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SherbetBox Monthly Stationery Subscription Box: Review

There are some things that have been a bit of an obsession of mine since childhood, mugs, gemstones and stationery. I am a sucker for all three, so when I saw SherbetBox were looking for reviews I of course threw my hands in the air and shook them like I didn't care. Apparently, that was enough and SherbertBox heard my cries (or took pity on me for looking just a little crazy) and sent me a box to try.

SherbetBox Monthly Stationery Subscription Box

SherbetBox Monthly Stationery Subscription Box

I was sent January's box, which had the theme a “bit of positivity”, the box arrived with me in early February (yes I am a bad blogger and it's taken me a couple of weeks to blog). I have to admit right now I am all about positivity I am struggling with even getting out of bed most days, making it from the bed to the sofa (and hey I live in a bungalow) is an epic achievement. So guess how much Ash and I laughed when we saw a certain badge included in this box.

SherbetBox Monthly Stationery Subscription Box

Oh yes, I shall wear my getting out of bed award with pride!

Carrying on the theme of positivity there is a little sheet of 8 stickers showcasing a whole host of positive thoughts. I sure haven't stuck some to my laptop (OK I have)! Also, I really need to know if you've got your positive pants on today – I hope you have!

Two pencils needing a sharpen are also included, both offering totally positive thoughts – repeat after me I HAVE GOT THIS.

SherbetBox Monthly Stationery Subscription Box

I think at this time of year, when it's dark and dull and sometimes it feels like there is no end to the winter, everyone needs a pick me up and the wording on this mini poster is fab. After all, sometimes you don't know what you will find, just around the corner, if only you looked.

SherbetBox Monthly Stationery Subscription Box

SherbetBox Monthly Stationery Subscription Box

I was thrilled to find this little book of gratitude in the box. For anyone who has been around for a while (or who has checked out my about me page). You may be aware that Life in a Break Down started as a way for me to remember the good in each day, much like this gratitude book asks you to do, by writing down three things you have been grateful for, for 100 days.

SherbetBox Monthly Stationery Subscription Box

Last but by no means least is this cute little pack of 5 cards. Just perfect for sharing the positivity with those around you. I totally admit my favourite has to be the one in the middle, something very special about those who will walk with you through the hardest points of your life and do nothing but support and advice (where they can).

So there you have the fantastic SherbetBox Monthly Stationery Subscription Box, a real delight to receive through the post I hope you agree!

So how much does it cost? Well for a 1-month rolling subscription (which you can cancel at any point) you are looking at £14 including postage within the UK, for those outside of the UK you need to add on an additional £4.95. More or less all the content included in a box is exclusive to SherbetBox so you won't find it in your local high street store and Claire makes sure that each box is worth over the subscription cost.

If you would like to get March's box you need to subscribe before the 7th, any subscriptions started after then will have April as their first box.

To find out more about SherbertBox then please do head over to the SherbetLane website (where you can also subscribe) and if you are interested in getting involved with the theme of coming boxes the SherbetBox Facebook group is the place to be!

What do you think of SherbetBox is a subscription box you would like to try?

I received a free box from SherbetBox Club to help with this post, however all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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SherbetBox Monthly Stationery Subscription Box

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  1. Jax Blunt

    Looks absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That is so much fun! I love stationery. I love paper in general, and a monthly subscription box devoted to stationery is SO my speed. Yay!

  3. Kathy Myers

    This is darling! I wonder if they deliver to the US. Would be cute gifts to send to friends!

  4. Leila Benhamida

    Lovely box. Love the book of gratitude.

  5. Danielle Smith

    I like different types of stationery to suit my mood. I can appreciate a diverse box of stationery for all my needs.

  6. Joanna Bayford

    What a lovely subscription box! I do love the gratitude book and the cards too super cute

  7. thecookiecrumbles1996

    These are super cute! I love how positive they are – little reminders to stay happy 🙂

  8. Heather

    This is cute! It’s great to open a box and get encouragement and find things to feel gratitude about. I am with you too on the weather. More and more I am becoming a summer and spring girl. I want to feel that sun and be outside.

  9. zoecorkhill

    This looks fab, I’ve just signed up to try it out as I cancelled my current subscription box today after finding it all a bit “meh”

  10. Amber

    I think I’d really enjoy this box! I just love the stickers. I always try to put on positive pants 😉

  11. Audrey

    I have a family member who would absolutely love this! They still write hand-written letters and this would be ideal for them.

  12. Chilling with Lucas

    These are so cure, Lucas would adore taking these on our days out

  13. StarlightandStories (@2ndtimeMama)

    That’s a lovely subscription box. I particularly like the Harry spotter quote on the lightbulb card x

  14. jennifervanhuss

    That is a great subscription box!! When I was younger I was a HUGE penpal writer!! This would have helped so much!!

  15. Alison Rost

    Love the items included in this subscription box! I’ve never heard it before and I’m glad you shared it! The 100 days of Gratitude book sounds so lovely!

  16. Ana De Jesus

    I am sorry to hear that it has been a bit of a rough week for you but I am glad that you got a cool subscription box whose theme was positivity. I could definitely do with a pair of positive pants, this week has been pretty rough but I stay optimistic that things will get better!

  17. vian

    Ohh I love everything about creativity so I will definitely recommend this. Thanks for sharing! I love the little book of gratitude!

