MYNT ES Tracker – Review and Giveaway

Earlier in the year, I did a review and giveaway of the MYNT Tracker.

The company, however, don't just produce the one type of tracker, they are ever growing and expanding their range.

This time they sent me the MYNT ES tracker to try out.


The MYNT ES is the original tracker, it is a simple, no frills tracker that comes in a simple choice of black and white.

It boasts up to a year's worth of battery life (with an easy to replace battery), a loud 80dB alarm and a slim design allowing it to be easily tucked into wallets, attached to keys or slipped into anything you are worried about losing.

MYNT Tracker Box

How Does The MYNT ES Work?

To start your tracker working all you need to do is connect it to your phone.

It will then start recording via GPS the location of your items when your phone and the tracker are in close proximity to each other.

For instance, you can pop an MYNT ES into your car and use GPS to easily guide you back to it, as it will remember your parking space as the last known location.

If you happen to lose anything, then the MYNT community will help you find it. If someone comes into a close proximity of a lot item, the cloud will quickly be updated with the new location. Meaning you can hopefully be reunited with your lost item ASAP.

MYNT Tracker attached to keys with an adipose keyring, air plant, crystal and star around

I know my key are in the House but I don't know where can MYNT ES help?

Of course!

From your phone, you are able to set the MYNT ES alarm off. This will help you find the exact location of anything lost, once you are in a close area to it.

What's more, it works in reverse as well. If you've lost your phone and have your keys, hit the button on the MYNT ES to set off an alarm on your phone!

Is Set up Simple for the MYNT ES?

You might be worrying that all this is hard to set up?

In fact, it is really simple, once you have the app downloaded on your phone. You just need to press a few buttons to get it all connected.

You can set up “safe zones” using certain wifi connections. When you are in these, alarms will not sound.

If you fancy buying an MYNT ES* tracker they come in at just £15 each (and remember the batteries are replaceable). You can find out more about them over on the MYNT website, along with the other trackers MYNT have on offer.

MYNT ES Tracker attached to a set of keys with an adipose keyring

How can I win an MYNT ES?

Ah yes, I mentioned a competition! I have 2 extra MYNT ES' ready to pop in the post! That means two of you lovely people can win 1 MYNT ES tracker each!

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is let me know using 8 words or more:
What is the worst thing you have ever lost?!

MYNT ES Tracker

Good Luck!

I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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MYNT ES Tracker Review

This article has 187 comments

  1. Keri Jones

    Nothing huge *touch wood* but I did lose a £20 note once. It just *vanished*. The movers found it in our sofa 2 years later , LOL!

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    A ring my mum bought me for my 18th – may turn up one day

  3. Ailsa

    I lose my mind most days. I lost my engagement ring doing a pelvic examination on a patient

  4. Andrea A

    The worst thing I ever lost was an earring which was a present; I still have the other earring in the hope I’ll find the missing one someday.


    I lost my handbag once. Me and my mate have the same tastes, we both bought same bag, went to pub, she went off with a friend to London to see a show. I could not find my bag (with mobile, purse, credit cards etc) anyway we soon find out they have taken my bag by mistake, but I almost had a meltdown first thinking it had been stolen from pub!

  6. Annabel Greaves

    I lost my car keys, they ended up in the locked boot – luckily I had a spare set

  7. julie

    I so need this.

  8. Tracy Clark

    It has to be my house keys that i lost in the garden and found them years later when it was too late

  9. iain maciver

    my house keys

  10. Ashleigh Allan

    A special bracelet that meant a lot and had sentimental value

  11. William Gould

    I cannot find a gold, slimline Parker pen an elderly neighbour bought for me when I started college, many moons ago. I’m not saying it’s lost, but I don’t have the slightest idea where it is! I do love that pen…


    I lost my passport in Prague. It was a nightmare as I wasn’t allowed on my flight back home and had to find accommodation for an extra night.

  13. Solange

    I lost a flash drive that had loads of files and photos on it.

