Jewellery Shopping Made Easy with Bradbury's
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Jewellery Shopping Made Easy with Bradbury’s

One thing I love doing is shopping at family businesses. However, sometimes we walk past shops, or see them online and not always realise that is exactly what they are.

Stores like Bradbury's the Jewellers may fall into this category. With a strong high street presence in Halifax, West Yorkshire and beautifully designed website, you may fail to realise they are in fact an independent family run business.

Bradbury's Packaging

For them, it is all about customer experience as well as offering a huge range of beautiful products.

They offer a huge range of bespoke diamond jewellery, among other things and if you are shopping instore for engagement or wedding rings you can do so while sipping on a nice glass of champaign.

As a store, they are partnered with some well-loved companies such as;  Michael Kors, Couer de lion and Clogau.

That is without mentioning the adored Links of London and it is from their collection they sent me this beautiful bracelet.

Links of London Box

Bradbury's The Jewellers

I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again. I am a sucker for packaging.

Put something in a pretty box and pay attention to those details and you have me hooked from the get-go.

Bradbury's are a company who do this.

Links of London Cubist Double Row Silver Bracelet

From the moment I opened the box, I knew something special was included. Black tissue with scalloped edges and bubble wrap surrounded the tied with a bow Links of London box inside.

I felt like they cared about the product reaching me in the best condition possible, which of course made me feel like they cared about me as a customer.

It isn't often I feel this way, but I feel like if I needed to order something directly to a friend or family member as a present, I could be confident in the knowledge that it would arrive feeling and looking like a present.

Links of London Cubist Double Row Silver Bracelet

Bradbury's The Jewellers Website

As someone who doesn't live near Halifax, it is via the website I've come to know Bradbury's and I have to admit it is a very easy to navigate.

Jewellery can be searched by type or brand, pages load quickly and everything is displayed with bright pictures, to help you with your buying process.

Reviews are available where they have been left by customers. While delivery and returns policies are clearly viewable on each item.

Links of London Cubist Double Row Silver Bracelet

Links of London Cubist Double Row Silver Bracelet

I couldn't finish this post without giving a quick nod to this beautiful bracelet.

This sterling silver bracelet features two rows of alternating brushed and polished cubes lined up a delicate chain with a spring clasp.

Links of London Cubist Double Row Silver Bracelet

I have to admit it is a bracelet that could be worn at anytime, but it to the office or for a night out on the town. It is going to accessorise any outfit with ease.

If you are on the lookout for jewellery I most definitely recommend checking out Bradbury's the Jewellers.

What do you think of the sound of Bradbury's, do you like the bracelet as well?

I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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Jewellery Shopping Made Easy with Bradbury's

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  1. Robin Rue

    What a lovely bracelet. I am going to have to check out their website so I can pick something out for myself.

  2. Alli Smith

    I also love shopping at family-owned businesses. The bracelet is beautiful and I always appreciate it, even more, when the packaging is on point.

  3. Karen

    I love that piece. I’ll have to give Bradbury’s a look. I have a few people on my list who would love a nice, simple piece like that.

  4. Amber Myers

    How pretty. This is such a lovely gift idea. This bracelet can go with so many different outfits.

  5. Melissa

    This is the best bracelet because it goes with everything! I love Bradbury jewelry because it is great quality. Makes a nice gift!

  6. candy

    What a beautiful and different, unique piece of jewelry. My husband makes jewelry and loves to find independent businesses like this to explore and shop in.

  7. Jeanette

    This looks like a beautiful bracelet. Something that my mom would probably really love for Christmas. Thank you for the idea.

  8. Anonymous

    Your bracelet is so pretty. I have to check this site out. It looks like they have so many amazing pieces.

  9. Farrah Less

    That bracelet is so pretty a perfect gift for my sister since she loves jewelry. I read a lot of reviews about Bradbury they have good selections of jewelry in a reasonable price.

  10. Melissa Chapman

    I wish all my shopping could be at the small family oned busnesses. They are unique and that bracelet shows real attention to detail that only someone who cares would give.

  11. Cristina Petrini

    I like this bracelet because of its tennis style but still very casual and simple … minimal, yet elegant!

  12. Emily Leary

    This is a lovely bracelet and it would make a great gift. I am always keen to support a family business. I’ll be checking out their site!

  13. Jessica

    What a stunning piece of jewelry! I also love that it is a family business, I love supporting them!

