Pebblewise Sunshine Box Subscription Box Review
Monthly Subscription Boxes

Pebblewise Sunshine Box Subscription Box Review

Last month I was kindly given the chance to try one of Pebblewise Sunshine Boxes, a monthly subscription that is aimed at bringing a bit of sunshine into the recipient's life. I won’t lie February is often a bad month for me and it has actually been really hard and while I've tried to take some me time, I am, at the moment still suffering quite badly, but I thought perhaps getting back and blogging would help.

So for me, this box arrived at just the right time to offer me a pick me up that I really did need.

Sunshine Box – February 2017

Pebblewise Sunshine Box inside of box with quote, paper rose, fondue set and tea

The first thing that greeted me about this box was how bright and colourful it was, everything inside was wrapped in yellow tissue and the bright sunshine, next to the quote on the lid, really made me smile.

The fact each item included was wrapped up meant it really felt like a gift had been sent to me.

What was included inside Sunshine Box?

This particular box contained 5 items to try and help give you a bit of a boost and life.

The first was a box of Pukka Three Tulsi, now while I drink a lot of breakfast tea I have to admit I don't really venture into herbal or fruity ones. This one, however, sounds really interesting, the tea contains three types of tulsi (or Holy Basil as India calls it) which help sweep away the clutter, uplift the spirits and inspire you onwards. Which to me makes it sound like the perfect tea for my February.

Pebblewise Sunshine Box fondue set, tealight, chocolate and sticks

For anyone who likes chocolate this fondue set, which included chocolate, fondue, skewers and tea lights are the perfect February present. Personally, I'm stuck between marshmallows or strawberries being the “must have” to go with this.

Next up on the list was a beautiful fizzing bath bomb, now I struggle with having baths (thanks, mobility), but I've found the next best thing is to sit with my feet in a bath bomb infused water and then I at least get to enjoy them to some degree still.

Pebblewise Sunshine Box small yankee candle, paper flower handmade and bath bomb

To relax and unwind in the evening one my favourite things is a candle. This votive candle from Yankee is in Lovely Kiku, which is a mix of rejuvenating chrysanthemum blossom and warm vanilla.

Last but by no means least is this beautiful folded paper rose from Carmy Chameleon on Etsy. This is perhaps my favourite part of the box as it is handmade; I can definitely see this being used in future blog photos.

Overall this is such a lovely box, I think the meanings behind the candle and tea, show a lot of thought has gone into the making of this box, as do the bright happy colours used for wrapping.

If I was looking for a box to send to someone as a pick me up, this would definitely be top of my list, while I'm definitely very tempted to sign up for myself as well.

If you fancy trying Pebblewise Sunshine Box yourself or sending it to someone you know, head on over to their website now, where the box costs just Β£15 per month (including postage).

What do you think of the sound of Sunshine Box, is it a subscription box you would like to try yourself?

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  1. Margaret gallagher

    Looks amazing
    Perfect to put a smile on my face always

  2. Lynne Harper

    This looks like a great buy, agree the bright yellow colouring makes me want to smile. The fondue set looks fab, always a chocolate craver. I would be delighted if this landed on my doorstep, very well thought out x

  3. Jodie Whitham

    I like that it’s a subscription box to cheer you up. I’m the same as i only drink breakfast tea but always keen to give something a go! Lots of little luxuries though. Hope March is a better month as we come into spring πŸ™‚ x

  4. robin Rue

    I love this box!! Look at all the fun stuff that was in there.

  5. tara pittman

    Pukka makes wonderful tea. I love their lemon ginger the best.


    This is a really good idea, I love subscription boxes!!

  7. hannah

    This looks like a great box. I like how it has yankee candle in it

  8. Ana De- Jesus

    I would love to try the Pebblewise box, so sorry to hear that Feb was a bad month for you, so far March has been the same for me so this sunshine box is much needed to make me feel better xx

  9. Helen

    I love subscription boxes. This one looks great. I was expecting it to be way more then Β£15!