  14. Andrea Upton

    I lost a stone out of my engagement ring, but fortunately I did actually find it later on, which was amazing as it is tiny

  15. Susan Smith

    I have been sitting here racking my brains, to try and remember if i have ever lost anything and cannot think of anything, but i will say i am for ever losing my car in car parks, especially multi story car parks, i walk around as if i know exactly where the car is, but most times i have no idea, i have even tried writing it down, but can never find the paper, i am what you call a lost course when it comes to car parks

  16. Catherine Bullas

    My wedding and engagement rings.

  17. Kat

    My cat! She escaped and went on an adventure for 5 hours. My heart broke!

  18. Paul Green

    I wonder if I can attach this to my mind
    As the wife is always saying Im losing my mind!

  19. Jade Nuttall

    I once lost my prude, I hate the panic when you lose something! I would use this for my keys and to find my car when it’s parked!

  20. Rasheeta

    I lost a pair of gold earrings!

  21. john prendergast

    My mobile phone

  22. Sam miller

    The key to a holiday cottage. It fell out of my pocket on the dunes. We couldn’t get hold of the landlord either so ended up climbing onto a bin to crawl in through the bathroom window!

  23. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I lost my wallet with my drivers license, credit cards, and my (& my kids’) social security cards. Such a nightmare to replace all of it!

  24. Dean T

    i lost my virginity to the wrong person :O

    Also lost my wallet once with all my cards in ….

  25. Lydia Graham

    My bank cards have been lost on a couple of occasions. Of course they have always been found after the card was cancelled!

  26. Megan Williams

    I have lost my phone a few times and also bank cards, they always seem to turn up the second you cancel them though!

  27. Rachel McMillan

    I need this for when my husband has borrowed my car and then just dumps the keys down “somewhere” when he comes in rather than on our key holder 🤦

  28. Amy Bondoc

    i lst a stunning bracelet my hubby had made especially for our tenth anniversary ive never gotton over it 🙁

  29. Laura Turner

    My passport – at the airport. Luckily someone handed it in. Phew!

  30. Louise

    I lost a gold pendent my dad gave me for my 16th birthday. I’m 36 now and 20 years on I still think about it

  31. deborah Bascombe

    My phone with lots of sentimental pictures on!

  32. Lorraine Kilby

    My car keys but fortunately they were found pretty quickly.

  33. clair downham

    my house keys

  34. Pam Francis Gregory

    My car keys – found them eventually (in the fridge!)

  35. Phil Darling

    I lost my wifes wedding ring when she handed it to me for safe keeping

  36. Cara Lavery

    When i was 18 i went to get my hair done for my school formal. MY mum had given me this beautiful butterfly silver clip in piece for my hair and told me she had worn it for her formal when she went to my school years ago. i put it in my hair and she told me not to lose it but of course I lost it. Seeing my mums face and disappointment in me when i told her crushed me

  37. Dale Dow

    The only thing I can really think of is my passport, and being irresponsible back then meant I didn’t report it lost, stupid me

  38. Joanne Billington

    All the dollars i have saved up for a big holiday to America

  39. Pauline Hill


  40. Helen Tovell

    The passport photos we paid to have taken to go with our forms

  41. Angela Treadway

    front door keys, nearly, i went back and luckily found them laying on the floor x

  42. nicola day

    my phone

  43. Rich Tyler

    I left my bag on bus once, never did get it back!

  44. Ewan Bell

    Car Keys

  45. simon tutthill

    Think for me it was a mobile phone on a train silly me

  46. Laura Pritchard

    My handbag when I was at uni – luckily it was handed in all safe!


    my jelly shoe in the sea when i was 4, and no one would save it!!

  48. Joseph Westhead

    I lost £20 when I was younger, took a mental note at that point and never left my pockets unzipped again

  49. John Jones

    I lost my virginity in a phone box!

  50. Richard Turner

    I lost my wedding ring years ago in a car park when I removed my motorcycle gloves. Spent over an hour on my hands and knees looking for it with my friends, but no luck. Year and half later I stripped the engine on the bike and by coincidence found the ring wedged tight between 2 metal sections!!

