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How to Make a Fondant Dog

Did you know today is International Dog Day?

A day to celebrate everything you love about your poochie pal (or any other dog you happen to love) and to join together with dog lovers from across the globe to celebrate these wonderful creatures.

Of course, Sally cannot wait to be my dog of the day (not that she isn't every day).

I'll be making sure she is well pampered and looked after today and of course, giving her lots of love and cuddles.

For those who have a creative streak and love playing with fondant then this infographic from Renshaw might just be what you have been looking for.

renshaws fondant dog

After all, when it comes to something to celebrate the day with, it just so happens to be how to make the cutest little fondant dog I ever did see!

And all you need to do to make this cute little doggo for yourself, is follow the information on this step by step infographic!

Simple Hey!

renshaw fondant dog info_2

Making a Fondant Dog

Now is it just me or does that little darling look almost too good to eat!

I have to admit I'm not sure I would be able to get my fingers around making him look quite so good.

However, the instructions are so well laid out and if you are still a bit of a muddle, then fear not as Renshaw has dedicated a whole blog post to International Dogs Day and how to make this cute little pup.

If anyone would like to make me one for my birthday I certainly wouldn't say no either.

Perhaps you could even paint it up to look like Sal.

Oh I need to find someone who is good at baking now!

Did you know about International Dogs Day, what do you think of the fondant dog?


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This article has 30 comments

  1. Sian @ QuiteFranklySheSaid

    I did not know about international dogs day – and that fondant dog is amazing! My attempt would look nothing like that!

  2. Rachel

    I thought it was going to be a cake I could eat… hmmm…. lol x

  3. Emma

    That is soooo clever! Too cute to eat! In fact, it completely reminds me of a fondant dog on a cake that my daughter got attached to in Japan! I had to carry it everywhere for hours because she couldn’t eat it! 🙂

  4. The OverLord

    This is so cool! Im going to have to try and make one XD

  5. The London Mum

    Ok how talented are you? you made that look so easy but I bet if I gave it a go it would turn out looking nothing like your picture! So amazing though. x

  6. Mummy Ms memories

    He is a very cute dog. We don’t have a dog here instead we have two kitties! Happy dog day to your pooch!

  7. Anna,Dont Cramp My Style

    That looks soo much fun! I wish I have so much more cratfty skills in myself!

  8. Martina Evans

    This is brilliant! I would love to use this idea to sculpt a fondant dog after my pet dog Terry!

  9. Stephanie

    International Dogs Day sounds like my kind of holiday. I don’t think I could make a fondant doggy, purely because I wouldn’t want to eat it, meaning it would only end up mouldy! 🙁 x

  10. Kim Carberry

    I didn’t know it was International Dogs Day….How cool!
    That fondant dog is amazing! So cute x

  11. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    The fondant dog looks excellent but I doubt I’d be able to get mine like your picture!!

  12. Pinkoddy

    What a cute little dog – that makes it look so easy.

  13. Sonia

    That is totally awesome. So clever x

  14. Michelle

    The skills of people who can sculpt with sugarpaste never ceases to amaze me!

  15. Mary Louise

    How very clever – i dread to think what my attempt would turn out like!
    Here’s to all the dogs for international dog day x

  16. Jen aka Muminthemadhouse

    I wish |I could manage something like that. Mine would look nothing like a dog!

  17. Adele

    This is so creative! I’d be tempted to give one a go.

  18. Charly Dove

    Oh my goodness Sarah that’s amazing! How very clever you are. I’m not sure my cooking skills are quite as good as yours. Perhaps it’s one to try in the future. We don’t have a dog but POD is continually asking for one!

  19. Fritha Strickland

    wow thats amazing! you make it look so easy, love it! x

  20. Kara

    That is very cool – perfect for a birthday cake decoration

  21. Jessica

    Aww that is so cute. I’d love to make things out of fondant.

  22. Erica Price

    A really clever idea – good to have it broken down into easy stages.

  23. Gary Foster

    Looks totally amazing… And made out of fondant,
    I’d feel like a monster eating this :-! …:-)

  24. Sonya Cisco

    That is so cute! I can’t imagine it would turn out anywhere near as well if I tried it!

  25. lisa prince

    omg this is so adorable i love this

  26. Abi - Angel Eden Blog

    What a cute pup, I hadn’t realised it was international dogs day either

  27. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    Oh wow, this looks amazing! I wish I could make things like that! My daughter turns two in a couple of month and I really want to make her a lovely cake but I worry it’s going to be suitable for the pinterest fail threads!!

  28. andrea plumpton

    this is so fab! i have a friends who is dog mad (she has 6 huskies!) so i will be practising making fondant huskies for her birthday cake in march next year 😀

  29. ellen beck

    I have never ever played with fondant before. It doesnt look complicated broken down. Mine would likely look like a hedgehog or some such creature.

  30. Nadia Josephine

    This is so cute I am going to make this for my sister’s birthday cake! I hope it looks as good as this!

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