  14. Florence Olufemi-Ojo

    This was such a beautiful read took me a while to realise you were doing a review for them. I have not heard of them prior to this but feel confident to go and have a look at their products after your review. I recently started my own business and I would love to be able to have some of the qualities this brand. Thanks for sharing! And the bracelet is beautiful too

  15. Hannah Wood

    I have always wanted to try Links Of London as they have some amazing items and do like the look of this one super cool as a gift too.

  16. Tina Andrews

    Very special indeed. I wish I would have known about this jewlery store when I lived in Northyorkshire. the bracelet is so beautiful, I may have to order one… Love it!

  17. Rebecca | AAUBlog

    the bracelet is so lovely, and as you say, versatile for when you can wear it. The packaging looks so pretty too 🙂

  18. Rhian westbury

    This is such a beautiful bracelet, definitely a good pick from Links of London x

  19. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    That is such a beautiful bracelet. I love the unique design. I agree with you that it can be dressed up or dressed down easily.

  20. Dennis Littley

    Packaging really sets the tone for what’s inside. The bracelet is really beautiful! I’ll have to share this with my wife. I think she would like this.

  21. Heather

    What a great bracelet! I haven’t purchased any jewelry in so long. It’s nice to learn about new companies!

  22. Summer Mitch Ryan

    I love jewelry! Since having two children my buying power has lessen tremendously. What a lovely bracelet!

  23. Gladys Nava

    Wow! I am totally in love with that beautiful bracelet! It looks a perfect gift for my mom! Love it

  24. Monidipa Dutta

    I am a Jewellery person but I love simple ones. I guess I can try out their products.

  25. Kacie Morgan

    Bradbury’s sound like a really reputable jeweller. I really like the bracelet you picked out!

  26. Flyingkids

    Simplicity is beauty, these jewelries are perfect examples of that cliche. They are unique yet they’re simple. They are really nice. What a fun post!

  27. Marysa

    What a beautiful bracelet! I love the design, and although it is simple, it is so eye catching. I will have to check out Bradburys, as I haven’t bought jewelry in a while.

  28. The Frugal Samurai

    “Wow some of these pieces are stunning”, said MrsFrugalSamurai, “I wonder if they have an online store?”

  29. Stephanie Parrell

    Very unique and pretty piece! Simple and elegant!

  30. Alyssa H

    I LOVE Links of London!! I bought a bracelet from them years ago and have loved it so much ever since. And that bracelet you got is so, SO beautiful!

  31. All She Things

    That is an elegant piece of jewelry, I must say! Glad you found a place where you can get what you love!

  32. Super Busy Mum

    What a unique looking piece – so pretty!! I’ve never heard of Links of London before either, so I’ll have to have a look-see!

  33. Demi Perera

    Gosh these pieces are stunning. Totally with you on the packaging; really important when it comes to jewellery.

  34. Kiwi

    The jewelry is packaged so nicely. I love dainty jewelry thanks for sharing the Bradbury brand!

  35. Ricci

    That bracelet is gorgeous!! I love a good simple design that also makes a statement!!

  36. Rosey

    It’s so wonderful to receive a lovely piece for the holidays. It’s wonderful to give a lovely piece too! And you’re right, you want it to be delivered looking like a gift. So very nice!

  37. Diana

    What a lovely piece. I can see that easily being a staple in someone collection. It’s very unique and I love the style.

  38. Charlotte

    i love the watches with the bees on from bradburys!

  39. Lianne

    Ohhh this bracelet looks lovely!! I used to be a huge fan of silver pieces but I’m loving rose gold now!

  40. Michelle Murray

    Oh wish I had of knew about this sooner as I’ve just bought some jewellery for my mum for Xmas.

  41. Dena Jayne

    Ooo that bracelet is stunning! So different and delicate x

  42. Jennifer Gladwin

    That’s a gorgeous bracelet! I have to admit, I’m a sucker for packaging too!

  43. Ami elizabeth

    I always think the packaging of a product says so much about the brand you buy it from! That extra bit of care taken makes all the difference doesn’t it? It’s a beautiful bracelet x

  44. Jess Howliston

    I love shopping from and supporting family businesses too! That bracelet it so pretty, I love that its simple yet elegant and eye catching at the same time!

  45. Samantha

    Very interesting bracelet. Looks like it will match a lot of outfits.

  46. Echo

    I love when companies put extra care into their packaging. That is a lovely bracelet too!

  47. The Global Gypsies

    This is gorgeous ! I love the packaging too !

  48. Susie Wilkinson

    I’d not heard of Bradbury’s before, but it looks a great website, and I’ve been trying to find a reliable online jewellery shop, I’ve had a few disasters!

  49. Chloe T

    The bracelet is wonderful very unique! I love Jewellery. xx

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