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Top Shoe Picks for October

Top Shoe Picks for October

With the weather getting colder, I've taken to putting away my summer shoes and switching them out for something less open to the world, which will keep my tootsies warmer.

Of course, that means I get to look at new pairs as well, as while I might not need anything new, it doesn't mean I can't lust over a couple of pairs I may want to add to my collection such as these beauties from Spartoo.

VANS – Old Skool Snoopy

I have to admit I have a bit of a collection of VANS collaborative trainers, yet I didn't have a pair of Snoopy ones until today. I have to admit it isn't this exact pair I went for, however, I am tempted to add these to my collection as well, after all the detail on them isn't too in your face yet is still really cute.

Dr Martens

How awesome are these glittered Dr Martens? I've seen them come up in adverts on Facebook a couple of times and completely feel in love with them. What's more if you love the idea of glitter, but aren't particularly taken by the colours in this pair, then you will be thrilled to know they offer a host of different glitter options.

Airstep – Saint

I put in a similar style of boot to this in my boots round up. However, they featured a higher heel and so meant I couldn't really think about buying them for me. This pair with a lower heel may actually be a possible option, now just to save up the pennies to be able to buy them for myself.

Irregular Choice – Why Hello!

I have to admit I love the Disney and Irregular Choice collaboration, they really do offer some great shoes. What's more they offer quite a few pairs in flats, meaning I really can buy some for myself. Personally right now I am loving this pair of Micky and Minnie ones, but I'm just not sure if I would ever wear them.

Light Up Shoes by Light Ups

This is one selection you might not have expected. However, these LED Light Up Shoes quite literally caught my attention with their neon lights. You may remember first seeing them in the 90's but now it seems they're making their way back into fashion. Of course they're more suited to and popular among the younger crowd but they do still make for an awesome pair of party shoes for adults!

What do you think of these shoes, do any in particular take your fancy?

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Alli Smith

    The Snoopy Vans are so cool! I love Snoopy and Vans are so comfortable. Those Doc Martins are pretty snazzy too – love the glitter!

  2. robin rue

    You have great taste in shoes, but I seriously love the Mickey and Minnies ones. I NEED those in my life.

  3. Amber Myers

    These do look like some fabulous shoes. I really like the Minnie ones since I’m a huge fan of Disney stuff.

  4. GiGi Eats

    My shoes every month of the year = Adidas Sandals! hahaha!

  5. Jacqueline

    You’ve reminded me to get some new Doc Martens this year. They go with everything and they last along time. I loved the Vans too. I’m a huge peanuts fan! I may have to get them πŸ™‚

  6. Tomi C

    Those glittery Doc Martens are too cute. I would so like to rock those Disney Irregular Choice flats during my next Disney visit. Adorable.

  7. candy

    I think the snoopy she’s are adorable and fun. I can see many people wanting to wear these. Dr. Martens are my favorites shoes to wear.

  8. Sapphire Kharyzma

    Those Mickey and Minnie flats are so cute! My daughter loves Dr. Martens. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Ali

    I have a niece who will go nuts for the Mickey and Minnie flats! It’s a perfect gift for Christmas. Absolutely the cutest shoes I’ve seen!

  10. Ashley

    All of these are such great picks! I really love the mini mouse ones!

  11. Katja

    Wait, what? Pink, shiny shoes? TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!
    Katja xxx

  12. Mel

    I love the Dr Martens. I own a pair of glittery Jeffrey Campbells but rarely wear them as the glitter goes absolutely everywhere; I wonder if the Dr Martens will be any better as they need to be in my life.

  13. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I have never had a pair of Vans but I have heard they’re comfortable. I can see where Snoopy fans would enjoy that style.

  14. Jeanette

    I am always like Doc Martens. I’ve never owned a pair because are usually out of my price range but these are so cute I might just splurge for myself.

  15. The Jedi Wife

    I love all things Peanuts and have to have the Snoopy Vans in my life! I really like the glittered Dr Martens as well!

  16. Paula Bendfeldt Diaz

    These are all really nice options. I love the Snoopy vans and the Mickey and Minney shoes, so cute!!

  17. Ana De- Jesus

    I was never a Doc Martens fan before but I really love that the shoes are so glittery. They remind me of unicorns and I actually like the style of the shoes x


    The Minnie and Mickey flats are really cute, My friend loves these sorts of character shoes as well as clothes I must share this with her. I think she got Toy Story themed shoes once.

