5 Apps to Help you Save Money in 2018

5 Apps to Help you Save Money in 2018

This year I have decided to try and save a bit of money, it has been hard not having a steady income and relying on people to pay invoices for work when they say they will.

So I want to try and build up a bit of money to fall back on and I am taking any little chance I can to do that. So I have been looking into apps to help you save money.

Over the past month, I have spent time signing up for a few different apps that help you save in all different ways and I thought I would share my findings with you.

5 Apps to Help You Save Money in 2018

5 Apps to Help you Save Money in 2018


I'm going to start with Plum as it's a little different to the others. Plum has neither it's own website or app to work through and instead utilises Facebook messenger.

It is an automatic savings system, which you give read-only access to, so Plum can analyse your transactions, then it takes a small amount it believes you can afford and pops it away in a savings account for you a couple of times a week.

You also have the option to invest your money for an average 3% interest return, however, it is always possible to lose any investments so make sure you know exactly what you are getting into before you choose to invest.

Money in your Plum savings can be accessed at any time and you can turn up or down the amount of savings it takes if you feel it is taking too much or too little each time. To find out more about Plum or sign up just click here*.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog just wants your receipt!

Yup you heard me right you can earn just by uploading the receipts from your weekly shops (and those in between).

Each receipt can earn you between 5 and 20 coins depending on the amount spend and you can cash out at 1500 coins for £5 or wait until 12000 coins and get £50! (Other amounts in-between available).

Receipt Hog also includes the Hog Slots with prizes from coins to cash (earn one spin when you upload receipts from certain retailers), a monthly sweepstake (1 entry per uploaded receipt) and more! To sign up just click here.


Shopmium is a cashback app, which gives you a certain amount back when you buy listed products.

You have to be a bit careful with this one as obviously you don't want to buy things you won't use.

However, it lists a lot of everyday items such as bread, breakfast bars and more so while I don't find myself using this week in, week out we have got a few bargains via it and check it often for new additions is a must.

Shopmium pays cashback directly into your PayPal or bank account when it is processed (though transfers can take up to 7 days). So no matter if you have earned 30p or £1.50 there is no waiting for a minimum cashout amount as with many other apps.

To give Shopmium a try click here (P.S.> if you use my referral code which is: xa2fu right now you get a free jar of Nutella).


Working a little like Plum, Chip is another automatic savings account.

This time though it has its own app available for Android or iOS.

Again you will need to give the app read-only access to your bank account, with all payments being taken by direct debit.

For me, Chip has been saving around twice a week with payments between £2 and £18 depending on the size of my bank balance.

I've found I've never missed the payments and have so far managed to save in just 2 weeks nearly £50 (quite a feat for me).

It is worth noting with Chip you do earn interest, with a base level of 1% if you use someone's promo code to join while inviting others can help get you up to 5% for the year.

If you would like to find out more about Chip or join up just click here and if you fancy using my code it is: NC5CYU.


If you're a fan of surveys and want something quick and easy you can do on the commute, or just as you relax in front of the TV then Attapoll might be for you.

It offers quick and simple surveys to answer, with a notification popping up each time a new one is available.

Once you have enough pennies you can cash out via PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum or donate it to charity. If you fancy signing up then just click here*.

Bonus Apps.

CheckoutSmart – Much like Shopmium this offers cashback on certain items when you shop both online and instore, check it regularly for new offers.

Shoppix – Another receipt uploading app, this one also includes polls and prize draws. You can exchange your tokens (3200 for £5) for retailers such as Amazon, iTunes and Love2Shop. Enter my code: 9XMG2HVE to click start your account with 200 points.

ClickSnap – Pretty much the same as CheckoutSmart, but run by Quidco*. Cashback is paid directly to your Quidco account, but sadly it seems to be for shopping instore only.

VYPR – This app uses “steers” to help companies know what you want. They are normally quick to answer. However, keep an eye out for extra in-store opportunities that may pop up when VYPR picks up your close by as these payout more.

OnePulse – This is another quick survey website. This time they call there questions pulses and you can cash out via PayPal when you reach a balance of $5.

