Which Dog Is For You?
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Which Dog Is For You?

I have never been one to hide the truth and the truth with me and Sally dog, is we didn't click at first.

Or at least she decided I was her human and I decided I wanted nothing to do with “the dog”.

For a while, I cried and went into a deep depression – yup from getting a dog.

I've never really 100% understood why.

I can only guess it has to do with the fact I suddenly had a dog thrust upon me, with no experience.

However, 13 years later I'm honoured she decided to pick me.

So I guess with the bumpy start Sally and I had it was interesting to find out that Legal and General Pet Insurance had done some research on us and our best friends.

Blueberry Tree - Sophie Allport Paper Weight Sat with Sally

Dogs and Human's Don't Always Go.

It is likely there is a breed out there perfect for most people looking to find a dog to complete their family.

However, there is also like a number of breeds, with which you will clash.

Which makes it astounding that 31% of dog owners do no research before buying their new pet.

Especially as 60% of those questioned bought their dog, with only 27% choosing to adopt.

Making sure you choose a dog for your living situation, ability to be outdoors with them and for how ready you are for grooming and to clean, to name just a few things. Is a big thing, both for your own happiness and your future new additions.


Think of the Costs.

As Sally has got older her costs have become more.

Now, as well as a prescription diet, she has hydro every fortnight, two lots of tablets a day and a number of supplements as suggested by the vets.

Her insurance has, of course, over the years gone up by a lot as well but is completely worthwhile having. After all, it means we don't need to scramble to afford things such as her hydrotherapy.

Being at this point in owning a dog, I know that in future I would very carefully consider the insurance and cost of vets visits over the years. Yet this is a cost very few people think of, with only 11% thinking about the cost of vets and just 7% the cost of insurance.

So it is unsurprising that 29% find owning a dog more expensive than they imagined.

However, what is quite worrying to me is 36% owned up to not having insurance and 46% believing they didn't need it!

From me to you, I can tell you even if you go years without using it. When a dog gets old it is wonderful to have and you are going to find it very hard to insure a dog later in life. So look for a lifetime plan, early.

Sally Dog sat in garden

Make Sure You Research.

So I guess the point of this post is me and Sally reminding you to research before you buy or adopt.

Try and match your lifestyle and personality to the dog you are going for. With a fun place to start being this quiz, a quiz to help a dog pick you!

Remember a dog is for life and that is going to include ups and downs for you both.

Do you own any pets, were you a perfect match?




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Which Dog Is For You?

This article has 74 comments

  1. Bev

    I researched the breed I liked the look of and found they were independent little creatures – happy to amuse themselves. This suited me fine. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, one is draped over my arm and the other is around my neck…..

  2. Anthea Holloway

    I think that it is really important that you like the dog, get the right size for your house and garden and also involve all the family before making the final decision.

  3. candy

    Really is a shame most people don’t do their homework before choosing a dog. The breeds are all different and all have different temperaments. Good information to know and share.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      There is so much difference between breeds isn’t there, you definitely need to think and research and make sure you are choosing one that fits for your own situation.

  4. Melissa Chapman

    This is a different look at dog ownership, because it is a learning and growing experience. I have to say that rescue dogs are a great idea for any family to consider and it is so great to adopt a needy pet and give a forever home.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Sally is a resuce and I have to admit I can’t imagine going for anything bar a resuce, definitely worth knowing a bit about the breeds you are looking for even as a resuce dog.

  5. Chloe Taylor

    We have two Bedlington terriers pups – we brought them home in November! They are wonderful, so handsome & clever! They can be very mischievous at times though hehe x

  6. Amber Myers

    Research is SO important! I don’t think we’ll ever be getting a dog, but even when we got our cats, I researched it.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It’s the same for any pet really isn’t it – even cats can be so different, some thrive indoors while others need the outside world and that’s just thinking about a moggy! Add in a pedigree and you have so much more to think of.

  7. Tara Pittman

    Dogs are a huge investment and one should get the dog that is right for them. That way the dog gets the care and love that it needs.

  8. Jeanette

    We do own a dog. She is extremely sweet and fits perfectly with our family. We rescued her from another family that she was not a good fit with. This dog is outstanding and I love her so much. I like everything you wrote here and I will have to look into pet insurance again.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Oh bless her she sounds amazing! Glad you rescued her! I think so many people don’t think about what will fit, but perhaps the aesthetics of a dog. I know my other half would love a husky but there is no way it would fit with us.

      Pet Insurance is amazing. Sal is 18 next month and while we pay £100 a month that is actually saving us money when it comes to her tables + 2 lots of hydro and that’s without any extras that might pop up.

  9. Kristen Frolich

    This is such a sweet post. I had a dog named Zack when I was younger. He was a beagle and I completely loved him. He was abused as a puppy so it took a long time for him to feel comfortable with me but ultimately it was a great match!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Oh bless him, Sally was the same she was fearful of so much. I think that didn’t help at first as I had this image of dogs being animals that loved to play and she didn’t know how to play, no idea how to run, didn’t bark, just curled up and didn’t really interact. She was very much closed off and as a first time dog owner that is a lot to cope with.

      In the end I decided to try and bond with her I would brush her and she loved it, we used to sit together and I would brush her for ages.

      I tried to get her to play, we tried all sorts of methods and while she would have a mad 5 minutes from time to time she never really gained a love for playing with toys.

      But she loves a good walk still and a bark at the postman is a must haha!

  10. Hannah Wood

    I love your dog she is such a cutie, we do not have a dog in our house just a bunny rabbit. I would say if I was going to pick one be a small dog that fits in with our family.

