JustUsBox Monthly Date Night Subscription Box- Review
Monthly Subscription Boxes

JustUsBox Monthly Date Night Subscription Box: Review

Back in November I received the “feast” JustUsBox to review and I've pondered long and hard, about the best way to go about reviewing it. Do I not review? Do I do a factual review? After a while of thinking, I realised that this box is going to be great for some people and some of those people may read my blog, so why am I stopping them potentially hearing about it? Just because I found it wasn't for me.

The JustUsBox is a themed date night box, which allows you to get a box filled with items to put together a date night, for you and your special someone. They offer monthly subscriptions or a one off purchase; you could even treat your other half to a gift certificate for Valentine's Day.

As I said, I received the November box which was themed “feast” and contained items to see you through starters, dessert and after dinner fun as well as a pair of candle sticks to help set the mood.  As well as all those goodies, each JustUsBox comes complete with a booklet, designed to help walk you through their suggestions for the perfect date night.

JustUsBox Date Night Box - Candles and Popcorn in flavours Goats Cheese and Black Pepper and Caramel and Sea Salt

For starters, with this “feast” box they suggested, setting the table; putting out the candles, folding some napkins (directions included) and nibbling on the Joe & Seph's popcorn. I have to admit I couldn’t imagine popcorn for starts, especially when it comes in such flavours.

Inside the booklet is also a recipe for lamb casserole, which the people from JustUsBox think is the perfect main dish, to go alongside the items they have picked for your night.

JustUsBox 2 packets of Galaxy Hot Chocolate and 6 dark chocolates in a box.

The “main course” from your date night box, is a chocolate tasting collection. This contains a number of dark chocolates for which you are meant to taste the difference. As neither Ash nor I eat dark chocolate, we asked my parents to try them and I have to admit they said as far as they could taste they were all the same.

JustUsBox Date Night Box - Jelly, Vodka and Shot Glasses

For dessert there was elderflower vodka jelly and as someone who doesn't drink, this again wasn't something for me.

JustUsBox Date Night Box miracle berry frooties alongside 2 packets of vinegar, double ended lollipop, lemon and can of Guinness

This selection was then topped off with the bedtime treat of miracle berry frooties. This little packet is said to change sour tastes to sweet tastes temporarily. It is worth noting this does come with a warning about being allergic to the ingredients, there is a lot of hype about miracle berry frooties on the internet, with many people calling it a “must try”. To go with it the kit included; a lemon, a double ended sour lollipop, 2 packets of vinegar and a can of Guinness, to help you try out this treat. Personally while this seemed like a bit of a novel idea, again alcohol was included and I really couldn't bring myself to it.

I can imagine for some couples this would have been a fun date night in a box, however for Ash and I it just wasn't “us” and didn't tempt us to try another.

If you think the JustUsBox might be for you, they can be bought on their website where they cost £30 a month on a rolling subscription (you can buy in advance and save money) or you can grab a smaller test box for £18.

Do you think you would like JustUsBox? 

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Perfect to keep love going

  2. Stephanie Merry

    It’s certainly an interesting box, not sure it would suit me and my other half though x

  3. Healthy & Psyched

    Sometimes I’ve had to review things that weren’t my cup of tea and it’s so hard! Great for posting- I’m sure it will help someone!

  4. Jess

    I’m not too convinced by this if I’m honest. It just sounds like a random snack box with recipes, which is a bit of a cop out for £30 if you ask me! Imagine someone serving you popcorn as a starter ;)! I’m not much of a drinker myself either so I’d have to pass on those bits too.

  5. Lynne Harper

    I actually love it, i do like different to the norm. I think its a fun way to way to spend an evening with your other half, im all for trying and it is something i would possibly get to take the hassle out of me having to think haha x

  6. Amy Jones

    Just looking at the pictures had my stomach churning. I want all of that for myself!

  7. Dannii

    This is such a great idea! My husband and I haven’t had a date night since baby was born and we really need one.

  8. Whatlauraloves

    Shame it didnt work out for you- I’m not much of a drinker either but I do like the idea of the box and the mix of products xxx

  9. Jolina

    I’ve heard of different kinds of subscription boxes (meat, global cuisine, healthy food) but this is by far the most creative one. We’re not really big fans of Valentine or anything cheesy (not the food! We love cheese lol) though I suppose this is something we’d try once just for the heck of it!

  10. KatrinaJeanCarter

    I love how there are subscription boxes for almost anything now. This particular one is a big help to couples! Thank you I shall check it out!

  11. ana

    I like the sound of the box but I do think it is a bit over priced. I like the sound of the instant hot choc x

  12. LaNeshe

    Interesting concept. None of the items interested me but I like the idea of a couples box.

  13. Joanna

    I like the concept if this it would be interesting to see what they have in other boxes before commiting to a subscription

  14. hannah

    The box seems like a great idea. I’ve never got one of these before x

  15. Ruth

    I would totally give that a go!