CashShow – This app has two live quiz shows a day! One at 12:30 and one at 9:30, as long as you make it past the first 5 questions you're in the money, with the prize for each round split between everyone who gets the question right. That means you could win anything from a couple of pennies to £1000! Cash out is via PayPal after you have reached at least £10! Get yourself an extra life (and me one too) by using the referral code: ETC67B

Cleo – Looking to keep on top of your spending then Cleo could be the app for you. It lets you keep on top of your incomings and outgoings, so you can see how much money you have spare. It can even help you budget if you want a bit of a splurge before payday. What's more, set up their wallet and not only will it help you save but you will get £5 free to start you off! Awesome right?!   

So there you have some apps to help you save money in 2018, have you tried any of these apps, or do you have others you think I should give a try?

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5 Apps to Help you Save Money in 2018

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  1. Marie Sheila

    I never knew that there were so many apps that help us save money. This is a very informative post. Will start checking all these apps right away.

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    OMG, I love you so much right now! I LOVE to save money, and I thought my deal app game was on point. It was obviously SO not!

  3. Christy

    These all look good. I always get a receipt so I really should be scanning it into the apps that give points for it. Even if it’s only a little reward, it will all add up. I’ve been using QuidCo for years but really need to explore other money-saving options.

  4. Joanna Davis

    Thank you for this post! I never used a money saving app and try to calculate and keep everything in my mind. I can see how useful each of these apps can be. I will look more in depth into them and see how they can be useful to my finances.

  5. Amber

    Thank you for these apps! I am so going to check them out. I always love to save money.

  6. Lisa

    I don’t think I have heard of any of these. I’m intrigued by Plum and would be really curious to see how it works via Facebook.

  7. fashionbeyondforty

    Wow Plum is one I for sure have not heard of and it is totally different from any other App I have used in the past. I am going to let my daughter know about this post so she can check it out. She loves apps like this especially receipt scanning apps!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It is really good, it took me a while to sign up and I did a look of looking around but so far I have hardly noticed the direct debits going out yet I have saved a nice little amount.

  8. Kristi McAllister

    I am always looking to save money and I’ve never heard of any of these apps, but I’m going to check them out. The one app I do use is YNAB (you need a budget). I can see everything I spend t here and how much each category has left in it. Thanks for sharing all the info!

  9. Hannah Denton

    Oh I love things like this! I’m an avid user of topcashback, it’s the only one I use really! I love the sound of Receipt Hog, I’ve just downloaded it from your link. I’ll give it a go!

  10. Everyday Made Fresh

    I thought I had heard of all the money saving apps, I was wrong! I’ll have to share these with my cousin, who utilizes money saving apps.

  11. Pooja Kumari

    Oh this is so interesting. I’ve never heard of these kinds of apps. But definitely worth looking and trying. Every single penny saved can add up at the end. Thank you for this wonderful post!

  12. thefinishingtouchokc

    Where as this post been all my life? This is so helpful – I haven’t ever tried receipt hog but I am downloading now!

  13. annerbananer1

    I love making extra cash wherever I can! I’ve been looking for more cash back apps, so thanks for including Shopmium on this list.

  14. Jessica Joachim

    I am always down for new ways to save money! I have heard of some of these, but a lot are new to me and I will totally be checking them out more!

  15. mysocalledchaos

    I hadn’t heard of any of these before, but now I’m going to check them out. I need to save money big time…

  16. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    All of these apps are new to me. I love a good app that helps me save money. I gotta check out Shopmium. I love cash back apps.

  17. marysa

    I haven’t heard of any of these! I’ll have to check some of them out. One of my goals is to be better about saving money this year.

  18. Tara

    Such a great collection of apps! I definitely need to look into these. Every little bit helps.

  19. BeckyW

    I can’t believe I have never heard of any of the apps /programs that you mentioned! I was expecting it to have the ones I am familiar with. Thank you for sharing these with me as I always am looking for new ideas to save and my family does too.

  20. Blair Villanueva

    We have a similar shopping app like Shopmium, we call it Shopback which is also cool. However am not sure if Shopback have expanded its reach across Asia.
    Hope these apps you recommend are expanded to Asia!

  21. Aduke Schulist

    I haven’t heard of any of these yet. I have a different one that I use and really like.

