Everything You Need to Know About Foster Care Fortnight 2018

As a baby I was adopted, I personally didn't go through the foster care system as my parents decided to take my home for the grace period, in the knowledge my birth mother had 6 months to change her mind. However, the norm back then at least was for the child to spend these “unknown” month in foster care.

As such anything to do with adoption and as an off shot fostering is quite close to my heart – so please have a read and see how you can help out this Foster Care Fortnight.

An annual event every year for nearly two decades, Foster Care Fortnight is the biggest foster care awareness-raising campaign. Delivered by fostering charity The Fostering Network, the campaign highlights the commitment of foster carers, throwing light of their passion and dedication for caring for children.

The message behind Foster Care Fortnight

The numbers of children entering the care system are increasing. Figures show that the numbers of children needing foster families are at an all-time high. There are many reasons why children cannot live with their family, some of which are complex and distressing.

Every child needs a safe place to call home and with passionate foster carers, they receive the attention, love and protection of a family they need to thrive. It is through the hard work of foster carers that some children are able to return home to their families.

However, the UK needs more foster carers. And with the annual campaign only a matter of weeks away – this year, it runs from 14th to 27th May – how can you get involved?

Transforming lives

Fostering transforms the lives of children, highlighted by the real stories that make up the campaign. Well-known celebrities, some of whom are foster carers, speak of their experiences of how, despite its ups and downs, it is one of the most amazing things they have done.

Other celebrities who were fostered as children determine that the love and attention they received from foster carers are the reasons why they flourish today.

Paper foster care family of three with gold key

Get Involved

Foster Care Fortnight is not just for foster carers because everyone can get involved. From past foster carers to current carers, to potential new foster families to people and communities who want to support the fostering community, there is an opportunity to get involved in the awareness-raising campaign.

And this is how YOU can get involved…

  • Support the work of fostering charities, agencies and social services by positively tweeting or posting about foster care using the hashtag #FCF18
  • #ProudToFoster is another hashtag you can use on social media, spreading the word about fostering and the difference it makes by using the phrase “I am #ProudToFoster”
  • #ProudToSupportFostering is a hashtag you can use to support the many different facets and organisations involved in looking after some of the most vulnerable children and young people in society today

Spreading the Word

Foster Care Fortnight is the ideal time to challenge the misconceptions and bust the myths around what foster is – and what it isn’t.

There will be a series of short films, social media updates, tweets and posts, as well as media events, all of which you can support by using your social media channels by sharing. You may also decide that now is the time to spread the word about fostering by sharing your story.

Join the Thunderclap on 14th May on social media!

A thunderclap is a massive, coordinated posting on social media and this year, this is how the message behind Foster Care Fortnight will be launched. Reaching a bigger audience, this years’ campaign promises to be bigger and better!

Join in the #FCF18 Thunderclap by signing up now and a message will automatically be posted on your chosen social media page.

Why not find out more about Foster Care Fortnight and how you can support children and young people by getting in touch with Foster Care Associates?

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  1. bev

    How nice of you to raise awareness.

  2. Codrut Turcanu

    Interesting campaign, it should turn viral, it deserves that for sure!

  3. jmanandmillerbug

    We have a few friends that do foster care! They are some awesome people and I admire them so much! It is SO sad that there are kids out there without family that loves them! I hope this Forenight is a success!!

  4. Alli Smith

    I have friends who do foster care and they are so good at it. We need more good parents willing to participate in the foster care system.

  5. Amber

    I’ll have to look into this. I always said I wouldn’t mind being a foster family when my kids got older.

  6. hannah wood

    Good post as gives a good insight too, would love to foster a kid but at this moment in time have too much on with my own but one day love love too.

  7. Kelly

    Such an important campaign because quite frankly, we need good, safe, caring foster families out there. Its funny because people think that it will drain you or take too much out of you (and I’m sure there are difficult situations when some kids will have come from backgrounds where domestic violence or abuse is a factor), but I’ve noticed that a lot of older retired people who fostered when they were younger always are surrounded by this extended family of foster kids who never quite left their lives. Who couldn’t use a whole life full of love?

