Keep Warm this Winter with Millets

Keep Warm this Winter with Millets

It has most definitely taken a turn for the colder and when it comes to winter if you have a dog or have other commitments that mean you need to venture outside. There is no way to get away from the chilling winds or rainy day. However, never fear as the great Millets have you covered, with a range of products that will not only keep you warm and dry but also are pocket-friendly.

Walking with the Dog

Over the years of having Sally, I've taken on all sorts of conditions, from hot sunny days, to rain pouring down. I don't think however I will ever get over the icy day I took a tumble. These days I can't walk Sal like I used to, but thankfully she loves heading off with my parents for a wander around the local park and recently I got to treat them to some new outdoor clothing as a bit of a thank you for all they do, thanks to Millets.

PETER STORM Men’s Packable Jacket Shown packed in it's bag

I have to start with a picture of this Peter Storm Men's Packable Jacket. It was definitely the talk of my parent's house for a good little while. My Dad is not only a fisherman, but he works delivering cars he, of course, has to look smart when doing this job and so needs a men's jacket which will pack down well and while he did have one, it was still quite bulky and heavy. So this little tiny one, which weighs next to nothing to us all by surprise and the fact it packs back into the bag so easily perhaps close to a miracle.

Keeping Warm with Millets

My parents walking the dog in the park wearing; Terry: BRASHER Men's Country Hiker Shoe, PETER STORM Men's Softshell II Trousers, PETER STORM Men’s Packable Jacket and Sue: PETER STORM Women's Cyclone Waterproof Jacket, PETER STORM Women's Ramble II Lined Trousers, PETER STORM Women's Grace Gilet Photo from the Side

My Mum is perhaps one of the coldest people you will meet, she feels the cold awfully and as such relies on multiple layers to keep her warm and cosy. So to try and keep her as warm as possible this winter, she decided to start her warmer layers with the Peter Storm Women's Grace Gilet in a deep purple which by the way is just £12* right now on the Millets website. This was layered below her choice of women's jacket, the Peter Storm Women's Cyclone Waterproof Jacket, which is once again in a deep purple, so works perfectly with the colour of the gilet.

Keeping Dry with Millets

My parents walking the dog in the park wearing; Terry: BRASHER Men's Country Hiker Shoe, PETER STORM Men's Softshell II Trousers, PETER STORM Men’s Packable Jacket and Sue: PETER STORM Women's Cyclone Waterproof Jacket, PETER STORM Women's Ramble II Lined Trousers, PETER STORM Women's Grace Gilet Photo from Behind

One of the perils of wet weather is getting wet trousers. I mean even if you aren't silly like me and wear trousers that give enough group clearance from the wet ground, there are still times when it is going to pour down and you're going to get wet. That is where waterproof trousers come in handy. Both of my parents went for a pair of lined design with my Dad options for the Peter Storm Men's Softshell II Trousers and my Mum the Women's Ramble II Lined Trousers. My Dad found his looked smart enough to wear at work but did have an issue with the belt not staying done up, which is a shame as it is integrated into the trousers.

Stay Comfy with Millets

My parents walking the dog in the park wearing; Terry: BRASHER Men's Country Hiker Shoe, PETER STORM Men's Softshell II Trousers, PETER STORM Men’s Packable Jacket and Sue: PETER STORM Women's Cyclone Waterproof Jacket, PETER STORM Women's Ramble II Lined Trousers, PETER STORM Women's Grace Gilet Photo from the Front

One of the most important things when your dog walking, at any time of the year, is your footwear and of course like any good outdoor wear supplier Millet's have a huge range of women's and men's footwear. My Dad decided to have a try of the Brasher Men's Country Hiker Shoe, which are perfect for any type of walk, be it through your local park with your dog, or something a bit more daring, they are tough enough to cope with rugged conditions that might normally require a boot, yet light as a feather, plus they even offer a waterproof outer which is a must when your walking through the park on even a dewy morning.

So there you have some ideas to help you stay warm and dry walk your dog, or just being out and about this winter, thanks to Millets, but what do you think of the items my Mum and Dad decided to go for, anything that takes your fancy? 

*Price correct at time of publishing.
*My parents receieved items from Millets, to help with this post.