  16. Isaly Holland

    This is such a cute idea! Especially for a date night at home with netflix (:

  17. Emma

    This looks like such a cute idea. The bf and I are having Valentine’s at home this year and we would love a box like this! I love the candles and all the added touches!

  18. Jodie

    What a great idea! I want to get into a subscription box, but don’t have permanent job just now so might need to wait…x

  19. Amber Myers

    This looks like a fun box but like you, I really don’t drink, so the alcohol would only go to waste. That popcorn looks great though!

  20. Megan Campbell

    I’ve never heard of these boxes. Kind of a cute idea. Needs a bit of work but great review!

  21. Joely Smith

    I have seen other date night boxes but this is the first time I have heard of this one. Thanks for writing about it. My husband and I may subscribe thanks to your post!

  22. Annie B

    I think it is a bit over priced for what you get, as you could essentially go to Home Bargains and pick up this stuff for so much cheaper. In the flipside I can see that people like the element of surprise from it and that someone has done it for them.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I think the taste changer things probably make up quite a bit of the cost of this one, when I did some looking into them they seemed to cost £8/£10 a packet, so I’ll give them that.

  23. Hra

    I’ve never heard of these boxes. Its seems an awesome idea!! Great review!

  24. Tiffany Cardenas

    What a fun idea! I’ve never heard of miracle berry frooties, but it sounds interesting. I like how they included the accompaniments to try it.

  25. Annemarie LeBlanc

    The only thing that spiked my interest was the dark chocolates. I think it was weird to include a lemon in a subscription box. Just my thoughts, but I really think the price is a little steep.

  26. Rhian Westbury

    It sounds like an intriguing box but I could make a much better one myself which would reflect me and my other half way more than this x

  27. Elizabeth O.

    It sounds like a fun box for couples, especially the ones who like drinking from time to time. The box is filled with fun treats as well, I’m sure there are couples out there who will enjoy this.

  28. Wendy Polisi

    I really wanting the strawberry jelly and those popcorns! This box has a lot of surprises.

  29. Victoria Heckstall

    I’m pretty sure that this box wil entertain couples this coming valentines. I should check it out.

  30. Charlotte

    This is such a lovely concept. It has me wondering if I would have to share it with my husband. 🙂 Suppose that’s the point. 🙂

  31. StressedMum

    It is a different box, I would have liked the chocolates and my husband is a guiness drinker, I had a bad experience with vodka jellys once and never again 🙂

  32. Debra Schroeder

    This is such a cute idea for a subscription box. It’s so cool that there are so many different themed boxes now.

  33. Yaya

    I think we are like you and Ash and this won’t be for us, but I think that this may be really good for younger couples.

  34. Ashley

    oohhh never heard of the box, I totally love the mix in the box, I think I will try one, for the next month and celebrate “just us” too 🙂

  35. Stephanie Cummings

    It’s a sweet idea but as a sad singleton (kinda happy sad singleton) i don’t think this would be for me. I could happily munch on popcorn all the time so that would be for me!!

  36. Rachel

    Not feeling this tbh and it’s quite pricey! It’s a really good idea for a subscription box though but I think they need more interesting items xo

  37. Savi

    I love the selection of items, especially popcorn and chocolate – I’m in!

  38. Lubka Henry

    This is a very cute idea and the box seems to be full of temptations for two 🙂

  39. Laura H

    A double ended lolly is hilarious!!! I’m not sure I could take this box seriously but I wouldn’t mind trying it with my boyfriend.

  40. Tanya Brannan

    What a weird selection of ingredients! And I don’t think I’d like popcorn for my starter either!
    Sounds a bit random to me!

  41. Melanie Edjourian

    I am not sure how well this has actually been thought through. It sounds like they just stuck a selection of products in a box and I wouldn’t call it a feast I am sorry to say.

  42. Kristina Maggiora

    I don’t know how I feel about this box haha like it’s random and I kinda like that but also I don’t know if it’s worth it haha

  43. Cherie

    Seems like a nice box but it wouldn’t be for my and my boyfriend either. The lack of allergy warnings is not helpful at all, as my boyfriend is allergic to citrus.

  44. Jen

    Now there is a date night subscription box. This one’s interesting! I’m finding it a little pricey though.

  45. Michelle Stokes

    What a wonderful idea, when you’ve been married for 33 years date nights are long forgotten, I must think about giving this a go.

  46. Ali Duke

    This wouldn’t suit my hubby and I, I also don’t drink so that bit wouldn’t be much good. It seems a bit expensive for what you get.

  47. Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

    wow this is a pretty cool box. i think it is a great idea for date nights. i will look into this for my aunt and uncle i think they will really enjoy it

  48. stuffnix

    I want to get into a subscription box, but don’t have permanent job just now so might need to wait…

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