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Review: Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag

This summer the awesome people behind Kawaii Box (see one of my previous reviews here) have launched a new Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag. Unlike the monthly subscription the Kawaii Box brings with it, the Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag is a totally one-off purchase and is filled with kawaii goodies up to the total of $50. All for the amazing price of £13.08 ($16.90) which includes free shipping to the UK.

I was kindly sent one of their surprise bags to have a look at and I must admit I was utterly surprised with the number of goodies all packed into the cute drawstring bag.

blippo Kawaii Bag

blippo Kawaii Bag

The first thing I found at the top of my bag was the little Nemuneko Plush, this small cat like plush is also known as sleepy cat and just so happens to be adorable. Hands up this item I am keeping for myself.

Nestled underneath was a Pikachu coin purse. The first thing I noticed about it was the label, which showed it was sold via the Pokemon Centre, meaning it was official merchandise. As someone who lives with a Pokemon fan, this was a big plus and meant I had to beg to have it back, to take a photo.

blippo Kawaii Bag

There was another 2 coin purses inside the surprise bag, in the form of this kawaii animal face mini purse and the watermelon purse. While I can't imagine using them all at once, the small size means they are perfect for keeping small change in. In fact, just as I write this, I'm thinking I'll pop one in the car with coins in for when we take the toll road or need to pump up the car tires. Perfect!

blippo Kawaii Bag

blippo Kawaii Bag

When it came to accessories, this bag contained its fair share, first up was a squishy Oreo keyring, which I have to say had a unique feel to it. As well as a sweet crepe charm. I have to admit I'm not sure if either of these are something I will use myself, so I may pass them onto a neighbour as I am sure she will love them.

I keep meaning to get a luggage tag for our suitcase, but it is something I am always forgetting. So I was thrilled to see the Pastel Macaron Travel Tag. Which is now safely on our suitcase, all ready for our trip away.

Hands up I have a thing about alpaca's and while I have no idea when or how I will use the Leatherette Alpaca Cardholder. It is something I have put to one side, ready for when an idea hits me.

blippo Kawaii Bag

blippo Kawaii Bag

Next up were items to keep me cool, which was very welcome in some of the heat that has been around of late. First up was a Fresh Summer Juice Fan, this has taken up residence on my side table in the lounge and is perfect for a quick fix when the weather quickly heats up.

I was (and still am) tempted to fill up the Mini Square Animal Spray Bottle, with some of the Sanatio Naturalis Orange Blossom Floral Water, I included in my Lately I'm Loving post this week. However, at the moment it is filled with water and is being used to spray the plants in the kitchen.

blippo Kawaii Bag

blippo Kawaii Bag

Last but by no means least we have these three items, kicking off with the Classic Ribbon Eyeglass Frames, they are frames only and don't have lenses. They aren't something I would wear, but I could imagine them going into a kids play box perhaps.

The Pastel Shell Bracelet, comes in a number of colours and I am sure I had this in one of my Kawaii Boxes before, however again it really isn't me. So it will be heading off to a better home with someone who will enjoy it.

Finally, is the Jewelry Seal Deco Sticker. Blippo suggests you use these on your mobile phone, but I think I might just them for my diary, as I have a habit of sticking stickers all over it.

So that is it, as I went through the items included I did a quick round up on prices and at the moment the cost if you bought these things separately is £35.41, that is with a number of the items being in the sale at the moment. However, even then I think this bag is fantastic value and is the perfect idea for anyone who loves a surprise.

If you fancy getting your hands on the Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag, then you can buy it for yourself over on the Blippo website.

What do you think of the Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag, would you buy one for yourself?

*This is a collaborative post.
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  1. Margaret gallagher

    So cute
    I’d buy one for my neice -she WOULD love It

  2. Keri Jones

    I love Japanese items & these are super cute! I wouldn’t buy one for myself as I would hope my husband would buy it for me instead, lol x

  3. Anne Sweet

    I love it, I’d share the items between me and my daughter’s. The alpaca card holder I’d use to clip inside my bag and hold all my store reward cards as they take up far too much room in my purse but I don’t want to lose them. I think I might go and order one of these surprise bags right now.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Oh now that is the perfect idea, thank you so much! I have them in a pocket at the moment but it is to big and they keep falling out which is a nightmare, I’m going to move them into it ASAP!

