Aithne Vibrations of Carmine Review
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Aithne: Vibrations of Carmine – Review

If like me you love something that is unique and you won't see every other person wearing as you head down the high street, then Aithne Art on a Scarf, maybe a company you are going to want to know about. Headed up by Lia, this is a family business with her Uncle Ararat.

Who are Aithne?

I guess we should start at the beginning, Lia had travelled to her uncle's studio in, Languedoc-Roussillon, Southern France. There as she wandered around looking at his beautiful paintings (you can find his paintings here online: Petrossian's Art Gallery and can also read the story of his Artist’s Journey). As she moved between the paintings, they drew her in, taking her to another world. After all they are stunning. Her imagination took over as she imagined herself wrapped in this beautiful otherworldly paintings, printed onto the finest silk and available to all.

Aithne Vibrations of Carmine Scarf surrounding a Blue Agate Geode Crystal

Lia put this idea to her uncle and to her surprise his reply was simple “Why don’t you try it?”.

The idea was left for a while, Ararat had to work more on his Vibrations of the Universe, which needed to be made ready for public viewing. As the paintings neared completion they decided the time had come and begun to ordering samples and just in time for the launch of Ararat collection the first samples arrived with Lia, a vivid, beautiful array of colours. It was with trepidation she flew back to face to meet with Ararat, show him the first scarves and of course see Vibrations of the Universe in its full glory.

Aithne Vibrations of Carmine Scarf Hanging up.

What do Aithne offer now?

Based in the UK, Aithne ship there beautiful 100% natural silk scarves all over the world, with some of them made to order.

At the moment there are two collections based on Ararat's art, as previously mentioned Vibrations of the Universe and The Oneiric World.

Aithne Vibrations of Carmine Scarf draped over the side of a handbag

Vibrations of the Universe – Vibrations of Carmine

Lia so very kindly sent me Vibrations of Carmine from the Vibrations of the Universe collection, this is apparently one of the most loved designs in their collection and I can most definitely see why. The scarf arrived boxed and wrapped in tissue paper, which when unwrapped revealed a beautiful soft silk scarf which is just bursting with colour.

Vibrations of Carmine uses a host of different shades of blues, purples, reds and yellow, which once wrapped around your neck feels so luxurious.

Aithne Vibrations of Carmine Scarf surrounding a Blue Agate Geode Crystal

Personally, I think these scarves offer such a wonderfully rich quality of product, which is going to make for a beautiful gift for yourself or a friend and definitely is going to be something you don't see many others wearing.

Aithne offers a range of sizings in scarves, with a mix of square and rectangular designs, with prices ranging between £40 and £240 and right now you can get 20% off their online store by using the code: VALENTINE at checkout, right on up until the 14th February.

What do you think of the idea between Aithne and of course the Vibrations of Carmine scarf? 

*I was gifted a scarf to help with this post.


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  1. GlamKaren

    I love the idea and inspiration behind the whole brand. I think it’s a great way to appreciate art. I’d love to see more of their products and check if there’s something that I’d get for myself or for family and friends!

  2. Amber

    This is such a gorgeous scarf! I love all the colors. I will have to check out the site!

  3. Valerie Gray (@valmg)

    That scarf has such vivid colors! It’s it neat how a scarf can really change the way a top or outfit looks with such little effort.

  4. jmanandmillerbug

    Love how colorful that scarf is. I think nowadays people try to tone down color if so what is cool when I see something like this and it pops.

  5. Rhian Westbury

    Those are beautiful colours within the scarf so no wonder that it’s one of their top sellers x

  6. Everyday Made Fresh

    I love scarves, and this one is light weight, perfect for Florida’s winter. The colors are gorgeous.

  7. Patricia-Ann Que

    how interesting is the back story of this product! and i love the playful colors too, very pretty!

  8. Terri Steffes

    Wearable art is a great concept. An artist friend of mine is doing the same, and her products are generally some kind of throw. She just branched into journals, which I am really excited about!

  9. forkwardthinkingfoodinista

    I love that scarf – the colours are perfect and this would go great with my navy coat x

  10. Bethany

    That scarf is so vibrant, like it could go with any colour. Might just have to purchase one.

  11. CurvyGirlThin

    The scarfs are so vibrant; only made more so from the story behind them and the sense of feeling they portray! Thank you for introducing me to these.

  12. StarlightandStories (@2ndtimeMama)

    I love the idea that the scarves are based on a piece of art, after all who wouldn’t feel truly special wearing one? X

  13. Aitza B

    This is such a gorgeous scarf. I love colour prints like this during the cold winter months when I mainly wear black and grey.

  14. Heather

    It’s a very colorful scarf. I think it might be too loud for me. But I like the idea of putting art on a scarf.

  15. Debra Hawkins

    I love the colors in this scarf! Such a beautiful combination, it would pair with so many things.

