Time 2 Sleep Gel Eye Mask: Review

Time 2 Sleep Gel Eye Mask: Review

I've not spoken about it too much. However, as well as my other medical problems I have a condition called keratoconus.

It basically means my corneas are gradually thinning.

I can no longer have my vision corrected by glasses and have to wear RPG (rigid gas permeable) contact lenses, instead.

That said I am luckily lenses do correct my vision. As at a very progressed place keratoconus can only be treated by a corneal transplant.

Having this condition means being outside at night is quite stressful. I suffer from starring and halos around lights even with my contacts in.

While having hard contacts in daily means my eyes can become painful, puff and in need of some TLC.

Time 2 Sleep Gel Eye Mask

Time 2 Sleep Gel Eye Mask

There is no better feeling than popping our your contacts. It's a little like taking your bra off at the end of a long day.

But it doesn't stop my eyes hurting.

Quite often I end up putting a cold compress on my eyes and trying to just calm them a little from the day before bed.

So I was thrilled when Time 2 Sleep decided to send me one of their eye masks.

These masks can be used both hot and cold. To heat you just need to pop in the microwave for 30 seconds and for cold 2 hours in the freezer should be fine.

The mask uses a gel bead surface, with a cloth layer to the back to place snuggly against your eyes.

Time 2 Sleep Gel Eye Mask

Time 2 Sleep Gel Eye Mask Benefits

The mask offers a whole host of benefits, such as:

  • Sinus relief
  • Headache relief,
  • Elevating puffy eyes
  • Calming dry eyes
  • Soothing tired eyes
  • Relief from the systems of allergies
  • And other eye issues.

I found that it is best to try the mask both hot and cold to work out which way works best for you.

For me, I found the heat more relaxing. That said it is now winter and perhaps in the summer, cold would suit me better.

The mask retains it's heat (or cold) for up to 30 minutes and can be reused daily (for up to 300 uses)! So no more having to keep rebuy warming masks.

It can also be worn at night, so no reason to worry about it relaxing you to the point of a nap. As I know this can be an issue with some eye masks.

I am really impressed with how this mask seems to ease my sore eyes at the end of the day and considering I can reuse it up to 300 it is much more pocket-friendly / eco-friendly than one use alternatives.

What's more, the gel eye mask comes in at just £10.96 from the Time 2 Sleep website.

Time 2 Sleep Gel Eye Mask


The lovely people over at Time 2 Sleep have offered up 3 “Good Night Sleep” Bundles which include one gel eye mask and a set of cylinder wax earplugs.

To be in with the chance of being one of the three lucky winners all you need to do is head over to the Time 2 Sleep website and let me know using 8 words or more:
Which product do you think would help you get the best nights sleep and why?

“Good Night Sleep” Bundles

Good Luck!

I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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Time 2 Sleep Gel Eye Mask: Review

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  1. maria ROGERS

    I have always had problems sleeping since I was a child. I wish I was one of those people who just lay down and fall asleep and wake up fully refreshed. Instead I crawl out of bed exhausted , aching & in pain, feeling like I spent all night in a boxing ring. The gel eye mask sounds wonderful. I get lots of sinus problems, allergies and itchy eyes, such a good idea!

  2. Lynn Neal

    Maybe some earplugs to block out the noises in the street so that silence prvails!

  3. Margaret GALLAGHER

    So many great ideas – loving the eyegel mask and diet tips _ mindfulness and earplugs too

  4. Lucy

    It would have to be the ear plugs for me!

  5. Ashleigh Allan

    I like the gel eye mask best – it sounds so relaxing!

  6. Kaz Angelac

    The gel eye mask sounds really relaxing.

  7. Solange

    The ear plugs because I need peace and quiet.

  8. Anonymous

    When I do finally get to sleep, I do grind my teeth so I support the Dental Mouth Guard would help with that but I do wonder whether that would make my insomnia worse cos of the way they would feel in my mouth. However, I do suffer from all the symptoms you’ve mentioned about for the Gel Eye Mask so I’d love to win, I think this make a huge difference x

  9. iain maciver

    have to be the ear plugs for me

  10. Katie

    The mouth guard because I do grind my teeth sometimes

  11. Ann Goody

    I would have to say that the ear plugs would be best for me as I sleep with a snorer.

