Treating Sally with PetShopBowl

Scruffs Wilton Sofa Bed Brown - 90x70cm

Sally is back with a review – PetShop got in touch and asked if they could treat Sally to something new and soon enough the lucky pooch had a new and very special bed. In fact this is a bed with a difference; the main sleeping area is just slightly quilted while the outside features a padded bumper cushion as it is specifically designed for your sofa to help keep it clean from hairs and odour.

Of course being a bit different we decided to test run this on the back seat of the car, as Sally comes almost everywhere with us, the poor back seat has paid a high price, with fur and paw prints all over it (not that we mind too much – I mean it is Sally after all) so we hoped this might help keep it just a little cleaner and give Sal a more comfortable ride.

Scruffs Wilton Sofa Bed Brown - 90x70cm

It actually fitted really well into the back seat of the car, the neatness almost made me believe it was made for the job; however the real test though was what Sally would think  and I have to admit she did have us all in a fit of giggles when she popped her bottom down on the padded bumper and proceeded to look like she was the queen of the car.

Scruffs Wilton Sofa Bed Brown - 90x70cm

Excuse the photo quality of the in car photos I only had my iPad on me when she did this and I couldn't risk running to get my camera so just had to snap away.

I was hoping she would snuggle into it a bit as we drove, but she decided to sit up and it didn't really work for the short journey to get Ash from work because she did want to be up and looking at everything. However I think it will be perfect for when we go away on holiday, as she spends most of the journey snuggled down rather than sitting up. She also has middle seat position rather than one side so her whole demeanour towards travelling is different.

Scruffs Wilton Sofa Bed Brown - 90x70cm

Personally I think a bed like this is such a wonderful idea – especially if your dog comes up onto your furniture a lot as it can help preserve the look of your sofa, while allowing your dog to enjoy being beside you. Of course some people don't want to let their pet on the furniture and for them this isn't the bed, but for those that do this is a perfect way to help keep your sofa looking and smelling better.

The Scruffs Wilton Sofa Bed from PetShop comes in a number of different colours and sizes meaning you can fit the bed to your pooch and décor, for Sally we were sent the 90x70cm in brown which is just right for her to snuggle down in.

I'm looking forward to giving this a good try when we go away and hopefully it will make Sally's journey a little more cosy.

If you want to get your hands on a Scruffs Wilton Sofa Bed pop over to PetShop where you will this and many other items.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That is a great idea. My dog prefers my shoulder when we are in the car, but then again, my dog is only 9 pounds.

  2. Julie Roo

    That sofa/car seat cover is a fab idea. As you know I am a recent driver, I found out at the dog show we took Freya too that its Illegal to drive a car with a loose/unrestrained dog. I never tied Freya up as she never did anything silly, and she hates body harnesses like the one Sally is wearing. Tricky, I had been breaking rules regularly, but I didn’t know.

  3. Jennifer Williams

    I am so glad to see I am not the only one that buckles my dog into the car. I love that seat cover, I would need a smaller one for my two though – have to see if they have one.

  4. Rachel

    So cute, it looks really comfy x

  5. Amanda @ Erickson & Co.

    Looks like a great way to save your seats! We don’t take our dogs inside our vehicles. They get to ride in the back of the truck in their kennel if they need to go somewhere with us.

  6. Kay Adeola

    Great bed for Sal.My dogs both have jumbo bean bags to sleep on they are really spoiled lol.I am notsure if they would accept this kind of bed any more but my cat would.

  7. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    WOW! This is neat!!! I really need one for my Taffy!

  8. mark sorrell

    fantastic idea, off to their website now

  9. stacy sorrell

    lucky sally, i love petshopbowl

  10. Veronica

    That is a great idea…and a good looking bed. My doggie is so tiny, he sits in my lap and looks out the window

  11. Liz Mays

    I’m sure it was just because it was a short ride. She’ll snuggle in good on a long trip!

  12. Lady Lilith

    That looks like a really great comfortable way to travel.

  13. Pam W

    This looks like a dog bed my dog would actually use! He thinks he is a person so he likes to be pampered.

  14. Marielle Altenor

    This is soo cool! I actually did not know you could put a seat belt around the dog! The bed looks nice and comfy!

  15. Pam

    I love that! I took a look at their site and they have a nice selection of beds and the are reasonably priced. Your dog is beautiful.

  16. Amanda McMahon

    What a great idea. I love that you keep your pup safer in the car! And, this makes it more comfy (and easier to clean if your dog is shedding.)

  17. Annie

    Man, I wish I had this as a kid with my puppies! Great product 🙂

  18. Tough Cookie Mommy

    This is such a great product for keeping your dog safe and comfortable in the car. It also helps to keep your car clean and without having dog hair everywhere.

  19. Amber Nelson

    Oh my goodness. What a cutie! My dog would love this too I bet.

  20. lawna

    Well, this is certainly one way to spoil a pup! What a neat concept for all pets who travel along with the owners.

  21. Gingermommy

    So important our furbabies are comfy and our seats are hair free. Great product for sure

  22. Babita@BabsProjects

    I don’t have any pets. The bed however looks so fabulous that I almost want to get a dog. 🙂

  23. Faye

    This is such a great idea. My dog would love it!

  24. bev

    She does look very Queen surveying her subjects!

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