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Host the Perfect Christmas with Debenhams

Now I don't want to panic anyone but there are only 7 Fridays left until Christmas, but if like me you are completely unready never fear, because as well as helping you sort all your presents, the amazing Debenhams can help you get ready for all the guests who may be coming to your door this year and sort out the perfect Christmas.

Last year Debenhams helped me get my workspace ready and this year we took it a step further as they helped me prepare for the great Christmas dinner, providing me all the things I needed to help cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Prepping for the Perfect Christmas Cake.

Christmas at Debenhams - Christmas cake making, cake tin, measuring spoons, lemon, orange, mixing bowl and dried fruit

If your family are anything like mine (bar Ash) they will love a good Christmas cake, in fact, my Mum makes an amazing one, but of course a good Christmas cake needs to sit for a while. So you need to get prepping it early and Debenhams have a whole host of Christmas cookware* to help you.

Christmas at Debenhams - Christmas cake making, cake tin, measuring spoons, lemon, orange, mixing bowl and dried fruit - close up of bowl and spoons

I personally fell for the Ashley Thomas – set of four multi-coloured measuring spoons*, which will look quite nice hanging on the wall in the kitchen when not in use. Hey, I might even look like I know something about cooking then, with utensils around the place. Now, of course, every good cake needs a good tin to sit and bake in and hands up I don't own one, so of course, I needed a good one and theย Ultimum 8″ Loose Base Round Cake Tin* is perhaps the perfect tin to get baking with this year.

A Helping Hand on Christmas Day.

Christmas with Debenhams - Russell Hobbs - Black Chalkboard 3.5l slow cooker

Do you ever feel like you are running out of places to cook everything when it comes to cooking the Christmas dinner itself? Then how about enlisting the help of a slow cooker, for instance, this 3.5l slow cooker with chalkboard outer from Russell Hobbs* is not just for Christmas but for the whole year and can help you warm up your Christmas pud while you worry about what needs to be in the oven (and when) for your main meal.

Have the Main Meal Down.

Debenhams at Christmas - Christmas dinner table featuring yorkshire puddings, chicken, gravy, Photo also shows plates, crackers and glasses, taken from left hand side near yorkshire puddings.

When it comes to the main meal itself there are of course some essentials items, such a roasting tray* for the meat of your choice, though I have to admit we seem to change what meat we go for every year. No roast dinner is ever complete (in my mind) without Yorkshire puddings, and every household no matter the time of year needs a goodย Yorkshire pudding tin* and of course, it all needs to be topped off with a good round of gravy from a mighty fine gravy boat* filled with lashings of gravy made to perfection in a roasting tin.

Debenhams at Christmas - Christmas dinner table featuring yorkshire puddings, chicken, gravy, Photo also shows plates, crackers and glasses, taken from left hand side near yorkshire puddings.

I personally don't drink alcohol at all, for me, it isn't something that reacts well with my body and perhaps the medication I am on, so I choose not to drink it. So when it comes to a good meal, the perfect drink is either tea or a nice juice. So instead of some really nice looking wine glasses, I decided to go for these frosted tumblers*, which while perfect for everyday use, also seem to fit in with the Christmas theme quite well.

Over the years I have seen many beautiful table arrangements* for tables, but in my mind, I do love a good a candle and this punched silver coloured tea light holder fromย John Rocha* looks beautiful with the sparkling poinsettias.

Dessert Delights.

Christmas at Debenhams, selection of small multicoloured Christmas plates featuring animals; robin, bear, fox and reindeer places with crackers and mince pies

Sometimes after the weight of a Christmas dinner, followed by Christmas pudding all you fancy on an evening is a good mince pie, so why not deck the table out with another round of crackers*, grab the fancy Christmas plates* ( don't forget to shout MINE for the animal you want) and pass out in front of the TV watching Doctor Who.

Christmas at Debenhams, selection of small multicoloured Christmas plates featuring animals; robin, bear, fox and reindeer places with crackers and mince pies

For those who are putting family or friends up over the Christmas season as well as offering up Christmas dinner, Debenhams have a whole host of Christmas bedding* on offer, including some really cute animal-based designs and some wonderfully warm blankets and throws.

So there are a few ideas for helping through the perfect Christmas with Debenhams, however, you can, of course, check out the whole of their Christmas department* for more ideas.

What do you think of these perfect Christmas ideas with Debenhams, is there anything you would like to have for this year?

Links marked with a * indicate an affiliate link.
This post contains items gifted from Debenhams to help with the making of this post.

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Always looking for inspiration
    Great ideas for me to try

  2. Susan B

    Ooh, you did frighten me! Thanks for the suggestions. Love the cute measuring spoons.

  3. Shannon

    Christmas is coming so fast this year! Debenhams looks like really great products to try this holiday season.

  4. Jenn JG

    Yummy great suggestions! I cant believe its time to start thinking about Christmas dinner already, the year has really flown by!

  5. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I have to give Debenhams a look. Everything you showed us looks so great! Time to get my Christmas on.