  12. stephen goody

    I would get the ear plugs for my wife as I am a terrible snorer.

  13. andrea tinkler

    gel eye mask looks so relaxing and might help me with hay fever in Summer

  14. Anonymous

    The Dream Team Bundle looks great and would like to try them to see if helps. My OH often wakes me up with his snoring

  15. Susan Naylor

    The ear plugs would be great for me as I don’t cope with noise very well.

  16. clair downham

    the dream team bundle as it has everthing to help you sleep more easier

  17. K

    One of the dental mouth guards would help me sleep because my husband grinds his teeth and it’s really annoying!

  18. Anonymous

    The gel eye mask would help me sleep as the lights shine through the window from the massive block flats opposite!

  19. Helen Grayson

    Gel Eye Mask – I spend a lot of time looking at a screen during the day so this would be a lovely way to relax my eyes on a night time

  20. Nikki Stewart

    I would choose the gel eye mask because it would be particularly useful cold when I had a migraine

  21. Catherine Deacon

    eyegel mask

  22. Mike Cuss

    The gel mask would really help my early morning eyes !

  23. Fiona K

    The Dream Team bundle would be ideal, aiding my eyes and ears for a peaceful night

  24. stacey turner

    The gel eye mask sounds very relaxing, and im sure it would send me off to sleep nicely

  25. Emma t

    The gel eye mask would help me sleep I think. I already always use an eye mask but would love to try a gel one.

  26. Annabel Greaves

    I would love the eye gel mask

  27. Ms C Bryan

    I would get the Dream Team Bundle to cover all bases

  28. Chloe Taylor

    Gel Eye Mask… I think it would help to soothe my eyes & keep me relaxed.

  29. Emma

    The gel eye mask looks like it would be good for my mum, who suffers with bad eyes and headaches too!

  30. Robyn Clarke

    The ear plugs would be brilliant, but I have 3 small children, so probably not the best solution for me 😉

  31. Jennifer Gardner

    Probably the eye mask. I need it to be completely dark to sleep. Wish I had shutters lol

  32. leanne weir

    I would choose the gel eye mask because it would help me no end

  33. samj

    The eye gel mask would feel cool and relaxing and also block out any light that creeps in – PERFECT

  34. Emily Smith

    I already have a mouth guard and ear plugs so the eye mask sounds great and very useful.

  35. Ben Audsley

    the Dream Team Bundle so im sure !

  36. Emily Smith

    I already have a mouth guard and ear plugs so the eye mask sounds great and very useful as I work shifts and it would help me sleep in the day.

  37. Lucy Grabe-Watson

    Probably the gel eyemask as it looks really comfortable as though it wouldn’t squish your face like the normal ones

  38. Joo Dee

    loving the gel eye pad would be nice!

  39. Rich Tyler

    Gel eye mask would be wonderful for some shut eye

  40. Fozia Akhtar

    Earplugs for me

  41. Laura Jeffs

    I am extremely sensitive to noise so the wax ear plugs would help me so much to have a great night sleep!

  42. Tracy Clark

    The Cylinder Wax Ear Plugs would help me to get to sleep on windy nights that tend to keep me awake

  43. Katie b

    The gel mask looks really great!

  44. Isabell Whitenstall

    I think the eye mask could be helpful to me as I wake up as soon as the sun rises.

  45. Hannah Wood

    Eye Gel Mask for me would be perfect

  46. Emma Walton

    I have a lot of problems getting to sleep and then sleeping deeply. I did have a sleep mask which definitely helped but the elastic broke and it was thin. I think the gel mask would greatly benefit me.

  47. Rachel Butterworth

    The earplugs would help my Mum with my Dad’s snoring.

