Top 8 Most Haunted Items on eBay
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Top 8 Most Haunted Items on eBay

October is time for everything pumpkin spice and scary stories. Along with Halloween, this month can be exciting and spooky all at once. I've had a look around the UK and US eBay sites and found the top 8 most haunted items. Definitely check these out if you're up for a scare, or if you're feeling brave. Be warned, however, some of them claim to be dangerous!

Haunted Antique Jewellery Box

If you leave this haunted antique jewellery box alone in a room it's said you can hear whistling and music coming from that room. There's also a warning that you should never open it in the dark by candle light.

Haunted Box Containing a Ghost

This antique leather bound box is said to contain a very angry spirit inside of it, trapped inside the box by a priest. If opened unexplained things are said to happen.

Haunted Antique Vintage Scrying Mirror

A very old and rare Scrying Mirror that is said to have been used by gypsies for divination purposes. Calling spirits from the other side to talk to them and possibly trapping them inside this mirror.

Creepy Clown Box Wood Paranormal Dead Spider

This Wooden Clown Box was given to a Paranormal Investigator from a client they had recently helped and is from a home that has seen many bad things. This box was one of a few items within this home that drew the most paranormal activity to it.

Top 8 Most Haunted Items on eBay

Haunted Antique Photo

This photo is said to have been given to the seller by a paranormal investigator, who believes the photo is of a demonic spirit, a spirit she believes is dark, evil and very active.

Haunted Ouija Board

A very antique Ouija Board, there's not much in the description on this one, just that the seller REALLY wants to get rid of it and a warning to whoever buys it.

Haunted Spirit Doll

This haunted clown doll from the 60's with a working music box is sure to give you the creeps. It's said in the description to be VERY active and even in the title, says it may possibly be dangerous. However he also seems to be randomly nice at times?! However when he is bad he is very, very bad and the seller believes the dark energy that fills “Rummy” may even have been responsible for a car crash her husband was in.

Haunted Photo

This haunted photo of “Annie” has been in the hands of the seller for at least 25 years, with her buying it from an estate sale, where the seller claimed he felt it contained the spirit of his ex wife. Since being in the sellers hand is said to have moved from one place to another, with some people claiming they have seen the woman's eyes follow them around the room.

So with Halloween on the way, would you be open to buying one of these haunted items for your home?

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*This post contains affiliate links and as per eBay's rules all these items are listed as for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. Sarah (Mum x3x)

    Oh wow! How creepy. A Antique Haunted Ouija board!!! They’re creepy enough in themselves!! Great idea for a post! 🙂 xx

  2. Alicia

    Wait a minute you can just lie on eBay? I’ve been soaking dolls in the fluids of aborted fetuses so I could sell them as haunted, what a time saver!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      If your going to sell “haunted” items, they have to be for entertainment purposes only and the story behind them is just that.. A story as you can’t sell intangible objects. 🙂 x

  3. Amy

    Wow this is so interesting – I’d never even think to search anything like this on eBay! I definitely wouldn’t be purchasing any of these!!

  4. Shirley Wood

    I haven’t shopped on ebay in many years. I’m not into the haunted stuff this time of year but I’m sure there are plenty of not so scary items there also. My daughter usually finds good prices on costumes for the kids on ebay.

  5. Heather

    I bought a creepy doll once from a thrift store when looking for items for my vintage shop. No one would buy it and I finally gave it away. Lesson learned

  6. StressedMum

    I am not really one for halloween, mainly because I get nightmares over the stupidest things and scare easily. But these look great for those who love this. I know a few people who would love all these x

  7. Terri Beavers

    Oh how creepy cool. I’d love to get a Haunted Antique Jeweler Box to freak the grand kids out. Every time they are here they beg me to let them watch horror shows. They love being scared. I’ll have to check these items out.

  8. Baby Isabella

    Eeeeek! I wonder who would buy these items?!? Especially the Ouija Board!! That’s asking for trouble!

  9. Pam

    These are all so creepy. I don’t think I’d buy anything that might bring a ghost or spirit into my home!

  10. Elizabeth Burke


  11. Melanie Smith

    I wish I could buy them because I’m a huge fan of haunted items hahaha. But my husband and my son are not, so I can’t do it 🙁

  12. Lyndsey

    Keen to make some ebay Halloween purchases now, bad influence!
    L x

  13. Ayesha Farhad

    Why would anyone keep haunted stuff in their homes? I am easily scared and run away at sound of ‘haunted’. Super scary!

  14. Melissa major

    These all sound very spooky! I’ve always like spooky stuff but I’ve always been put off because of films haha

  15. tara pittman

    I think you can buy anthing on ebay. These are some great items for a party

  16. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    This is such a fun list of creepy items on ebay. Who knew you could find all these things on ebay. A haunted doll is so creepy.

