Stay Warm This Winter with Kate's Clothing
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Stay Warm This Winter with Kate’s Clothing

This is another review I need a slight telling off over, it's sat in my to-do pile for way too long.

However, on the plus side, I guess now is the time you would need to be thinking about bringing these items into your wardrobe.

As not only are they going to help keep you a bit warmer, but they would also make interesting presents for people who love something just a bit different.

Kate's Clothing

If you haven't heard of Kate's Clothing before, let me tell you a little about them.

Kate's Clothing is a UK based supplier of alternative clothing.

Everything listed as in stock on their website will be dispatched normally within 1 – 3 working days. So there is no waiting around for items to arrive and then be shipped on.

They are in essence a small business, who are led at the helm by Kate.

Plus THEY STOCK PLUS SIZE CLOTHING! With sizes going up to a 6XL – 8XL / size 30.

I personally have been lucky enough to work with them a few times before and was thrilled they came back to work with me again.

This time when set loose on their website I picked the following products.

Necessary Evil Saturn Mens Ninja Hoody

Necessary Evil Saturn Mens Ninja Hoody

This was a pick for Ash, rather than me.

Though hands up I have grabbed it off the pegs in the hall a few times for myself. as it is quite warm and so simple to just slip on when you want a quick and easy top to wear.

It is available in a M, L or XL.

The top takes it's style from ninjas and adds on its own gothic twist.

Necessary Evil Saturn Mens Ninja Hoody (2)

It features two pockets to the front, duffle buttons and a pointed hem.

However, perhaps my favourite part has to be the strapping detail around the sleeves.

For me, Ash, this is a comfortable hoody that is great to just throw on as your heading out the door.

Close up of sleeve Necessary Evil Saturn Mens Ninja Hoody

It isn't the thickest of material so you are going to want to think about extra layers on the coldest of days, but for an autumnal day, it should be just fine.

I think we would both agree that sizing on this hoody is true to size. So go on and grab one!

The Necessary Evil Saturn Mens Ninja Hoody has an RRP of £49.99. However, right now it costs just £24.99.

Chic Star Plus Size Purple Jacket

Chic Star Plus Size Purple Jacket
For myself, I went for this gorgeous Chic Star cost from their plus size range.

This gorgeous purple coat is actually available in sizes 8 – 30.

It has been made with a vintage-inspired cut. Which is truly flattering, no matter your body shape or size.

From its double-breasted button detailing, to flared hemline with pleats. What is there not to like?

Made up of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. This coat offers just enough stretch to help you feel like you can move. (I hate a coat which just doesn't allow you to move).

Chic Star Plus Size Purple Jacket

For those of you who want to know about the length, it comes in at 49″ in length from shoulder to back hem. For me, it sits just a little bit above the knee (I am 5ft 6).

Due to the style and flare of the coat, it is absolutely perfect to wear with any clothing item. From jeans to dresses and all types of skirts, it works.

Personally, I think this shade of purple is so eye-catching. While when it comes to fit, for me, it is comfortable. With these things in mind, it is a coat that I can pull on no matter what. From popping to the corner shop or headed out to something a bit more special, it works.

I would perhaps suggest sizing up if you are quite big breasted, as the buttons sit across your chest, while the base of the coat has more give around the stomach area.

Chic Star Plus Size Purple Jacket Close up of buttons

Truly I adore this coat, it is so well made, stylish and good at keeping me warm!

If you fancy treating yourself to the Chic Star Plus Size Purple Jacket it comes in at £82.99. (The link given is for sizes 20 – 30, other sizes can be found across Kate's Clothing website.)

My Thoughts on Kate's Clothing

I personally I think Kate's Clothing is a wonderful alternative website.

I haven't come across an item I don't think is well made and worth the money from them yet.

They offer all sorts of products from unique clothing to homewares.

So if you know someone who likes things that are just a bit different, you should 100% check them out.

What do you think of these items from Kate's Clothing?

I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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Stay Warm This Winter with Kate's Clothing

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  1. Alexandra

    We are just coming into Summer here in Australia, but these are some nice fashions! That gorgeous purple!! 🙂

  2. candy

    Everyone needs a comfortable hoodie to throw on when they need to run out or just to stay warm. Having pockets always helps me out. Love that purple jacket.

  3. Karen

    I LOVE these! Now I don’t have to choose between being stylish and being warm. These are all so nice.

  4. Anonymous

    I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I like it. I’m digging that purple coat. It doesn’t get too cold in Texas, but we do get some below freezing nights and days, so I always like to have one nearby.

  5. Lian Wright

    Both of these items are fabulous gift ideas for my daughter and me! We would sport this sweater all the time! I really love how you can tie up the sleeves for a closer fit. I ams also a sucker for coats. This one looks like it is so much fun to wear!

  6. Tomi C

    Let’s talk about that purple coat. LOVE IT! That purple is popping! It looks like it has a cinched waist of sorts.

  7. Laura G

    Those are definitely alternative pieces of clothing, but also very cute. Not too much, just what is needed to stand out! Very very cute!

  8. Tamara

    Love the hoodie for sure. Even though I live where its warm most of the year, they come in handy on those chilly days like today.

  9. Terri Steffes

    That purple coat… if it was in pink or black, I would be all over that. I wouldn’t typically think to purchase something like that, but I love the drama it brings to your outfit.