  48. Naomi Smith

    Time 2 Sleep Gel Eye Mask

  49. jenna rothen

    the eye mask

  50. Charlotte

    the ear plugs sound like a great idea for me i wake up with any noise

  51. Victoria

    The eye mask as I really struggle with the artificial street lights outside our bedroom

  52. Sarah-Jane Carter

    Cylinder Wax Ear Plugs will definitely help me sleep well with the other half snoring xx

  53. Laura Wheatley

    I would love to give the eye mask a try. I really struggle with broken sleep mainly due to mental health problems so I’m always on the look out for things to help me relax a little

  54. Keith Hunt

    Menthol Nasal Patch dounds good

  55. Amy Simpson

    Eye Gel Mask x

  56. Heather

    I’m a really light sleeper so the ear plugs would help block out my bf’s snoring!

  57. Angela treadway

    the gel eye mask would be fab x

  58. Lisa Tang

    I like a bit of classical music to help relax

  59. Megan Kinsey

    The earplugs because I’m a really light sleeper

  60. Adrian Bold

    The ear plugs would be useful.

  61. Sarah Birkett

    the mask, it would knock out the light my husband has on for reading. He only sleeps for about 6 hours a night and I sleep for about 8 or 9

  62. Sandra Fortune

    The gel German

    The Eyemask would be great but the earplugs would be good too with my hubby snoring like a donkey

  63. Carole Nott

    I think the Cylinder Wax Ear Plugs would definitely help me sleep as they would block out the passing road noise

  64. Kellie Steed

    I suffer from a few different painful pain issues, so some pretty substantial painkillers that actually work would ideal. Having said that, I also get really bad migraines and this mask woudl absolutely amazing for when I have them!

  65. Johanne Currie

    Definitely the ear plugs for me I can’t sleep with noise

  66. Valerie Seal

    Problems reading necessary website for this. I think a gel mask would greatly help me.

  67. S.Otoole

    Ear plugs, I know they work as I use them sometimes, I hate any sort of noise.

  68. Hekna

    I’ve got a terrible cold at the moment, so the Menthol Nasal Patches would come in very handy at the moment

  69. Lorna Ledger

    Memory Foam Pillow sounds lovely, I’ve got MS, so I love my sleep, but my body is in a lot of pain sometimes in bed, and I am always turning about. this would be lovely,

  70. Jenn Gillies

    The memory foam pillow would be amazing to help me sleep. I get so much pain in my neck from improper support. So many great products on this page.

  71. Priscilla Stubbs

    The cylinder wax ear plugs would be great, help cut out the noise of my husband’s snoring

  72. Sarah Roberts

    The memory foam pillow sounds amazing for me! never really seen one for laying on your tummy.

  73. Sandra Foreman

    Memory foam pillow I always wake up with a stiff neck this would really help

  74. Susan Hoggett

    Would like any of these products

  75. Laura Todd

    I don’t sleep well from time to time and I’ve always thought a memory foam pillow might help so I would give that a try.

  76. Anonymous

    I would love to try the nasal patches as I wonder if breathing better might help

  77. Louise Heaton

    The memory foam pillow would be good…So long as I managed to make it to getting to sleep lying down! I have nodded off the past 4 years sat up and I just don’t even know I am doing it! Even on a trip away with a friend, we were sat chatting and mid conversation I nodded off sat up. As she said, it was like someone had cast a spell on me.

  78. Geri Gregg

    The ear plugs would help me sleep great

  79. Claire Woods

    Wax Ear Plugs would help block out traffic noise from the road near our house.

  80. Danny King

    merry christmas all

  81. Caroline Huby

    Eye gel mask looks good!!

  82. Nicki Simpson

    Probably the nasal patch as my snoring is horrendous!

  83. MICHELLE Stewart

    menthol nose patch sound great for a cold

  84. Amie

    I have no idea what would help my to sleep right now to be honest! The pregnancy insomnia is terrible right now 🙈 lovely giveaway 🙂

  85. Jade Jones

    The memory foam pillow because instead of my body adjusting to the pillow and that causing dislocations to my shoulders and wrists and hips, knees and ankles (joys of having EDS) which cause a lot of pain throughout the night, the pillow would mould to the way my body needs it to and that would prevent me lying in awkward positions and as such prevent some of the dislocations allowing me to get at least a bit more better quality sleep

  86. Fiona jk42

    The memory foam pillow would be nice. I sleep on my stomach so find normal pillows uncomfy.