  51. Iris

    My passport. It was horrendous as I was about to travel very soon.

  52. leanne weir

    my wedding ring (twice)

  53. Jessica Powell

    I lost my engagement ring on holiday…

  54. Jade Hewlett

    I lost my phone once and it somehow ended up being in the sleeve of my coat, it was funny at the time as I spent so long looking for it and just as I figured I’d have to go without it I put my coat on and there it was!! 😄

  55. Susan B

    A cat which wasn’t mine. Very distressing for the cat and for me.

  56. Kim Murray

    A diamond earring my partner gave me for Xmas – the next day!

  57. tamara foster

    My daughter many years ago in a big shopping centre when she was about five years old,it was only for about five minutes but seemed like hours!!

  58. Sofiane F

    Lost my passport while on holiday in Spain the stress of it

  59. Catherine McAlinden

    I once lost all the theme park tickets when we were in Orlando. Except that they weren’t lost, they were left at home!

  60. Lorna Ledger

    I once lost a parking ticket when visiting my grandad in hospital, and I’d left my main purse at home so my Sister had to pay 15 quid! Whoops!

  61. Susie Wilkinson

    A bangle that had been bought by my partner for my 30th birthday, luckily it was insured, and I’ve managed to keep the replacement on my wrist!

  62. Cath Joyce

    I lost a diamond out of my ring, I couldn’t find it anywhere and ended up having to replace it as the ring had a lot of sentimental value

  63. stacey turner

    I lost my other halfs bank card…. Needless to say he wasnt best impressed lol

  64. Sarah Mackay

    The worst thing i have ever lost is my wedding ring.

  65. Ruth Harwood

    I was burgled by someone a few months ago, and they took a locket given to me for my graduation that I’ll never see again. They also hacked my bank. I’ve learned the lesson that noone is to be trusted x

  66. claire griffiths

    a locket that my mum got me for my 21st

  67. Laura Banks

    my passport turns out i was using it as a bookmark in a book i’d been reading

  68. Michelle Ferguson

    I lost a diamond ring which my husband brought me, still makes me sad years later

  69. claire woods

    My purse – left it on a train.

  70. Jade Bremner

    A mobile phone it was when touch screens were just becoming a thing. I had the Prada phone and it got lost at Manchester airport they did find it and told me I had 7 days to collect however I was living in Germany and couldn’t get back to collect it. I was devastated as it had my friends sons first ever steps on it and a few other sentimental pictures

  71. Anonymous

    I lost my house keys a few months back, had to break into my own house – costly!

  72. Lisa Tang

    Credit card, left it in chip and pin machine

  73. Emily Hutchinson

    My birthday dolly when I was little. I only had her a few hours and I lost her at the seaside.

  74. Anonymous

    My camera with some fantastic photos on from a night out.

  75. Amanda tanner

    My camera with fantastic photos I from a night out.

  76. Wes m

    A pair of beats wireless earphones whilst running

  77. S Kerry

    my card, my apple pencil. my phone, my keys….too many things haha

  78. Valerie Seal

    Years ago I lost a bundle of house(s) and car (s) keys which must have been in the house as I had let myself in. We never did find them.

  79. Claire Bannerman

    I lost my friend at a night out visiting her in Dublin. I didnt know her address and i didnt have my phone. By chance i met someone she knew from work!

  80. A.E. ADKINS

    Worst thing that I have ever lost was …….. my marbles (although in fairness I’m not entirely sure that I’ve ever had full control of them)

  81. Cherry Lloyd

    I lost my car for two days because I couldn’t remeber which street I had parked it in.

  82. Ursula Hunt

    I lost my purse once, it was a total nightmare

  83. Hayley Lynch

    The cat !I cried for days pounded the streets giving leaflets out .Turned out he was trapped in next door Im definitely needing one of these for his collar!

  84. zoe brown

    my dog was so upset but he came home thankfully

  85. Anonymous

    Lost my house keys, realised after I arrived at work via push bike & tried to lock my bike. Had to continue my shift & hope I’d find them on the route home. I actually found them still hanging in the Yale lock of my front door nearly 9hrs after I’d obviously left them. I never dare tell hubby so said I found them at the bottom of my bag.

