8 Things to do When You’re Home and Unwell

When you’re feeling unwell and you need to take some time off work or away from the world to heal, all you really want to do is lie in bed and feel better. However, when you do start to feel better but aren’t quite 100%, you’re left with the notion of what to do when trying to keep yourself entertained.

You’re bored and looking for things to do. So when you’re stuck at home on the road to recovery after an illness or accident, here are some ideas of how to stop boredom in its tracks and feel much better much sooner.

Write A Letter

It’s easy to fall out of touch with people we were once extremely close to. Busy lives mean that taking the time to write a letter and letting them know what’s happening and how we’re doing (and asking them about the things that they have been up to recently) isn’t something we tend to do. We might send a quick text, perhaps a short email, but really thinking about what we’re saying and putting pen to paper is far less likely. When you’re recovering from an illness you will have a lot more time on your hands and writing that long overdue letter could be exactly what you need to start your friendship off on the right track again. Include some photographs of your family or pets to really add some warmth to the prose.

Read A Book

Once you can concentrate on doing something for a longer period of time, your recovery could be greatly enhanced with a good book. If you don’t have anything that you like the look of already sitting on your bookshelves, then order a new one online or ask a friend to go to the library for you and pick you up something interesting. Once you have a book that you can get into snuggle down under a soft blanket with a cup of something hot and relax, letting the words settle and soothe your mind.

Movie Marathon

Sometimes there really is nothing for it but to sit or lie still and watch three, four, five, perhaps, even more, films one after another. It’s not something we recommend you to do every day, but as a treat when you’re on the mend, it’s wonderful. You could pick a film at random to start with or alternatively you could come up with a theme such as travel, history, films starring one particular person or directed by one director. You could even watch a TV programme boxset if that appeals more. Just relax and enjoy but make sure you get up between each movie if you can – it’s good to stretch out and move around every now and then.

Play Computer Games

Playing computer games is a fantastic way to pass the time. If you have a games console, then you can simply plug it in and get started. Otherwise, you can use your smartphone to download gaming apps or get online on your laptop and find games to play there. There are many different games available including racing games, Escape the Room games, puzzles, flying games, shoot ‘em ups, and much more. If you feel you want to exercise your brain, find a game that offers up brain training and scenarios to really think about. If you just want to have some fun pick something that is all about instinct.

8 Things To Do When You’re Home And Unwell

Do Crafts

Doing some arts and crafts can help to make you feel better, and it’s also a wonderfully creative way to stop the boredom setting in. You don’t even have to be particularly good at what you’re doing – the point is that you’re doing something, and that’s what counts. Knitting is a good one to start with as it’s nice and simple and doesn’t require much equipment; you can even do it while listening to music or watching TV. You might also like to sketch, paint, or make jewellery amongst many other ideas.

Have A Mini Bedroom Makeover

If you have been unwell for a while, it’s likely that you’ve been staring at the same four walls and ceiling for most of that time. If you’ve been lying in bed while you wait to recover enough to get up and about again you’ll be terribly bored of what you’ve been seeing. Therefore you’re in the perfect position to work out a mini makeover for your room. You don’t even have to do anything; it’s about imagining what the room could look like and enjoying the planning aspect. Of course, if you do decide to go further once you’re feeling much better you can do. Change the wall colour, change the bedroom furniture, move things around, put new lighting in or new curtains, or hang different pictures. If you get stuck, you can browse Pinterest for ideas.

Make A Photo Book

If you’re like most people these days you will have hundreds or even thousands of photos on your smartphone that no one else can enjoy. So why not spend some time creating a photo book with them? You can use any of a number of online companies that specialise in photo books, and by following the instructions, you’ll end up with a beautiful book full of the people you love and the memories you have created. These make ideal gifts too so if there is a birthday, anniversary or other occasion coming up you could order more than one and be prepared.

Have A Long, Luxurious Bath

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and enjoyable as a long, hot, bubbly bath when you’re recovering from an illness that has meant you’ve been confined to bed or in your nightclothes for days at a time. Just getting clean is wonderful in itself, but the act of lying back and letting the warm water relax your muscles, ease your joints, and clear your head is superb. Bubbles can be exchanged for bath oils if you prefer, or just enjoy the water on its own. Add a good book, music, or the chance to have a lovely daydream, and you should be feeling much more like yourself by the time you pull out the plug.

