Why Going to Blog Conferences is a Great Idea

Why Going to Blog Conferences is a Great Idea

Today I have a guest post from Anca of ancaslifestyle, she has put together a post on why going to a blog conference is a great idea and how it could help take your blog to the next step! Enjoy.


My name is Anca and I'm a lifestyle blogger from Liverpool. I want to thank Sarah for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

I've been blogging at ancaslifestyle for almost 6 years and it was an amazing journey so far. During this process, I discovered many things, including a few things about me.

Today I want to talk about blog conferences. I've been to many amazing blog events, but blogging conferences have their own charm. I've attended the BlogOn Conference in Manchester four times so far and is very likely I will continue to attend them in the future. I made a short list of 5 aspects to take into consideration if you want to see if a blog conference is for you.

  1. Learning new skills

All conferences have a seminar schedule with talks by bloggers, influencers and experts in their fields. I felt I’ve learned things from all the seminars I’ve been to. Sometimes I learned that a specific social media channel is not suitable for me at this time. Other times I learned how to up my game when it comes to taking photos. It really changed the way I’m taking pictures. Before I was relying a lot on backgrounds, but not so much on props. Now I know that both are just as important.

  1. Talking with like-minded people

Is refreshing to talk with people that understand what your hobby is about. If you plan to make it into a career, then is even more important to talk with like-minded people that understand you and that can also help you along the way.

For me, blogging is a fun hobby. Even so, I enjoy chatting about all the things that we care about, which most people outside the blogging world aren’t interested in. For example, we can talk about DA and props and follow-unfollow and PRs and other events.

Why going to blog conferences is a great idea

  1. Getting the chance to talk directly to brands

At every blog conference, I’ve been to, brands had stands there. Getting to chat directly with them is lovely, you can have a look at their new products, talk about projects you’ve collaborated for in the past.

  1. For fun

We are having fun at every conference. We have cake and wine and funny keynote speeches. Last time the speaker made a funny presentation of the social media channels and the problems we bloggers face with. Last year the conference ended with a song by a few bloggers and it was lovely.

  1. Try new things from the Goodie Bags

You might get samples from the stand and in the goodie bag. At BlogOn, the goodie bags are huge, I always get a luggage with me.  I was so happy with some of the things from the goodie bag that I ended up buying more. That is great, because maybe I wouldn’t have bought those items in the first place.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try to go to a blog conference, it really is a fantastic way to meet new people, try new things and have fun at the same time.

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Why Going to Blog Conferences is a Great Idea

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  1. Stephanie Pass

    The swag bag is always fun! But, my favorite thing is that it really kinda gives you a fresh motivation to really get into your blog again.

  2. Kara

    I love going to blog conferences although I go more to catch up with friends than learn…….although I did attend a brilliant course on facebook at my last one

  3. forkwardthinkingfoodinista

    I would love to do but not had the time – It is ideal to connect and mix with other bloggers x

  4. Yeah Lifestyle

    Thanks for sharing this as we have not attended any conference yet and this has explained it a little futher

  5. Jenni

    I’ve been to BlogOn three tones now and I’m booked for May. I love meeting other bloggers that actually understand how much hard work goes into it and gets the challenges too. My normal friends don’t see all the work that goes on behind it and wouldn’t have a clue what I was talking about if I said SEO or follow link haha

  6. Aduke Schulist

    There is an annual one near me I have been longing to go to, but it never seems to work out scheduling wise. Maybe this year will be the year

  7. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I have never been to a blogging conference but it’s definitely on my list of things to do. I would love to network and maybe see the faces of the people whose blogs I have been reading.

  8. sara lafountain

    Last year I attended 6 blogging conerences! I learned so much from each one. My favorite part is making friends with other bloggers who are now lifelong besties.

  9. Cyn Gagen

    You are so right. I’ve been to several blog conferences and have always found value in each. I think I come back a better blogger every time.

  10. Lilinha

    I have been to a few blogging conferences and really enjoyed meeting new bloggers and engaging with brands!

  11. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    I really love Blog On as a conference, it’s my favourite and it’s full of friendly faces and a mix of new and old! H x

  12. Bethany

    I’ve never actually been to a blog conference, but you’ve convinced me to look into it, and see if there’s one near me anytime soon. What a great way to meet other bloggers, learn and grow.

  13. Mellissa Williams Luxe Lifestyle & Travel Blogger (@melandjake99)

    They really are such a great idea! I have attended a few now and I love them – getting to catch up with friends, meet new people, learn new things.

  14. madrasa1

    This was a very interesting and fun post to read! I loved all of your advice and ideas! Thanks for that! 🙂

  15. Lynndee

    I’ve never attended any blogging conferences yet, but I would love to. It would be fun to meet new people and learn new things.

  16. Up Run for Life Healthy Lifestyle Blog

    I have only had the chance to go to on blog conference. It was hosted by Disney. Talk about a cool experience. I took notes and met a few awesome people too. I wish that there were more conferences near by.

  17. Mira

    For me #2 would have to be the biggest motivator. Blogging is in a way solitary job and seeing so many other bloggers and sharing stories with them in person is so motivational and inspirational.

  18. Adaleta Avdic (@adaatude)

    I’ve gone to a few blog conferences and had such a great time!

  19. Mamas Travel Tribe

    I’ve been to a few and always found them useful, plus I find them so invigorating too

  20. Leslie Hernandez

    I would love to go to blog conferences, but most of the time I can’t go because of work or I can’t afford them. I want to make an effort to at least attend one or two a year. I feel like you learn so much and get to meet fellow bloggers too!!

  21. Dannii

    Blogging conferences can be fantastic. You can learn so much and meet some amazing people. Sadly there is another side, of cattiness. I have spoken at a bloggers conference and some of the bloggers were incredibly mean, and practically heckled me. They can be very clicky. But if you look for all the good things, they can be a great experience.

  22. A S,Edinburgh

    Very good advice, thank you. It’s great to hear from experience how they can be worth the time and money.

  23. Greatness Reinvented

    Great post it is always good to keep networking and expand your network. You never know when an opportunity may come your way.


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