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Irregular Choice BASHFUL SKUNK Irregular Choice ETERNALLY GRATEFUL Irregular Choice ROUND UP GANG Irregular Choice FOREST FRIENDS

I have to admit I have always loved Irregular Choice, but with the decline of my mobility, I stopped looking at them that much.

However, of late I have noticed more and more flats creeping their way into their range.

It has been wonderful to have more choice and be able to get my hands (or at least my eyes) on some really funky and different shoes.

At the moment I am loving their collaboration with Disney and I thought I would share with you four of my favourites to kick start November.

Irregular Choice BASHFUL SKUNK Irregular Choice ETERNALLY GRATEFUL

Bashful Skunk

One of the latest collaborations is Bambi and I love it.

I totally admit I have a love / hate relationship with the movie as it makes me cry so much!

However, I am loving the shoes.

This particular pair which features Flower the skunk, are such fun and of course as will all the Irregular Choice collection bright and bold.

Eternally Grateful

Hands up I have to admit that I may have bought these last week.

They just accidentally fell in my basket while I was browsing.

I've always loved Toy Story – it brings back childhood memories, so I couldn't pass by these little green alien shoes when I came across them on sale.

Probably a good job I did as they are all out of my size now as well!

Irregular Choice FOREST FRIENDS Irregular Choice ROUND UP GANG

Round Up Gang

Staying on the Toy Story theme, this time we are looking at a pair of pointed ballet flats, making them just a bit different from the other round toed options.

Featuring Woody and his good old pal Bullseye, this pair of shoes are definitely fun and funky.

I love the fact they are decorated around the sides with a desert scene, complete with cactuses.

Forest Friends

I think this pair has to be the next ones I would like to buy.

I absolutely love the mix of Bambi and Thumper on the ankle, rather than on the front of the toe.

They are a pair of shoes I could see wearing in all different situations and would love to flash the animals at my heels.

So there you have some of my favourite pairs of Irregular Choice and if you have never seen this brand before, you should totally check them out – even the soles are amazing!

What do you think of these four pairs of shoes, do any of them take your fancy at all? 

This is a collaborative post.


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  1. Joan Cajic

    The toy story ones are really calling out for me, they look so adorable all of them do. This is what would make me overspend when it comes to shoe shopping since I would want them all.

  2. Monidipa Dutta

    I am no more into heels, I am completely into flats now, and to be honest I love all of them.

  3. michelle twin mum

    I’ve never heard of Irregular Choice shoes before but they are such fun. I have a friend who wuld love them. Mich x

  4. Heather

    These are really fun! I would rock them. Especially when we go to Disney next time.

  5. Marysa

    Those are all so cute! My daughter would love a pair of these. I’ve never seen shoes with these designs, with the fur and patterns and sequins. I like the characters in the design too.

  6. Melanie

    Bless my Disney loving heart! Those are the cutest shoes I’ve ever seen. I love them all, but the Toy Story aliens are so perfect.

  7. thena reading

    These flats are seriously so adorable! I can’t decide between one….I’d have to have them all!

  8. Fatima

    Oh wow! I love these funky shoes. I’m definitely going to check out their website to get a pair or two for myself. I’m sure my sister would be so jealous. 😂 Maybe I should get one for her too.

  9. Sarah Meh

    I hardly wear heels and flats are always very comfortable. These flats look different and adorable.

  10. Anonymous

    Talk about some really funky flats! These would look so cute on kids feet. they get to wear some of their fave characters!

  11. Cristina pop

    These look so cute! I love that they’re so childish and funny!

  12. Evelyn Hernandez

    I love my heels, but always carry a pair of comfy flats just in case! These flats are adorable.

  13. Devyani

    How cute are these flats!!! Forest friends is my favorite

  14. Anosa Malanga

    Can I say I just love all of them? Woah! Who would not love to have these cutie flats, right? Love the designs!!!

  15. Sharon H

    They are absolutely adorable, so much fun !!

  16. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    The glitter green alien from Toy Story really stands out for me! These are so cute and I love flat shoes

  17. GiGi Eats

    OMG these really are unique! ha! My flats of choice are Adidas Sandals! LOL!

  18. Traci Frett

    These are adorable!! My kids would love these.

  19. Susie Wilkinson

    I’ve seen Irregular Choice in Schuh and I thought they only made heeled shoes, I’m going to have a look now I know they make flats!

  20. James Travis

    Very unique

  21. Kiwi

    I never heard of Irregular Choice but they are so cute. I do a lot of Disney press trips so I would love to have some for my next trip!

  22. Louise

    Oh my gosh these all look amazing! I need these in my life right now – especially the aliens from Toy Story ones!

  23. Natalie Crossan

    Eek I love Irregular Choice, I have a friend whos sister works there and they collect tonnes of IC shoes – they’re so gorgeous in person

  24. Andrea

    Wow I’ve never seen shoes like this before! So fun!

  25. Anonymous

    I LOVE irregular choice! I too am happy about the flats as I can’t wear heels

  26. Rebecca Whatmore

    Wow – these are amazing!

  27. Jeanette Leighton

    I love the alien ones my kids love toy story so they would think these were brilliant

  28. Chloe Taylor

    Lovely! These are so snazzy x

  29. amy simpson

    I so love these quirky shoes x

  30. Louise Comb

    I’m sooooo pleased that flats are now ‘in’. Women have risked damaging their feet for too long by wearing silly shoes. And even where high heels don’t do damage, they’re sometimes painful to wear. Although I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear any of the four flat shoes that you show, I like them all. They made me chuckle. But they’re not really ‘me’, to wear. The Toy Story pair were my fave pick though 😀 XXX

  31. Samantha O'D

    I love the Toy story shoes. I have been an irregular choice fan for years, i have several pairs of heels, so gutted i cant wear these. I have super skinny feet so unless theres a strap to hold it on my foot i cant wear them.

  32. Kitty

    Wow I am in love with all the flats… I am no more into heels and I always love to wear flats… I wanna grab them all 😍

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