  10. Hayley Colburn

    Its a very lovely idea, I wouldn;t subscribe myself but it has given me inspiration to maybe make something like that myself to cheer someone up when they need it

  11. Amber Myers

    This box looks fabulous! I’d love that fondue set.

    That bath bomb looks fun too!

  12. Shirley

    This box looks amazing, perfect to put smile on your loved ones.

  13. Rhian Westbury

    This is such a cute box and it’s nice to get something through the post just designed to make you smile x

  14. Ladies Pass It On

    I am yet to try any subscription boxes can you believe! I love how diverse they are becoming though, this one is very cute!

  15. nicol

    i would be so happy if i received this! fondue in a box, yes please!

  16. Stephanie Merry

    I love the idea of chocolate fondue set! The whole box looks lovely to be fair though. I love how there are so many different subscriptions boxes on offer now x

  17. Jemma

    This definitely looks like a little bit of sunshine in a box…mmm…chocolate fondue! πŸ™‚

  18. Elisha Fernandez

    February can be rough. I love the fondue set and the herbal tea. We make a lot of herbal tea in our house for cramps, migraines, and sometimes to just de-stress.

  19. chei

    oh this is a great box! I love the idea of it.

  20. Rachel

    What a really cute idea for a box and something so thoughtful too x

  21. Tanya Brannan

    What a lovely little box. It really is full of sunshine and I would be over the moon to receive something like it! I love Yankee Candles, so add that with the bath bomb and the chocolate and its a total winner!

  22. Helen

    I love the idea of this box, everyone could do with a bit of sunshine to brighten their month up. That’s a great way to use bath bombs if you can’t manage to get in and out the bath too.

  23. Ron Leyba

    Love subscription boxes! This one looks really cool! Impressive!


    I love the name of the box. The mini chocolate fondue looks really good.

  25. Anna nuttall

    This subscription box look amazing and what a great little package. xx

  26. Nayna Kanabar

    What a lovely cheerful box and all the items in it are so nice too.

  27. melissa major

    Looks like a very nice box, I like the name too! So many great items I like everything

  28. Keely's Nails

    You had me at chocolate fondue! I love how it’s all wrapped up too.

  29. Toni Jones

    I love this box, I love anything that helps with rest and relaxation.

  30. Jay Simms

    I have never heard of this box, but it sounds amazing! This mom could sure use some rest and relaxation.

  31. Leah Lander-Shafik

    I really love subscription boxes and I love the idea of one that makes you smile! Great review x

  32. Megan at Lush to Blush

    Aww, I’ve never heard of this before! I really love the idea of spreading some cheer this way πŸ™‚

  33. Kusum

    Never heard of this but looks like something I would love! The tea looks really good.

    xx, Kusum

  34. Elizabeth O.

    I would have to agree! It is such a lovely box and it’s nice to send this to loved ones who aren’t feeling great lately. It’s also perfect for some me time.

  35. Dannii

    I love how bright it is – that would really brighten up my day. As well as the contents πŸ™‚

  36. Hayley Warren

    This looks like such a great box, I hadn’t heard of it before now!

  37. Ashleigh

    Ah, such a cute subscription box. Perfect for those days where you really need cheering up! Thanks for sharing Sarah πŸ™‚

  38. fashionmommy

    It’s such a lovely idea, a little bit of sunshine coming in the post. Love that rose too.

  39. Amelia Larsen

    I love the idea of this box! The chocolate fondue set is standing out especially to me, I’d definitely go for marshmallows!

  40. Karlyn Cruz

    What a cute and unique subscription box I totally love the three tulsi. I’ll check it out.

  41. Tina Gleisner

    I love getting a surprise box or letter. It’s the experience of opening it that makes the difference for me, and thinking about the person who sent it.

  42. Fatima Torres of MTME

    The Sunshine box looks like an interesting subscription box. I love when subscription boxes offer simple, everyday items you come to love.

  43. Beth Owen

    It looks fab! Something I would be interested in. The price isn’t too bad either.

  44. maria han

    This is absolutely looks great! I want this and so interesting for me.

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