Gifts Central Review

Gifts Central: Review

I've found how quickly this year is flying by to be quite scary. It is now only 3 months until December and of course, then the Christmas rush is on. However, I've already seen a lot of people starting their shopping and some who have even finished. So right now is a great time to look into different shops and of course, get ideas, on what the perfect present maybe for those you need to buy for.

To start you off on the right foot, I want to share with you Gift Central, who kindly contacted me not long ago and who offer a huge range of gift ideas, for all different recipients and occasions. They kindly offered to send some of their best-selling items to have a look at.

Alphabet Coasters and Placemats

Alphabet Placemats Alphabet Coasters

How cute are these coasters and placements, you may have noticed them in my Fentimans post a week or so back? They obviously come in every letter of the alphabet, as well as &, ?, a heart and Mr and Mrs (perhaps allowing them to be great for a wedding present). Of course, with so much choice you could really play about with what you gift someone, be it their full name, initials, or even a word that is special to you both.

The coaster and placements themselves are cork backed and have a high gloss finish to the front. When it comes to heat resilience they offer the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 140 Degrees.

Personally, both Ash and I were really impressed with the quality of these items, they feel strong and sturdy and it is a real bonus knowing they will withstand pretty high temperatures. If you fancy buying either for yourself the coasters come in at 2.99 per letter or symbol while the placemats come in at £6.99. Both of course can be bought from Gifts Central.

Bronze Little Book of Earrings

Bronze Little Travel Book of Earrings

Next up from Gifts Central and perfect for anyone who loves their earrings, is the Little Book of Earrings. This great book holds up to 48 pairs of hoops, studs or whatever you love to wear.

The book is made in a faux leather look, with stitched edging and the words Little Book of Earrings embossed across the front. This is of course designed to look like a book and contains 4 padded pages, to help keep your earrings as safe as possible.

Bronze Little Travel Book of Earrings

One thing I personally like about this book is it makes earring so easy to find. No longer am I wondering what box contains what pair as they are all stored neatly.

What's more, if this colour doesn't seem right for you, then never fear as the little book of earrings comes in a whole host of colours and designs, as well as being available in the travel edition which is perfect for anyone who loves an adventure.

Bronze Little Travel Book of Earrings

Overall, I think The Little Book of Earrings is such a novel and unique idea, for anyone who wants to keep their earrings safe and neatly arranged, but perhaps not out on display. What's more, it doesn't cost the earth with this particular bronze book coming in with an RRP of £21.49 but currently being offered for £19. Of course, don't forget you can also look at all the different colours and styles for The Little Book of Earrings here.

So there are a few things from the wonderful Gifts Central that might be worth looking into as gift ideas and even if these don't catch your eye, their website is filled with a whole host of gift ideas.

What do you think of these items, would you find any useful?

*This post contains PR Samples.

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  1. Alli Smith

    That little book of earrings is amazing! I’d like it for myself! I always say I’m going to start super early on my Christmas shopping list. I haven’t started yet, but I hope to soon. I hate waiting until the last minute.

  2. Amber Myers

    These are some great choices. I have no idea what to get people this year. I might get that earring book for my daughter. She’s always losing hers!

  3. candy

    I’m gifting myself that little book to hold my earrings. What a wonderful way to keep them all in one place.

  4. Jeanette

    This is a great Christmas idea! My mom has so much jewelry she could use one of these to organize all her earrings. To great idea and I think I will buy this for her for Christmas.

  5. Tomi C

    I would so gift my Words with Friends bestie with those coasters and placemats. She would love them. The little book of earrings would be ideal for me. What an interesting way to keep your earrings organized.

  6. Patrick

    Isn’t it a just wee bit early for Christmas….some of ours actually do have Christmas stuff slowly seeping in….and for the first time,I’m planning on doing a Black Friday. I must be bonkers.
    The earring case is quite clever…

  7. Milton Goh

    I like the Little Book of Earrings! That’s such a great way to keep a collection of earring from all around the world 🙂

  8. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I love unique gift ideas, and this place seems to carry them. I like giving gifts that not everyone has.

  9. The Jedi Wife

    I love the earring book! I have an old plastic one that I still use from when I was young, but this is so much classier, especially for my finer earrings!

  10. Mummy Times Two

    My children would love those coasters. What a fun idea for a gift.

  11. Joanna

    What lovely gift ideas I’m loving the look of that little book of earrings especially the color.

  12. Chubskulit Rose

    I hear you with time flying so fast. It feels like we just got over putting away Christmas decor and now it is almost time again for it.

  13. Jessica Taylor

    These are great gift ideas! So unique! I would love to have one.

  14. Cheryl

    I love the book of earrings!!! What a great way to store them. Knowing me, I would probably lose the book 🙂

  15. Amy Hunt

    My first thought was “Where can I get one” for the book of earrings (thank god you left a link) I’ve spent so long on Pinterest finding things I love and never finding where they come from! It drives me nutty!! It’s such a good idea, why didn’t we think of this sooner?

  16. Katrina

    I love the bronze book of earrings! Great idea As my earring pot is forever getting knocked over. I’m hand making a lot of gifts this year I hope when I find the time

  17. Melanie

    Some great gifts here. Love the place mats, so cool and would make a lovely gift :)x

  18. Andrea

    the journal would make a beautiful present for my grandfather. I know how much he would love it.

  19. Leah

    Ooh I love that earing book! But it would probably tempt me to buy more so I could fill it haha

  20. Christy Maurer

    Those coasters and placemats would be great for little ones to help them learn letters and matching! I have a lot of earrings but I NEVER wear them. I am so low maintenance it is crazy lol.

