Posterlounge Review and Giveaway

If there is one thing Ash and I like having around the home is pictures. However we are ones to go for things that match, our walls contain all sorts, from paintings of animals to stamps and prints from favourite TV and films. So when Posterlounge got in touch and asked if we would like to review some of their wall art we of course said yes.

Who are Posterlounge?

Posterlounge are a company specialising in wall art, including movie posters, art prints, photos and graphics. Pretty much all of their range can be printed in multiple ways from traditional poster prints to the use of wood, canvas, acrylic and more, while they offer multiple sizing choices as well. All of their wall art is produced in house, meaning they can make sure it lives up to their high standards, before being sent using fast and secure delivery services to the buyer.

We were kindly sent two different pieces of wall art:

Vegeta Fury

Posterlounge Vegeta Fury

For anyone looking at this and thinking what on earth, this is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z and was my choice for Ash. For the material, I decided to go with Alu-Dibond, something I wasn't really sure as to what it offered. However, it said it was semi-matte and slimline and it seems to offer a way to really show of the different colourings of this picture. It is also interesting to note that this material can be used both inside and out.

Personally, I think the Alu-Dibond worked really well for this piece, it has a lovely finish to it and really allows the colours of the pictures to stand out.

Doctor Who Tardis

Posterlounge Doctor Who Tardis

For my wall art I, of course, had to go with a Doctor Who piece, I thought the old weathered look of the poster would work perfectly on wood and I have to admit I really think it does. The colours take well on the wood but the grain helps bring another level to it which you wouldn't get on a smooth surface.

Overall I am really impressed with both of the prints we received from Posterlounge, they have been really well made and I am looking forward to getting them up properly on the wall soon.

Of course, I also mentioned a competition and the lovely people at Posterlounge have offered up £50 for one lucky winner to spend on their website and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning, is pop over to Posterlounge and let me know:
If you were the lucky winner, which piece (or pieces) of wall art would you buy?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

*We received two prints free of charge.

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  1. Tracy Nixon

    This Chihuahua poster would be my first choice!

  2. Stephanie


  3. emma walters

    the autumn tree 2 is beautiful for this time of year x

  4. melanie stirling

    There are so many I would like but I would choose the Idyllic mountain lake in the Tyrol mountains (Austria) to remind me of my holiday there.

  5. Debbie K Clauer

    I like the raccoon with heart.

  6. Carolle Wieler

    Love their take on Freddie Mercury, great print of an iconic singer

  7. Lucy | Real Mum Reviews

    I love the Doctor Who poster!!! ?

  8. lynn savage

    I’d buy the ‘pretty boy’ David Bowie poster and the happy cactus one.

  9. clair downham

    its all about the spice for my kitchen

  10. Angela Treadway

    Tulips light x

  11. Milly Youngman

    I’d go for a New York City skyline!

  12. leanne weir

    it is all about the spice for my kitchen

  13. Joo Dee

    love Las Vegas so probably one of those!

  14. Margaret Gallagher

    Spoilt for choice
    Something from the CONTRMPORY RANGE -Still trying to decide

  15. Ren Taylor

    I would have to get the My Neighbour Totoro poster for my daughter as shes a fan and i like the contempary posters for my hall x

  16. Annabel Greaves

    I love the dancer

  17. Amanda Baggott

    Rabbit – Mark Adlington

  18. julie henderson

    Skyline Manhattan, New York Fraktal & lternative leia retro movie poster & Vintage star wars movie inspired darth vader art print

  19. Zoe C

    The Botanical Leaves, Mandala Gold/Silver

  20. pete c

    yje Jungle Trail poster would be one of my first choices

  21. Liam Bishop

    My mum loves Monet, so maybe a water lillies print.

  22. amy bondoc

    love the david bowie one!

  23. MM

    My favourite is “Poster My Neighbor Totoro”.

  24. Michael Rattray


  25. Daniel Harrison

    There are some cool Formula 1 posters on the store!

  26. rebecca h

    we would absolutely love this star wars princess Leia poster! we love star wars and Carrie Fisher is a legend Poster lternative leia retro movie poster

  27. Suzanne Jackson

    Love the cats section – particularly love the What?!

