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Are you keen to work with me or to find out more about the services I offer? You can email me at My About page can tell you a little more about me and this blog and my media kit is available upon request.

What can I offer you

What can I offer you?

I am happy to work with brands through a number of different avenues.

I can offer sponsored posts for a set fee (I also offer a sponsored series if you are promoting an ongoing campaign). Social media campaigns and newsletter inclusions are also available plus there is also the opportunity to have an ad on my site (either leaderboard or standard). I also offer contests and giveaways – my readership are very loyal and my giveaways see a lot of footfall.

Brand ambassadorship is something I would be happy to discuss as is product placement and I also offer blogger outreach via my UK Bloggers site.

I have previously collaborated with some fantastic brands such as John Lewis, Yankee Candles, Debenhams and Red Letter Days. All advertisements and collaborations must be family friendly and I do not promote casino, bingo or gambling content.

UK Bloggers is also available for discussion for certain collaborations.

Who do I reach

Who do I reach?

75% of my demographic are women. 30% of my readers are between the ages of 25 and 34 with 29% are between 35 and 44. Over 50% of my audience are from the UK (59%) and 27% are from the US.

I reach pageviews of 40,000 each month with 27,000 of those views being unique visitors. The average time spent on site is 1.21 minutes. I have a DA of 454nd a Google Page Rank of 3.

Socially, I promote to over 24,000 Twitter followers. I have 13k+ likes on my Facebook page, 10.3k+ on my Pinterest, 10.9k+ on my Instagram and I have over 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel.



Please do get in contact via email so we can discuss a collaboration further. All prices are available on my media kit – these prices are negotiable and bulk buying will offer further discounts. Banner ads must be provided by the buyer and there are also other options available.