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Facts You Didn’t Know About The Northern Lights

The Northern lights can affect the world by creating a solar activity and which can cause stunning display with the help of energy from the sun.

Electronic equipment, radio and satellites can be affected when a solar storm happens. For instance, it has been noted that when a solar storms start some major power breakdown occasionally happen and links to the solar storm can often be found.

Northern Lights

One of the most amazing facts about the Northern Lights is that they clap. There is a history of it and many people who visit have told stories of hearing such noises coming from the Northern Lights.

The Finland University of Aalto published a study on it in 2012 in which they even recorded the sound of clapping.

In their research, they wrote sound was coming from above ground at a height of about 70 meters. Which was due to solar units making geomagnetic disturbances, according to their study.

The earth is not the only place with auroras.

According to scientists who have been studying auroras, they have been identified on planets such as Neptune, Mars and Uranus who have Aurora ovals.

Aurora borealis is all natural phenomenon which is named after the Roman goddess and Greek god.

Pierre Gassendi was a philosopher and a physicist who came across the Northern Lights while on a trip and it was he, himself who named this beautiful phenomenon.

Northern Lights

The Goddess Aurora was a Roman Goddess who work up the world with her torch. The second word Borealis was derived from the Greek god of the north wind.

The best thing about the Northern Lights, is perhaps how beautiful they are. Even just looking at them in pictures you can get an idea of how stunning this natural phenomenon is.

With flashes of green, blue and rea the lights can almost look too good to be real. However, of course, they are.

If you’re visiting the northern lights check out these these excursions in Iceland, its really a once in a lifetime experience.

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Have you ever been to see the Northern Lights what did you think of them?

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