  19. Tara

    I SO want the boot version of those Dr Martens! They are too much fun, I can just imagine smiling while wearing them. It’s the little things! Not that my husband would be pleased, I already have five pairs of DMs haha.

  20. corinne & kirsty

    The disney shoes are so cute! Just like you I am not sure if I could wear them. They are pretty but so bold and I would be to afraid to getting them dirty

  21. Marysa

    These are all very unique. And cute too! I like them all but not sure any would fit into my daily routine. The Mickey/Minnie flats are adorable, that would be fun to have.

  22. Cheryl

    I totally want those sparkly DM’s

  23. Jamie

    I am in love with those booties! I am always looking for a weathered pair of brown booties that I can pair with jeans or with leggings and a comfy sweater and I think those will be perfect!

  24. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    Ooh Autumn is my favourite time of year for shoe shopping! I love the brow ankle boots…great picks once again!

  25. Lynnette Joselly

    This is the season for booties! I live in South Florida so the low boots are best for our weather since it doesn’t really get cool.

  26. Pam

    Those Snoopy shoes are all kinds of cute. I have always loved Peanuts and especially Snoopy.

  27. NYC Single Mom

    great selection that covers all one’s moods. Love the boots but the Vans are pretty cool!

  28. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    These are all nice shoe choices. Those booties look really fun and fashionable. I really need to get a pair for fall.

  29. Claudia Krusch

    I love my Dr Martens. I have had them for a few years and they just keep getting more comfortable. I need to go shopping for some new boots for this winter.

  30. Cristina Leau

    I like the VANS – Old Skool Snoopy ones. I would love to wear them

  31. Rhian Westbury

    I’m a massive fan of the glitter dr martens but I just don’t think I’d get enough wear out of them sadly x

  32. Emman Damian

    I love the mickey and minnie mouse flats. It’s so cute! Perfect for any occassion.

  33. Margaret Gallagher

    Hooray it’s boots season again
    Can’t wait to add another pair yo my ever growing collection
    Great chouces

  34. Ren Taylor

    I love looking at Irregular Choice shoes but they are usually too high heeled for me lol

  35. kirsty

    The old school snoopy vans are my favourite. I love vans as they are always so comfortable

  36. dawn

    those booties are right up my alley! i practically live in booties from october through april!

  37. Angela Milnes

    I need those boots. I have so many outfit ideas for them.

  38. Ashleigh Allan

    Love the Disney ones. They are so cute

  39. Lilinha

    Such a lovely selection of shoes. I particularly like the Mickey and Minnie pair, it’s so cute and adorable!

  40. Super Busy Mum

    I am absolutely LOVING those brown boots!

  41. Tanya @ Intimate Explorations

    What cute shoes!! I especially like the Vans and the Disney shoes. The Mickey and Minnie are too cute!! Like you, I don’t know where I’d wear them, but I’d have to find somewhere. Completely adorable!

  42. melissa major

    My goodness these shoes are beautiful, I want the irregular choice minnie mouse ones, they are adorable

  43. Agentszerozerosetter

    Cute picks! I especially love Dr Martens! I own a pair in mono black and they’re so cool, they match perfectly with every outfit!

  44. adriana

    Your picks are so fun! I love them! It’s fun to have a few pairs of shoes that you can’t wear with everything – but moreso are great for special occasions or outfits. Love them!

  45. Lucy | Real Mum Reviews

    Love irregular choice! My daughter would go crazy happy if I came home in those!

  46. Blair villanueva

    Omg I want those Mickey/Minnie mouse shoes! Am sold πŸ˜€

  47. Lorena

    Wow I don’t know which one like me most seriously They are adorable I need them!!!

  48. Jenny

    I love those Minnie Mouse shoes! Irregular choice do some absolutely stunning ranges

  49. Heather

    Style-wise I like the mickey and minnie flats. However the Vans looks so comfy!

  50. miranda

    great selection. I’ve heard lots of great things about DMs and at times I do look at them in shops but I just can’t find the style for me

  51. Nancy G

    As a shoe-lover… no. scratch that πŸ™‚ A shoe collector, this is one of those times I cant choose only one! The boots and flats will do for starters.

  52. Rachel Craig

    I love the look of the Mickey and Minnie shoes. Dr Martens likely to be most practical for October onwards, I do like to have a sole which has a good grip, a necessity for Autumn and Winter.

  53. Johanna

    Those snoopy vans are absolutely beauties. I like the Dr Martens as well, but I feel like I own wayy to many sparkly shoes already

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