Promise Rings from Martha Jackson
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Promise Rings from Martha Jackson

I am finally getting to the bottom of my pile of items which I haven't reviewed yet.

Perhaps I can finish off the year with a clean slate. Wouldn't that be nice? I'd actually feel like I was an OK blogger then!

Today's item comes from the amazing Martha Jackson.

Martha Jackson Promise Rings in Sterling Silver

Martha Jackson

It began with cold mornings and market stalls, however now it is so much more.

With the passion for travelling and a love for artisan jewellery markers. Martha Jackson is a brand that strives to bring unique jewellery to all their customers.

A lot of the makers who work with Martha Jackson are small family run businesses, so when buying from this company you are really helping to support small artisans.

Martha Jackson Promise Rings in Sterling Silver

Martha Jackson Promise Rings in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Promise Rings

Martha Jackson kindly sent me a pair of their sterling silver promise rings.

These come in a choice of finishes; plain or hammered and choice of 0.4 or 0.5cm band.

Within the ring, they can be engraved with the text of your choice, in the font of your choice.

Martha Jackson believes the idea behind promise rings, is more than just for lovers.

They believe they can be shared with friends and family. Allowing you to remember a promise when times come for you to be apart.

Martha Jackson Promise Rings in Sterling Silver

Martha Jackson Promise Rings in Sterling Silver

Our Promise Rings

Ash and I both decided to go for a hammered version of these rings, with one in the 0.5cm brand and the other in 0.4.

I personally feel like even though there is only a 0.1cm different in the band-widths it really does change it from a more delicate to masculine ring. Allowing you to really pick something that suits your look.

Before ordering we measured our fingers and sent off for the sizes that sent. Both rings arrived fitting perfectly.

Which for me is a big thing, as I've ordered rings online before only to find I should have sized up or down, as they didn't seem to conform to normal sizings.

Martha Jackson Promise Rings in Sterling Silver

Martha Jackson Promise Rings in Sterling Silver

I think both of us can agree that these are a beautiful set of rings, which with our engravings inside help us remember a special point in time for us both.

The idea that promise rings are something more than the historical use, is also something I like. Making them into something we can share with anyone is a lovely idea and something that I can hopefully see being pass on from friend to friend.

If you want to know more about Martha Jackson, check out their website and of course you can get your hands on these gorgeous promise rings which come in at £49 for the pair, fully engraved. Such an amazing price.

What do you think of these rings and the ethos behind Martha Jackson too? 

I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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Promise Rings from Martha Jackson

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  1. bev

    Pretty. I like the fact that it’s a historical tradition being revived .

  2. candy

    I haven’t heard this terminology in a long time with the promise rings. Nice to bring it back and educate more people on the tradition.

  3. Mary

    I have just learned something new from Martha Jackson believe that the idea behind promise rings, is more than just for lovers. I like the fac that you can also share it with friends and family.

  4. Laura Wheatley

    These are beautiful. I love the resin ring holder cones in the pics too <3

  5. Jeanette

    I LOVE these rings! I love what they represent! What a great way to show those you love how much you care!

  6. Amber Myers

    These are such lovely rings! I just love how they can be engraved. That makes it even more personal.

  7. Hollie

    It’s wonderful they can be engraved. They look like beautiful rings. I always appreciate anything personal.

  8. Tasheena

    These rings are so pretty. I love all of the details. This is such a great way to show someone that you care.

  9. Melissa Dixon

    Wow these are beautiful rings and more than just jewelry, they are works of art. I would be happy to receive one of these as a gift this year.

  10. Tamara

    So pretty!! I remember promise rings back in the day but I really like these.

  11. Beth

    These are really pretty. I like the idea of giving a promise ring like this for a tween or young adult. That way when they are out in the world, they would have a constant reminder that they aren’t alone.

  12. Clara

    I had no idea of the history behind promise rings. You taught me something today.

  13. Anonymous

    These rings are so beautiful and I love the idea behind them! I will have to purchase some in the future!

  14. Pam

    These are really pretty promise rings. I really like the hammered metal look on them.

  15. Alexandra

    What a beautiful idea! I absolutely love this – such a touching, cherished gift! They’re such beautiful rings.

  16. Scott Gombar

    I was not aware that promise rings were still a thing. These are very interesting rings especially with the historical background

  17. Jaz w

    I wonder where the idea of promise rings only for marriage came from. This is really cool to learn something new.

  18. Lisa Martin

    These are really beautiful rings. I really like the hammered effect. And I love the idea of a promise ring being for friends or family. Something a little more.

  19. Claudia Krusch

    I had no idea of the history behind promise rings. Loved hearing all about it!

  20. Ivan Jose

    The rings look fantastic! I love the simplicity in design as well as the beauty of the material used.

  21. Cassie

    The rigs are gorgeous and a work of art. I love remaking old traditions.

  22. Rhian Westbury

    I love the idea of promise rings and I love the hammered effect on these x

  23. No Broken Crowns

    I like the idea or story behind the promise rings. I find it very romantic and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Kathleen Ensign

    I just love these. What a thoughtful gift! Now I just need to find someone to share them with 🙂

  25. Monidipa Dutta

    As I am a ring person I obviously love them. Both for myself because I believe promises made by others are meant to be broken…

  26. Lisa Favre

    I love supporting local artisans and this one’s creations look absolutely beautiful! I love wearing rings!

  27. Paulette

    I really like the idea behind the promise ring.

  28. Samantha

    Those are very pretty, you can use them as wedding rings as well when the time comes 🙂

  29. Shannan P

    I love these rings and the premise behind them so much! What a wonderful way to remain connected to someone.

  30. What Corinne Did

    Love the look of those rings. The silver is gorgeous and i really like the pattern!

  31. Terri Steffes

    I love these rings so much. They are so beautiful. I know some people who would love these.

  32. Ashley

    I love jewelry. These rings look cute and a great gift idea.

  33. Natalie

    These are such beautiful rings and would certainly make a wonderful gift. They are so unique!

  34. Anna Nwa

    These rings are beautiful! I think I would like one just because….lol 🙂

  35. Jeanine

    These are gorgeous. i love the idea of promise rings. i think they are great and i love what they mean.

  36. Jenn Mitchell

    These promise rings are so very beautiful. I love what they stand for!

  37. Kay

    I love these rings. I really like that they can be engraved . I will be looking at the site for something unique. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Terri Beavers

    That is a really great price for the pair. I got a promise ring in my early young adult years and it was so tiny, not like these.

  39. April Brown

    Just love the idea of promise rings and the engraving is amazing.

  40. Olivia Jade

    These rings are really nice, and the photography of the product is stunning! I love the texture and engraved dates, how cute 🙂 xx

  41. Anosa Malanga

    Wow, this is so nice! I love the message inside the box of the ring too. Who would not love to receive such, right?

  42. Veronica Lee

    These rings are really pretty! And such a lovely idea too.

  43. Super Busy Mum

    I have never heard of promise rings before – but they sound so lovely and would make for a beautiful gift for any occasion.

  44. Jem

    These look beautiful. I love all the pretty colours.

  45. Bindu Thomas

    Wow..I love this! Those rings looks something special. I love how simple it is and what it means.

  46. paula cheadle

    what a wonderful idea

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