  21. Liz Mays

    Oh how nice is the Little Book of Earrings! It’s such a good place to keep your collection. I like the bronze color of this one.

  22. Lisa

    I thought for sure that was a notebook or journal. I love the little book of earrings. What a great idea.

  23. Kita Bryant

    I really love the earring holder. It is so pretty! I love anything leather, though.

  24. Denay DeGuzman

    It’s never too early to think about Christmas! I hope to get all of my Christmas shopping done and over with by the first half of November. I absolutely love the alphabet coasters – just too darn cute!

  25. Anchal

    A book of earrings 🙂 It looks so great and creative. Never seen one before. Thank you for sharing it

  26. Laura

    I like that earring book. What a nifty idea

  27. jill conyers

    My daughter just moved to college. She has been looking for something to keep her earrings in. She would love the earring book idea.

  28. Pam Wattenbarger

    That earring book would be really helpful for jewelry lovers. What a great gift idea for someone who has lots of earrings but doesn’t know how to store them.

  29. Michael @ Super Millennial

    These are great gift ideas. I have my list made for everyone just gotta find them all now 🙂

  30. Margaret gallagher

    These are BEAUTIES
    PERFECT for special occassions

  31. nicol

    I wish I had that little book of earrings! I’ve had to put my earrings in a small duster earring pocket bag thing and carrying it around hoping it won’t bend or snap

  32. Leila Benhamida

    Lovely gifts. Great earrings book. Myself I sont have many earrings to use one.

  33. Nancy L

    Too cute! I need to get the book of earrings for myself and my MIL who lost her earrings the last time she went on vacation with us. She put them on the sink and then next thing she couldn’t find them. Later she found them in the lining of her luggage.

  34. Kelly Hutchinson

    My daughter needs the Bronze Little Book of Earrings! She can never keep up with where they are!

  35. corinne & kirsty

    the book of earrings is such a great idea! mine are all in a little bag and mixed up. I don’t dare touching them ahah!

  36. Anosa

    Indeed it is such a good idea. Its already ber months and Christmas is fast approaching. I’ll definitely save this.


    I love the little book of earrings. Mine always get mishapen in my jewelry bag or I can only find one out of a pair!

  38. Baby Isabella

    The little book of earrings is a fabulous idea! Saves my mummy hunting for mismatched ones in the bottom of her drawer! That would make a great Christmas present!

  39. Dealman Reviews

    These are some great selects. What a wonderful way to keep them all in one place.

  40. Amanda

    I am in LOVE with those coasters and place mats. Maybe because they feature my initials? They would make a great gift for letter lovers like me!

  41. Elizabeth

    I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts already! Where has the time gone! These items would make super stocking fillers, I think. 🙂

  42. Gareth Torrance

    Really like those alphabet coasters! We love to get quirky things like that

  43. Anosa

    Before I am considering it as a gift this coming holidays but now I realized, I want to have one too. Haha great to keep my fashionable earrings in the little book of earrings and then have my initials on the coasters.

  44. Jaymee (@_TheMumDiaries)

    I love the coasters and placemats! They look great and pretty stylish! Off to check out Gift Central now!!

  45. Nikka Shae

    I love those coasters set, that would be a perfect gift for my aunt who has just about everything!

  46. Victoria Heckstall

    What a great and cute idea!Love this product,this is really perfect gift idea..Love it!

  47. Hannah Marie

    Those are cute! It will be on my list this Christmas, I have friends who would love to have the The Little Books of Earrings!

  48. Jeanette Leighton

    As I get older time goes by so fast and it’s Christmas time almost again

  49. Pat

    i would love to receive that earring book! as i travel a lot, this can come very handy in organizing my earrings and avoid missing one of getting them tangled! thanks for sharing!

  50. Ana

    I love the sound of the little bronze book of earrings. It is such a gorgeous idea for a gift x

  51. Ophelia Tang

    These gifts are so cute. I love the little book of earrings because it looks so pretty and very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Up Run for Life

    I like the earring book but it isn’t something that I can use. It stinks having a metal allergy bc earrings are way to expensive in gold. 🙂

  53. Kitty

    Wow this little book would make a perfect gift for those who love earrings and love to display it in a different way 😀

  54. Amy & Tots

    Oh I love the bronze earring holder book, I have never seen anything like that before!

  55. paula cheadle

    the book of earrings looks fab

  56. Emily Leary

    I wonder how much it would it cost to get the same amount of Alphabet Coasters as there are tiles in a Scrabble bag… I wouldn’t mind playing a giant game on the living room floor 😀

  57. Megan

    Great ideas! I always try to start my shopping in August/September but this year I think I’m going to take a different approach.

  58. The London Mum

    That earrings book… literally genius!! I need it!

  59. Yaya

    That earrings book is the perfect solution! I seem to always find random earrings here and there and never a proper pair so I would gift this to myself – is that cheeky? LOL!x

  60. Lavanda Michelle

    This is a great idea! My sister has so much jewelry she could use one of these to organize all her pretty things. Thanks for sharing a unique idea.

  61. Jade Pawley

    You’ve sold me with the Little Book of Earrings! Such a wonderful gift!

  62. Tracey S Anderson

    The Little Book of Earrings is perfect but then again they all are 🙂

  63. Laura H

    Ooh I love the earring box, I need that so I can keep my jewellery organised!

  64. Susie Wilkinson

    The Little Book of Earrings is a great idea!

  65. Kieran

    This would make a great present

  66. Jessica Barber

    Love that earrings book! Such a great idea!

  67. Ren Taylor

    Some lovely gifts here ….great ideas for christmas pressies !

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