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One of the downsides of getting older is everything seems to go south and if it isn't one thing it is another. While my body often thinks it is in its 90s my brain thinks it is still a teen, but those tell tale signs of growing older have definitely very much began, with more greys seeming to pop up by the day and I am sure there are lines starting to show in places I would really rather they wouldn't.

Personally I reach for my favourites lotions and potions and hope they managed to push back the hands of times (or at least slow them down a little), while some people swear by certain exercises and they fact they tone the skin. But then there are those that take things a little further and look into medical procedures to help them look a little younger.

One of the most well know procedures when it comes to tightening your facial skin is of course the facelift and I have to admit, bar that and botox I really knew nothing more about facial procedures, so I was interested to learn about Ultherapy.

Ultherapy is like botox a non-surgical procedure and has been FDA-cleared. Unlike botox however which works solely on the forehead, Ultherpay works also under the chin and on the neck, which in doing so has led to noticeable effects on the décolletage.

This apparently pain-free treatment takes one hour sessions using ultrasound technology, with the effects of the procedure lasting between 2 – 6 months and your back to your normal life the following day, which your skin noticeably toned, tightened and lifted.

Many people have absolutely loved the results of Ultherapy, so if you are looking to tone and lift your facial skin a little perhaps this a procedure you should look into a little more.

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Post written in collaboration with the aforementioned company.

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