The Digital Past… Creating A Modern Memory Box
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The Digital Past.. Creating A Modern Memory Box

There are moments that we will forever cherish in our lives, our first car, our wedding day, and so on. But, as we get older, we need to find a good way to store these precious memories.

Have you ever considered a memory box?

It's a very old-fashioned way of storing items, but can we find ways of making this but with a modern twist?

Memory Box

Digitizing Our Photos

Naturally, as we take so many pictures on our smartphone, we need somewhere to store all of these pictures.

The great thing about cameras on smartphones now is that we can have, in essence, an unfiltered document of our Lives.

But what if we have hundreds, if not thousands of photographs?

It may benefit you to get a VPS, a Virtual Private Server.

That way, you’ve got the opportunity to upload all of your photos onto a private network, so you needn’t worry if you’ve got limited space on your Google Photos app, by setting up a Virtual Private Server, you've got unlimited space, and you can use this for life, giving you a permanent location for all of your photos.

Power of the mind and powerful intelligence with an open box in the shape of a human head illuminated with a glowing beaming light bursting with sparkles as a symbol of human creativity and potential.

Creating Variations Of The Time Capsule

Time capsules are an age-old way of putting memories into a box, and reopening them in the future. They provide a picture of the time.

But, as technology is progressing so fast, is there anything we can do that mixes that classic idea of the time capsule, but with a modern approach?

There are plenty of services out there that provides time capsules.

But if you wanted to do your own version, an email account might be a good, and cheap, idea.

If you've got children, you can provide a simple memory box for them to open when they're older, by setting up an email account in their name and writing emails to them, uploading photos you've taken, and the great thing about these is that they are timestamped.

Memory Box

This automatically takes you back to the moment. And yes, while these approaches are digital, and can be somewhat impersonal, you can use various apps to handwrite your notes.

Imagine a loved one opening this in 30 years’ time, and seeing all of the wonderful memories over the years!

A memory box can be a great way to revisit the past in such crystal clear fashion.

The great thing about technology now is that we can create a memory box whenever and wherever we want. But there's a lot to be said about that old-fashioned approach because it looks so rustic, but this your life is going at the mile a minute, it can be time-consuming to create a memory box or a time capsule. But maybe that’s the whole idea?

We take the time and effort to create these little nods to the past, and with social media, it's very easy to upload the whole bunch of memories, and maybe this is why we need to think about crafting our own version of the memory box.

Whether it's a website, or something unique to you and your loved ones, a memory box is definitely a great thing.

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