  28. DEBBIE W

    My daughter had some Posterlounge vouchers and took about a week choosing there were so many!
    I’d choose something from the watercolour paintings and maybe one of the panoramic photos

  29. Kim M

    Would like The Kiss x

  30. Ashleigh Allan

    I would get a canvas of Weser stadium

  31. Kelly White

    It would be so hard to pick, but it would be a lion one or an elephant one!

  32. laura stewart

    i like the Tulips light

  33. Rebecca Brown

    I’ve had my eye on the guacamole recipe poster for my kitchen for a while now!

    Poster Guacamole

  34. Rebecca Alderson

    I love the look of the cocktail posters like this Zombie one!Poster Zombie Cocktail

  35. Lee Ritson

    I’d get disney ones, definitely the inside out one!

    Poster My Inside Out minimal movie poster

  36. Hannah Scudder

    The Darth cat poster, my son would love it!


    Mother and child on the beach

  38. Amy Dugdale

    Cat with Flowers in the window

  39. Alice Dixon

    I like the ‘the red umbrella’ print

  40. fiona waterworth

    Linda Wright Poster Portrait of a Barn Owl is lovely

  41. Sarah Rees

    I would buy the Northern lights poster, will hopefully visit someday

  42. Lisa Parker

    I love the New York City Skyline with Brooklyn Bridge. x

  43. Caroline H

    Loving I Can Hear Them Fly, Chat Noir and Happpy Together.

  44. hannah igoe

    I like cactus blue, perfect for my office

  45. Jen A

    I’d get my husband The Goku one as he loves Dragonball Z, and I’d get a movie related one,possibly La La Land <3

  46. Kim Neville

    I like the Poster Way to the beach on the Baltic Sea

  47. john prendergast

    I like the Skyline Vancouver Downtown abstract

  48. Helen W

    I’d get the Vincent van Gogh – Almond Blossom on canvas.

  49. Rachel

    Just in the process of redecorating children’s rooms so would choose the Universe print for my son and the Animal Alphabet for my daughter!

  50. Becky John

    Red Poppies In A Cornfield

  51. Jade Hewlett

    I’d get On The Beach

  52. astrid c

    there are so many that are cool, quite like the rabbit

  53. Ruth Harwood

    love the cat meow pic – ‘I am a lion’ it says lol!!

  54. Ellie Wood

    Some of Monets flowers!

  55. Lauren L

    I love the Last Summer Day picture

  56. Laura Pritchard

    The photography ‘Flowers’ & ‘Black sunrise’ posters!

  57. Laura Jeffs

    There’s so many I like, but the first one I’d choose is the gorgeous the gorgeous illustration poster of a fox by Peg Essert

  58. Lorna Ledger

    Poster Portrait Of A Man – love Art Deco

  59. Claire W

    Oh my goodness there are so many i would like! I would choose cherry blossom in bloom, moon rising over the sea, Forex translucent solar and rainbow unicorn pegasus for my daughters room.

  60. Lynsey Harvey

    My fav place in the world….Poster of the Mussenden Temple in co londonderry. Northern ireland. It’s so beautiful. We take the dogs there in the good weather and look out over the beach and sea. Would love this poster for our home ❤❤

  61. claire woods

    Window With A View

  62. Tony Metcalfe

    I’d choose some of the Fan Art posters, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley would be amongst them.

  63. Susie Wilkinson

    I love Exile to a Silent Dance, Silent Whisper, Gothic Fairy, By the Wind and The Silent Scream, there really is some stunning gothic artwork!

  64. Jade Pawley

    I absolutely love the “Poster Watercolor World Map”!

  65. Helen Stratton

    Color Skull in a Hat would be my first purchase.

  66. laura banks

    i like the EXPRESSIONISM prints

  67. cheryl hadfield

    I love the forrest prints

  68. Amy Pest

    dr who poster

  69. claire glace

    Poster Zebra lizard

    Many thanks x

  70. Solange

    I like the New York city skyline.

