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Additional Seating Solutions for Small Living Rooms

Small living rooms are great when you only have one or two people to entertain or snuggle up with for the evening. But what happens when a couple of friends pop over to watch Bake Off unannounced? With the festive season fast approaching (less than 100 sleeps to go –eek!) where do those extra family members perch to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a classic Christmas film?

Here are some chic and affordable solutions to get more bums on seats this season, without compromising on space or style.

Fold-Up Seating

Furniture Still Life of Folding Table with Mismatched Chairs and Wire Basket with Bottles in Room with Beige Carpet and Wood Wall Paneling

Fold-up seating is of course an obvious solution. With chairs that fold up to be only 3 or 4 inches wide, they can be easily stored behind the sofa and whipped out whenever they are needed. This one from Habitat is a particular favourite, thanks to its bright colour and modern, minimal design.


Exclusive comfortable chair in bright room - panorama

Footstools are actually an essential piece of furniture that often get overlooked. A stylish ottoman can not only be a great storage solution, but can also be used as an extra place to sit when not being used as a comfy footrest. This selection of footstools from Arlo & Jacob has something to suit any interior style and showcases various different upholsteries so you can choose the finish that best complements your space.


Smiling businesswoman using mobile phone on beanbag chair in creative office

Beanbags are not just for the kids’ rooms! With a large variety of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, they can be a fantastic seating solution that can be easily transported from one room to another. Not just available in the cotton or canvas you remember from childhood, they now come rendered in luxe shapes and fabrics. This beanbag is particularly cosy and the plush grey furry style will introduce a touch of texture.

Oversized Cushions

Perhaps best suited to the more agile amongst your friendship group, large cushions, or ‘floor cushions’ as they are sometimes known, are a great way of fitting more people comfortably into a small living space. There’s also something quite nostalgic about having to sit on the floor to enjoy a film or a good old chinwag. Choose a large, overstuffed cushion that will complement your sofa when it’s not in use as a seat – one in a tonal colour or charming stripes can then be thrown onto the sofa without a care and used as a comfy headrest when reading or watching TV.

With so many seating options for small living spaces, it’s time to stop worrying about where people will sit at impromptu gatherings and get planning some more cosy get-togethers instead. As the nights draw in towards autumn there’s no better way to socialise than in your very own living room.]]

What is your top tip for making more room in your home for seating?

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Some great ideas
    Not sure the bean bags would suit my dad’s tastes -id love them

  2. Robin rue

    These are really good ideas. We have a couple of bean bag chairs in our living room for the kids.

  3. Alli Smith

    I use footstools for extra seating whenever I have a crowd over for a party. I also love the fold up seating in the first photo and those chairs would come in handy, plus they are really pretty.

  4. Samantha Donnelly - StressedMum

    We have this problem, we live in a converted two up two down victorian cottage, has been extended in the back, but our living room is one of the original rooms and is very small. We have a corner sofa now which does add extra room and we are looking at getting another chair and then cushions. Great ideas here though which I am now mulling over x

  5. Amber Myers

    These are some great ideas. We usually bring a fold up table in with extra chairs. I should pick up some bean bag chairs too!

  6. Emma Raphael

    You forgot beer crates! 😀 This is what we have had to resort to in the past (admittedly student days!). Not as stylish as any of your solutions though! 😀

  7. Amy Smith

    Bean bags are great! My kids love them but I do too! Thanks for giving me the thumbs up on that one ha! 🙂

  8. Shannon

    Footstools definitely are a great option for small spaces. I love anything that can also be used as storage. Great tips!

  9. Tomi C

    We have these ottomans that double as extra seating. The can hold up to 250 lbs. so they’re quite sturdy.

  10. Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    We have pushed our coffee table against the wall and used that for extra seating, my kids use it for that on a daily basis anyway.

  11. candy

    The small table and chair are perfect to bring in when more seating and table room is needed. Plus it can be used inside or outside.

  12. Emily @ The Southern Belle Blogs

    What a perfect post! Our living room is on the small side as well and we have a lot of furniture in there. Maybe with our little one coming, it’s time to revamp!

  13. Debra Hawkins

    We use footstools in our house to add extra seating. It is like having extra couches and I love that!

  14. Sapphire Kharyzma

    I’ve tried the beans bag solution. I think I need to find a better brand as that didn’t work to well for me. But, I am open to options 🙂

  15. Jenn JG

    I Love all these extra seating ideas! I really like the beanbag idea! I am going to have to keep these in mind next time we have a party since living room seating is kind of limited in my home.

  16. Rhian Westbury

    I used to have an ottoman and it worked really well for additional seating, thankfully I rarely have that many people over to my flat x

  17. Jenn

    This something I really need to consider. We could definitely use more seats in our home for when people come over.

  18. Sahrish Adeel

    Some quite awesome ideas. I personally like stack able and/or foldable chairs which are light weight too. Easy to move around and no need to cover the space when extra sitting option is not needed.

