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5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

I think I've mentioned it before, but our bungalow is tiny.

When we moved from a 1 bed flat to a 1 bed bungalow we thought we would be sizing up, but we were wrong.

As two people and two pets who seem to gain items at a crazy rate, this leaves us sometimes feeling a bit crowded in and as such we've had to try and be a little bit clever when it comes to finding ways to make it feel more spacious.

White living room including sofa, table and some flowers.

Clear The Clutter

Hands up this is something I am awful at.

If you haven't used something or even looked at it (thinking about decorations here) get rid.

However, if you feel like you love all your decor but it is looking a bit cluttered think about rotating it.

This allows you to still enjoy it all while clearing some room and giving yourself a different view from time to time.

Storage is Your Friend

When we moved we couldn't fit all our old furniture into the new place.

So we had to think carefully about what we needed and what would be most useful.

We ended up moving a chest of drawers from the bedroom to the lounge and it has really helped us keep games, blu-rays and other items just a bit more organised.

Red sofa with monochrome cushions and wooden tables.

Hang a Mirror

Mirrors are great, they not only help add more light into a room but also can help it feel a bit more spacious.

What's more don't be afraid to go big.

A large mirror in a small space really can create an illusion of the room being so much bigger.

Think About The Corners

Do you have any corners which could be utilised?

We have a weird corner at one end of our lounge and I keep meaning to get someone to pop up some shelving within it. Allowing us to store things and stop it looking quite so bland.

You can also buy great corner units these days which may work for you and offer more room to place things.

Lady relaxing on a sofa with a cup of tea.

Downsize Your Window Coverings

If you have bulky window coverings then think about removing or changing some.

A lighter brighter window area can really help open up a room and make it feel like there is more space that canΒ be utilised.

Making sure your window ledges are uncluttered too can also make a big difference to the area.

So there you have a few ideas on how you can make your home feel a little bit more spacious.

However, what about you, what is your favourite way to open up a room?




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Make your room feel more spacious

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  1. Hanna Rose

    Hi Sarah-Louise!

    All of these tips are so good. Literally, the more storage, the better imho! It’s so satisfying to put everything away in it’s own place and keep rooms looking relatively tidy. De-cluttering is always hard but ultimately, less stuff means less stress in the long run. Oh, and that big mirror trick is an oldie, but a goodie. πŸ‘

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hanna x

  2. Joanna

    I actually plan to declutter a bit my bedroom this weekend. I want to sort out through all my clothes and get rid of what I am not wearing anymore. I decluttered the living the other week and what a difference, it looks so much spacious right now.

  3. candy

    Storage is always important no matter where or how we live. All your ideas are spot on and would work for everyone.

  4. Pamela Jessen

    Great article with some very useful tips! Thank you.

  5. Joan

    We also downsized and I am so into finding storage solutions and how to organise everything. It’s a lot of work but once one area is done, it makes you want to do more, I also love mirrors.

  6. Tamara Adams

    Declutter is big on my list and always helps a room look so much better. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Tara Pittman

    My home is a cluttered mess for sure. I need to work on giveaway things.

  8. Thuy

    Great tips! I know someone who lives in a basement right now who could really use this advice

  9. Olivia Jade

    I have to agree about clearing large window covers! Smaller ones or blinds make a room feel so much different πŸ™‚ xx

  10. stacey

    These are good points. But I disagree about the window coverings. I think it doesn’t matter how thick they are. You should hang them as high as you can. A monochromatic color scheme is also best to make a space seem larger. Also use larger pieces of art as opposed to a lot of small pieces.

  11. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I’m always trying to make my home feel bigger. These are smart tips for sure. I love the idea of decluttering!!

  12. Amber Myers

    I’ll have to try some of these tips. I am working on the decluttering. I have been wanting to re-do our living area and make it brighter.

  13. Rebecca Smith

    I could definitely do with making my home more spacious! Now if only I could persuade the kids not to clutter it up as much haha

  14. Latte Lindsay

    I’m in the same boat as you! I’m terrible for clutter and I never seem to have enough storage. I think I need a clear out though πŸ™

  15. Carina

    We are currently remodeling our two bedroom jome so these are great tips I will look into. Never thought of a large mirror making the room look bigger, thanks!

  16. Terri Steffes

    Clearing the clutter works magically for me. I have to stay on top of it though, as it will go right back where it was before.

  17. Stephanie

    Decluttering can make such a difference in making an area look more spacious! Thanks for the tips!

  18. Heather

    These are all great tips! We will be moving next month so I’m going to keep this all in mind.

  19. Kita Bryant

    These are some super helpful tips! I would really like to give my home a bigger feel.