  71. Christine Lockley

    I love the “Heart Chakra” and would love it for our bedroom, I’d also love to treat my friend to a “Buddha” print for her massage/therapy room

  72. Natalie Crossan

    Some kids posters for my daughters room xxx

  73. Jo Carroll

    I would probably choose some of their amazing photographic prints or maybe some movie posters. x

  74. Teresa Lee

    So many to choose from, but two that I like so far are the ‘Christine Ganz – White Lotus’ and the ‘Yannick Leniger – Chastity’

  75. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson

    A photo of a place I and the children love, so possibly the one called ‘Poster Wales’ which shows the small lighthouse at the idyllic Llanddwyn Island in Anglesey. The diagram posters for the series of European Leaves are also tremendously striking, and would be educational for the boys. When I was growing up, my parents had something similar on the wall next to the dining table, and it was always something to look at.

  76. Laura Nice

    I would love the “your so loved’ poster for my nursery!

  77. Lorna Roberts

    I’ve always been fond of Van Gogh’s ‘Portrait of Joseph Roulin’.

  78. stuart hargreaves


  79. lynn neal

    The Pyramids of Giza because we were lucky enough to visit on our honeymoon!

  80. Rachel Butterworth

    I would choose Winding Road and Ruby Throated Hummingbird Sketch.

  81. Jayne Townson

    I would get the Poster Travel Bug for my son and the Poster Annapurna – Nepal for my bedroom. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  82. Catherine Barton

    Gosh there’s so much choice……I would lose myself in the Acrylic glass Bastei & Lily Stone xx

  83. Isabel O

    I would definitely choose the Harry Potter poster with the quote ‘It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live’.

  84. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    I love Foxes … so i’d definitely get a couple of the beautiful fox ones … the “Wise Fox” one is my fave 🙂 xx

  85. lorraine kirk

    I would buy the Poster Lanimal dans la décoration Poissons for our bathroom.

  86. Bob Clark

    Poster Brigitte Bardot is in St. Tropez again in acrylic glass and Poster No025 My Dr Strangelove minimal movie poster also in acrylic glass

  87. Laura

    I would choose the Bristol skyline poster.

  88. Victoria Thurgood

    I like the Lake Königssee

  89. Mark Mccaffery

    I’d choose one with a skyline

  90. Jason Tolliss

    The Angus Young and a couple of the Star Wars

  91. Nadia Josephine

    Something with Audrey Hepburn as she is my favourite!


    love the night skies OWL

  93. Felicity Smith

    love the doctor who one

  94. Susan Ellins

    Poster Sunrise over The Sea

  95. Margaret Mccaffery

    Liking the Vancouver skyline print

  96. Sarah Mccaffery

    Love the ‘My neighbour Totoro’ poster.

  97. Gary Topley

    New York Skyline would be great. Thankyou for the competition x

  98. Sylvia Paul

    We have just decorated my teenage Daughters bedroom. She loves Wolves so I would get her a couple, the Moonlight Brethren and Winter Wolf family are perfect

  99. Jules Eley

    one of the Flamingo posters for sure, so many lovely ones to choose from.

  100. Robyn Clarke

    I would buy the Canvas World map with animals (english) for my sons bedroom

  101. Lisa Conn

    Poster Canyon from sandstone in the Navajo Nation

    Reminds me of a wonderful US road trip ?

  102. katrina walsh

    I really love the autumn tree – very relaxing to look at

  103. Zoe Payne

    the sky art poster

  104. Rich Tyler

    On The Beach 🙂

  105. Jo Hutchings

    I’d choose Autumn Waterfall on acrylic glass. Stunning!

  106. Kelly L

    I would choose the Doctor Who poster!

  107. Ben Audsley

    I love the Doctor Who poster.

  108. Vicki Weston

    A flamingos fancy for my daughters bedroom

  109. jo liddement

    I love the Meadow of Wildflowers poster

  110. Jemma Dwyer

    i would love a black and white one 🙂

  111. Fiona Rennie

    I love the Pretty in Pink poster

  112. claire griffiths

    i would get some of the owl posters

  113. AMANDA W

    i would order 2 of the ABC ones for my kiddies and then a abstract one for our dining room.