  4. Candy

    Nice change from a box to bag. Looks like you received some really cut animal related items. Watermelon is my favorite

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I’ve noticed a lot of companies seem to be swapping from a box to bag now and I have to say I really like it, I can often reuse a bag while a box just gets thrown in the recycling.

  5. Jeanette

    This is a cute little mixed bag! The little girl that I watch every day she would love everything in this bag. It’s very creative and colorful and I like that a lot.

  6. Tiffany Beavers

    This is so cute! My daughter would love this. It was filled with a bunch of different verities that kids would love.

  7. Ashleigh Allan

    Sounds a great deal

  8. Samantha Bye

    There’s so much in there! I love a surprise package, and everything you got looks so cute.

  9. Tomi C

    OMG! This bag was full of goodies. My daughter would absolutely adore this! That macaroon key tag was adorbs. I so want one of my own.

  10. The London Mum

    I would have loved this as a kid!! My son would find it fab too!

  11. Lily

    This is so cute! I didn’t even know this was a thing. I loved the look of the sea shell bracelet! 😀

  12. Corinne & Kirsty

    Everything is so adorable! My fav remains the pikachu and watermelon pouch! so so cute! xx corinne

  13. Elyse Silver

    These are soooo cute ! I really love these surprise packages! x

  14. Christy Maurer

    I would definitely buy one for myself. The items in that mixed bag are soooo cute!

  15. Courtney Blacher

    These are some really cute things! I know my daughter would love them.

  16. Jenn JG

    How cute is this. I have never heard of it but I am sure my daughter would love it. She likes all the surprise toys and all the youtube videos of the toys. I am going to have to look into these

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It is adorable, they ship all over the world as well and the fact it is a one off is a bonus, you can’t accidentally get charged for another.

  17. Richard Eldred Hawes

    This looks like a lovely selection and well worth the price

  18. Roger Willis

    There’s quite a few items in the kawaii bag that my grand daughter and daughter-in-law would love. My 16 year-old niece would love the pastel shell bracelet.

  19. Amber Myers

    My daughter would LOVE this bag. She’s into everything kawaii. She’s always telling me how things are “kawaii.” Before I knew what it was, I was like, “What’s that word you keep saying?”

  20. Jessica Taylor

    I bet my daughter would love this bag! Everything in it is super cute!

  21. Pam

    That watermelon coin purse is so cute. I actually really like having coin purses around so I will remember to put change into them.

  22. Heather Johnson

    I think the Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag looks like so much fun! I would love that Oreo keychain!

  23. Esse D

    This is a really cute idea. Little girls love surprises. They’ll love these little bags.

  24. Sandy

    Really cute items. These would make great gifts. My granddaughters would love them!

  25. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I love Pikachu! What an interesting box that is! It’s got a nice variety of things, something for everyone.

  26. Mel

    This is such a cute mixed bag – so much adorable stuff! That Pikachu coin purse is extra cute!

  27. Maurene Cab

    Nice! I think it is a great gift item. It bring a surprise to both the giver and the receiver.

  28. Mimi Green

    The luggage tag is cute, I’ve been meaning to buy one myself. I love fun frames so I would totally wear these glasses.

  29. Milton Goh

    This is so fun! I especially love the adorable Pikachu one! Superrrr cute!

  30. David Elliott

    There is a ton of stuff you got in this bag. That’s so cool. I think my daughter would love all the bags themselves. Not sure why. They are just cute and they are her style.

  31. Jenni

    This is quite a nice bag 🙂 I’m also a Pokemon fan so loving the Pikachu coin purse 🙂

  32. Sondra

    These are some really cute items, the alpaca cardholders are cute. It’s amazing how many goodies you got.