  20. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I am planning to renovate my room and I might be doing this tips. I like to give my room a bigger look!

  21. Heidi

    These are great ideas. Mirrors really make a difference. I think cleaning the clutter (and keeping yourself from collecting more) is definitely the biggest challenge.

  22. Elaine to

    Thank you very much for such useful tips ! I would really try them with my house i am sure my family will happy with it.

  23. Brittany

    We live in a small apartment as a family. We’re always looking for more ways to make our place more spacious! These are great tips! Thanks for sharing

  24. Ronnie

    Great tips Sarah! I’m all about minimalism and one of the reasons why is because being clutter-free makes me feel like my small apartment is far bigger. I like having space and clean air.

  25. Echo

    Great tips, Sarah! I am terrible with clutter too and having 2 kids doesn’t help, LOL! Multi-purpose/multi-functional pieces are a necessity for me!

  26. Amee

    Thank you so much for the great tips. I love decorating and want to make our place look more spacious so your tips will be very helpful.

  27. CARMEN | wellingtonworldtravels.com

    We are expats so we live in an apartment. It’s spacious; but once we had kids, our place feels smaller with all the stuff. True, storage is also my friend. I have lots and it did help with all the clutters.

  28. Chubskulit Rose

    My home is a bit big but I feel like it’s so crowded with a lot of things we accumulate each passing years. These are great tips.

  29. Alyssa H

    I’m so bad with the clutter. I can’t get rid of it–it always just creeps back. I need more storage!

  30. Pam

    One of the ways I make our home feel more spacious is the window coverings. I always opt for valances when possible and get rid of drapes.

  31. Dalene Ekirapa

    I’ll agree with getting curtains that aren’t bulky and ones that allow as much sunlight inside too.

  32. Crystal

    These are all great tips. I find it best to find multi-use storage spaces as well. We have storage hidden under an ottoman.

  33. Mary Yaroscavitch

    De-cluttering is something that we do monthly. We have 2 adults and 2 kids here and things pile up quickly. But I find that when we our ‘spring’ cleaning there’s a lot more I could have thrown away. Maybe I’ll have to step up and do it every few weeks instead of once a month.

  34. Lisa Marie Heath

    We’re planning on moving soon and we’ll have to implement some of these tips! The current home feels too cluttered, but we don’t seem to have that much stuff here

  35. mel betteridge

    I love the use of mirrors.

  36. Jona Shares

    Agree on all the tips and points given! Storage boxes turned to tables is my one way of making our space a lot more bigger.

  37. rika

    I am a minimalist. I tend to use less furniture or home accessories to make my home feel more spacious. I also love white color to make the room appears bigger.

  38. Jeanette Leighton

    Unfortunately with 2 little ones their is always clutter , my house is very small also

  39. Brittany Vantrease

    These are great ideas! Our house doesn’t have a lot of storage space and so it gets overwhelming sometimes at our house because we struggle to find places to put things we love.

  40. Stephanie Merry

    I have to admit my flat isn’t the biggest of spaces, which is why I’ve taken to hanging a mirror in pretty much every room to give the illusion of more space x

  41. coleen douglas

    I so want to be clutter free for 2019! <3 <3 great post! x

  42. Shelley Jessup

    I have recently run out of storage space & then had an idea about turning corners of a room into corner cupboards & it has really helped! ANother great place is having a cupboard over the stairs.

  43. Eva Katona

    I’m a big fan of decluttering and I do that almost religiosly, every month!

  44. Hannah

    I think finding the right storage is very important. I’m always looking for new ways to store all of my things

  45. Susie Wilkinson

    Our place is far too small, and my partner won’t throw anything away incase he might need it one day, so I’ve had to explore a lot of storage solutions! We have a few large mirrors too, and they really do open up the space.

  46. Shannan P

    Great tips! Clutter is such an issue at our house and something I need to focus on dealing with.

  47. Anonymous

    great tips here! I never thought about mirrors being a good way of making a room or space feel bigger and more open — will have to pick one up!

  48. The Beauty flicks

    Nice tips to de cluttering and make more space. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Princess Quinn

    Right, a mirror is what we need in our living room. Great tips that I will be able to use in our house.

  50. Super Busy Mum

    Best of luck with changing everything about! I need this tips, so thank you! If there is one thing I need in my house – it’s more space!

  51. Jean Cassell

    Our home felt way too big when our children left home. It fills up to overflowing now when they visit with our grandchildren.

  52. karen robertson

    Great tips.

  53. Amy simpson

    I like these ideas/tips x

  54. Amilia Nicholls

    I have to avoid clutter at all costs as I have a tiny flat which I love so any suggestions that make the job easier appeal to me! Great post thanks!

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