  114. Lorraine Mabbitt

    Poster Three Feathers

  115. Josh

    Love the Dr Who Tardis!

  116. Naz M

    There is so much to choose from, I’d choose a piece of art I like at the bosphorus by Amedeo Preziosi.

  117. Susan Hoggett

    love the “reclining Hirsch” of a Stag

  118. Gemma Holland

    I love the London map

  119. Kimberley Ryan

    I would choose the Disney Mickey Mouse in black

  120. irene gilmour

    Poster Ornate Elephant for my daughters room

  121. Thomas L

    I really like the image of the Fox with the woodland and trees etched into his body.

  122. Megan Williams

    I’d definitely go for a skyline, picking one would be the difficult part!

  123. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    loving the R2DR watercolour!

  124. Gillian Benham

    if I won I would choose the White Pup with Teddy, look’s just like my girl when I first got her.

  125. Susan B

    I would buy Doves in the Sky, Pigeons, A Diamond Dove and a another one of the same name.

  126. simon

    most definately the space posters.


    Dragon Ball Z

  128. Christine Caple

    I would choose the canvas landscape for my dining room

  129. Jo McPherson

    Love the Four Seasons

  130. paul matthews

    It would be Back To The Future, Bowie, Dr Who and Ink Audrey for me! Great selection to choose from!

  131. Kathryn Jones

    Anime / Japenese feel posters for me 🙂

  132. Kevin Cannon

    I would leave the choice to my son as he has better taste than me

  133. Maureen Quinnell

    Paris skyline

  134. Anthea Holloway

    I would choose a Paris skyline or San Francisco skyline picture.

  135. Claire Jacques

    brill prize

  136. angela sandhu

    Poster watercolor

  137. Joanna Ford

    I love this one Poster Abstrakt Nr 102

  138. James Travis

    Doctor Who Tardis

  139. Layla Thomas

    I’d get the Alternative Jimi Hendrix Street Art style for my son for Christmas.


    Like the Summer night on the beach one


    First on my list would be some pieces for my daughters rooms – especially the Thumbelina piece – its FAB

  142. Tammy Stevenson

    I love the Wanderlust poster

  143. louise bailes

    Always loved having posters up in my bedroom as a kid – continuing the trend in our outdoor bar!

  144. Lori McKillop

    I’d get some star wars posters for my son x

  145. Kelly Hirst

    I’d buy some black and white art – love the Audrey dress print

  146. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    One of the hedgehog naturals ones, but I love them all! (@PeanutHog)

  147. Rai

    I really like “mountain tops” which is on their homepage, something about it calls to me. thanks

  148. MichelleD

    I’d buy some posters for my little girl’s room!

  149. Melanie Pennie

    For my partner I’d buy ‘THE LONGEST DAY, 1962’ poster as this is their favourite film, and first choice for myself would be one to do with the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

  150. Dale Dow

    The New York City skyline is definitely my favourite x

  151. Rachael Sexey

    Abstract deep blue ?

  152. Christopher Read

    I like the Tom & Jerry Duck Doctor film poster

  153. donna l jones

    I like the raccoon with heart.

  154. Kat Allinson

    I would order the Love you to the moon andback print to start with

  155. Elisa Trueman

    I love Little Flower it would look beautiful in my lounge, perfect colours ?

  156. Adrian Bold

    I’d go for a New York City skyline

  157. Demi Hale

    I don’t know, there are too many to choose from, maybe something botanical? 😀

  158. nicky pearce

    the New York City Skyline with Brooklyn Bridge.


    love musical art and images like


  160. jennifer jackson

    Some cat pictures

  161. Lisa Houston

    id choose from the skyline

  162. greig spencer

    the raccoon with heart.

  163. carol boffey

    i like the new york skyline

  164. James Donovan

    My son loves Dr Who, i would have to get him Poster DR. WHO alternative movie art

  165. Angela Kelly

    I love so many of the cat prints, but especially this one: Poster Seven Kitten

  166. Erica Price

    The zebra lizard poster

  167. Rachel Craig

    Do More of What Makes You Happy Poster.