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Love this brand STYLE quality and warmth I can trust

  2. Robin rue

    This sounds like a great line. Good shoes are everything, whether you’re walking the dog or not. I like my feet to be comfortable.

  3. Alli Smith

    I get so cold during the winter and millets would be perfect for me! The grandkids are in the middle of their soccer season and I get so cold when watching them play their games at night. I need this in my life!

  4. Samantha Donnelly - StressedMum

    We have Peter Storm jackets and they have been so nice when we have been waking our dog now the weather is getting colder.

  5. Heather

    That must be hard on your mom feeling the cold in England. I hear it’s always cold and damp!

  6. Amber Myers

    These look like some great jackets! I like the colors. I chill easily too, so I need a good jacket!

  7. Maureen @Scoops of Joy

    Although it doesn’t get too cold here in Indonesia, we are facing the rainy season. I love your mum’s jacket it looks so comfortable and stylish too.

  8. Terri Beavers

    I have to take my dog out many times a day. And I freeze, if the weather is below 50, lol. Millets sound like the perfect brand for me.

  9. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I had to check out the website since I’ve never heard of them before. It looks like they have a lot of great clothing options.

  10. candy

    Staying warm and dry is a must anytime of the year. Wonderful looking jackets and they would fold up and travel well.

  11. Lyosha

    Sounds great! I get cold easily too and walking my dogs is very important but it takes longs. I walk them minimun pf 45 minutes. I think I should try it!

  12. Anosa

    Such a good decision. I am also getting ready for the cold winter season and still double checking my essentials. I also consider this especially traveling.

  13. Jules

    Interesting post!

  14. Lisa

    My mom is always cold also. She wears layers upon layers to try and stay warm. I’ll look into these for her.

  15. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    Yes, it is sooo cold right now around here. I would love to try millets. I usually bring a hot tea with me outdoors so that helps me stay a bit warmer.

  16. corinne & kirsty

    This is the first time I read about the brand. I don’t have a dog to walk but I do live in a super rainy place so I guess their products would be great for me ahah

  17. Candice Nikeia

    AWE! They are so cute! I have never heard of this brand but it sounds amazing! I love the package making it easy to travel with! I will have to check this out on my next trip!

  18. Patrick

    When we saw that blue bag,the cheetah thought you were supposed to put the dog in it. I told him “no catnip for you,mister”. Those jackets look great for fall and spring. We get snow here in SE Michigan so someone like me would need a bit heavier coat.
    Nice pictures,Sarah!! (sorry about the cheetah)

  19. Sarah Honey

    Haven’t heard of this brand. They sound great and like they make a good product. Being cold is the worst glad you found something that keeps you warm.

  20. Joanna Bayford

    I think I need to get one if these jackets for the school run its so cold and miserable recently. millets always do such good quality products so will definitely pop into my local store.

  21. five little doves

    Ooh I love Millets, they have some great stuff for keeping dry and warm outdoors. My son has a Peter Storm jacket, its fab!

  22. Ana De- Jesus

    Aw your parents look like they are having a lovely walk and it is great that Millets was able to keep them dry and warm! I can empathize with your mum as I too feel the cold easily as well! x

  23. Pam

    I struggle with staying warm in the winter too. It looks like your parents will definitely stay warm with Millets.

  24. Hannah

    Il have to check out the clothing as it looks nice and warm. With the winter being here

  25. WhatLauraLoves

    I seriously need to get myself to Millets for my own walking gear. I’ve been taking my bichon frise out a lot lately but the weather is getting so wet and cold 🙁 xxx

  26. Anita

    I have never heard of this brand. I’m going to have to check this out. Looks very warm and cozy.

  27. Liz Mays

    The Women’s Cyclone Waterproof Jacket sounded like a great choice for your mom. Your dad’s new shoes should be amazing for some time outdoors!

  28. Leah

    This sounds like a great line! I’ve not heard of it before, but I am all about whatever will keep me the warmest. I hate being cold in the winter.

  29. The Jedi Wife

    I do not care for cold weather so I’m always the crazy person bundled up! I really like the jacket your mom is wearing here!

  30. Denay DeGuzman

    I’d never heard of the Millets brand before! Thank you so much for the introduction to their products. It’s getting cold outside and I’m always looking for ways to stay warm and comfortable during the fall and winter seasons.

