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Handy Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

If you’re anything like the rest of us, Christmas decorations can be both pain and pleasure.

Not only is there the magical mystery tour of the house to track down where you stowed everything last year, but there’s also the task of packing it all away again when New Year rolls around.

We’ve got some cracking tips to help you get Christmas decorations sorted once and for all:


Christmas Bauble

Christmas tree baubles are delicate things, and if you’re the proud owner of a few vintage items you’ll definitely want to protect them.

It’s a great idea to make your own bespoke storage containers, and all it takes is a large plastic tub and some cardboard strips that you can cut to the desired length and height to hold your baubles separate from each other.

If you don’t want the chore of cutting cardboard strips, an even easier solution is to stand disposable plastic drinks cups in your storage tub to hold individual baubles.

You can create additional layers with sheets of cardboard, filling the tub up to the lid so everything is held in place when the lid is on.

Another idea is to use egg boxes for small baubles or moulded fruit trays for larger ones.


Tangled lights can test the patience of any saint. You can make the job of dressing the tree much quicker and easier if you wrap them around a rectangle of corrugated cardboard before putting them into storage.

Start wrapping from the plug end so you can hold the heavy plug in place with the rest of the light string, but make sure the plug is accessible so you can quickly test them before going to the trouble of unwrapping them.


Christmas wreath

Storing wreaths can present some problems because they need protection from crushing and also because they are so good at gathering dust.

Hanging them on wall brackets is an excellent storage solution, and brackets are quite easy to fix in any location.

Protect them from dust using plastic dry cleaner bags, or pop them individually in bin bags with handles then loop the handles over the brackets.

Garlands or Bunting

Tangled garlands or bunting are nearly as bad as tangled lights, but happily, they are a little easier to keep straight than lights.

Zip up food bags are ideal containers. Put each garland or bunting string into its own bag to keep it clean and separate from the others.

Soft garlands such as those made from fabric or tinsel stack easily into plastic storage tubs, and they could even be used inbetween baubles to offer a little extra protection.

Beaded garlands may take up a little extra space and not have cushioning properties. One way of storing these is to feed them into plastic drinks bottles. They stand neatly side-by-side and you can quickly see which ones you need for each decorating phase.

Christmas Trees

Red Christmas bauble hanging on a tree

If you have an artificial tree each year, keeping it in good condition can be a challenge.

Repackaging the tree into its original box is difficult so investing in a Christmas tree bag will help it to keep its shape, and also make sure all of the stands or feet don’t get lost.

An alternative to a bag is a large plastic tub. Depending on the size of your tree you may even have space for a few decorations as well as the tree itself.

Finding Storage Space

Correctly packaging decorations to keep them clean and safe is one thing, but finding space to store everything is something else.

Home solutions include commandeering space in the loft, clearing out a section of the cupboard or putting up shelves in the garage. An alternative solution that many people are finding is to rent a self storage unit.

You don't need to rent more space than you need, and with this bespoke storage room you have the advantage of being able to install freestanding units or shelving to hold everything.

Decorating the house then taking everything down afterwards is very much easier when you know where everything is and it's all packaged neatly, clean and tidy ready to go.

Do you have a decoration storage tip, I would love to hear it! 





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  1. Amilia Nicholls

    Ohhhhh why don’t I do at least some of these tricks? Well the intention is there…..! Ha!

  2. Bev

    Great tips – I wish I’d read this earlier – most of mine are down now.

  3. Veronica Lee

    These are really handy tips. Storing Christmas decorations can be such a pain!

  4. Joan

    I already removed my decorations but let’s just say they are not stored correctly these are great but now I will have to go and try and organise them all over again.

  5. Explore The 6

    Great tips, will bookmark this post for next year when its time to store decorations 🙂

  6. Stacie

    I have to try all of these. I do my best to keep the ornaments in good condition, but I lose so many every year. I need to try something different.

  7. Amber Myers

    Great tips! I have put my decorations away, but I do worry about some of them. I might have to try your ideas out.

  8. Jessica

    I hang my wreaths and store ornaments in egg crate in a plastic container! The others i had no idea and will have to implement!

