed into the hamper and had a bit of a hard time closing it once it had been opened.

MenKind PERSONALISED SWEET HAMPER WITH CUDDLY TOY MONSTER personalised card with Ash's name on and the wording Hope this keeps your belly full to dinner. Along with some sweets below.

What did Ash think of the MenKind Sweet Hamper?

Ash can be a man of little words and it is often hard to get out of him anything more than “nom”, when it comes to food. That said, he was very excited to get his hands on this hamper and ever since it arrived there have been a few questions of “have you taken the photos yet. I want to eat them?”

He was pleased with the selection of sweets included and while I was right about the Flumps in the video, he held on to everything else bar the shrimps and bananas which will make their way over to my parents.

MenKind PERSONALISED SWEET HAMPER WITH CUDDLY TOY MONSTER. Monster sat on top of the hamper alongside some of the packets of sweets.

Overall we were both impressed with the sweet hamper, the personalisation is a nice added touch and as it comes on a card you have a nice amount of space to say what you want to.

The hamper of course will come into its own once the sweets are finished, it makes great storage, or of course can be re-purposed to hold another gift, at another time.


The sweets included covered a wide range and offer something for everyone no matter their tastes. So we both definitely say that if your other half loves sweets and you’re on the hunt for a great Valentine's gift this year then this sweet hamper may well be the answer.

If you fancy treating someone you know to this Personalised Sweet Hamper from MenKind then it costs £37.99 and can be bought over on their website, however please do note that for delivery before Valentines you need to order before 1:30pm on the 10th.

What do you think of this personalised sweet hamper, do you know anyone who would like it? 

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  1. tee simpson

    My mr would love this. He has such a sweet tooth

  2. Hayley Todd

    My husband would absolutely love this. He loves retro style sweets so this would be the perfect gift for him!

  3. Margaret

    Looks delicious
    Perfect for a surprise treat We’d both love

  4. LaaLaa

    Aww this is so nice and it’s got some retro sweets – nostalgia filled with love, can’t beat it xo

  5. carmen

    Aw, such a cute idea. I love that you can always repurpose the hamper after. :]

  6. Danasia

    What a great gift idea! I know if I ordered it for my boyfriend, I’d end up trying a few of those candies! ☺️☺️☺️

  7. Joanna

    What a fab gift idea my husband would love this as he does love his sweets

  8. tara pittman

    I need to make plans for Valentines day with my husband. We will celebrate at home most likely

  9. Fee Kelly

    This is a great idea, my man loves all the sweets that you got in this hamper so this would definitely be a winnder for him. I can see me getting this for his birthday .

  10. Nikki

    What a gorgeous hamper! My boyfriend has a really sweet tooth so he would love this!

  11. hannah

    This hamper looks great. It’s full of fab goodies too x

  12. Christina

    How cute is this! What a fantastic idea and so personal too 🙂

  13. Ana De- Jesus

    Not a bad price either and who doesn’t love a nice big hamper of sweets? How delicious!

  14. wendy

    This is a really cool gift to give to a loved one! I love the basket! A really great idea!

  15. Sheery

    yeah I like this personalised sweet hamper its so cute and who doesnt like sweet. Great gift for loved ones this coming Valentines day.

  16. Anne Yedlin

    I really like the little hamper idea. Can load it up with lots of fun goodies!

  17. Melissa

    What a cute idea! My hubby would absolutely adore this.

  18. andrea warren

    My hubby is a candy junkie he would love this:) Thanks for the idea

  19. Whatlauraloves

    My husband has a really big sweet tooth so he would love something like this. I love the mix of different kinds of sweets xxx

  20. Julie Porter

    Such a great idea for the man in your life who has a taste for sweets, and I really like that they are retro sweets as well. The hamper itself looks like it is so well made and will come in so handy after Ash eats all those sweets! It’s nice that they personalise it for you and the cuddly little monster is really cute too. I think you picked a winner here Sarah!

  21. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I will let my sister in law know about this. My brother has sweet teeth (not tooth. I really mean teeth. haha). The cuddly monster is adorable and the wicker hamper would come in handy to keep my sister in law’s magazines organized.

  22. Rhian Westbury

    I like the idea of a personalised hamper. I always do a similar thing for my dad at Christmas and buy all his favourite treats x

  23. Stephanie Merry

    What a fab idea! I have such a sweet tooth so would love this x

  24. Evija

    I would love to receive that hamper any day ! 🙂 My husband and I are not really into St Valentine’s day simply because we have our wedding anniversary that we celebrate and normally we do things on ordinary days too, little surprises and presents ! 🙂 This hamper however, does sound like a great solution to those who celebrate Valentines day!

  25. Anosa

    Wow, this is a cute gift idea for your better half! Perfectly different from the ordinary gifts such as belt, wallet, perfumes and the likes.

  26. Lubka Henry

    This sounds really good. I love hamper packs and it’s really a great gift idea 🙂

  27. sandy ralph

    thats a lovely gift idea, i think my husband would love this

  28. samantha buntain

    fantastic ideas

  29. Amber Myers

    This would be a fun gift! My husband would probably like it. I’m not sure if he’d like the candy though, he’s big on chocolates. I’d eat the candy though!

  30. Victoria Heckstall

    The box is cute and handy. I can use it on other things after. I would love to give this as a gift.

  31. Emma

    What a great gift to give someone and I love that it comes in the really cute hamper instead of a cardboard box! The master is pretty cute too and who wouldn’t want to receive a hamper of sweets!

  32. Tanya Brannan

    What an amazing gift!! I love the monster and some of those sweets are my favourites.
    I’d like to receive one of those myself!!

  33. kylie cre8tone

    Such a lovely hamper.. It’s indeed a very sweet to personalize a hamper..

  34. Elizabeth O.

    What an awesome Valentine’s Day gift! I love that it has all the retro candy that you can think of, even the flying saucers! It’s one fun gift that will bring back memories.

  35. Jemma

    My husband would love something like this, he loves his sweets.

  36. Kayleigh Bestwick

    I love this idea! I have such a sweet-tooth and would probably even get this personalised just to treat myself. The little wicker hamper is a nice touch!

    Kayleigh x

  37. Louise

    I love hampers and I love using them afterwards. They last forever ? My hubby loves sweets what a great idea to put together thanks for sharing X

  38. Terri Beavers

    This would make such a cute gift. I’m headed over to check them out now.

  39. Kirstie Melville

    I love all the retro sweets, so nostalgic! That cuddly monster is everything, so cute! Would it be bad to order one of these for myself? hehe xx

  40. melissa major

    This looks like a very good sweet hamper, I am sure my sister would like this

  41. Author Brandi Kennedy

    This is a great gift idea – so much fun getting to open it up and see what all is stuffed inside! I like that they personalized it, too. That really is a nice added touch.

  42. Ghastly Girl

    I don’t know about my husband, but I love it! That basket is so cute! I might need to get him one so I can steal it for myself lol

  43. Dani

    Ahh what an awesome idea – I love all of those sweets! 🙂
    I’ll be buying myself some sweets this year!

    Dani x

  44. Daniella Keating

    This looks like such a fab present! Some classic sweets in there.

  45. Jazmin Williams

    We have a Menkind store in Cardiff – I wish I had time to pop in yesterday. No doubt I would have wanted one of these!

  46. tauyanm

    hoping we have this in dubai too! would be a life saver so i won’t need to think what to give for valentines days

  47. Filipino Recipes Portal by Ed Joven

    What a cool gift idea! The basket is perfect for my gadget storage…

  48. Amy Jones

    How adorable is this! This would be the prettiest gift honestly

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