  11. Charlotte

    I really really love this post. I got Mr Gatsby, a french bulldog, nearly 5 years ago. I can really relate to what you said. Gatsby and I go through phases, some weeks I can tell we are super close and for some weeks we like our own space. Nevertheless, he is my best friend and I think I am his. He has been by my side through some really rubbish times and some really wonderful ones. I am so glad I got him. As a frenchie he doesn’t need too much exercise and his funny character keeps me entertained as I live on my own. Sally is gorgeous btw!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Aww yay! It can be so hard can’t it – sometimes even now I think I can’t do this! But she is my best friend, she’s been with me so long now I can’t imagine life without her, though I know we are unlikely to have another year together which breaks my heart.
      Dogs are amazing I am glad you have found the perfect dog for you!

  12. Joan

    I am not a pet owner but I do know that choosing the right one is important for both parties.

  13. tp keane

    owning a dog is def a commitment. we love our little pug and couldn’t imagine life without her.

  14. Pam

    We always adopt our dogs, but we do a lot of research beforehand. You really want to click with your pet since they’re basically part of the family.

  15. Beth

    We have 3 dogs at the moment and I love them dearly. I think if more people knew about the horrors of puppy mills they would look into adopting first. Great breeders will make sure you are a good fit for the puppies, and the process is quite involved (and the cost is high!)

    Pet insurance is a great idea.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I am so glad that they have brought in new laws to try and stop puppy farms over here, I think it will take a while but hopefully it will really make a difference. I couldn’t imagine not adopting a dog.

  16. Laura G

    It’s funny, I have always wondered how that happens. I see people and their dogs and I wonder how difficult of a decision it must be to settle on a dog to become his forever home. So much research!

  17. Lisa Martin

    There are so many different breads out there and you are so right, they don’t all make a good pet for everyone. We have hunting dogs who require a lot of activity or they will dig and tear everything in the house up. But we knew that going in to it and were prepared for it. They are a life time commitment.

  18. Emily

    Getting a dog is such a big decision, and not one to take lightly. We have two dogs and there was a period of transition where we had to figure each other out. I am so happy we stuck through that hard time because they are truly part of the family now.

  19. Alyssa

    For me, as someone who wasn’t super experienced with dogs, it was the puppy stage that was SO hard. I wasn’t prepared and was sure I had made a mistake. But luckily they grow out of that stage—and become awesome companions.

  20. Carla Necole

    I don’t have any pets, but I like dogs. My 7 year old keeps begging me to get one, but I’m not ready for the commitment and he’s too small to do most of what would need doing. So it’s a “no” right now. I do agree that your dog’s personality needs to mesh well with your family and vice versa.

  21. Brandy

    I’ve always been more of a dog person, but to own one didn’t sound great to me. They are more responsibility than the cats I’d had in the past. I always felt cats were great for me as they’re more independent, but I adopted Jenny the pug about 8 years ago and haven’t looked back. She was the perfect fit for us, and I did research the pug breed before searching out a pug to adopt.

  22. leah

    aww I am so not a dog person but I definitely have to agree to do your research! you never know until you research!

  23. Jessica Joachim

    This is awesome for people considering getting a dog! I have an American bull dog/Pitt mix and she is amazing, but I know they aren’t for everyone. Every family and person has different personalities and will do best with different dogs. For me and my family, I know we wouldn’t do well with smaller dog breeds.


    Seeing that you’re a dog lover, you’ve got to see the new movie, “A Dog’s Way Home.” Saw it last night and it’s worth another see.

  25. Louise

    Aww, Sally is absolutely gorgeous <3

    My two are always asking if we can get a dog. But, in truth, we don't have the time or the money to look after one at the moment. We have enough on with our two rabbits (one of which actually thinks he's a dog LOL).

    Louise x

  26. Marysa

    We never got a dog because we don’t have enough time to make enough effort. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to walking a dog and making sure that the dog would get enough interaction. I wish people would take more care when they choose a dog or other pet.

  27. Catalina

    I’ve never thought that there so many aspects when choosing a dog. Now I know that I need to do more research before we buy or adopt one.

  28. Lynndee

    We have no dog here, but we have a few back in my hometown. And I’d say we’re all a perfect match. 🙂

  29. Shannon Gurnee

    We have two dogs and it can definitely get expensive with vet costs and food and such. This is some great information. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Nadj

    I am a dog lover and truly, having a dog is not a joke. You should really be dedicated and have enough patience and budget as well. But it’s all worth it – going home to someone who loves you dearly.

  31. Super Busy Mum

    I love dogs but I wouldn’t have one {especially since we already have a cat & a rabbit} however if I was to choose a breed? It would have to be a chow chow!

  32. Lebogang Xolo

    Great, much needed article. We are in the process of adopting a dog and all is information we definitely need beforehand. I actually think I should look into insurance quotes before we even bring the baby home.

  33. Veronica Lee

    We live in a condo with an area of only 1408 sq ft which means we can’t have big dogs. The hubs is considering a pekingese.

  34. Terri Steffes

    I love all dogs of all kinds. I wasn’t a fan of big dogs until I had a boxer who was my therapy dog at my school. Loved that girl!

  35. Terri Beavers

    This is an interesting read, I never really thought about doing research on your breed of dog before you adopt or purchase. When I married my husband he had three dogs already, thankfully we all got along well!

  36. Jesusa Gilliam

    It is so important to do research on your new family pet, especially if you have small children. Most people like small cut dogs for their children but sometimes the small cute dogs don’t do well with small kids.

  37. The Frugal Samurai

    I really like this post as it got me thinking… hmmm I’ve always thought that I was a bigger breed kinda guy like a Doberman or a German Shepard kind, but the folks just got a Maltese and she’s got me wrapped around her finger!

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