  6. Ashleigh Allan

    Great ideas. I love Debenhams

  7. Danielle

    Debenhams has everything! All the things you showed us here are perfect to make the holidays easier and just plain more festive.

  8. Rachel Evans

    I never think to look in Debenhams for cookware! I think it’s on a different floor to clothes in my local store. I’m going to go and have a nosy next time I go into town though.

  9. corinne & kirsty

    Time is really flying! it is christmas really soon already! This is great for inspo as i always struggle a bit! although this year i am not hosting!

  10. Jesica Versichele

    It’s never too early to start prepping for Christmas! I come from the U.S, so I’ve never considered Yorkshire pudding as a Christmas essential. But I understand how that would compete for oven space with the Chicken and mince pies. I suppose a baking schedule will also help in this situation.

  11. Mayah Camara

    Some fab suggestions! Looks like you’ll be putting together an amazing spread! Great post!

  12. Anthea Holloway

    These are lovely items and the table looks so festive. I shall visit Debenhams now.

  13. Ruth Bloch

    I love those frosted tumblers! Heading over to the website to check them out now! Thanks! x

  14. Amber Myers

    Everything looks fabulous! We don’t have Debenhams around us I don’t believe. I really like those plates.

  15. Lilinha

    You make me look forward to Christmas with the beautiful Christmas range from Debenhams! I would love the slow cooker and would use it all year round! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Elise Ho

    There is one less Friday until Chanukah. I need to get my shopping on. I still have to finish getting stuff ready for Turkey Day…lol

  17. Rachel

    I can’t believe there are only 7 Fridays until Christmas! Those measuring spoons are adorable, I’m always looking for cute cooking items since I spend so much time in the kitchen.

  18. melissa major

    The are some brilliant Christmas ideas from debenhams! I am so tempted to get a slow cooker, I’ve heard so many positive things about them

  19. Joanna Bayford

    Christmas is coming around so fast this year. Some great ideas from debenhams, my mum makes such lovely Christmas cakes and I love the idea of using the slow cooker for cooking the Christmas pudding.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      My Mum does really well with Christmas cakes as well and apparently, my parents just found my Gran’s old recipe for Christmas Pudding so I’m hoping that might be on the menu.

  20. Patrick

    I was “this” close to booking two seats and coming to your house for Christmas dinner but that mince pie just threw us off! Can we still come if we bring some fresh fruit juice and a apple pie instead?
    You tablescape looks amazing btw!! You are so ready for Christmas!!

  21. Ana De- Jesus

    Ooh the slow cooker looks wonderful as does the Christmas plates so they would be perfect for hosting the perfect Christmas. Debenhams is great!

  22. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I want those plates! Those look so perfect for Christmas! I love decorating with lovely pieces like these.

  23. sara

    Wow, you made such a beautiful Christmas dinner! I love your plates and the food looks amazing. Thank you for sharing a piece of your celebration.

  24. Claudia Krusch

    I will have to look for some Debenhams products to try for the holidays. I can not believe how fast they are coming up.

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    Time flies so fast! Christmas season is already on the corner! I love the four piece spoon set. Looks cute!

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    npw u r getting me excited for the holidays! ur photos looks festive particularly the spoons!

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    Wow! Everything we need is in Debenhams. Great suggestions, I think I need to plan for Christmas now, time flies!

  28. Shahneela

    Love those spoons and plates. Will check Debenhams!

  29. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Those multi-colored measuring spoons look adorable as well as the Christmas themed tableware. And of course, the food looks delicious also those yummy looking desserts.

  30. Kiwi

    I love the little details of the spoons. The holidays are fast approaching these look like great products to prep for it.

  31. Nadine Cathleen

    Your Xmas decoration looks amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to start decorating the whole house!

  32. kirsty

    I need to replace all my pans and roasting tins as they are a little worse for wear now having had them for 8 years. I’ll have to look in Debenhams for them now as they look great. You dinner looks so tasty.

  33. Jade Bremner

    Those spoons are supper cute wish I hadn’t bought some already. I’m currently looking for Christmas bedding so will have a look at Debenhams and see what choices they have x

  34. Kathy

    Everything looks and sounds amazing. This is one of my favorite holidays because you get to spend a lot of time with friends and family. Of course the food is always amazing too!

  35. Jessica Taylor

    Wow! Everything looks so festive! Never too early to start planning!

  36. Louise Clarke

    Some brilliant tips and after getting over the time till Christmas, im starting to plan now

  37. Emily Leary

    Yorkshire puddings are probably my favourite part of any roast. A good quality baking tin that keeps heat well is essential!

  38. Mel

    Debenhams look like they have such fab items in store for Christmas – I love those plates!

  39. uprunforlife

    I love those measuring spoons. It is crazy that Christmas is getting so close. I’m not exactly ready but I guess that I don’t have a choice. We always do Thanksgiving and Christmas with my husband’s extended family. It is a ton of fun.

  40. Louise Bishop

    Those frosted tumblers are adorable! Wine would go well in them too so it’s a win/win!

