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Meek Petite Rosegold by Adexe: Review

There is something about a good watch, yet these days we don't seem to wear them as much as we once did. Perhaps due to the fact we all have a phone in our hands most of the time, has led to the decline of a wristwatch? A few weeks ago I was contacted by Adexe, who asked if I would love to try a new to their range watch; the Meek Petit Rosegold and after seeing the pictures I knew I had to have a closer look.

Meek Petite Rosegold by Adexe London

Meek Petite Rosegold by Adexe London Watch

Who are Adexe London?

Adexe pride themselves on being a non-conformist brand, they look to provide finely crafted, unique timepieces at affordable prices. They are completely open and honest about the processes used to create one of their contemporary inspired pieces. Wanting to stand out from the crowd for not only their timepieces but how they create them Adexe are definitely a brand to watch this year.

Meek Petite Rosegold

Meek Petite Rosegold by Adexe
According to Adexe the Meek style watch is meant to portray serenity, simplicity and security. It includes a subtle date indicator and oversized Roman numerals, with minute markers laying between each one.

100% produced and designed in-house, the makeup of the Meek Petite Rosegold includes a hand polished stainless steel case, curved hardened crystal glass, a Japanese Miyota GN15 movement and a handmade stainless mesh band open spring bar. The watch also has a 3ATM water rating (which if your not sure about means it is OK for everyday use, being rainproof and splash proof, but you aren't going to want to wear this watch in the swimming pool or shower).

Meek Petite Rosegold by Adexe London Watch Image of it on my wrist

What do I think of the Meek Petite Rosegold?

I was really impressed by the look and feel of this watch, the strap itself is well made and unlike other mesh watches I have tried in the past is yet to pinch my skin. It has been made so before first wear you can size the watch to you by fitting the two ends together, once you have set you only need to clip and unclip the clasp, making it much easier to take on and off than I first assumed it may be.

The date and time set up is thankfully simple to do, I always worry you will have to keep spinning the hands round and round to get to the correct date. However, you do not. In fact, all you need to do is pull out the toggle on the side one click to set the date and two clicks to set the time.

Despite the size of the face (32.5 mm diameter) and the fact it has a stainless steel strap, this watch is surprisingly lightweight. I didn't at any point feel like my wrist was being weighted down.

So far I really cannot find fault with this watch, it is so easy to read (even down to the minute), it is comfortable to wear and it just feels like a real quality timepiece. For me, the black against the rose gold really works.

Meek Petite Rosegold by Adexe London Watch Close Up of the Face

How can you buy the Meek Petite Rosegold?

The Meek Petite Rosegold is just one of a number of beautiful watches for both mails and females on the Adexe website. This watch, in particular, comes in at £95, however, right now you can get 15% off across the whole store by using the code SARAH15 at checkout. How awesome is that?

What's more later today I'll be starting a Twitter giveaway to win your choice of Adexe watch, which will run until the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled.

What do you think of the Meek Petite Rosegold from Adexe London, is it a watch you would choose to wear?

I was gifted a Meek – Petite Rosegold to help with this post but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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  1. mayahthomas7

    What a gorgeous wrist watch. I love the delicate design and large clock face. I’ve not heard of the brand so i’ll be sure to look out for them!

  2. Leah Kanaan

    That is a gorgeous watch!! The rose gold is nice. I usually wear silver or white gold. I would definitely wear rose gold!

  3. Bethany

    That’s such a simply beautiful watch, a great price aswell without being too flashy.

  4. Amber

    This is such a pretty watch. I’ve always been a fan of rosegold. I might have to pick this up for myself.

  5. Hannah denton

    I ADORE rose gold! The only thing I’m missing is a rose gold watch! Yay!

  6. Heather

    Yeah a watch is something I have, but don’t wear often because of my phone. But this looks great. I think even with phones watches can be stylish like this one.

  7. Nancy Lustri

    This watch is absolutely beautiful! Love that stainless steel encasing – in rose gold, no less!

  8. Corinne and Kirsty

    Rosegold is so trendy at the moment! This watch is gorgeous! I have heard of Adexe before and follow them on instagram! loving what they do!

  9. Marie Sheila

    Simple, elegant, sleek, classy…all these adjectives come to my mind when I saw the photo of the watch. It may be my first time to read about the brand Adexe but, now I am a fan of their products.

  10. GlamKaren

    Looks like Rose Gold is still in the trend! I love the color, it’s very feminine and classy. This watch is definitely lovely and it’s a must have. I like the design.

  11. fashionbeyondforty

    That is one gorgeous watch! So classic in it’s design appeal but the rose gold is stunning! I love how thin the face of the watch is too. Sleek and beautiful.

  12. My Dee Dee's Diary

    That wrist watch is so chic. I love it. I’d definitely rock it

  13. TheSmallFashionista

    What a gorgeous watch! I love rose gold. It’s my favorite.