  17. Melanie Edjourian

    Christ Sarah are you trying to scare us? That doll picture gives me the shivers.

  18. Rachel

    I have always been intrigued by owning a Ouija Board, I am never quite sure whether it is all a myth or not that they work x

  19. Liz Mays

    These are some nice finds! It’s pretty cool that sellers do this. These backstories are interesting.

  20. Amber Myers

    Oh wow, how creepy! I would not want these items.

  21. Rachel

    waaaaay too creepy for me! I can’t imagine spending money to bring something haunted into my home!

  22. Christy Maurer

    Well, that’s just creepy lol! I think they need to send that stuff to the “Conjuring” people and let them lock them up with Annabelle lol.

  23. Jennifer`

    Oh very creepy! We just decorated our house for Halloween tonight so I am definitively in the spirit for these items.

  24. Amy Jones

    These could make the perfect spooky halloween gift! I’m gonna check out a few of these

  25. Jocelyn Cañasa Brown

    What a fun post! I love Halloween and being scared and being haunted! lol. Great list!

  26. rika

    Great Halloween post! The scary doll is so creepy. I have to check out eBay now

  27. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    I never would have thought to look for things like this on eBay. But lots of great items for a Halloween party!

  28. Michele D

    Honestly, I would be scared s-less. I think that it’s pretty cool that people sell stuff like this on ebay. I have a few of my own spirits around my house as it is.

  29. Rebecca Swenor

    Okay these things freak me out. I would never ever get any of these items. The doll really freaks me out. Thanks for sharing the freaky e-bay items for sale.

  30. Hannah

    Anything like this creeps me out! I can’t handle it haha X

  31. Christine Dodd

    This beats the sell your smelly shoes on ebay story I saw earlier today!

  32. michelle mink

    I cannot ever imagine wanting to buy any of these haunted items. Especially not the Ouija board though. I don’t think anything good can come from opening yourself up to that.

  33. nicol

    some good suggestions but i can’t imagine myself buying them unless I’m having a house party haha

  34. Lori Vachon

    Not at all my cup of tea, but to each their own. I can’t even watch spooky movies late at night!

  35. Teresa Kunberger

    I have never shopped on Ebay but wow never realized all the cool things!

  36. Rhian Westbury

    I can not believe people would sell things like this and others would buy them. No thank you! x

  37. Krystel @ Planning The Magic

    After reading this I am so happy I have a few friends coming over tonight and that I won’t be alone. It’s so interesting to me how people like this stuff and it’s so scary

  38. Eloise

    Super creepy stuff here, I think my kids would like this during the day and then come night they’d be clinging on to my side scared! (I might get scared too, not going to lie) ha!

  39. Bonnie @wemake7

    Wow, these sound pretty creepy. My husband loves stuff like this. I’m going to share it with him.

  40. Jennifer

    Nope, no creepy items for this lady! I much prefer Harvest type decorations for my Halloween!

  41. Erlene Amat

    No, no, and no…lol. I’m too chicken to be buying haunted stuff. I even enough chaos without inviting a possible haunting into my home.

  42. Rosey

    Well I’m such a chicken I couldn’t order. lol My kids are even braver than I am!

  43. Ashleigh Day

    Ooooo no! I hate Halloween at the best of times. I’m scared too easy 🙁

  44. jennifer

    i love halloween and these creepy items! i think they are a little too scary for my taste, but what a good idea to find decor on ebay!

  45. kira c

    One of my housemates keeps going on about ouija boards so I think I should buy him this one, although I’m not sure I want it in the house!

  46. Sarah, Things Sarah Loves

    Love the Haunted Antique Jewellery Box, that’s so cool! Never knew there were so many finds on Ebay!

  47. Amanda noble

    Haunted Antique jewellery box sounds cool ??

  48. Elizabeth O.

    I’ve never paid attention to haunted items especially on eBay! The actual thought of it creeps me out! This was a fun read though.

  49. Amelia Larsen

    I’ve never thought of searching for haunted items on eBay before! I cant believe the price of the mirror. Don’t think I’ll be bidding on any!

  50. Terri Beavers

    These would sure creep me out, lol. I’ll have to check them out. I bet I could creep out everyone with the Creepy Clown Box Wood Paranormal Dead Spider.

  51. Margaret Murray

    Creepy. Great read though. Thanks for sharing with us.

  52. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    These are creepy.. I don’t think I would buy haunted items.

  53. Jo Carroll

    Brilliant post…I just love scary stories. I wonder if anyone advertises anything with a nice ghost included – you know the one who would make the dinner for you and do the washing when you are out? 😉

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