  22. ricci

    I love to save money via apps but have never heard of any of these! I need to step my money saving app game up a notch!!

  23. Kara

    My friend Joanne is doing really well with receipt hog, I have yet to download it yet

  24. Victoria Heckstall

    This sounds really great. Must try looking for these apps and will try using it if its really work.

  25. Elizabeth

    I had no idea all of these things existed! I’m going to have to look into them further as they seem like a great way to save a few pennies here and there.

  26. Laura Dove

    I hadn’t heard of any of these so have saved this post to download them all later. I am all for saving money!

  27. Rhian Westbury

    Some great apps. I use Moneybox in order to round up my spends, and I also use an online cashback site just to get a few extra pennies x

  28. Melissa Dixon

    Apps are really helpful. There is so much out there to improve our lives!

  29. Stephanie Lane

    I have to often gotten caught up in the survey make money biz. It never works out ans I end up having to change my email address because I’m inundated with spam. But I’ve hear a lot of great things about Plum. I think I’ll look into that a little more.

  30. dearmummyblog

    We could do with an automatic savings account to get us motivated and force us into saving. Plum would be good for us!

  31. Wanda Lopez

    This is a great list. I haven’t heard of those apps before.

  32. Lisa Bristol

    Apps are a great way to save some cash. I will have to heck these ones out. My favorite one right now is Flipp for price matching my groceries.

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    I use apps for everything and have a million receipt apps. I’ve only heard of one of these and am excited to try some new apps!

  34. Sheena Tatum

    Receipt Hog is one of my favorite apps. I just don’t like that you have to take a picture of the entire receipt, I wish they had a scan option because I’m lazy. XD

  35. Mayah Camara

    I hadn’t heard of any of these and i’m always down ways to save some pennies! Fab post!

  36. April Stephens

    I can always use a little help when it comes to saving. Thanks for this list of apps to try.

  37. Megan Kinsey

    Thanks for these really useful tips. Can’t wait to try some of these apps out!

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    Receipt Hog sounds intriguing! I am off to have a look, thanks for this! 🙂

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    Saving is also on my bucket list this year. Thanks for sharing this wonderful list of apps that can help on achieving my goals on my finances.

  40. Lynndee

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    Thank you for showing me these apps! I really need to start utilizing these to save some money.

  43. Globalmouse (@globalmouse1)

    This year is the one I’m properly sorting out my finances so this is perfect for me. I absolutely love the sound of Receipt Hog – I’ve never heard of anything like that before but it looks great.

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    I actually haven’t heard of any of these yet. I’ll have to check them out soon.

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    I’ve seen a lot of money saving apps before but never these! Nice to see something different for a change.

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    I just downloaded Receipt Hog. My husband was just telling me we need to keep better track of our receipts. Thank you so much for the tip!

  47. Nicole

    These are all awesome ideas! Saving money is always a must, and I feel like I am always spending it! Shopmium looks really interesting, I’ll have to take a look into that one. Thanks for sharing!

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    I am all about saving money! That was actually my new year resolution. These look like some great apps to help keep me on track. I will look into these!


  49. ravayna coe

    I’m here for shopmium! Cash back for things I’m already buying? Yes, Please!

  50. Jess

    These are bloody brilliant Sarah! I’m still recovering from Christmas unfortunately. I got so close to paying my overdraft off in October and then I went straight back in. I feel like apps like these would probably shame me into saving money because it would show me that most of my pennies go on food lol!

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    Thanks for such an informative post …I found it very useful x

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    Thanks so much for sharing such a great post! Saving money – every little helps, right?

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    Ooh could do with saving a few pennies . Will deffo check these out

  54. JoeHx

    ReceiptHog is also great just as a reference to old receipts. I’ve been able to return things with the receipt image stored on the app!

  55. lynnette joselly

    I’ll have to check these apps out. I am trying to stick to my budget.

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    I would really like to take the younger 3 away this year just even for a week so have been looking at ways to budget better and save money so these are going to be a great help thank you

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    I like the idea of ‘Receipt Hog’ as it provides an another use for the thousands of receipts I have lying around but I can’t be bothered to throw them away.

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    Great advice

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