  87. Caroline Huby

    I would choose the eye mask looks very comfy and would soothe my tired eyes.

    New comment left as unable to edit the old message as there was not enough words in the other!!

  88. Kat C

    The Gel Eye Mask would be great because light really hurts my eyes due to migraines and it makes it hard to sleep.

  89. Mel Turner

    I’d love the gel eye mask

  90. Joanna Nichol

    I think the gel eye mask would be great as it would be really relaxing

  91. justine meyer

    I think the eyemask might be good as it might block out all the lights going on and off constantly when in bed

  92. Ceri Richardson

    I’m a life long imsoniac – although it comes and goes as soon as I’m stressed my sleep runs away !

    I also need complete silence to sleep so the ear plugs would be a god send!

  93. Christopher Read

    I think the gel eye mask because it looks comfy to wear and would also block out the light from outside

  94. Adriana

    The memory foam pillow and the earplugs would help alot.

  95. ken ohl

    I think the ear plugs would be a big help in getting some sleep and I need that

  96. Megan Zuchowski

    I would like the ear plugs

  97. Tammy Tudor

    The gel eye mask as it would block out the street lights that shine in my room and relax me and sooth me!

  98. Emma

    I think the gel eye mask would be so relaxing.

  99. Theresa THomas

    Gel Eye Mask would help me sleep and probably help sooth my Migraines

  100. Sarah Cooper

    The gel eye mask as I suffer with migraines. I too have keratoconus and when I was being investigated for that they found I also have cataracts to top it off. My vision deteriorated rapidly.

  101. Katie Witherington

    has to be the gel eye mask for me

  102. Catherine Stewart

    The eye mask because I’m very sensitive to light!

  103. Rebecca roberts

    The eye mask looks and sounds amazing fantastic

  104. Dana Rodriguez

    I always have problems sleeping and I suffer from allergies so I like both but I think the Time 2 Sleep Gel Eye Mask would be perfect for me!

  105. Dale Dow

    A lavender sleep spray on my pillow always helps me get a better sleep

  106. Jessica Nightingale

    The eye gel mask – it looks so soothing

  107. Jamie Edwards

    The memory foam pillow I think would be best for me, I’ve not tried one but I always seem to have a stiff neck in the morning!

  108. Amanda w

    The ear plugs would be top of my list!!! My husband snores like a trouper and it sends me crackers!!! Nothing worse than someone snoring while your trying to get to sleep!!!

  109. Rai

    Either of the earplugs. I work permanent nights and need earplugs to soften any loud noise and voices. Thanks

  110. debbi ruskin

    Either kind of ear plugs would be great for me as my son sleeps with his computer running on the other side of the wall from my bed

  111. Maria

    I like the memory foam pillows

  112. Elizabeth Cooke

    The memory foam pillow as that means you won’t wake up all achey and can sleep more soundly.

  113. Gaynor Vincent

    I would love to try out a memory foam pillow they look really comfy!

  114. Gemma Middleton

    Menthol Nasal Patch sounds great, I struggle with my sinus’ so this looks good.

  115. Anonymous

    I think the menthol nasal patch would be really helpful with me.

  116. Ali Duke

    It would have to be the memory foam pillow. I don’t sleep well due to depression so I fidgit a lot, so I think this pillow would stopmy neck/back aching so much.

  117. Catherine Pawsey

    Ear Plugs would be a blessing as my husband’s snoring often keeps me awake.

  118. Laura Pritchard

    The Memory Foam Pillow would help as I get a sore neck if I use poor pillows.

  119. Jessica Hutton

    The memory foam pillow would be brilliant. I suffer from insomnia and I think this would help me be comfier xx

  120. Pam Francis Gregory

    The Gel Eye Mask sounds great

  121. Laura Corrall

    I am very fidgety when I try to go to sleep. I also grind my teeth subconsciously but I can hear myself doing it before I drift off to sleep. So then it wakes me up a little. I think the dental mouth guard would really health my dental health and my sleep.