  33. Our Family World

    Those are really great items. I love the key holder/key ring. Let me check their website too. These Blippo surprise kawaii bag would make a good gift for my niece’s who’ll be turning 11 next month. Thanks for letting know about this. The drawstring bag is so cute!

  34. Kita Bryant

    Awwww, I love this surprise bag! I know a little girl of mine would love it too. Adorable items.

  35. Gareth Torrance

    As a massive pokemon fan (yeah yeah, I know) I really like (and want) that Pikachi purse! I wouldn’t use it, but it’d really nice to have haha

  36. Lilinha

    What a great idea for a bag. I love a surprise, so I am sure I would enjoy opening up the Blippo Surprise Kawaii mixed bag! 🙂

  37. Paula Schuck

    OMG this is super Kawaii!! My girls would adore this so much!

  38. Chubskulit Rose

    Those are so kawaii!!! My daughter would love all of these especially the bracelet!

  39. margarette

    That bag is so cute and affordable at £13.08. The price is so worth it with Kawaii goodies in it. My 2 younger siblings and daughter will love to have them.

  40. Yona Williams

    I love mystery or ‘surprise’ bags or boxes like this. I love the packaging that it came in! The Oreo Cookie keychain is something that caught my eye here.

  41. rika

    So many cute items! Sounds like a great subscription box, fun items and very unique!

  42. Rhian Westbury

    I love surprise items like this and it’s such a cute box, the cat at the beginning is adorable x

  43. Baby Isabella

    We’ve got our first Kawaii Box to try and the mixed bag looks amazing! Can’t believe how many items you get in the bag. We love the novelty glasses and it would be perfect for kids and adults x

  44. Anosa

    I love those cutie coin purses! I am sure I will not have any of those if I subscribe for my cousins and friends will get a pick of those items.

  45. Dani

    Everything you received is so cute!
    I particularly like the watermelon purse 🙂

    Dani x

  46. deepesh bajracharya

    wow! it was really cute. i loved the oreo one 🙂

  47. Angela

    Look at all that fun stuff! I love it. My daughter would just love all the pieces. <3

  48. stephanie

    How cute is this subscription bag! My niece would love it all the different bits in this x

  49. Lottie

    The little bag is absolutely adorable! I love the little watermelon purse.

  50. fashionmommywm

    I’ve never heard of Blippo, but this is a super cute bag of goodies that you could easily share with loved ones. I love the sleepy cat and the spray bottle.

  51. Amila Wickramarachchi

    This bag is extremely cute and pretty.I love everything Kawaii.These Kawaii boxes and bags are really a great way to shop for Kawaii items from Japan.I’d love to check!

  52. Joanna

    This is such a great subscription box. When I was younger I used to swap a lot of kawaii items with people from Japan and Korea. The price of the box is so good, definitely worth it.

  53. Savi

    Wow – such cute things. I love each and every one of them. This is an adorable gifting idea too 🙂

  54. Danielle Leigh

    Oh my gosh, these are adorable! Both of my girls would love to get their hands on every single one of these items 🙂

  55. Hey Sharonoox

    Such fun box! I’m a sucker for cute bags and this bag is calling my name. I’m going to check this one out. I like that it’s only $16.90 – that’s a steal!

  56. Katja

    OMG how cute are these! It’s an absolute steal as well! Is it wrong if I secretly want it for myself?
    Katja xxx

  57. Nicole - Miss Sparkle

    They are all awesome. My favourite is the oreo one!

  58. Rhewi Montemayor

    Wow. These are all looks cute and I want them all I’m sure my nieces would love this too.

  59. Blair villanueva

    Omg these are so kawaii! I like that kitty plush toy 🙂 cute accessories to hang to your bag 🙂

  60. Mommy Rockin In Style

    What a super cute haul! From the packaging to accessories. I will definitely buy one for myself.

  61. Sarah @ Raiin Monkey

    I loved reading this post 🙂 This kawaii surprise bag is such a good idea! I used to subscribe to the Kawaii Box and it was lovely! I love the little sleepy cat plushie and the official Pokemon centre item! So adorable 🙂 I also really like the bracelet with the shells on… it’s so cute and pretty.

    Sarah |

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