So there are 8 ideas from me to you about things to do when your home alone and not feeling yourself, but what about you, are there any activities you would add? 

This is a collaborative post. 

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8 Things To Do When You’re Home And Unwell

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  1. buddha and bananas

    I love the suggestion of writing a letter. It really is so personal and more meaningful than a text. It’s such a lost art, in my opinion. And such a treat to receive 🙂 Great post!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It is a shame isn’t it – before my shakes and fibro got bad I would write to so many people. I guess my blog came from that I couldn’t write anymore but I could type.

  2. laura jones

    i quite agree with your ideas good article

  3. Cassandra Mayers

    I used to Love writing letters. Maybe I should start doing it again, im sure I can think of some people to write too. And yes great thing to do when unwell.

  4. Rebecca | AAUBlog

    I think letter writing is completely underrated – such a lovely idea and so nice if you do actually post it off to someone too x

  5. Carly Markham

    I hate being ill and stuck in the house. I find I need a 5 minute walk each day when I am even if it is just to the shop over the road otherwise I get cabin fever! I get so grumpy when I haven’t had fresh air.

  6. Laura Dove

    I always have a movie marathon when I am home and unwell, or I watch repeats of Friends on the couch!

  7. Emily Leary

    I love a movie or box set marathon when I’m not feeling too good, unless I’ve got a headache in which case a long luxurious bath sounds just the ticket!

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    A bath is usually all i can muster! I know the illness will pass but time seems to drag !

  9. Deborah Nicholas

    I love having a movie marathon when unwell, theres nothing like snuggling under a blanket and feeling sorry for yourself! lol

  10. Elizabeth

    I can wholeheartedly recommend movie marathons, and I’ve discovered my son’s X-Box is a great distraction if there’s anxiety involved with being poorly too. Passes the hours by fabulously!

  11. lukeosaurusandme

    Great ideas here. I think one of the best things about being home sick is having the chance to read a book, watch some movies and have a bath – in peace!

  12. Tanya

    I love a good old movie marathon or a binge on Netflix of a new series. I used to love making photobooks and scrapbooking, I keep thinking about getting back in to it

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It is nice just to curl up and what something good isn’t it – I often go for something funny which doesn’t take much concentration I have to admit.

  13. M. Roberts

    What a wonderful article to write for others! Sarah has a lovely writing style, informative text, good colourful images and nicely spaced paragraphs. is a nice refreshing light read well worth bookmarking for your next coffee break! Next blog pls! 🙂

  14. kate

    enjoyed reading this and liked the idea of letter writing. I always mean to get round to keeping a journal but never do, but find it really helpful to write things down that I am worried about before going to sleep so I can try and park them until the next day … before I start worrying about them again x

  15. Susie Wilkinson

    Or…… Number 9, snuggle up with the dog for a day, which I did Friday evening when my depression had got too much for me

  16. dearmummyblog

    My mummy usually ends up watching movies or hibernating on the sofa under the duvet cover trying to sleep. The worse thing would to be scrolling though social media!

  17. paula cheadle

    I like the idea of writing

  18. Shaun Heathcote

    playing the computer, glad to see its listed

  19. Kayleigh Watkins

    Great ideas, however even when I’m ill I still have to clean cook and look after my children so my time is still occupied, no rest for the wicked xXx

  20. Carol Thomas

    I would still shower and make myself reasonably presentable once a day unless I couldnt get out of bed. If that was the case I think it would be a hospital bed I would need. Once I felt a bit better I would have the pamer hour of a face pack, long shower, hair treatment and my usual weekly pamper routine followed by a change of bedding

  21. Andrea Fletcher

    I like to read when I am not well, takes my mind of it and a good film is good as well.

  22. Mo

    Writing letters when you are sick is actually a really good idea as you might as well use the time being ill to do something worthwhile. I would have never thought of doing this.

  23. Jayne Sullivan

    It is so useful to be able to contact people by email. They have no idea that you are sending the email whilst you are dressed in your pyjamas tucked under the duvet.

  24. A S,Edinburgh

    Lovely ideas, thank you.

    Doing something fairly untaxing but that you’ve been putting off can be a really nice way to feel more productive and stave off a low mood, if you’re inclined towards depression when unwell.

    What’s best to do depends so much on what works well with your condition, so trust your intuition when it comes to which activities are likely to make you feel better or worse.

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