  168. janine atkin

    id choose some of the cow pictures

  169. Fiona Johnstone

    Love the landscape ones. Particularly the sunsets.

  170. Julie Camm

    I think I’d choose one of the impressionist ones, but it’s a hard choice!

  171. Aaron Milne

    Love the Doctor Who poster !

  172. Nancy Bradford

    I’d love to have “Almond Blossom” and “Undergrowth with two figures” by Vincent van Gogh hanging in my living room.

  173. Stewart Biddle

    Love the berlin at night picture

  174. Rebecca Powell

    I love so many of them, I wouldn’t like to choose now!!

  175. Leanne Perrett

    i would love to get a nice lighhouse print to go into my bathroom i have just decorated and i would also love to get baloon over bagan to go into my bedroom if i still had anything left then soething nice for my hall would be great 🙂

  176. Caroline Anne Bellamy

    some of the childrens one – maybe transportation, or some of the other vehicle ones

  177. Julie Hogg

    It would definitely be one of the landscape waterfall ones …so nice

  178. Marie Rule

    I would buy the Autumn forest backlit with sunshine and yellow autumn leaves

  179. Marie Powell

    Love the Dr Who and a few from the love range, also the bull from the living room range, hard to choose as there is so many great ones

  180. champaklal Lad

    some of the places I have been to and flowers and maybe animals so many to choose from

  181. Scott Fallon

    I like the Pulp Fiction minimal movie poster

  182. paula cheadle

    Poster Darth vader watercolor style art print

  183. Simone Griffin

    I’d love the Darth Vader water colour print x

  184. Ali Fanstone

    I love the quote ‘There are just some songs that make you want to beat zombies with pool sticks’ from Sean of the dead, we have an a4 picture that I printed from the computer but if there were a poster that would be awesome

  185. Rebecca roberts

    So much choice I love the raccoon with the hears

  186. Vicki-Anne Smith

    I’d pick the Peter Pan movie poster and The Walking Dead posters!

  187. Janine

    Love your doctor who..If I had to choose probably something from the abstrat collection..Or it all

  188. sarah fielding

    I would definitely go with the sailing boat poster – would look amazing!

  189. Sarah Parker

    the doctor who poster 🙂

  190. Emily Hutchinson

    I love the Dr Who poster too!

  191. Rebecca Hadfield

    I love the dr who poster!

  192. Ruth Wollerton

    I love the Skull posters they are so RETRO and cool. Thanks for the chance xxx

  193. Hayley Pemberton

    kiss me in the rain

  194. Natasha Hoey

    Ive been looking for a picture for my living room for such a long time now. This would be perfect. Poster Sunset at the lake with a plant

  195. Ems

    The “you are so loved rose” poster

  196. Liam Woodbine

    Anything from the art nouveau range! Love it.

  197. Victoria Prince

    I would buy the Night Horses one 🙂 and after that I’m not sure – so many difficult decisions!

  198. Charlotte Boyle

    Amazing pieces

  199. Sarah Wilson

    I would choose liberte in canvas – it’s gorgeous!

  200. gemma hendry

    id want the my fairytale castle print for my little princesses bedroom

  201. Fiona jk42

    I’d use some of the £50 to buy my son’s girlfriend a B&W Beatles photo poster, and for myself I’d probably get something classic such as The Great Wave of Kanagawa.

  202. jackie curran

    I would buy some London themed prints, I like the tower bridge ones, map of London and Mary Poppins London .

  203. sharon martin

    i think i’d choose poppies and tenby harbour ones to start with

  204. Laura Lee

    I would love to get something for my boys room, I have 3 boys aged between 3 and 8 so would love them to pick something that means something to them 🙂

  205. Oksana Fitzgerald

    Window With A View

  206. Tammy Neal

    Doctor who tardis xx

  207. Stephanie

    Doctor who tardis


    There are lots i love but my first buy would be the – Poster Arctic Wolf – we visited a Wolf sanctuary in Washington State USA in August and although we have always loved them fell in love all over over again x

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