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Ox Pasture Hall: Luxury for all in Scarborough

There is something amazing about getting away for a night and there is something extra special about being able to spend that night in the lap of luxury. Ash and I were recently kindly invited to spend a night at Ox Pasture Hall a luxury Scarborough hotel, which has all the features of a luxurious night away without the feeling of being out of place, in fact it is one of the most welcoming, relaxed and homely places I have ever stayed at.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

We were lodged in one of Ox Pasture Hall's luxury suites and I can quite easily say if I didn't have to I would never leave, the room includes all you would need for a night or two away from home including the ability to make hot drinks (tea lover in the house here – so always important), a safe, 2 robes, a fan and toiletries in the bathroom (with more available by just asking at reception). As well as the little touches, our room included a lounge area with TV and phone, the bedroom included another TV alongside the most comfortable super king size bed I have ever slept in.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

The bathroom was like none I have used before and included a walk in shower, a large bath and two sinks, with the best taps I have ever seen.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

After getting settled into the room we headed down to the bar area for one of Ox Pasture Halls afternoon teas and what an afternoon tea it was.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

This delicious platter included a selection of sandwiches (ham, cucumber and egg), the most wonderful warm scone which had a choice of cream and jam to go with it all followed up by a small selection of cakes and washed down by tea or coffee.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

I was surprised how filling the afternoon tea was and so we headed out to take a look around the beautiful grounds that surround this Yorkshire hotel.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Ox Pasture Hall has 17 acres of gardens which you are free to walk around, due to my limitations we stayed close to the hotel and wandered around the gardens that are either beautifully presented or in the process of being landscaped and I would love to go back and see it all once it has been finished.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

My favourite part of the grounds just has to be the pond, it is surrounded by small benches which are beautifully held up by squirrels, if there hadn't been quite such a brisk wind I would have been tempted to grab a book and spend most of the afternoon sitting by it reading.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

The pond itself is home to ducks and geese and is guarded over by a couple of stags.

A path leads all the way around the pond area and across onto some grass land, Ash was fascinated by the piece of old farm gear which sits on part of the grass and I loved playing spot the farm animals in the fields which surround the grounds.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

You may notice in the above post that their are some paw prints on the ground – Ox Pasture Hall is completely dog friendly, the only place they aren't allowed is into the restaurant, but for those fur parents who don't want to leave their pooch alone they can eat in the bar or for breakfast have it delivered directly to their room. I wish we had taken Sal!

The rest of the afternoon we spent between our room and the bar, I have to admit I'm one of those people who isn't often found sitting in public areas on holiday, often finding them uncomfortable for some reason – however I found the bar at Ox Pasture Hall so friendly and relaxing, and their tea was accompanied by sugar cubes which kept Ash happy.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

You book in your dinner slot when you check in; and what a dinner you are served with! It's a three course meal + soup appetiser, with a choice of al a carte or bistro menus which can also be mixed and matched.

Ash and I went for a mix of the two menus and we both agreed it was one of the nicest meals we have ever had. Ash is a fussy so and so when it comes to steak, he likes it well done with no red left on the middle but without the outside being burnt something which very rarely happens. However the chef at this Scarborough restaurant got it perfect first time.

The deserts were delicious and the presentation of all courses was well thought out.

After dinner we had another quick stroll around the grounds before heading to the bar for a drink and a chat with some of the other guest (we even made friends with a gorgeous little dog).

The room was extremely comfortable and I personally slept like a baby and while we did attend breakfast the next morning, both of us were very full from the previous night so didn't each much (though as the previous two meals we had enjoyed it all looked scrumptious).

Perhaps most surprising off all is Ox Pasture Hall is located just 3 and 1/2 miles from Scarborough town centre and the beach.


So as long as you can pull yourself away from the luxury of Ox Pasture Hall there is so much to enjoy nearby.

Ox Pasture Hall is situated in gorgeous surroundings and has some of the most welcoming staff I have ever come across – it is a hotel both myself and Ash would love to visit again in the future and in fact didn't want to leave.

What do you think of the sound of Ox Pasture Hall Hotel would you like to visit yourself?

*We were given a nights stay in return for the piece.

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  1. Chantele

    Oh you lucky thing, it looks lovely there and the food looks amazing!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  2. Amber NElson

    How beautiful! It definitely has a relaxing feel to it!

  3. mburbage

    Wow that place looks amazing ! That would be a great vacation spot to relax

  4. Catherine S

    This looks like a fantastic place to stay. All the food looks yummy and I love the idea of afternoon tea.

  5. Kellie Faggle McIntyre

    Looks amazing-really relaxing!

  6. Jeanine

    Wow looks like a really lovely, quiet and peaceful place to stay! I wouldn’t mind a night or two there!

  7. Pam

    This looks like such a relaxing getaway. The food looks great too especially that afternoon tea.

  8. Lindsey Stuart

    This would be my dream vacation right now, away from the town and in to the country, Beautiful looking place

  9. clare nicholas

    It looks and sounds amazing – I bet you really relaxed and had a lovely time

  10. Janell @ Saving You Dinero

    That place looks amazing! I would never want to leave my room.

  11. Toughcookiemommy

    These suites are luxurious and beautiful. I would love to enjoy an environment like this one.

  12. Cass@frugalfamily

    What an amazing place to stay – everything about it shouts luxury x

  13. Debbie

    Oh wow! What a wonderful place. Great to see the quality of food met the quality of the accommodation. Feeling a little gutted we moved quite so far away from Yorkshire now 🙂

  14. Rachel

    It looks absolutely wonderful and relaxing, not to mention amazing looking food x

  15. Claudia

    I sounds like a place I would absolutely pay a visit to. Lucky you 🙂

  16. Ness

    What a fabuous looking place. I love the fact that the rooms have a proper lounge area in them.

  17. ashleigh allan

    Wow looks amazing – especially the afternoon tea!

  18. Clare Mansell

    Oxpasture Hall looks lovely and the food looks delicious. I think that one of the best things about getting away, even for a night is that is that you can totally switch off and you never have that feeling of “I should just do the ironing” or “I must just quickly finish doing X” – Looks like you had a great time!

  19. Mama to 5 BLessings

    What a lovely place to stay. It looks so quaint and peaceful there!

  20. Ninjacat

    This is a place that i would very much love to stop in

  21. Jaime Oliver

    we have driven past this place a couple of times and often say we will book as we travel to Whitby and Scarborough all the time .. it looks even better inside than i thought

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    Wow this looks gorgeous – love that bathroom and the food looks great. It’s going on the must-visit list!! 🙂

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    Looks very relaxed and that afternoon tea sounds divine. I used to work in Scarborough so it holds a special place in my heart.

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    Oh how serene. Take me there now, please!

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    Would I? You bet I would! It looks stunning.

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    Oh, I love places like this, I think everyone should have on their bucket list staying for at least one night in a hotel like this and enjoying all the treats and pampering!xx

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    loving the scenes and the views and also the look of those gorgoeus cakes x

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    This place looks amazing and relaxing 🙂

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