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Shoe Love

Shoe Love

I love shoes and it feels like forever since I posted some recent loves, I have to admit I feel like this post is a little like *spot the odd shoe out* go on I know you can spot it, it's simple really isn't it!

But anyway these four are my recent loves, yes one is an odd one out, yes it's a pair of supertastic converse but come on they are all as wonderful as the pair before them.

Coolway – Nywest RRP: £70.99
I adore these boots, made of a mix of leather and textile they just offer something really unique with the finishing touches around the ankle, they really made them just jump off of the page at me and say we need to be owned by you!

Betty London – Makana RRP: £61.12
These are the star pair of the line-up and I don't mean it in any other way but they have a gorgeous star on them! Once more made of leather and textile, these feature a zip to one side which makes for easy putting on.

Converse – All Star RRP: £57.58
Who doesn't love a pair of Cons and the colour of these is just, WOW and as they are actually available in both low and high tops, it means whatever your style, if you are in love with this colour, you can buy a pair that is just right for you.

Betty London – Panfila RRP: £70.99
I adore this pair of red boots, there is something about red boots that means, I believe, everyone should own a pair, even if they don't come out to play that often and with the darker patches these are perfect for beginners.

I didn't realise I had grabbed two pairs of Betty London's till I came to write this up and as a brand I hadn't heard of before I obviously need to look into them more.

Do any of these take your fancy?

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  1. Terry

    I want the pair with a star on them!!! We are possibly heading to Texas on our way to Las Vegas. Since Texas is the Lone Star State, I would have the best boots ever!!!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I love the chucks! That is such a cool color. Mine are pink 🙂

  3. Mandy@

    I have a lot of shoes but I must be honest none of them are in any way like those. I am more of a flip flop or sandal girl!

  4. Rena McDaniel

    I just love that Converse has come back again! I wore these in high school (a very long time ago) and I had purple ones. I loved those shoes and can still remember them to this day. I also love that first pair of boots at the top they are so cool! I would love them with a pair of skinny jeans!

  5. Lois Alter Mark

    Love the Converse — what a great color! I could live in those!

  6. Carmen Perez

    Very cute boots all around, but I love the aqua Converse! Good choices.

  7. coolchillmom

    Converse are the way to go for total comfort. But the chucks are cool too!

  8. Lady Lilith

    Nice footwear. I like the light green sneakers. I am a very big sneaker girl.

  9. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    I like those Coolway boots a lot! Especially the little accessories on the ankles!

  10. Tough Cookie Mommy

    All of these boots are really nice. I love the color red so I would add the red pair to my shoe collection.

  11. Celebdirtylaundry

    I’m liking the shoes with the star on it, looks cute.

  12. sandralynn ralph

    oh i love the color of the converse

  13. Liz Mays

    I’m trying to fight the urge to get another pair of boots and you’re not helping. I’ll just give up and get one. 😉

  14. Danielle

    Seriously! Can those half boots on the top left get any cuter! I think it’s time to add to my Christmas list! 🙂

  15. Krystal

    The boots with the braiding details. They are snazzy!

  16. Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM

    I like the Converse shoes. I love comfy shoes yet I wear super high heels when I’m speaking or presenting at an event, because it just feels more professional.

  17. Veronica

    I love that first pair of boots! I would totally rock that

  18. Chrissy

    I absoluteley LOVE converse all stars, I have so many in different colors 🙂

  19. Rosey

    I like the Coolway boots. Those are sharp. I knew the Converse were going to be popular, people do seem to just love them. My daughter and son have that brand, I’ve never tried but I bet I’d like them too. 🙂

  20. Amanda McMahon

    I used to have HOARDS of shoes – I’ve cut back but still love some cute ones!

  21. Alice Chase

    I love those boots with the stars on them! I need some new fall shoes too. Doesn’t every girls need new shoes?

  22. Rachelle J

    I love converse shoes! So pretty and comfy which is a must for me!

  23. Chrystal @ YUM eating

    I’ll totally take those Converse. I have 3 pair and could always use more. Love them.

  24. April

    I love boots and Converse!!! I went to the Converse outlet last year and they had a Dr. Seuss pair that I wanted so badly!

  25. Emma Davies

    Love the Coolway – Nywest. They look so fab

  26. Stevie

    Which styles of shoe do you like for the fellas?

  27. Louise Smith

    Love the Converse, the colour is gorgeous

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