  8. Ashley

    I had no idea about any of this. This is an interesting campaign. I hope it is successful.

  9. Franc Ramon

    Foster Care Fortnight would be really be a good way to spread awareness and also warmth to foster children. This can also be a good way to show them some love and support.

  10. Candy

    I enjoyed reading your story. Never knew anything about how adoption works. Good learning experience

  11. chubskulit rose

    My husband and were talking about becoming foster parents when the kids have their own lives and were back to being ourselves. It’s nice to know these informations.

  12. wendy

    This is a wonderful cause that you are bringing awareness to! Every child needs a family.

  13. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    My parents fostered kids when we were growing up. I always wanted to but I worked all of the time until I had my back surgery. It might be something for me to consider now.

  14. Terri Steffes

    I agree there needs to be an awareness of the truth of adoption and fostering. All the myths need to be debunked, too.

  15. Donna Ward

    Kids need good parents. I’m sure there are many foster parents out their. Being a parent is always difficult foster or not.

  16. Heather

    I’ve always wanted to foster a child. I’m hoping that in the coming years we will be able to.

  17. Rhian Westbury

    I didn’t realise that so many children needed foster homes, it’s quite a scary number x

  18. Becky Jarratt

    I have a number of friends who have fostered or adopted children. This is a great way of publicising what it is all about. I hope it raises awareness.

  19. Jeanine

    My daughters friend and her sister are in Foster care. They live on our street. This is something that we also like bringing awareness to (foster care)this is wonderful

  20. Cherri Megasko

    Thank you for letting us know that even if we are not foster parents there are still ways we can get involved an be supportive. This is such a critical service for children of all ages.

  21. Peter

    This is Very interesting to know. I don’t know much about the fostering process or lifestyle but am glad to see more people raising awareness.

  22. Everyday Made Fresh

    I think being a foster parent is one of those things that isn’t for everyone. I couldn’t handle it personally, but my best friend has been talking about doing it when her girls are a little older.

  23. Tomi C

    We have a couple of similar events in our city to bring awareness to the children in foster care and connect them to potential foster parents. What a great event.

  24. AnnMarie John

    Children deserve to experience what it’s like to have a family that loves them and nurtures them. I think this is really going to open the eyes of many to the world of fostering.

  25. Bethany

    Once I’m old enough and have my own place to live I’d love to foster, what an amazing and fulfilling thing to do, not only for yourself but that child.

  26. Globalmouse (@globalmouse1)

    What a wonderful campaign and I’m in awe of people who open up their homes and hearts in this way.

  27. Helen Costello

    I really admire families that foster long term – we have a few acquaintances that do just that and the love they have to share with their foster children is just amazing. Great that there is a campaign to raise awareness of the need for more foster families.

  28. Yeah Lifestyle

    I love that you are sharing about this topic which some may find sensitive or too proud to talk about. Fostering a child is so important, for society, the child itself and the carers. I know a lot of people who can’t have their own kids but don’t want to foster any children as they think its too complicated or its not for them. Foster Care Fortnight sounds like a great idea to get more people involved and aware of what foster care is all about.

  29. Anosa Malanga

    Glad to be able to dropped by this link. This is my first time to learn about foster care and I definitely want to be one. This is a great initiative of being able to help childrens who needs home for a while until their situation and family is already fine.

  30. Kara

    What a great idea. As a childminder I know a few foster carers and adopters and it is so rewarding

  31. Nigel Soper

    I think we must do all we can to ensure all children have a protective and happy environment especially in cases where the birth parents can’t provide a loving home.

  32. Rachael

    How great to raise awareness and to know that it’s somethjng you’re genuinely passionate about is wonderful. I didn’t even know this awareness week existed!

  33. Danielle

    I never knew that those first 6 months are usually spent in foster care. I have so much respect for people that foster, as it must be so hard to say goodbye all the time. But very rewarding thing to do too.

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