Stay in Basingstoke in Comfort with Owl Apartments

Stay in Basingstoke in Comfort with Owl Apartments

Basingstoke, situated in south-east England and one of largest towns in Hampshire, is a mere 45 minutes to London by train and an hour and 20 minutes by road. It has a hub of shops, restaurants, business and a whole of days out are located nearby for families who happen to be visiting the area. However, the question may be if you are headed this way, where is the best place to stay? Well, let me tell you a little about Owl Apartments.

Owl Apartments Basingstoke

Park House Owl Apartments - Living Room

Park House Owl Apartments - Living Room

While Basingstoke has a whole host of hotels to stay in, I personally have found the perfect place to stay in the form of Owl Apartments. You see Ash's parents live in Basingstoke and of course, we often like to pop down to visit and while the first time we went down we decided to go and stay in one of the local budget hotels. I can't deny they do offer a budget-friendly place to rest your head, I forgot about the fact that if you don't book an accessible room you can (and we did) end up, upstairs and at the other end of the hotel from the entrance. Which on top of the fact that they don't offer a comfortable place to sit left me feeling very painful and overly tired after just the first night.

Owl Appartments, on the other hand, offer you the ability to rent a whole home to yourself. Giving you a real home away home.

We personally stayed at Park House, a one bedroomed ground floor flat based in the Black Dam area of Basingstoke. You have full private access to the flat during your stay, which along with a place to rest your head offers home comforts such as free and fast wifi, Netflix, a scanner / printer / copier and free parking. It even has a washer / dryer in case you need to do some washing while you are away.

On arrival, you are able to let yourself in and one of the people from Owl Apartments will come and check on you soon after to see if you have any issues or need any help. After this point, they are contactable if you have any issues, but they will leave you to your own devices otherwise.

How much does it cost to stay at Owl Apartments?

Park House Owl Apartments - Bedroom

Park House Owl Apartments - Bedroom

The price of staying at any of Owl Apartments properties depends on the time of year. However, they do look to be inline with the cost of staying at a nearby hotel, so you are looking at paying out of the pocket.

How did we find Owl Apartments?

We stayed at Park House for a week and found it a really comfortable place to stay, it really did feel like a home away from home. The flat is situated in a small estate and close to local amenities, I have to admit after previous experience of flat life, I was slightly worried about staying in one, however, we heard hardly anything of the neighbours.

Park House Owl Apartments - Bathroom

For us Owl Apartments has solved our “where to stay” issues when heading to Basingstoke, in fact, we have just booked in with them again, this time to stay at Grove Cottage as Park House was sadly already booked.

If you want to book in with Owl Apartments they can be found on their own website, AirBnB*, TripAdvisor,, FlipKey, HomeAway and many more. PS if you book via the Owl Apartments website and quote LIAB10 they will give you 10% off your next stay with them.

What do you think of the sound of Owl Apartments, would you use them if you were in the area?

We were given a slight discount on a booking in return for this post, howeve, all opinions and thoughts are my own. The AirBnB link is an afiliate link.


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Stay in Basingstoke in Comfort with Owl Apartments

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  1. Amber

    This does look like a comfy place to stay. I’ve always liked owls! I do prefer to stay in homes when I travel instead of hotels.

  2. Alison Rost

    It’s a lovely place to stay at if you’re ever in Basingstoke. I love the fact that you get to rent your own apartment and it has everything you need unlike your usual hotel room. It’s definitely worth it!

  3. jmanandmillerbug

    I do like to travel a lot and if I can and like to stay in places that have a kitchen so that I can cook. This looks like a great place to check out. It looks comfortable and they decorate it really nicely.

  4. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That looks like a great place to stay. I love to find places that feel like a second home when I travel.

  5. irishred13

    Wow it looks like a nice place to stay. Especially with it being furnished. It is like being at home I bet.

  6. Yeah Lifestyle

    It looks like a lovely place to stay and I love how a little owl appears thoughout the place to coincide with the owl theme. Really cute.

  7. Lisa

    It looks like a great place to stay. I love the idea of an apartment or home when travelling. It always makes the entire trip so much nicer.

  8. Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    This sounds like a really fun alternative to a hotel. Sometimes it’s nice to have all the amenities of home so you can wash clothes or cook if you want while you’re on holiday.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It really is nice, we did a lot of washing during this stay as we were away for a while and it was nice to know we didn’t have to pack over heavily just wash and go.

  9. Heather

    They look great especially to stay awhile if you can’t or don’t want to use a hotel and need more amenities.

  10. Globalmouse (@globalmouse1)

    What a lovely looking place, really clean and bright. Great you can book an apartment or full house. I’ve never heard of Owl before so will definietly keep them in mind next time I’m looking to book.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It’s really good – I’ll probably pop up a post on the bungalow once we have gone as well, plus I’ve added in a discount code now if you ever do book ;).

  11. porchet000

    These apartments look great. I really dislike hotels – I much rather prefer renting a vacation home or apartment.

  12. Corinne and Kirsty

    I had never heard of Owl apartments before! it looks so so comfy and quite luxurious! I wish my flat looked like that!

  13. Bonnie G

    That place looks like a really nice and comfy and cute place to stay. I wouldn’t mind staying there as well. =)

  14. jennifervanhuss

    What a beautiful apartment! I love how quaint it is!! It is awesome that it comes with all the little extras of home!

