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Fashion Picks for November

Fashion Picks for November VICAMA Grey Basket Heart Satin Black DEPORTIVO BASKET GLITTER MARINE Nat et Nin PANAMA Blue

How can we be in November already? It hardly seems possible that we are less than 2 months away from Christmas now and of course it is just weeks until my birthday. For many, now is the time to be writing gift lists as well as buying a new season of clothing (isn't it getting cold). So to help some of you on your way here are a few ideas for myself and Spartoo.

Vila Vicama Grey

I have to admit with my body unable to regulate its temperature I actually don't own a coat. However, I have started to feel the cold more and realise in the long term this is something I need to change. To start with ideas for the perfect coat this one from Vila is definitely on my maybe list.

Puma Basket Heart Satin Black

I know these puma shoes seem to be a bit like marmite, but they have been on my wishlist since I first saw them. I think perhaps as I live in trainers most of the time, these offer something just a bit nicer, which I could get away with wearing on a more special occasion.

Victoria Deportivo Basket Glitter Marine

Carrying on with the trainers that offer something different trend, is this pair from Victoria which are covered in glitter. I can see these being the go-to trainers for many people over the party season who much like myself cannot wear shoes for a long period of time.

Nat et Nin Panama Blue

Last but by no means least is this beautiful handbag. While blue is my favourite colour I don't actually have a blue handbag and I think that needs to change. This particular one from Nat et Nin is absolutely beautiful and hopefully big enough to hold all of my belongings.

So there are a few of my favourite items for November, what do you think of them? Any you could see yourself buying?

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. candy

    Love the shoes of course, can never have to many handbags. That sweat could double as a coat and be perfect. All winners.

  2. Franc Ramon

    One thing to love with the cooler climate is getting to use coats like this. It also gives you more options on your accessories.

  3. Jess

    I’ve got my eye on those Pumas too! I absolutely love them!

  4. Amber Myers

    These are some great picks! I really like those glitter shoes and that gray jacket. I’m always cold!

  5. Anna nuttall

    I tell you something, Sarah. That grey coat is something i need in my life. Lovely picks. xx

  6. Tomi C

    Those Puma Basket Heart Satin Black are cuuuuuute. I am so excited for all of the Fall fashions

  7. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    My daughter would love the sparkly tennis shoes. I love that bag, and that cozy looking sweater!

  8. Pam

    I like those glitter shoes a lot. I don’t know what I would wear them with but they are super cute.

  9. Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    My favorite would probably be the Vila Vicama Grey – it does look really nice. I do also like the handbag…I am only hesitating a bit due to the color and how that would fit with everything else I currently have.

  10. Brett

    Ohhhh. That jacket is wicked cute! And it doesn’t look bulky – I hate wearing jackets even in New England weather because of the bulk. The purse is adorable too

  11. Nellwyn

    That coat looks really warm and cozy! I need something like that right now as the weather here in Toronto is officially getting colder.

  12. Glamamom

    Those glittery kicks have my name ALL OVER THEM! Great choices.

  13. Kita Bryant

    I love those pumas! Shoot, I love all of it! Right up my alley!

  14. Anosa

    I am in shock as well that we already in November and its blooming cold too, I am in need of some trainers and a warm coat for sure

  15. cynthia bowman

    Totally my style. Urban chic with glam sneakers. And grey is my black.

  16. kirsty

    I really love those Victoria Deportivo Basket Glitter Marine shoes. They look very comfortable and smart enough to wear to events x

  17. Jessica

    Great picks! I love the bag, I really need a bag like that x

  18. rosemary palmer

    I have a couple heavy coats just for those really rare days we need one, but I love a great jacket or heavy sweater. We are lucky to not need much more on most days.

  19. Shell

    Oh my goodness I’m totally loving those shoes!!! They are super adorable and look very comfortable! You can never have too many shoes LOL !

  20. Chubskulit Rose

    THe coat is beautiful! I am obsessed with coats because I get easily cold.

  21. Susan R

    Ooh I’ve seen those Puma shoes and I want them too! The basket glitter ones by Victoria Deportivo are amazing too, didn’t know that brand.

  22. hannah

    I do like that coat. It looks really nice and warm for the winter

  23. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    These look like fabulous fashion picks! I love those sneakers with the glitter look. They are totally on trend right now.

  24. ricci

    That coat is gorgeous and just my style!! I need to check that out for myself!

  25. Cyn Gagen

    I really love that bag. It’s just what I’ve been looking for, right down to the colour.

  26. Katrina

    Loving the glitter trainers I hardly wear heels anymore with a toddler to run around after

  27. Anosa

    Great picks for this coming much cooler season. I love the sneakers and the coat! They are great combination. Looking forward for more items from you!

  28. Susie Parker


    My most favorite item in this outfit is the Victoria Deportivo Basket Glitter Marine. I am low key in love with glitters and sequence. I just love sparkles. Lol.

  29. Rebecca Smith

    I think I need those glitter trainers in my life – might have to add to the Xmas list


    Glittery trainers are a great idea to add a little sparkle to life. I need new trainers as mine are dying fast. I’ll have to check and see if they have any sporty ones.

  31. Terri Beavers

    I can see why these would be your fashion picks. I’ve been saying I need a bold colored handbag and that blue one is gorgeous.

  32. Lori Vachon

    What fun choices, tis the season we need to dress warmly! That coat would be my choice too I love how cozy it looks.

  33. Sapphire Kharyzma

    These are some cute picks. I especially love that blue bag. I have a chic pair of heels that it would compliment perfectly!

  34. Chrissy Faery

    Oh my goodness, those glittery trainers are the bomb!! <3 I don't buy clothes very often, but recently I've been stocking up on jumpers! I've been feeling the cold more lately as well, and I think this winter might be a harsh one! xxx

  35. Adrienne

    Sparkly shoes are definitely on my must have list this holiday season. They’re perfect for adding some personality to an otherwise boring outfit.

  36. Ting

    Those glittery trainers are so pretty! I love the look of them. Tx

  37. Anne

    Yeaah, I always love to have a little shopping inspiration. Thank you so much! Will save it for later.

  38. Adaleta

    That is a super cute sweater, and I just love those glitter sneakers! So fun and perfect for neovember!!

  39. Katy {ashadeofteal}

    I love your picks for November! That bag is amazing and I would love to have it!

  40. Elizabeth

    I am loving that handbag! I’m in the market for a new one; I’ll have to check it out!

  41. Lynda Graham

    That grey coat is just perfect.
    A colour I don’t really notice normally.

  42. Rebecca Swenor

    These are indeed awesome fashion picks for November. I love anything glittery so the Victoria glitter shoes are my favorite but I really like the other two pair too. Thanks for sharing these awesome picks.

  43. Ana De- Jesus

    I could definitely see myself buying the grey coat especially as I do not have a lot of grey in my wardrobe and it would make a nice change from the bright colours I normally favour! It is beautiful x

  44. greig spencer


  45. Lyndsey Cooksey

    Oooh I love the sparkly tennis shoes! You can never not have enough shoes! And handbags come to think about it!

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