  14. cristinaleau

    I love rose gold, and this watch is so beautiful. It’s perfect for a gift

  15. AnnMarie John

    I have a weakness for watches. I love the sleek design of this wrist watch and the color as well. Definitely a must have!

  16. Emily Leary

    This Meek Petite Rosegold watch is lovely. A great gift just in time for Valentine’s day!

  17. Kathy

    That is a very nice looking watch. I really love the color of this one. This is one that I’d probably get for myself.

  18. forkwardthinkingfoodinista

    What a lovely watch. I love rose gold too – this would be nice to wear instead of a bracelet with an evening dress x

  19. Chrissy Taylor

    What a beautiful watch! I love that you can dress it up or down! It has great flexibility!

  20. Rebecca Smith

    Oh that is such a pretty watch! I’ve not been wearing a watch lately as I’ve either found the ladies watches I’ve seen to be too petite or too bulky. This looks just the right size and such a beautiful colour too

  21. Kara

    That looks so much like a watch my great aunt used to own – I love it!!!

  22. The Motivated Mom

    Very nice watch. I love rose gold….and this looks classy. Nice review.

  23. thetennisfoodie

    Meek Petite Rosegold by Adexe looks like a nice watch. I love the color!

  24. Alicia Taylor

    I am loving the new rose gold trend everywhere. This watch face is minimalistic and stylishly perfect.

  25. Up Run for Life Healthy Lifestyle Blog

    This is a good looking watch. I bet my dad would love it. I personally haven’t worn a watch in forever.

  26. Vera Sweeney

    I love that this watch is very lightweight. Watches that are simple to set up are a plus.

  27. Nicole

    I’m not a watch wearer but this is gorgeous! I love its simplicity and elegance. Definitely something I would consider getting! Thanks for shaing!

  28. dearmummyblog

    My mummy loves the idea of wearing a watch (she has loads of them) however she never checks time on them and prefers to use her phone for time keeping. This is lovely though and we like the rose gold, so maybe she might start wearing one again, if its like this!

  29. ? MELISSA ? (@fruity_flamingo)

    I love this watch, it has a retro vibe to it which is lovely! Think il treat myself

  30. Betzy Cuellar

    A stylish yet elegant watch.

  31. seekneverland

    We have the same taste in watches. I think you did a great job at describing all the technical features on this watch without boring the reader so bravo there. You also touched on one important factor, comfort and style. This watch looks like a winner to me.

  32. countryheartdeb

    Oh this is beautiful- a true classic you could wear with everything!

  33. Rachel Shawcross

    I love how classic the design is and I also like the strap x

  34. Sheena Tatum

    If I wore watches this would be the one on my wrist. I am in love with the rose gold look.

  35. Yeimi Santana

    Very nice watch and very detail review. I love rose gold, though I haven´t worn a watch in a while since,
    just because of the fact that (as you said) I have a cellphone in my hands most of the time, but if I´m thinking about buying one, this would be the first in the list.

  36. toastycritic

    It really does look like a beautiful watch. I am so disappointed that my arms don’t take well to watches on them. They always cause some kind of issue. I would love to be able to wear a watch like this. Maybe I can get one for my daughter.

  37. Marius

    Nicely done! The watchface is clean and functional. I also like how the watch cover curves down to the body.

    The watchband is an important part of the overall watch instead of just an afterthought.

  38. Lisa Bristol

    Wow the Meek Petit Rosegold watch is beautiful. My Sister has a watch collection and would love this. I will have to pick one up for her Birthday.

  39. Carly Markham

    This is beautiful. I agree about the phone thing. I have a watch that I love but never wear as I don’t actually use it. I forget it is on and check my phone anyway! I think I need to try and change that habit!

  40. Gingermommy

    I love this! What a beautiful watch. I haven’t worn a watch in a long time, but I might wear this one!

  41. CurlyWhippedTee

    This is a very attractive watch. Great review and I love the pictures.

  42. Bobbi

    This watch is so beautiful. I love to see things that are a timeless look so that they can be passed on down.

  43. Angela

    That is a great looking watch! I love the meek petite rosegold adexe

  44. Ophelia T

    I love petite watches. The rosegold color with the black is a great combination. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Jennifer L

    Oh I love the sleekness of this watch, especially it being Rose gold too. So many watches are either too small or big on the band but this one is perfect.

  46. Kim Lee (@KimsCravings)

    What a nice watch! I’m loving that rose gold.

  47. Leo T. Ly

    I don’t really wear watches, but the time that I do, I usually wear it at special occasions or functions. The meek petite is definitely classy enough for me to wear on special occasions.

  48. Ana De-Jesus

    Oh I love Adexe, they have such a beautiful selection of rose gold watches. I have one at home that is pure rose gold but I love the black clock face on your ‘meek petite’ watch. It is stunning.

  49. Bukola Veronica

    This is such a good watch! I must get my hands on it!

  50. Mrs Sarah Roberts

    WoW This is such a beautiful watch! looks so perfect for going out when you really want to glam it up!

  51. Mo

    The rose gold colour of the watch really does make the watch stand out.

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