Changing Your Home From A Shrine To Singledom To Family-Friendly Palace

Changing Your Home From A Shrine To Singledom To Family-Friendly Palace

Life can throw unexpected curveballs. One day you are enjoying the perks of singledom, the next you are getting yourself ready for the big relationship in your life, or starting a family. It's at this point where you've got to make a few changes to accommodate these life-altering situations. But if you have been used to making your own way through life, how is it possible to change your home from a shrine to singledom, to a family-friendly palace?

Get Extra Storage

Your life is turned upside down by a new addition to your home, whether it's an adult or a child. Either way, you need extra storage, not for their stuff, but for yours! With children there comes more toys and paraphernalia than you could care to imagine, and bringing another person into your home means that they need to have their own space. If you’ve got a small apartment with contemporary designs, there are various hacks on making a tiny space appear large, but also by utilising your space properly, you can fit more items in your home.

Create A Space For You

If you've got a child, you need somewhere that's adults only, and this could be a spare room, but it could also be a shed in the garden. Sometimes we all need a little space, and while sheds don’t sound like the most exciting of outdoor spaces, there are many different shed designs you can purchase now that won't make you look like some sorry person sat in your garden on your own!

Changing Your Home From A Shrine To Singledom To Family-Friendly Palace

Spruce Up Your Garden

The garden is where we can all go and enjoy the sunshine. If you're lucky enough to have a large garden, this will benefit parents and kids alike. You can set up a play area, complete with ball pool, but you can also set up garden furniture from suppliers like Bridgman, and you can see more from Bridgman at their website. Depending on where you live in the world, your garden could get a wealth of sunshine, or a lot of rain! And if you do get a lot of seasons in the space of one day, a gazebo is a worthwhile idea. It also helps that a garden can add a lot of value to your home, so jump on this bandwagon.

Have A “Kids Only” Zone

If you are expanding your brood, then a kids only zone makes a lot of sense for you, as a parent. A child wants their own privacy, so why don't you give it to them? Having a kids’ zone benefits you because you won't need to set up your own private zone to get away from them. Set up a space that is kid friendly, full of colour and light, and it's going to brighten up any home.

It's a big change going from a space that is just for your own personal needs to accommodate for everyone else, but it can be done. Try these for options and it will make the transition easier for you! Good luck!

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Changing Your Home From A Shrine To Singledom To Family-Friendly PalaceGa

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  1. kage2015

    Put the breakables away unless you don’t mind them accidentally getting broken. Cupboards locks, plug in for electrical outlets covered. All kinds of things to make it kid friendly.

  2. Laura Dove

    Great tips! A kids only zone is a great idea. We have a huge playroom which is just for the kids and it means when they are in bed we can just close the door and ignore the mess!

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