The Flooring Trends of 2018
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The Flooring Trends of 2018

2018 is well underway, you’ve probably ditched your diet and put the smoothie maker away until next year, so forget the fads and focus on your interiors. A new year is the perfect opportunity for a new start, and what better way to start afresh than giving your home a makeover? If you are planning a home renovation in 2018 then why not start with the very foundation of your home? The floor. Our guide to the top flooring trends expected to see in 2018 should help you when it comes to making the right choice.

To kick us off, what better than one of the biggest colours of the last 12 months? Grey. This colour has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last couple of years, even in the world of flooring. The initial grey trend was often disregarded as a bit of a fad, however it seems to have proven its critics wrong. In fact, we’re pretty confident that grey floorboards will be the in thing this year! Not only do they offer you that timeless look, they also incorporate a modern spin wherever they’re installed. But also due to the neutral shade, grey flooring can be easily paired with most furnishings, so no need to worry about any accessories or items that you may already have within your home. Plus, with multiple shades available you can create a number of different looks; from sophisticated dark grey, to cooler light shades. Grey flooring really does give you the edge when it comes to decor!

The Flooring Trends of 2018

One of our other favourite trends that we can see doing well this year is Parquet flooring; this style resurfaced a while ago and has been a firm favourite ever since! Come to think of it, Parquet was once seen as a bit of a dated option, probably because of the nostalgic feel that comes with it. However, with many interior designers focussing on the ‘shabby chic’ look, it was only a matter of time until Parquet made an appearance. Keep an eye out for this stunning trend, the eye-catching patterns are pretty hard to miss!

Whilst on the lines of nostalgia, allow us to introduce you to the stunning material that is raw solid wood flooring. The beauty of this floor is that it brings a classic, vintage feel to your home, but also pairs up perfectly with modern interiors. No matter where these floors are installed, whether you live in a modern townhouse, a bungalow or even a fancy new build – they’ll instantly bring that Scandinavian vibe and have you feeling like you’re in a beautiful, Nordic log cabin. An increasingly sought after style of hardwood flooring is wide plank boards. This is because they use a larger section of the wood, which means that more of the knots, grains, swirls, and colour variants come through, and as a result add a huge amount of character to the floor.

Despite the fact that it’s a new year, we’re sure that the attitude to making our homes as environmentally-friendly as possible will remain. Bringing us swiftly on to our next few floors, cork and bamboo. These two materials are probably the least damaging when it comes to the environment, making them the perfect addition to any sustainable home. However, if these styles of flooring aren’t necessarily up your street then you can always opt for real wood floors. Yes, you read that correctly, real wood! These days, more and more retailers are working closely with manufacturers to ensure that the wood used to make their floors is sustainably sourced. If you are ever concerned about the flooring that you’re purchasing, or are simply looking for peace of mind then watch out for the FSC badge on any packaging. This badge simply means that the manufacturer and retailer have adhered to standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council, these standards act as a guideline in order to prevent mass deforestation and ensure that all materials are ethically and sustainably sourced across each party.

So that’s that, just a few of our favourite floors that we think will really leave their mark on the interior world in 2018.

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Joanna Davis

    I love Parquet, in fact this is what I chose for my floor when I renovated my flat. I like hard wood flooring as well but I know it’s very hard and expensive to maintain. My grandmother used to have it in her house and every few years she needed to call someone with a special machine that would treat the wood and give it its original look.

  2. momknowsbest15

    I have a lot of grey flooring in my house and love it. I want to get some wood near the stairs.

  3. Daria Gora

    I have a grey floor, it looks quite chic. Love solid, traditional brown wood most.

  4. Diana

    I love grey floors. Happy to knew its the trend of 2018!

  5. Linda Hobbis

    We’ve got Pergo wood flooring in a warm shade which is lovely. I do love a real wood floor but also classic tiles too.

  6. Bona

    We have warm brown tiles in our apartment, but I agree that grey has more modern chic look in it. Good to know they’re trending this year!

  7. Carrie Clean Eating Kitchen

    Love the grey flooring. I think I will always be a hard wood girl though!

  8. Adaleta Avdic (@adaatude)

    I love the grey flooring. So pretty! I also love hard wood too.

  9. Wendy Polisi

    I am 100% for the hardwood floors. They are really hard to beat.

  10. Marissa Zurfluh

    I am in the process of picking out floors for my house right now.

  11. Ruthie Ridley (@RuthieRidley)

    How exciting!! Love the grey!!

  12. Hannah Marie

    We have solid wood flooring and it’s just not something you see every day! I love the rustic look, plus it gives a warm feel to the home as well!

  13. homemadeforelle

    We are building a house this year and are still thinking of what flooring to use in our living room and kitchen, so it’s good to know what the trends are this year!

  14. Mhaan (@momyrockinstyle)

    Planning to renovate our house and this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Sheri - A Busy Bee's Life

    We have real wood floors in our home and we love it because we also have heated floors.

  16. Corinne and Kirsty

    I think grey floor looks quite chic but I have to be honest, my absolute fav is wooden floor! It makes a house so cosy!

  17. Jennifer L

    There is something just classic about raw wood flooring. And if it has a cherry finish even her better. Got to love some good wood flooring to bing the room together.

  18. Fatima D Torres

    I’ve always been fascinated with the dark grey look and feel. And you’re right it does give you more flexibility with decor.

  19. Aduke Schulist

    I have carpet and some nasty tile in my house right now.. Any of these trends would be a massive update.

  20. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    We have a wood floors in our house and it looks so good. But this grey floor looks so simple yet so chic style. and I really love it.

  21. Jelena

    I very much like wooden floors, especially “ship floor”, long lacquered boards. They give a feeling of warmth to the home.

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