  41. Wendy Polisi

    I think you made a wonderful choice in getting the tumblers. Those work for many drinks and doesn’t limit you like wine glasses would.

  42. Sheena Tatum

    This company has some wonderful choices. I love bringing out the good dishes and pans for the holidays.

  43. Marielle Altenor

    So many cute designs for the Holiday! I see they even ship to Canada!! Time for some shopping! lol

  44. stacey

    Is Debenhams a department store where you live? If so, it looks like they have a lot of things you like and that’s great.

  45. Ophelia Tang

    These cooking tools sound very helpful and convenient. I would love to use them to prepare food for my next party. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Blair villanueva

    Debenhams is so sweet for having this kind of offerings for their valued customers. I like their new wares, my Mom will definitely love them!

  47. Linda Hobbis

    I like the look of that gravy boat – it’s the one thing we haven’t got and can never seem to find!

  48. Sarah Carter

    Only 6 weeks till Christmas this year has flown by xx

  49. Bethany Naismith

    I haven’t even begun to think about Christmas yet! Can tell Christmas at your house would be amazing!

  50. Ting

    Oh, I never think to use a slow cooker to help out on Christmas day. Such a good idea! Tx

  51. Iris Tilley

    I so want to make my own christmas cake one year with Rum & raisins

  52. Kayleigh Watkins

    Glad I’m not the only one unready, it has creeper up on me again, I will now spend the next 7 weeks panic buying, my mum makes the best Christmas cakes too, she used to make them every year for my nan and aunties, spending weeks topping them with brandy before decorating them beautifully, my sister and I eagerly waiting for the left over marzipan and icing, how kind of Debenhams to help out and send you some very helpful tools you lucky lady xXx

  53. Tim B

    Wow what a way to break down just how fast time flies — 7 Fridays left til Christmas! Your holiday spread you pictured looks great!

  54. Lynndee

    I love those plates! I think my SIL would love them too. She is always the one who hosts Christmas dinners and I think those would be perfect hostess gifts.

  55. Alyssa C

    Beautiful setups! I’m always looking for a little inspiration for the Holidays! Thank you for sharing.

  56. Dana Peller (@Pellerini)

    These look like the perfect holiday treat for your guests. I love how simple they are to make.

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    I wouldn’t know where to start with preparing a Christmas dinner, these products look super handy though and those plates are adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

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    What a great set up! And glad to see mince pies features. I love mince pies!

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    I’m loving the cute plates and the table setting. This is so exciting, I can’t wait for the big holiday.

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    Oh my! I can’t believe it’s just 7 Fridays away. This means I should be heading to Debenhams to check their Christmas department ASAP.

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    I just love all of your christmas table wear, it is so pretty and so festive! I can’t believe how fast christmas is coming!!

  63. Baby Isabella

    Debenhams has a good 25% off event happening soon, so we’re going to have a look. Loved what you’ve suggested here. We could do with some more bits and pieces for the kitchen ahead of Christmas x

  64. Emily Underworld

    I love that chalkboard slow cooker, gotta get myself one of those!

  65. G&D Blog

    Oh my…its never too early to prepare for Christmas dinner. Those kitchenwares look so beautiful. And here, you prepared really yummy food on the table. ?

  66. Katrina

    Some really lovely items to
    Dress your table here, loving the measuring spoons

  67. Terri Beavers

    I love decorating my table for all the holidays especially Christmas. You make it look so easy and elegant.

  68. Victoria Moore

    I would love to go to your house lol ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your little measuring spoons too!

  69. Rachel Craig

    Reminded me of some years ago. Mum and I just love Christmas cake, and Mum used to have quite a number of friends who were great bakers. We would be treated to some of their Home made Christmas cake/s. Bliss!

    Unfortunately all those Wonderful, Kind Baking friends of my Mum’s have gone. Though family friend of younger years does tend to treat her to Home made soup and trifle, and some cakes ( not Christmas cake). So it seems:- Still the Season of Goodwill. Thankfully.

  70. Anthony Harrington

    some great ideas, love Debenhams wish there were more department stores around.

  71. Emma Walton

    I would love to make my own christmas cake and mince pies, christmas pudding etc but no-one in my house eats it so I can’t!

  72. William Gould

    The slow cooker is a great idea as usually you find your oven isn’t big enough on Christmas Day! lol

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    Fantastic idea about using the slow cooker, never thought of this before! I am sooo excited!

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    Lots of good ideas – I just need to get organised!

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    Debenhams look like they totally have Christmas covered! So many lovely things!

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    Love Debebhams and I’m absolutely loving those wildlife Christmas plates. My daughter gets married in December so might have to go look at these she loves wildlife themed things . Would make a nice extra gift !

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    Our local Debenhams is at Lakeside Shopping centre and I find that this is a no-go area in Nov/Dec as it is just manic in the car parks and in the shops. My wife likes to get all the shopping excluding food done by the end of October

  80. Romana Richards

    All useful to know. I am looking forward to Christmas this year.

  81. paula cheadle

    I love shopping at debenhams

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