  31. Milton Goh

    It’s awesome that Millets helps to keep them comfy and warm. Especially needed in this cold season!!

  32. Kiwi

    Its definitely the season to keep warm. Especially for dog owners these jackets look perfect.

  33. Starlight and Stories

    That looks like a great jacket, I love how it matches the gillet. I’m always cold too so will check these out.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It was really interesting to see how closely they match, she got another jacket just after as well which matched too, she obviously has an eye for that purple.

  34. Rhian Westbury

    Dog walking isn’t an issue for me as I don’t have a pet 🙁 but having a good waterproof coat is so essential at this time of the year x

  35. Joanna

    I shall give the Millets website a look, I am one of those people who suffer from cold and I never feel that I have enough layers to keep me warm. The purple jacket is really cute, purple is my favorite color.

  36. melissa major

    I need to go to millets as my nana always goes for winter coats and she always praises them

  37. Melanie

    Never heard of millets but my mother would like the purple jacket for sure as she does a lot of walking x

  38. kirsty

    Those jackets look so warm and dry and would be perfect for this winter! I love the sound of the purple gilet as I am always cold now x

  39. Laura H

    I love your mum’s purple jacket! They look very cute walking the dog together in matching Millets jackets 🙂

  40. Chubskulit Rose

    Your Mom is like me, when the temperature falls down in 50s, I am so cold already. I would love to have a jacket like that.

  41. Amy Deverson

    It is definitely important to wrap up warm during winter when taking the dogs out for walks!

  42. The London Mum

    I despise walking the dogs in the winter because of the cold so this brand sounds so ideal to me. Your parents are styling out the coats beautifully!

  43. Nichola - Globalmouse

    I love Millets and I’m like your mum, really feel the cold so this looks great. Lovely photos.

  44. Leanne

    1. Comfort and warmth is always key with dog walking attire. Sounds like Millets have got it down!
    2. HOW LOVELY ARE THESE PHOTOS! (Especially the final one with your parents holding hands!)

  45. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I’m not familiar with Millets. I don’t like to be cold at all so lined pants sound really appealing to me. My Dad could use a packable jacket as he travels.

  46. Kelly Hutchinson

    I am always hot but my daughter is always cold! She would just love one of these jackets!

  47. Wildish Jess

    Not my style but they look comfy for sure. Glad it keeps them warm!

  48. Ruth I.

    Your parents look so adorable together. It is essential to grab your warm cozy jacket before you run outside and take the dog out. Stay warm with the cold weather out there.

  49. Dogvills

    The jackets are really nice. It looks like it will surely keep us warm during the winter. I am interested in the waterproof trousers though. That’s one thing I need to have in my closet. I hate getting soaked in a downpour.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      They are such a good idea, I have to admit I didn’t know you could get anything quite like it, I always thought they would be horrid to wear and so obvious but they look like any other pair of trousers.

  50. Kita Bryant

    Good solid shoes during the winter are vital. It’s too easy to take a spill and especially for the elderly, that can be deadly.

  51. Mel

    I love Millets, they always have such a great range of products for your needs. I love your mums gilet and jacket!

  52. Fatima Torres

    These jackets would definitely come in handy during the cool winters here in South Florida.

  53. Baby Isabella

    Love this packable jacket! They are so handy especially in this weather!

  54. Lisa prince

    oh i do love this its something i know my sister would get use of and its a brand i know would be excellent quality


    My dad buys items from Millets they have a good range of comfortable and warm items for when he goes and plays golf.

  56. Yaya

    My mother in law also feels the cold a lot so this will be perfect for her. I’ll send her the post so she can check out Millets. x

  57. Jess

    Wet trousers really are the worst when dog walking in winter, aren’t they? I make that mistake all too often cause I wear my skinny jeans out of convenience. I regret it every time!

  58. Jenny

    I’ll have to recommend these to my mum! She’s just adopted a rescue dog and has been braving the elements taking her out for walks!

  59. Kristine Tsiknaki

    This might be a good gift for my grandma who’s always cold.

  60. Lesley Walsh

    Loved the colour of the Peter Storm Women’s Cyclone Waterproof Jacke

  61. Heidi

    Love the style perfect for going a walk in the woods 🙂

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