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Handbags and Purses to Love

Handbags and Purses to Love

Now if there is one thing I love more than shoes, it has to be handbags and purses, so I thought I would take a change from the norm and head over to Spartoo and take a nose at the range thy have on offer at the moment.

I have to admit it took a long time to just cut it down to two of each, as there are some great items to be picked up, many of which offer a great % off when you go looking through the website closely enough.

Ikks – The Waiter.

Made of a mix of leather and textile, this bag really offers a look that is oh so simple, yet also so beautiful. From its curved design to side tassel, it is a bag that could easily take you from day out shopping with the girls, to a night on the town with your beloved.

Braccialini Fashion Zoo.

I first came across Braccialini a few years ago and they have fast become a firm favourite. I personally absolutely adore their animal design bags and I am seriously contemplating adding this to my collection. The only reason I haven't so far, is it is a little smaller in size, then I would go for, when I buy bags.

Liu Jo.

Bright, bold and red, I love the textured geometric design to the front of this purse and its colour is definitely going to cheer any owner up, on the dullest of days, as they reach and grab it from their handbag.

Gabs Franco Gabbrielli.

Have you ever pulled a rabbit out of hat? Probably not as likely as your purse from your handbag. However, if you've always fancied the idea of the much talked about magic trick, then this purse covered in hats and one little bunny, might be the perfect one for you this year.

So there you have a few handbags and purses that caught my eye this month, do any of them capture your fancy as well? 

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*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Margaret

    These are real beauties love handbags -never can have too many

  2. Jennifer Haden

    For adorable is the little mouse handbag! I love everything you find 😀

  3. Anne

    I think the Ikks bag would be most useful but I’m finding the Braccialino bag so cute.

  4. Stephanie

    That zoo purse is just adorable. It’s not something I would normally go for, but it’s super cute!

  5. Danasia

    The Ikks bag is by far my favorite! I feel like it’s the perfect neutral tone to go with most outfits.

  6. Stephanie Merry

    What a fab selection – I love the bunny and hat purse, it’s gorgeous! x

  7. Terrie-Ann Wright

    I’ve been for a look and I love the Moony Mood Skimale Shopper bag, and its a great price too!

  8. Tammy

    Love the red clutch. Perfect size for me and to carry around. Thanks for sharing

  9. hannah

    These look great. My favorite has to be the mouse bag

  10. Jodie Whitham

    A great selection. Bags are my favourite! I love the very first bag x

  11. tara pittman

    I like handbags too. These are some cute bags that I might need to add to my collection.

  12. Deborah Nicholas

    that dog is too cute!!

  13. Rebekah Jones

    ooo now heres an article i enjoyed reading … I LOVE bags !! especially new ones !!

  14. melissa major

    The rabbit purse looks very unique, very tempted to treat myself

  15. Ana De- Jesus

    I love that leather textile bag on the top left, it kind of reminds me of 70’s Western styles would you agree? x

  16. kira

    I absolutely love a brown leather handbag, definitely perfect for all occasions, especially holidays!

  17. Joely Smith

    Of those I prefer the Ikks – The Waiter – it is something I could use as an every day bag. I have far too many bags. Wait .. did I just say that? LOL

  18. Leah Lander-Shafik

    I am in desperate need of a new bag and purse. Thank you for the inspiration. I especially love the style of the Ikks bag – the waiter. Practical, stylish yet still good for work.

  19. Amber Myers

    I love these bags! I really like that fashion zoo one. Too cute. I currently just have a purse that I found on clearance at Target.

  20. Mary

    I can never get enough handbags. You have some really cute styles.

  21. Cynthia Nicoletti

    Nice choices. My favorite is Ikks – The Waiter. Love the color and texture. You can never have enoough handbags.

  22. Chelsea Padgett

    My daughter would love that puppy purse! She has a similar one that is a panda.


  23. Victoria Heckstall

    These are all beautiful. I love cute designs so I’ll go for the Braccialini Fashion Zoo.

  24. Wendy Polisi

    Great selection! You chose really beautiful bags and purse. I want the red one 🙂

  25. Karlyn Cruz

    Ikks – The Waiter is my favorite, though all of them are great and beautiful.

  26. Rhian Westbury

    The animal bag is so cute. I am very much a creature of habit and tend to stick to my Fossil bags most of the time x

  27. angie pickering

    Love looking at new handbag designs!

  28. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I love the IKKS bag. I’m more for plain colored, simple designs and this is just perfect! The size is just right for short trips to the mall, or to anywhere!

  29. Sharon

    The Ikks one is my favorite! I tend to go towards neutrals since I can wear them with everything. Love it!

  30. Azlin Bloor

    Mmm, quite an eclectic collection! I’m not sure about the Braccialini Fashion Zoo at all but The Waiter I can definitely handle!

  31. Coralie

    I love the Braccialini Fashion Zoo purse. It is adorable. My daughter would steal it from me lol.

  32. Dannii

    I love the red clutch bag. I always try to add colour with accessories.

  33. Terri Beavers

    What cute handbags. While I love all of them, the Ikks – The Waiter would go with so many of my outfits.

  34. rachel

    I need a new decent small-ish bag for those days when I don’t need to carry anything other than my purse, phone and oyster card, so those first two choices are possibly perfect x

  35. lynn neal

    The red purse is really eye catching!

  36. Elizabeth O.

    Purses are always so useful and handy especially for small trips or for dates. These are all adorable! It’s been a while since I last used purses, big bags are a must when you have twins!

  37. Dee Gillespie

    Loving these bags at Spartoo – Brilliant designs that would suit everyone xx

  38. Rebecca Smith

    Okay that rabbit in the hat purse is absolutely divine. I need.

  39. Rachel

    Ahh these are so cute! I’m a massive handbag lover! xo

  40. Katy {ashadeofteal}

    I’m a total sucker for handbags, I have way to many yet I don’t have enough! Love that first tan bag, so cute!


    I do love handbags and the more the merrier. There are so many gorgeous ones to choose from I wish I had more space at home.

  42. Wildish Jess

    Totally feeling the first bag. I’ll have to pass on the others though!

  43. Belinda Matthews

    I love handbags, i think I have one to match every outfit

  44. Michelle Wild

    A red purse full of money …..

  45. joanne casey

    I’m loving the Liu Jo. I’m on the look-out for a new purse and that would be perfect

  46. The Sunday Mode

    I think the rabbit one is really quirky 🙂


  47. Amy Jones

    How pretty these purses are! I would love to have the first one from the picture, it would match perfectly with this outfit I usually wear

  48. Carolle Wieler

    Justbought an absolute designer bargain in local charity shop-summer colour too, still buzzing, so yes, I love those bags, getting an almost new Betty Jackson has made my day too!!!

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