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Summer Flats

Summer Flats

Right now it's raining and has been for the past couple of days, but I am trying to think positively, things will get better. This is after all England and the summer is never all sunshine. So come on rain do your worst and then let the sunshine a bit, so we can all get out and about and enjoy whatever we have planned.

For people who have been around my blog for any length of time, you will know I only wear flats and I love virtual window shopping for them; the other day I came across a great sale with up to 70% off and these are just a few of my favourite finds.

Iron Fist Sugar Goma – Was £38.97 Now £31.18
Ok so this isn't the biggest mark down out of the lot, but I totally admit to being a bit of a fan of Iron Fist. However they don't do as many flats as they do fantastic looking high heels, so I am really tempted to grab these for myself.

Aspiga Bari – Was £59.99 Now £24.00
Perhaps the most different pair on the line up as they should really be under sandals, but I couldn't not include this pair as I adore the beautiful beading of the flower on the front, I can just see them being the perfect getaway pair of shoes.

Blowfish Paj Was £34.99 Now £20.99
The most colourful in the line-up comes from another of my favourite brands and one I own many pairs of shoes from, they offer an undoubtedly comfy shoe and I am always pleased to add another pair to my collection. I am sure these would look perfect with jeans.

Stylistclick Luna Was £38.89 Now £23.33
Now this is a pair you could use anytime and anywhere, I can see them being easy to dress up and would easily suit a more casual style as well. Meaning they could take your from day to night with ease, making them the perfect pair to have to hand.

What do you think of these four pairs, do any of them jump out at you as must buys?

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  1. Kate Williams

    They all look lovely! I don’t wear heals at all either (way too much of a klutz) so these would suit me brilliantly 🙂

  2. Charly Dove

    They look great, nice to find some pretty flats. I need some of those. Used to always wear heels but since becoming a parent I mostly need flats! Must go hunting for some new ones too 🙂

  3. Laura

    Great shoes, I love them!

  4. Erika

    I am a flats person as well, but I do love Iron Fist and I have the most gorgeous pair of heels I refuse to throw out, even though I can’t wear them!

  5. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    I like the flower beaded sandals – they’d look lovely in summer but probably not brilliant if it rains!

  6. Sonia

    Oooh they are gorgeous, the bottom two are my absolute favs x

  7. lisa prince

    being 29 weeks pregnant i know all too well how feet are effected especially in this weather and im suffering finding somehting comfortable for me to wear

  8. Jen Walshaw

    I never wear heels. I love the sandles. They are great value. I am hoping to find a reduced pair of silver saltwaters before the end of the summer

  9. Hannah Wood (staveley)

    I love summer flats and to be honest I end up getting a few pairs as should love them and so comfy.

  10. Kara

    I have to wear flats because of arthritis in my feet – I need to find some new ones and love the flipflops

  11. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    They look great but the most impressive thing of all are those savings – phenomenol

  12. Natasha Mairs (Serenity You)

    I love flats, I like the blowfish ones the most

  13. Oh So Gawjess

    Why only flats Sarah? I think every women should own at least one pair of killer heels!


  14. Liz Burton

    Love a nice pair of flats – in fact I rarely wear heels ever now.

    I like the look of the ones bottom right, perfect for holidays.

  15. oana79

    I wear only flats too, unless I am attending Brit Mums Live, so the Paj would have been my perfect pair. Unfortunately, they have run out of my number.xx

  16. Bex Smith

    Loving the ones on the top left! I’m almost always in flats, I love them!

  17. Rachel

    I would be happy with all of those and Blowfish shoes are usually so comfy too x

  18. VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood

    Loving the detail and the price of the Aspiga Bari. I too am mostly in flats most of the time these days!

  19. Sonya Cisco

    Ooh fab! I am a strictly flats kind of girl and always on the look out for new pretty ones!

  20. Andrea

    Oh so pretty! I wish I could wear flats but I have collepsed very high arches and my supports tend not to fit in very fat shoes 🙁

  21. Gem Cook

    Absolutely love this blog post. Thank you! ☺

  22. Kaci Soderstrom

    Pretty flats. I don’t usually do flats, but these are some nice designs

  23. bev

    Love the first pair – been looking for something like those!

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