Date Night Mistakes We Can All Be Guilty Of Making

Date night – the one night of the week/month/whenever that you need to schedule on your calendar. Not planning time for it would be your first mistake, as it’s a must if you want to rekindle the love in your relationship. Life can take over – the kids, work, the in-laws, the tv – so it’s important to make the night as special as possible. Of course, life isn’t that perfect, and mistakes can be made. In one sense, that doesn’t matter. If you love each other, you can probably get over any of the blunders that we mention in this article. Still, we present them to you as a gentle guide to where things could go wrong. Read them, heed them, and may your next date night go by without a hitch.

Mistake #1: You get ready last minute

Consider date night as a menu in a restaurant. The starter is your preparation time, the main meal is the body of your night, and the dessert is… well, whatever it is you get up to at the end of the night is your own business. Still, if you get the starter wrong, you can ruin the whole evening, and so it is with getting ready for the night itself. Getting your hair and outfit ready last minute can go horribly wrong, so make the effort and take the time to look presentable for your beloved. Click this link for some fashionable hair advice, and pick out your clothes the night before, mixing and matching your outfit until you look irresistible. Let’s just hope your partner has gone to the same amount of trouble.

Mistake #2: Being too spontaneous

Date night is a special time, so some level of planning needs to be in place. Whether you are having date night at home or going out for the evening, have in mind a few ideas for your evening. Disaster can strike if you don’t – your slow cooked meal may take forever to cook, the restaurant you wanted to visit may be fully booked, and the cinema may have no tickets left for Fifty Shades of Absolute Rubbish!  Talk with your partner, work out a plan, book anything you need to in advance, and hopefully, all will go well.

Date Night Mistakes We Can All Be Guilty Of Makings

Mistake #3: Choosing the wrong thing from the menu

Assuming you were able to book a table at that fancy dinery you have been eyeing up for ages, you will finally be able to take your seat and select from the menu. Perfect! Well, it is, unless you make a meal faux pas. Ordering something too heavy to eat is going to make you feel bloated for the rest of the evening, and there are those foods that you know are going to ruin your health kick. And of course, if you are looking for a night of passion after your dinner out, you really do need to keep away from those foods that are going to give you bouts of gas or breath that would scare away a vampire! So, choose carefully, and stick to your budget. The food may be divine, but you won’t be happy when the bill arrives – perhaps that extra bottle of wine was one bottle too many after all!

Mistake #4: You had the same date night as last month

You’re busy, we get it. After a week at work and with all the demands the kids present to you, there may be little time to get creative. So what do you do? Exactly what you did last month and possibly the month before that. That’s fine – at least you are doing something – but every relationship needs spicing up a little occasionally, and that applies to date night. Don’t rely on the same recipes or restaurants you have been too countless times before. Look at these creative date night ideas for starters, and choose something that you will both enjoy. From tasting new foods to doing something out of your usual comfort zone, try something new. If all goes horribly wrong, you can pick yourself up and go back to your usual routine next time. But who knows? You may have a fantastic time, and it will create some wonderful memories for you to look back on in years to come.

Over to you

So, we have listed some of the mistakes that let’s face it, we can all be guilty of making. Do you have any other experiences you can share with our readers? Any pearls of wisdom that will save us from cringe-inducing awkwardness and embarrassment. Be sure to let us know in our comments section before. Thanks for reading, and may you have many wonderful date night’s ahead of you.

This is a collaborative post.

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Date Night Mistakes We Can All Be Guilty Of Makings

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  1. Holly Hood

    Very entertaining food for thought. We take the points that you wrote about for granted all of the time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sheleen Johnson

    Although this doesn’t currently apply to me as im single :(. I can see how Date night would be important in a relationship. i think the tips are great and interesting its hard to keep a relationship alive and fresh when life gets in the way.

  3. The Travelling Mermaid

    Great tips! Will be passing this article to my single friends out there since I’m in a relationship already. Although my ultimate would be just be yourself and stop being so self conscious (we all kow that’s hard, so just try. haha) even if you’re awkward or sweet or bold. Someone out there will love you for who you are. 🙂

  4. Andrea

    These are all such great tips and SO beyond true. Date night are so fun and sometimes can be stressful great way to beat the stress.

  5. Esse D

    These are good points. I’m always guilty of getting ready at the last minute. Actually, I just take forever to get ready so it seems like I wait to the last minute.

  6. Catarina

    This is such a great tips, like the way you edited the pictures ! I will be passing this article to my single friends out there since I’m in a relationship already.

  7. Cathleen @ A Taste of Madness

    I’m glad I don’t need to deal with dating anymore. Not that I really had much experience, I am marrying my high school sweetheart. But I can see these being good to keep in mind.

  8. My Dee Dee's Diary

    I am single so have no clue about date night. Would love to share these with friends though.

  9. Kiwi

    I try not to get ready last minute because its rude. Also about eating within budget, Im a woman and I dont expect to go dutch on my date – I will treat a man I am serious and exclusive with but I dont pay when I am in the early dating phase I am old school.

  10. Andrea R Warren (@WaldorfFries)

    I haven’t been on a date for 20 years. Things sure have changed but I think I would be a little old school. I would hope the guy I chose would pay for my meal:)

  11. dogmomseanna

    wow some of these i had never even though about! even though i do realize how miserable i am if i eat something too heavy

  12. Holly B.

    My husband and I have been married going 17 years and making date night a priority has been a huge help to keep the home fires burning. I’m guilty of making a few of these. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Karlee

    I’ve only dated once and we never had a date night, that could be where it all went wrong hahaha. I’ve never actually been on a date but hey at least now I’m prepared if I ever do!

  14. toastycritic

    I would never have thought about becoming too spontaneous over something. But you are right. You can’t just completely wing something. You have to have a good outline for what you are doing.

  15. Rosey

    We were in France and I couldn’t get the cheese I wanted anywhere. Everytime I tried to order fromage I got a bowl of cream cheese, ew.

  16. lavandamichelle

    My last date was with my husband about a month ago for our anniversary. I wish you would’ve wrote this blog before I ordered the most unappetizing thing on the menu. Thanks for sharing.

  17. flora_the_sweaterist

    Being single, I can only imagine how monotony can kill the vibes in a relationship. But then, I think that doing the same old things over and over again can successfully put an end to every joy in any given situation.

  18. Liz Cleland

    I think another one to add it bringing your cell phones. Often my spouse and I are on a date and we look around and couples are both on their phones instead of talking to one another!

  19. Bobbi

    I never really thought about it but we do the same things a lot for date night. I never really realized we definitely need to change it up.

  20. lifewithjoshandkristyn

    Some the points you mentioned, we take for granted. Thanks for sharing.

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