  122. Anonymous

    really could do with the dental mouth guards or the dream team bundle would be good too

  123. paula cheadle

    I like the gel eye mask the most, has I suffer with migraines behinds my eyes, and could help me sleep better when I’ve got these

  124. HannahP

    The memory foam pillow sounds like it could be amazing! It sounds like it would make things very comfortable and easier to rest.

  125. Victoria Prince

    The Menthol Nasal Patch because I have lost count of the number of times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night sneezing and not been able to get back to sleep because of congestion – this sounds as if it would really help!

  126. Mandy Betts

    The memory foam pillow as I always sleep on my stomach and normally get a stuff neck

  127. Sheri Darby

    The Memory foam pillow sounds really good

  128. donna l jones

    Menthol Nasal Patch sounds good would love to try

  129. Simone Griffin

    I think the wax ear plugs would be fab so I couldn’t hear my husband’s snoring haha x

  130. Heather Kaufman

    I think I would benefit from the Memory foam pillow. It seems like it would provide a comfy sleep.

  131. Ellen Stafford

    A memory foam pillow would be great. This sounds fab! My niece suffers from headaches so she might like this.

  132. Sabrina Baldock

    The eye gel masks sounds so relaxing. I’d love to try it

  133. Lindsay McCarroll

    It’s gotta be the dream team bundle. Might as well cover all bases and boy do I need it.

  134. Ruth Wollerton

    The gel eye mask would be great as I suffer from headaches at night.

  135. Leeanne Clifford

    Well, I get awful cluster style headaches that can for weeks at a time and they stop me sleeping Nd this says it can help with headaches so that could well help

  136. Jessica Powell

    The memory foam pillow would stop me shifting about so much, I think.

  137. Lyn Geddes

    I need the wax earplugs because I suffer from tinnitus and find blocking my ears helps

  138. Sharon Williams

    Definitely the silicone earplugs to drown out the noise of my husband’s snoring.

  139. laura stewart

    The ear plugs because it will block out any noise x

  140. Tracy Gladman

    The Dream Team bundle looks like it will have everything I need!

  141. Carol Boffey

    the ear plugs

  142. James Travis

    The memory foam pillow, make my head comfortable

  143. Catherine Osborne-Smith

    Has to be the ear plugs for me – I need to block out sound


    The mouth guards would be my choice

  145. Fiona Johnstone

    The gel eye mask appeals to me but the ear plugs are a necessity because my husband snores the minute his head hits the pillow. Still awake at 3 am is no fun.

  146. Ash r

    Definitely the memory foam pillow! sounds like a dream after a hard day!

  147. Laura

    Their Memory Foam Pillow would help me get the best sleep because our pillows are so uncomfortable. I keep meaning to buy new ones. This one looks super soft!

  148. Lauren Henderson

    The gel eye mask would be awesome for my migraines

  149. Hester McQueen

    I would love to try the sleep mask that someone recommends. My eyes are often very puffy in the morning.

  150. Erica Hughes

    A gel eye mask and ear plugs.

  151. Donna Tomlin

    I have had trouble sleeping for a long time now, sometimes i don’t have any trouble getting off to sleep, the trouble is staying asleep, most nights i have alot of unbroken sleep. The gel eye mask would be good and i will look at the nutritional food asleep.

  152. Emma davison

    The memory foam pillow sounds good. I have never had one.

  153. Lindsey Smith

    I think the ear plugs as I am a light sleeper and my other half gets up a lot in the night and disturbs me

  154. Rachael Sexey

    The Dream Team Bundle looks amazing and i would love to try them to see if helps. My husband often wakes me up with his snoring 💘

  155. DAWN HULL

    It would have to be the memory foam pillow as it is always a nightmare trying to get to sleep when you have a lumpy or uncomfortable pillow.

  156. Abigail Cullen

    The gel eye mask, would help me the most, especially after doing a night shift, and having to sleep throughout the day.

  157. Colin Gault

    Earplugs to block out the noises in the street

  158. Maria P

    The ear plugs would be best for me as we have noisy neighbours

  159. Anonymous

    I suffer from migraines and tension headaches so the eye mask would be a massive help.

  160. Kate Davies

    I suffer from migraines and tension headaches so the eye mask would be perfect.

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