  86. Chelsea Edden

    My Lion King watch when I was 6. It fell down the toile as I was flushing it. It’s scarred me for life 🙁

  87. Simone Griffin

    Probably my house keys!

  88. Robyn Clarke

    A locket on a necklace, it had 2 photos in and I treasured it. I have no idea when or where I lost it.

  89. Jodi hill

    We moved into our home last December & lost all of the kids personalised Christmas tree decorations….
    we must have thrown the wrong bag out!
    Broke my heart:(

  90. Karen Barrett

    Two of my sons and their two cousins in a Rain Forest in Australia! Luckily the State Emergency Services where on hand very quickly, and the boys didn’t even think they were lost!

  91. Deirdre M

    A spindle charm that my grandparents gave to me before they passed. It is totally irreplaceable and I would give anything to come across it again!

  92. Francesca Jones

    House keys…so I could get out of my front door! had to go out the back and round the garden. Hubby had taken both his and my keys to work with him!

  93. Joanna Nichol

    My phone

  94. Anonymous

    I’ve misplaced keys and my purse but was able to find them.

  95. Abigail

    My rabbit when I was 4, I was gutted but after roaming round the streets for ages we eventually found him happily munching on some poor sods flowers :s We had to pay for flowers after that!

  96. Daniel

    My suitcase, when going on holiday

  97. Kasper

    My wallet!

  98. Iris

    When we had an extention done a few years back we stored a lot of furniture in a van and ended up loosing the keys. We never found them (probably ended up in the rubbish) and cost us a lot of money to get sorted

  99. Lucy

    I lose all sorts but they usually turn up eventually! Cash, keys, Fitbits, Kindles the list is endless!

  100. maria

    my peter rabbit purse 🙁

  101. Susan Willshee

    This will sound absolutely awful but I lost my Dad once! Dad very sadly had dementia for a few years before he passed on and I took him out for a day to an old car show because he used to work in a car factory and I thought he’d love it.
    I stood at one of the stalls looking at the display and chatting away to Dad about what they had – when I turned around – he’d gone!
    It scared me so much because I knew he wouldn’t know where he was or even who he was!
    Luckily, the organisers were brilliant and got a message around to every stall very quickly, describing him and what he was wearing.
    When he was found he was happily sitting in a rest area chatting to a tiny little boy about cars. He didn’t realise he’d been lost and was perfectly happy – but I was completely on my guard from then on!

  102. lorraine kirk

    My mum lost her wedding rings once. We searched the house and couldn’t find them. We finally found them after searching through the outside bins, she had thrown them away by accident after ding some baking.

  103. purpleshoes

    My favourite necklace. It’s such a horrible sinking feeling to lose something

  104. Aimee Charbonnier

    I don’t really remember the worth thing I’ve lost but my other half lost his wallet about 8 months ago and has been using a little Tupperware pot ever since!!

  105. Richard Saunders

    I’ve lost my laptop on a train before – i actually sobbed. This would keep me sane! 🙂

  106. Jessi

    My passport, i know it’s got to be somewhere in the house but I’ve been looking for months and still haven’t found it


    Usually my glasses which I find on the top of my head

  108. Katie Skeoch

    My phone! It must have fallen out of my car when I opened the door. Gutted when I realised it wasn’t there

  109. Christine Caple

    My handbag was stolen while I was on holiday in London a long time ago.

  110. Anonymous


  111. Rebecca Barnes

    I once lost my passport just days before going on holiday… not a fun experience!

  112. Cristina

    My camera full of holiday pix, from the roof of my car somewhere in France

  113. Sheri Darby

    My purse

  114. Mark Mccaffery

    The worst thing I ever lost was my passport.

  115. Bethany Molyneux

    My wallet with everything in!

  116. Margaret Mccaffery

    I once lost someone else’s mobile phone, which was awful.

  117. Rachael Jones


  118. Emily Clark

    My purse. The panic I felt when I realised was awful!

