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Sandals for Summer

Sandals for Summer

The thunder of the weekend hasn't put me off, I am still trying to think outside of the black skies and back to the sunshine of last week. While I might not be able to go outside in it much, even looking at it from a safe window helps bring a smile to my face, on even the otherwise ugliest of days.

To celebrate what will, I am sure, be a fantastic summer I thought I would pop together some sandals for those summers days on the beach, which hopefully many of you will get to enjoy.

Poetic Licence – Till Tomorrow £57.99
I love these little flowered beauties, the textile rose just adds a distinctive look to these sandals, adding an eye grabbing feature that is bound to make them the most talked about sandal in town.

Pikolinos – Alucdia Flower £69.99
Bit of a theme going on with these top two pairs, as this second one features a rouched petal detail over the top. You might be pleased to know, especially if you are anything like me, that these also come in a brown.

Les Tropéziennes par M Belarbi – Herlune £39.99
This brand actually have a huge selection of sandals so why not pop over and check them all out. I thought these though, were nice, subtle enough for day time wearing and also with the slight shine, just right for dressing up as well.

Birkenstock – Mayari £43.99
I own a pair of Birkenstock and believe me, they are so comfortable. I think if I was to buy another pair this year, it would have to be this style. I like the cross over above the toe and they come in a range of colours.

What do you think of these sandals, do any of them catch your eye?

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  1. Kim Carberry

    They are pretty! I love the one’s with the flower on 🙂

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    They are all so cute, but I especially love those ones with the big pink flower. They are totally my style.

  3. Terry

    I really like all your choices but the one with the flower on it has got to be my favorite. I want a pair of those.

  4. becca

    super cute I’ve been looking for sandal without the little thingy between the toes.

  5. lawna

    I really like the white gladiator pair. I definitely need to start stocking up on sandals for this Spring and Summer.

  6. Tough Cookie Mommy

    These sandals are really pretty. I’ve been looking to buy some new styles for this Summer and will be checking these out.

  7. ashleigh

    They are all so pretty!

  8. amanda ripsam

    I love the pink flowers glad they come in a brown

  9. Pam W

    I love sandal season. As much as I love boots, there’s nothing like changing them out for some lightweight sandals. That pair with the big flower is really cute.

  10. Corinne Faulkner

    What a gorgeous selection of sandals I love the Les Tropéziennes par M Belarbi – Herlune – so pretty – thanks for sharing !!

  11. Veronica

    I need to get a few sandals. I have a bunch of flip flops but I need something a bit more dressy

  12. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love the black ones. I own Birkenstocks and love them. I would love a pair of hot pink sandals for the summer.

  13. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    My feet LOVE sandals, and I really like the Poetic Licence – Till Tomorrow ones! So pretty and fun!

  14. Denise Gabbard

    There is just something about Memorial Day that makes me want to buy sandals and sundresses!

  15. Touristmeetstraveler

    Very cute sandals, I really need to get myself a pair for the summer.

  16. Beth

    Very cute. I’m definitely a flip-flops kinda girl because I wear my shoes out SO fast. My mom would love these, though. She loves to buy fancy sandals 🙂

  17. Marielle Altenor

    When it comes to shoes/sandals, I always choose comfort over style. It’s nice to hear that Spartoo sandals are both stylish and comfortable!

  18. Danielle

    I am totally and I mean totally in love with those white sandals. I have a maxi dress in my closet right now that they would go perfect with.

  19. Melanie

    I like the 4th pair, very simple and me. They look comfy too

  20. Marni | Love and Duck Fat

    We live in Miami where we are in sandals all year! I sure do go through them and it’s time to get a new pair soon.

  21. Rosey

    These are all cute. I’ve wanted to try a wrap toe shoe for awhile. Maybe this will be the summer. 🙂

  22. Pam

    The one that really caught my eye is the one with the pink rose on the front. It is adorable. I don’t usually where that kind of a shoe but I think I would wear that.

  23. Tina Holmes

    I need the flower ones for summer, they are so cute <3

  24. debbie godbolt

    i like the rose sandals but wonder if they are comfortable to wear x

  25. Lady Lilith

    Nice sandals. Perfect for this time of year. I did not realize there are so many styles. Thanks for sharing them.

  26. Amanda McMahon

    What a great selection of sandals! I think you found some nice ones for summer!

  27. Faye

    Love the ones with the pink flower so much! Ever so pretty…

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