  15. GlamKaren

    I love how the room looks, it’s definitely better to rent an apartment than check in a hotel, especially if you’re staying for more than a couple of days. Owl Apartments sure knows their stuff and I love that it doesn’t cost a lot to stay in a place like this!

  16. BeckyW

    Wow this is definitely a home away from home. I love how modern it looks and how cozy it seems. Definitely somewhere I would stay if I could.

  17. Fely

    I personally love this idea. Having a stove to cook will save a lot of money in food. Cute little place.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It really saved us a lot, we found in a hotel we would be at vending machine buying overpriced drinks all the time to stop us getting thirsty, here though you can drink as you would at home.

  18. TheSmallFashionista

    This looks like such a great place to stay. I’m such a kitchen person and the kitchen is beautiful!

  19. The Inner Circle

    safe to say that staying at Owl Apartments is the wise thing to do….yeah,I went there.

  20. HilLesha O'Nan

    This is a gorgeous apartment to stay! The decorative touches gives this apartment such a beautiful, cozy look.

  21. thetennisfoodie

    I love to travel! I can’t wait to try the services of Owl Apartments. The establishment seems clean and fun to stay at.

  22. My Dee Dee's Diary

    I like to travel alot. These owl apartments look great, very clean and we’ll furnished.

  23. babylovesberry

    As a family of two adults and two kids I am always looking for whole apartments to live in when we travel. Convenient and feels like home.

  24. AnnMarie John

    It’s nice to find a place where you can feel at home with especially when you’re there to visit family. I think Owl Apartments is an awesome choice that fits your taste and your price range! Love it.

  25. Anosa Malanga

    Such a very cozy place. I think I would love this kind of room especially when having a staycation. Reading books and just doing a movie marathon. I need to check my schedule and see if I can have a stay here at Owl Apartments.

  26. Rhian Westbury

    It must always be nicer to have a whole apartment or house to yourself than a budget friendly hotel as they do tend to be just that, budget x

  27. Dannii

    We like staying in an apartment when we are travelling, as it’s nice to have all the comforts of home.

  28. Laura | What's Hot? (@WhatsHotBlog)

    I love these “home away from home” accommodations like airbnb and Owl Apartments. It’s so much nicer to say somewhere where you ave the flexibility to cook etc by yourself and really make yourself at home.

  29. Kate K

    These sound like a great place to stay! My husband sometimes works out of town for weeks at a time and it makes a big difference when he stays in a place that is more like home.

  30. Dena S.

    Privacy and comfort would be perfect if you are away from home. And this sounds like one. So yes, definitely I will. I get to cook my own food, do the laundry myself whenever needed is just great!

  31. Chubskulit Rose

    I like accommodations like this, it fits the need of my family! When you have kids, comfort is always a number one priority.

  32. forkwardthinkingfoodinista

    I love this place a real home away from home. So much space and I like the kitchen x

  33. JK

    I’ve never been to Europe but if I’ll be around the area, I would definitely give this a try. The apartment looks modern and clean, and it has a kitchen. For me, as long as there’s a place to cook, I’m IN. 🙂

  34. candicenikeia

    Staying in an apartment or home feels so much better than a hotel to me. It gives you a full live-play experience. I love the decor too!

  35. Joanna Davis

    The apartment looks lovely and very cosy. I like the owl decorations, it gives it a lot of personality. I will keep this option in mind if I ever travel to Basingstoke.

  36. Silvia Martinez (@mamalatina)

    What a great idea. We love England and we haven’t visited in a few years. I would consider your recommendation.

  37. Wanda Lopez

    I haven’t used this services before, but I am glad I read your post. So much great information. Thanks for sharing.

  38. lavandamichelle

    Aw, that apartment is adorable! I want to visit Britain so bad. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Claudia Krusch

    That looks like an awesome place to stay. Love it! I love to find places that feel like home when we travel.

  40. Lilinha Espindula

    Since it costs the same as staying in a hotel, I would rather stay in a spacious apartment. It would be like home away from home!

  41. Lynndee

    That apartment is beautiful! I love everything about it especially the kitchen. And having the washer and dryer is great. I’d love to stay there!

  42. Heather Riccobono (@BrieBrieBlooms)

    This sounds like a wonderful way to travel! For us, traveling with children, it’s always tough to be comfortable in one room. But this looks awesome!

  43. Akamatra

    As someone who spent years in tiny apartments I can understand the need for more space. These apartments look great.


    what a great idea, better than a hotel stay!

  45. Aduke Schulist

    I personally love staying in something comparable when vacationing. It makes it so much easier.

  46. Wildish Jess

    Seems like a cute and cozy little apartment to stay in if you’re in the area.

  47. Kara

    We tend to plump for apartment or a cottage as we have to have two hotel rooms When we travel

  48. Aduke Schulist

    That looks like a nice accommodation. I like how modern all the decor is.

  49. Agness of Fit Travelling

    The Owl Apartments seem very lovely and cozy, Sarah-Louise! It seems like a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the nature in Basingstoke!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Honestly it is lovely, perfect placement for us when we go as well. Though sadly it was booked for our next trip but does mean we get to try out the bungalow instead!

  50. A S,Edinburgh

    That looks and sounds really good. I love self-catering apartments for city breaks, they feel really private and homely.

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