  119. janine atkin

    my mp3 player with all its music 🙁

  120. Carolynn Woodland

    My handbag when I was mugged in Cuba. I lost my camera and my passport – it was totally horrendous.

  121. Sarah Mccaffery

    I lost my purse a few years ago. I got it back minus the contents of course.

    • Vanessa Jumeau

      My purse!…I really need this as I’m so forgetful nowadays due to lack of sleep. :/

  122. Jamie Millard

    Probably my most annoying was my drivers license.

  123. Lynsey Buchanan

    I lost my purse with £300 in it I left it on the counter of a shop whilst packing away my shopping when I went back 10 mins later it was gone.

  124. Jo McPherson

    a ring, it slipped off my finger and I didn’t notice. I still look for it now, many years later

  125. Victoria Prince

    My mobile phone! I hadn’t backed it up for longer than I should have done either, so it was all the photos..etc that upset me as much as the phone

  126. Mark Johnson

    House keys – such a pain

  127. Mark Johnson

    House keys – such a pain – so much searching and worrying

  128. Natalie Crossan

    A very important family ring given to me as a teenager… GUTTED x

  129. sarah fielding

    Definitely my phone, oh and a ipad actually!

  130. Fiona Mallard

    I have never (yet!) lost anything important, though I do tend to have difficulty finding my car again in car parks so this would come in very handy!!

  131. Sharon Burroughs

    My house keys

  132. hannah igoe

    My passport! No idea how but such a nightmare to sort out getting a replacement!

  133. Laura Norcop

    A ring my parents got me for my 21st. I was in student accomodatipn at the time, it never did turn up and I often wonder where it went to. It wasn’t very expensive but it was very pretty. My dad also bought me a banjo though so I treasure that instead 🙂

  134. Sheila Reeves (@CakeReev)

    A purse when I was much younger, never forget that feeling of panic!

  135. Sam Cornford

    My naughty cat Bert, went on an adventure for 10 days, really thought we’d lost home for good and he rocks in at 3 in the morning miaowing his head offto let us know he was home.

  136. Fiona Johnstone

    I lost me wee sister when I was going shopping for my mum. She was about four and I was 12. I sat her on one of those rides {I did put money in it} outside the supermarket. I nipped in to get the bread, came out and she was gone. What a panic. I was more worried about the reaction from my mum if I’m honest. She was fine. She had run all the way home which I thought was pretty clever but I can still feel the horror of not seeing her when I came out the shop.

  137. susan hoggett

    I once left my handbag on the bus when I was younger I got off the bus and my dad was picking me up as soon as I realised my dad chased the bus down!

  138. Scott Fallon

    I once lost my lucky coin

  139. Angela Kelly

    When I was little I lost my night-time teddy bear for over a week. I was devastated until he was eventually found at the supermarket.

  140. Paula Phillips

    I lost my husband’s wallet after putting it ‘safe’ and not being able to find it again.

  141. Katie Walker

    I think losing your purse is always awful not because of the money but all the cards you have to ring up about and things like driving licenses that you have to replace. That or something that isn’t yours

  142. Craig Jones

    Virginity – I really should have waited for a few more years!

  143. Kyomi Johnson

    Probably would be a card that my nan wrote out for my birthday as she sadly passed away when I was 16 it may turn up one day when I least expect it.

  144. Emma Davison

    The dog. Was only temporary though – found him again!


    A bracelet that a friend lent to me, I’ve never borrowed jewellery from anyone since

  146. Isabelle Smith

    My rose quartz

  147. Hannah Ingham

    Definitely my bus pass after a long day on a course, luckily re-traced my steps and found it!

  148. kelly wheelhouse

    I lose my phone all the time! It’s normally somewhere stupid though 🙂

  149. Adrian Bold

    I’ve lost a lot of debit / credit cards before.

  150. Karen Howden

    I am forever forgetting where I put things especially keys. The other day I found 2 cans of beans in the freezer! I need this so much

  151. matt allison

    My wallet and house keys…not a good day!