  16. Sapphire Kharyzma

    This scarf is beautiful! I am a scarf lover myself. Especially when traveling lol

  17. Pam Wattenbarger

    That’s a beautiful scarf. I love using brightly colored scarves as an accent piece during the winter.

  18. Erika Ramona

    I fancy wearing colorful scarves. That is so cool having original and unique designs.

  19. My Dee Dee's Diary

    That scarf is absolutely perfect. I love all the colours in it

  20. Tomi Clark

    Beautiful scarf. Those colors are bold and would compliment any outfit.

  21. Farrah Less G.

    Pretty scarf very color perfect for any outfit. I can see myself wear this in any season.

  22. Cathleen @ A Taste of Madness

    This is so gorgeous, and definitely unique! It looks like a cross between a galaxy and abstract art 🙂

  23. Mellissa Williams Luxe Lifestyle & Travel Blogger (@melandjake99)

    That is such a beautiful scarf – it would brighten up any outfit and looks such good quality too!

  24. Elizabeth

    Such stunning scarves! I’d love one of these, but alas, even the less expensive ones are well out of my budget. So pretty though!

  25. Emmanuel Damian

    I personally love the scarf! So chic! I love the color! Parfait!

  26. Christy

    That is so beautiful and unique. I definitely need one in my collection.

  27. 1StopMom

    This is a beautiful scarf. My daughters love to wear scarfs and something like this would be perfect for them.

  28. Linda Hobbis

    How beautiful – I think there is always something really elegant about scarves – as long as you know how to wear them. The colours in this one are gorgeous.

  29. Sara Welch

    I have a lot of outfits this could work for. I really want one!

  30. Kita Bryant

    I really love the colors. It is 100% my style.

  31. dearmummyblog

    What a beautiful silk scarf and we love the abstract pattern and colours on it. It’s very striking and vibrant. Sounds like a real joy to wear x

  32. TheSmallFashionista

    I love scarves and yet I don’t own any for some reason. This one is so beautiful!

  33. hannah

    They look amazing. I really like the design too as they look nice and colorful

  34. Shaheen Khan

    It’s always great when a product has a story behind it. Loved the whole concept of having something so artistic designed into a silk scarf. It looks gorgeous and would add glamour to any piece of clothing.

  35. kirstyralph11

    I really love the colours in the scarf and having made from silk gives it a great touch of class. I love how the artist took inspiration from a painting and turned it into a wearable piece of clothing.

  36. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, what a beautiful scarf! I absolutely love the colours 🙂

  37. lavandamichelle

    I love a good scarf, I’m all for layers! The colors are wonderful I have to check this brand out.

  38. beautykinguk (@beautykinguk)

    It is definitely not a scarf you would miss when looking for it given how bright and vivid the colours are!

  39. John Milnes

    Until now, like so many others who have commented, I had never heard of this brand until now. Really love the colours. Something I am sure my wife and daughter would really love.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M

  40. Fritha

    love the pattern on this scarf! It’s so unusual looking isn’t it! x

  41. rbekhaj

    I love scarves, especially in the winter months! I live in Scotland so it’s great that this is a UK based company. I’ll definitely have to check them out!

  42. Laura Dove

    Wha a gorgeous scarf! Suc a lovely design and so many gorgeous colours! I love scarves!

  43. Angela Milnes

    What a perfect scarf and I really love the beautiful color, I love to have this too.

  44. Alison Rost

    Art on scarf? Such a beautiful concept! I like those kinds of prints on fabric and it’s also a great way to appreciate a lovely piece of painting.

  45. adstanfield25

    Such a lovely scarf; the colors and print are truly beautiful! I enjoyed learning about the brand. (Cute bag too!)

  46. Christina

    These scarves are so stunning. They add the perfect pop of color to any outfit.

  47. georgia boanoro

    I personally love scarfs, for me, they are statement accessories! The one you’ve presented here is very beautiful; the colour combination makes it so easy to wear and suits each style and moment of the day. Also, there’s nothing better than a silk scarf!

  48. Dannii

    I can see why it is there most popular design – it’s beautiful. So much colour and it would liven up any outfit.

  49. Our Family World

    The scarf looks so pretty! I would want to have a silk scarf with that pretty design. It would practically be a perfect match with any outfit and would definitely add a pop of color to the drab black or gray winter coats that I have.

  50. Kim Lee (@KimsCravings)

    This brand offers such neat products! I will definitely be checking them out!

  51. ? MELISSA ? (@fruity_flamingo)

    Such a lovely scarf, I love how vibrant and coloutful it is. Will have to check them out

  52. Gerome of G&D Blog

    I love this amazing and colorful scarf that you have. And that story behind this scarf is interesting. Ideas from paintings around your neck (or body) as a scarf, that’s pretty cool.

  53. A S,Edinburgh

    Very pretty! I love a unique pattern, and this one is so inviting; it makes you want to reach out and touch.

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