  19. Tammy

    I still love bean bag chairs. Always will

  20. corinne & kirsty

    These seating solutions are just perfect! Bean bag chairs are amazing and the best solution to me!

  21. Denay DeGuzman

    What great easy ideas for making guests comfortable in a smaller home. Fold up tables and chairs are a great investment, as even when you move to a larger home you’ll always find the need for more tables and chairs for parties, gatherings and unexpected guests.

  22. katriza

    This is such a great idea! We have huge couches in our living room but amazingly there’s never enough space for when we have a party. I’ll have to try a few of your tips!

  23. Pam

    I think floor cushions are adorable. I probably couldn’t use one, but they’re very aesthetically pleasing.

  24. Liz Mays

    Our living room only has couches, chairs and a coffee table. A couple of good footstools would be really nice.

  25. melissa major

    These are some brilliant tips for saving room, we have fold away chairs as we don’t have too much room in the flat

  26. Sarah

    These are some brilliant tips! We have a small living room but a lot of cushions and beanbags!

  27. sara

    I love the idea of beanbags or footstools. Those are both very creative suggestions for a small living room.

  28. Cheryl

    I love mix matching chairs with tables.

  29. Pat

    i live in a condo so this article really helps! im a big fan of bean bag! plus they are easy to pack if you need to move to a bigger place 🙂

  30. Nicole Aguilar

    I was actually thinking about getting one of those poofs for my bedroom. The only problem is my cat destroys everything he can get his paws on.

  31. ricci

    These are all great seating solutions for small living rooms. I am a big fan of footstools myself, they look cute and can serve another purpose!!

  32. Melanie

    Fold up seating and also footstools are great ideas for extra eating 🙂 x

  33. Emman Damian

    I like a house with a big space. This is a very cool tip. I like it minimalistic and less space consuming.

  34. Ave

    We have a really small living room so extra chairs are almost always needed. We really love beanbags and have some oversized cushions too.

  35. Claudia Krusch

    We have a few beanbag chairs the kids love. We bring them out when we have extra company. These are great ways to add extra seating.

  36. five little doves

    Ooh I love beanbags, I never thought of using them out of the kids bedrooms though! That’s a great idea!

  37. Angela Milnes

    Wow. This is a great ideas an perfect for our living room we rwallybhad a small space.

  38. dawn

    awesome ideas! we used to live in a small apartment and definitely had several foldup chairs for whenever guests came over. it was great to stow them away when we didn’t need them.

  39. Marian Mitchell

    These are great ideas. I like the foot stool suggestion best.

  40. Mommy Iris

    Oooh I have almost the same fold-up seats. We used to live in a small house and we bought those seats, and even though we already moved to a bigger house, those seats are still very useful. They are easy to store!

  41. Lavanda Michelle

    Great ideas, I’m always looking for more setting options. I’m sharing this with my friend who does pop up party.

  42. Kelly Hutchinson

    We have a small house, so seating is tricky. The kids love using beanbags. They are easy to move around and comfortable too!

  43. Emily Leary

    Fold-up seating sounds like a winner to me, and we’d have enough storage space in the garage for them when not is use, which is nice.

  44. Kate | Life of a Ginger

    I would love to get some big bean bags for our family room. They look so comfortable.

  45. Louise

    I could do with a fold up table and chairs for our new living room. It’s fairly big, but if I put a proper dining table and chairs in then it’s going to take up the space where the kids have been playing, and where I’ve been taking my blog pics. Off to have a look at Habitat’s website now 🙂

    Louise x

  46. Baby Isabella

    We like the oversized cushions and have some of them already which we hide under the sofa when not in use. We’d love the have a nice chair with a footstool too, we just don’t have the room x

  47. Ruth I.

    The one with the foot stool looked so cozy. The cool theme of the living room makes me feel like sitting on them for hours

  48. Kiwi

    I like the idea of oversized cushions. Maybe even floor cushions so people can be encouraged to sit on the floor and have a good time.

  49. Jessica Taylor

    My living room is so small that we can barely fit our sectional! These will definitely come in handy to make it a little more comfortable!

  50. Super Busy Mum

    These are some gorgeous suggestions and who doesn’t love the comfort of a beanbag!

  51. Kim

    Love all of the ideas! My favorite is for sure my cozy recliner!

  52. Rachel Craig

    We have dining chairs. Also folding chairs similar to what is shown above :- The folding chairs are stored within folding table, which is neatly stored away. Table has castors so quite easily moved as / when required.

    I no longer like the idea of bean bags or large cushions :- Not easy for some people to get up from floor.

    Previous generations tended to always have footstools, stools, ottomans, etc. I may look out for such items :- As truly practical.

  53. paula cheadle

    some very good idea’s

  54. paula cheadle

    some really great ideas

  55. Cathy Vincent

    Great ideas! My all time favourite is a Bean Bag. It gives me so much comfort and my kids love it too! I do use foot stools when my friends come for a chit-chat party in my home.

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