  152. jacqui rushton

    I once lost my beautiful soft toy bunny rabbit my parents gave me when I was born, I was devastated

  153. Geoff Hibbert

    My bike

  154. Rachell Lynch

    the worst thing i have lost is my mind, it was in 1996 .

  155. Paul Meulen

    All my travellers cheques just as we were due at the airport


    A four year old – she went off on a walk with the dog, both leading each other, thankfully not far and the dog went the usual safe walk route to the nearby park, very scary at the time though

  157. Harry Truss

    borrowed my brothers complete box set of Friends and lost so many of the DVDs! He was not happy.

  158. Pete B

    My mum says I’d forget my elbow if it wasn’t attached to my body.

  159. Monika Bascombe

    Not exactly lost but my son threw my 2 weekly wage into the well when he was a toddler .

  160. lucinda duxbury

    i lost my son in woolworths many many years ago, i ran around panicking asking everyone if they had seen a small boy probably frightened and upset…. he however at 5 years old found a member of staff and they announced it calmly into the store. that was the last time i lost any of my children…20 years ago!

  161. Diana

    Memory card full of photos that I haven’t saved anywhere 🙁

  162. Troy Easton

    My Wallet lost but it was found but it was empty with all the money gone.

  163. carol boffey

    id loose my head if it wasnt screwed on

  164. tishist

    Not too bad but I think it was a handmade silver earring

  165. Jessica Hutton

    A necklace. My grandad is buried with the other half and the chain snapped. Thank god the hotel found it for me but it was a horrible 24 hours xx

  166. Adrian Clarke

    My Wedding Ring 🙂

  167. Colin Gault

    My four year old niece when on holiday in Euro Disney

  168. denise s

    my camera, whilst on holiday, special photos were on the card, not sure if we left it or it was stolen. still sad.

  169. Inga

    My gold and onyx ring that I had when I was a child, it wasn’t worth anything but had huge sentimental value 🙁

  170. Mary Campbell

    My wedding ring, which after much frantic running around and panicked searching, was found lodged in the compost bin, where it had slipped off whilst I was gardening!

  171. Caron Twyman

    I lost an expensive earring once. I spent ages retracing my steps (I had walked loads that day) and I never found it. I think I still have the odd one now! I never spend over single figures on a pair of earrings now!

  172. Erica Hughes

    My bus pass

  173. Meryl Thomas

    I lost my handbag while in Paris, and it contained everything!!! Never found it.

  174. Rachael Obrien

    My engagement ring and a bracelet I got for my 18th birthday 🙁

  175. Tina H

    Where do I start. Wallets, bags, keys and once my luggage. I’m very careless.

  176. Amy Lambert

    I lost my full set of keys including my car keys, house keys and key to my parents houses

  177. Tammy Neal

    My phone

  178. gaynor Vincent

    My guinea pig, he was playing in the garden one moment and the next off across the field like a bat out of hell!


    I lost the new address of an school friend when she moved away, she thought I was so rude not writing to her.

  180. Theresa Thomas

    On my dads keys, he has dementia so it will help when he goes wandering

  181. Amy Jo McLellan

    I lost tickets before a charity football game and that was a big drama of manic emptying bags and boxes! In the end, there were ‘in a safe place’!

  182. Francine Francois

    The keys to our hire car keys when we were about to leave the Burning Man Festival – after searching through all of our things three times, we asked our friends to unpack their entire Winnebago and our keys were mysteriously (and miraculously!) wrapped up with their spare tent!!!

  183. Victoria Bazley

    My phone, just after I had met a new boyfriend and he couldn’t contact me – I was gutted! Luckily he knew where I lived and came around to check I was OK. It didn’t work out though.

  184. Georgie Wright

    A cheque for a couple of hundred pounds!

  185. Fiona jk42

    I lost one of my cats for a week. Went all over the neighbourhood, no-one had seen her. The following weekend she turned up, much thinner. She had been locked in someone’s basement all week. They had opened a window to air the basement, my cat went inside, they then shut the window and went away for the week. Thank heavens they were not away for longer!

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