  9. Brianne

    I wish I had read this sooner! All of our decorations are already packed away! Guess I’ll hold on to this for next year!

  10. Alexandra

    I will be putting away my Christmas decorations in a couple of days – I am so happy I came across these tips 🙂

  11. Heather

    We’ve pretty much done the same thing for the last 14 years, but I will definitely take these into consideration!

  12. leah

    yes! after years in our home I am finally storing our wreathes the right way! hahah

  13. Sundeep

    Surely these tips going to help me next year. It’s always mess up when we talk about storing christmas decoration. Thanks for sharing this useful information

  14. Summer Mitch Ryan

    For budget moms like me, these tips are heaven sent. I don’t want to be buying new ones every year. I would want to recycle most of my decors, so taking care of them is essential.

  15. Toni

    These are really awesome tips! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

  16. Anshika Juneja

    Wow these are some amazing tips for Christmas decorations. I store these fancy lights the same way as they are first ones which get all tangled up.

  17. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    It is the Christmas lights that are the most challenging to store. Wreaths come in a close second. Thanks for these tips. We will be taking down our decorations this weekend. Glad that I came across this post. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Brittany Vantrease

    Shatterproof ornaments for the win! My youngest is four and is still a train wreck, plus our dogs seem to only want to play with each other next to the Christmas tree. I end up buying the shatterproof so all I end up doing is throwing them all into a box and store them downstairs in the basement where it doesn’t leak. The vintage ornaments and breakables that we do have, don’t come out of storage, yet.

    For when we do start to use them, I know these tips will come in handy.

  19. Ave

    We will take all of our decorations down next week after the Three Kings’ Day. I’m glad I read these tips now and got some ideas for storing all our Christmas stuff.

  20. Katie McNally

    These are all great tips! I’m procrastinating taking down my decorations, they never seem to go back the way they came out!

  21. Becca Wilson

    Is it sad that it is the fourth day into the new year and I still have my Christmas tree up? I totally dread taking everything down – this post definitely led me to some ideas of how to be less anxious about how I could put everything away.

  22. Waren Jean

    This is a great idea! We got a real tree this year because we always have problem storing our old christmas tree before throwing it out. Now this will come in handy for the future.

  23. Heather Barber McMechan

    These tips will come in handy while I put our Christmas decor away next week. Thank you for putting these together.

  24. Emmanuel Damian

    Storing the Christmas decorations is way more difficult than actually unboxing them and doing the decorations during holidays. You just have to put them back on each box and carefully seal them to ensure that they can be used again the following year.

  25. Crystal

    These would have come in so handy the other day. Our decorations usually just end up somewhere in a box, lol.

  26. Cecilia Elise Wallin

    Yes, it’s good to store the Christmas decorations well so that they last for a long time! It’s a great idea to hang the wreaths on brackets and cover them carefully. I love beautiful natural Christmas Wreaths. Reading this I started to look forward to next Christmas! 🙂

  27. Jennifer Prince

    Good timing! I am getting ready to take everything down tomorrow. So so much to do and lots to store.

  28. Fatima Torres

    I’ve always wondered about storing wreaths. They’re not the easiest.

  29. Holly Galvan

    This is literally the perfect post for me. I need to share it with my parents, I think they could really use these tips.

  30. Elinor Fisher

    Great ideas! I particularly like the one of using egg boxes for baubles. It’s too late for me this year but I’m definitely going to save some egg boxes for putting them in after next Christmas!

  31. Autumn Murray

    So many great tips! I am trying to be more organized in my Christmas tree storage and will definitely try some of these out. Thank you.

  32. Courtney

    Ooo so many great tips!!!! I still need to take my decor down lol… I’m slacking this year lol

  33. Sandra

    This is just so timely!! We still have all the decours out but soon will be stroing them. This helps me a lot!

  34. Binge on Basics

    These are some wonderful tips that can come handy for storing the Christmas decorations. I like the way you are storing the tangled lights. Much needed in my case.

  35. Naila

    Good timing and i will remember the tips when i store the Christmas decorations.

  36. Sarah Roberts

    Great tips! w e got some great canvas bauble holder on sale from studio its made it so much easier to store!

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    Really useful tips, thank you

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