  10. Melanie

    I like the purple coat; it looks so pretty! I don’t know if I would be able to pull it off, though. It seems like it would go with a very specific sort of outfit.

  11. Tara Pittman

    That purple coat is so pretty. I would love to see a photo of you wearing it.

  12. Pam

    That purple coat is super pretty. Perfect for an alternative or vintage fashion lover, and I love how many sizes it’s available in.

  13. Tasheena

    Kate’s Clothing has so many cute pieces. Love the color of the dress, and it looks super warm.

  14. Linda Kinsman

    I’d love to keep warm with that beautiful purple coat from Kate’s clothing. I wonder if they would ship to the US?

  15. Emma Walton

    I think I need new glasses – instead of reading ‘to-do-pile’ I read ‘poo pile’…

  16. Tonya Wilhelm

    This is a great gift selection. I really love the purple jacket. It’s very sleek.

  17. Marysa

    These are neat pieces of clothing. I like all the unique details! These are nice and something different too.

  18. victoria

    This is very pretty. Love the color.

  19. Shelley

    I really love the unique styles! When you shop at brick and mortar stores you get the same ole thing! I love the people coat! The style is so cute!

  20. Tren

    That purple jacket is my favorite. So chic. I could easily wear that with some jeans. I live in Florida, so we really don’t have a “true” winter.

  21. Rhian Westbury

    I’d never heard of Kate’s before but I really like the look of the black coat you picked out for Ash x

  22. Melanie

    Not heard of this brand before, but like that Kate’s clothing is UK based. The first coat looks fab xx

  23. Amy h

    I love that Chick style purple jacket! The color is gorgeous and it’s such a cute cut!

  24. Keshia Richmond

    Necessary Evil Saturn Mens Ninja Hoody in a small please! I think this would look great on a woman. Keshia Richmond

  25. Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

    OMG, how fabulous is this PURPLE??? I love it and it looks like you can definitely get cozy whilst slaying. Thanks for the recco!

  26. mar

    Everything is gorgeous. That purple color is bright and cheery. i would definitely rock that!

  27. Lisa Favre

    The cut of that purple jacket is just absolutely gorgeous! I love how feminine it is.

  28. Heidi

    That hoodie is listed as a man’s hoodie. I love it for women! So cute!

  29. Denay DeGuzman

    What beautiful pieces of clothing! I sure wish we had a Kate’s Clothing here in California.

  30. Kay

    Love that purple coat! Great taste!

  31. Michelle Murray

    I absolutely love the purple jacket. The colour is amazing

  32. Amy Simpson

    looks like a good clothing line x

  33. Vjay Rao

    Kates Clothing has some really elegant and stylish designs. Nice to note that they have plus sizes too.

  34. Charli Bruce

    I love the purple coat, I really like the style of it and the colour x

  35. Sarah-Jane Carter

    I am loving the Chic coat such a nice colour too xx

  36. Rachael

    Oh my gosh, Lates Clothing sounds right up my street. The coat is GORGEOUS.

  37. Jessica Lynn Martin

    This is my first time hearing of Kate’s Clothing. I love clothing items that stand out. I definitely love that purple coat. I want to add it to my closet. I am going to check out Kate’s Clothing. I love that they ship quickly, as you said.

  38. What Corinne Did

    I had never heard of that brand. I am not sure it is my style though but I know a few people who would love the brand!

  39. Nazrin

    The purple coat is absolutely everything! I tend to steer towards darker colours with my jackets big maybe I need to switch it up!

  40. Tanya Brannan

    I hadn’t heard of Kate’s Clothing before but I’ve now bookmarked it!
    The fact they go up to a size 3 is brilliant and I am in love with that coat myself.
    I bought one in a similar design from another company and couldn’t get my arms in it!!
    This is perfect, in my opinion

  41. Sandra

    Oh my, that chic star purple jacket is like calling me to buy it!! It looks so classy, and perfect for any occasion.. may it be formal, semiformal, or casual. Looks so good in pictures too, I bet! If only cold weather frequent our place, I’d be buying tons of winter jacket for myself!

  42. Sally Akins

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I’ll have to take a look – that purple coat is gorgeous!

  43. Olivia

    I’ve heard of Kate’s clothing before, it’s such an amazing website and I love how disverse the site is 🙂

  44. Claudia Krusch

    I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I like it. Love the color and style!

  45. Super Busy Mum

    I have never heard of this brand before! That purple coat is gorgeous!

  46. Elizabeth

    Love that purple! I’ve never heard of the brand before!

  47. Olivia Jade

    I love the first coat! Looks really nice and well made. I haven’t heard of this brand, but their products look really promising in this post, I will have to check them out 🙂 xx

  48. Madeeha

    I never heard of the brand but that purple coat looks beautiful. Definitely will check their range.

  49. CHIZO i

    love the purple jacket , it has my name written all over it

  50. Kristie Cirak

    I am loving that purple jacket! What great sizing options they have too Im going to check them out and see what else they have to offer. So great!

  51. Dalene Ekirapa

    These are fabulous finds at Kate’s for sure! That hoodie is so gorgeous and I love all the details on it. As well, the dress coat is a piece I’d want to have on too!

  52. paula cheadle

    not heard of this brand before, the coat looks lovely as well has warm

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