  18. Gisele

    I’m glad to see that stationery is still in style. So many people communicate here online sending emails and text messages now. Writing by hand is a fine art that needs to be continued. This stationery subscription box with themes sounds wonderful

  19. Ali Rost

    I’m a stationary lover too! Especially now days when sending a hand-written card in the mail is going by the wayside. There’s nothing like something bright and cheery waiting for you when you open the mailbox. ps: One a personal note, I truly hope you’re doing ok, Sarah. It’s been a long hard winter and at times it’s been a struggle to keep my head above water too. xx

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I used to have so many pen friends, sadly these days I can’t write and people aren’t so keen on typed letters which I can understand so I don’t have any anymore.

  20. TheSuperMomLife

    I may have a stationery addiction. This box would make me so happy. Seriously. Not even kidding lol.

  21. Sondra Barker

    This subscription box is like a dream! Everything you got is so cute and i love stationary everything. So adorable!!!

  22. fashionbeyondforty

    Oh my gosh! What a cute idea for a subscription box! I love it and I am always in need of more stationery! My daughter would adore this as well!

  23. Stephanie Pass

    This is so cute! I love it! My middle daughter loves writing letters and is obsessed with stationary. She would LOVE this.

  24. Rhian Westbury

    This is such a cute set and always nice to receive things which promote positivity, I love the little stickers x

  25. Yeah Lifestyle

    I just love subscription boxes because of the element of surprise and these stationary looks so cute and adorable.

  26. Louise Smith

    My daughter would love this

  27. AnnMarie John

    I love how cute the items are from this box. There’s so much to love about it. I’m sure any person who loves stationery will love this box!

  28. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    All the items are great and you can use them for different occasions. I love the colors, they remind me of Spring and Summer! Definitely my kind of subscription box!

  29. madrasa1

    This box is so much fun, with a pop of colour and humour! It looks like something that is so good value and you can use all year round so I will be sure to give it a go! 🙂

  30. Patricia-Ann Que

    what a lovely collection is this! i think it is a great gift idea as well or i can get it for myself lol!

  31. Margaret Gallagher

    Delightful would be lovely for my neice

  32. Elizabeth

    I love this so much! Especially the positive pants, lol! I need this in my life!

  33. Jacqueline

    This is really adorable. It brought back memories of my childhood stationary! I love the idea of coming from a place of gratitude. Something we should all do. I used to keep a gratitude diary, now I’m thinking to start another. Thanks for reminding me.

  34. Kim Lee (@KimsCravings)

    What a neat subscription box! I had never heard about this one. I love cute stationary!

  35. Leo T. Ly

    I would love to try the subscription box. I definitely like the little gratitude booklet. I think that we can all be a little bit more grateful for the things that we have and the great people around us.

  36. The Motivated Mom

    Sounds super cute. I love stationary…this would be a great box for me…and a nice gift for a friend.

  37. kacielmorgan

    This stationery is so cute. It’d really help to brighten up my desk!

  38. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I can totally relate on collecting stationar, stickers and cute journals before. This is all so cute!

  39. My Dee Dee's Diary

    I had no idea that there were stationery boxes. I want to check this one out

  40. Bethany

    Oh wow, I’d love this. I’m a massive fan of stationery and this would be perfect ??

  41. All blogroll

    Wow, it’s wonderful. Awesome idea. Congratulations!

  42. Roselle Toledo

    I’ve got a big collection of stationery when back when I was a kid and still continue collecting notepads, notebooks and stickers up until now. I never want to use them though. I’m just happy looking at my collection.

  43. Heidi

    These look so cute! When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with stationary. I used to make my own. These are adorable.

  44. Heather Riccobono (@BrieBrieBlooms)

    This looks so awesome and would make a great gift for a friend that loves stationary. I want a subscription myself but also would love to gift this to a friend that always sends the sweetest hand written notes.

  45. Lilinha Espindula

    I love stationary, you can never have too many beautiful notepads. Great idea to include the little book of gratitude.

  46. 4theloveofmommy

    I still hand write many of my thoughts and I love notebooks and journals and all things stationery. I think this would be the perfect subscriptions box for me!

  47. toastycritic

    That is such a cool subscription box. I would really love the quote about happiness. There is something so beautiful in that sentiment. But I know my daughter would love it most of all. She loves cool stationary like this.

  48. Anosa

    Loving the barge Sarah, definitely gave me chuckles but what a lovely box. Not one I have heard of before

  49. Cassandra Mayers

    I LOVE those stickers! Im all about positivity so would love to stick them to myself or on a friend, or somewhere for them to find them,

  50. laurahartleyy

    Oh I love the little book of gratitude! That’s something I’ve been trying to keep track of every day myself 🙂

  51. Toughcookiemommy

    I love all of the items that came in this box. The little book of gratitude would definitely motivate me to write journal entries on a daily basis.

  52. Jacqui Paterson (@JaxFortyNorth)

    Awww, what a sweet idea! I’m a glass-half-full person by nature, but it’s always nice to get a little positivity boost. x

  53. A S,Edinburgh

    That’s so sweet. I love stationery, and probably don’t get through enough of it to justify a subscription, but this would make a great gift, too.

  54. Kayleigh Watkins

    Ooh they sound lovely, there are so many different subscription boxes these days, I think they are a great way of trying new products that you usually wouldn’t purchase xxx

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