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Inlight are a company I had heard of and tried a couple of small sachet samples, I was interested in their ethics and the passion behind the brand. So when I was contacted and asked if I would like to try something from their organic skincare range I of course jumped at the chance.
Inlights organic skincare is steeped in a long history of scientific knowledge, diligent research and an innate appreciation of all things natural.
Born from the friendship and professional relationship between the Centre for Homeopathic Medicine in Naples (CeMON) and medical doctor, homeopath and herbalist Dr Mariano Spiezia and his wife Loredana who are pioneers of organic skincare in the UK.
Each unique Inlight formula has been developed by Dr Spiezia based on 30 years of research and medical practice. It goes through a manual production and product development process which is led by Dr Spiezia himself and supported by the experts at CeMON laboratories.
From the heart of the Cornish countryside Dr Spiezia and his team pour passion and expertise into each and every product they create.
All Inlight products are certified organic by the Soil Association.
I was given the choice of items I would look to try and after umming and arrring for a while I decided it had to be their organic foot& leg balm I do suffer with dry skin on my feet so I couldn’t pass up the chance to try an all organic treatment on them.

inlight organic foot & leg balm
The foot and leg balm is a restorative cream with the goodness of..
Hazelnut Oil – intensely nourishing and astringent
Plantain & Calendula – to promote scar healing
Witch Hazel – to protect veins
Cypress – astringent, promotes vein tone
Rosemary – stimulates blood circulation
and many others.
To use you are told the best way is to message the product into the skin well, paying great attention to dry and cracked areas of the feet, when using on legs message in a circular motion.
The balm it’s self is soft to the touch – I have to admit when I first opened it and saw the top layer smooth and shining I thought it would be hard balm and stuck my fingers in with a bit of force to give it a good prod – that taught me, although not hard it is not as soft as a cream, when used it has a greasy texture though it is easily massaged into your skin leaving it feeling nourished and soft.

inlight organic foot & leg balm
Having used this balm for around a month now nightly with no other cream on my feet I am pleased to say they are looking lovely (well as lovely as feet can), I suffered with blisters badly a few weeks after a lot of walking (more on that coming soon) and where as they would normally take ages to heal, less than a week later there was no marks to been seen, now I don’t know if this had anything to do with the balm or not – but I found it interesting so thought I would bring it up.
The smell is of course natural, which I have to admit I do like – if you’re one that isn’t too into natural scents and like more processed things you only really smell it when opening the tub once it’s on the skin it dissipates so it’s really not a factor to put you off.

inlight organic foot & leg balm

This gorgeous foot and leg cream is available to buy from the website and costs £30.50 for 60ml – I have to admit when I first looked at the price I thought eek would I really pay that but just taking a moment and thinking of all the components that go into this whole company all there product are certified organic, all have been meticulously formulated by experts in their fields and are made in England using a manual production process (if you want to see more on the production process please view the video below). That is a lot of fantastic features on top of a really great product that for me has worked amazingly so yes I would definitely keep feeding my feet with this balm.

Have you tried any of Inlights products, what do you think of them?

*PR Sample

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  1. M. Russell

    I like the sound of these products being so natural without overpowering frangrances but the price is out of my range!

  2. Sarah Bailey

    It’s always the problem with these things isn’t it :(. If you get the chance to try though jump at it. xx

  3. jean cave

    Seems expensive at first glance but actually this balm goes a really long way, as you only need the tiniest bit. I too have dry skin on my legs. This stuff works wonders.

  4. Glyn Winchester

    After having my foot and leg in a cast for nine weeks–it was pure yucky to say the least when the cast was removed. I scrubbed it all at a friend’s house and put some body cream on–it didn’t penetrate it at all. Luckily next morning my order of Inlight Organic Skincare Foot and Leg Balm arrived just in the nick of time! One blissful application and massage of its aromatic lushness was all it took to banish the leather/snake/elephant skin!! The foot having been broken in two places and temporarily screwed, is quite swollen–the mid-calf, plated, is rather sore. The foot and leg balm has also helped to sooth the inflammation I do believe! I also think it will be great for scar fading! While recuperating with the cast I had treated myself to the Body Butter which is divine as well. I used that on my toes sticking out of the cast when they began showing signs of neglect and it worked a treat as well. The jar of foot and leg balm does seem a high price, but when you realize its concentrated nature with no added water it is a very good deal–as with all Inlight Organic Skincare products a little goes a very long way!

  5. Laura Carroll

    This sounds lovely…my feet are in a right state at the minuter so I could definitely do with some! I’m not sure I could stretch to that price though 🙁

  6. Sarah Bailey

    It does doesn’t it. I would rather pay more for something that lasted and worked than something cheap that was gone in no time. x

  7. Sarah Bailey

    Hope you are back up and about in no time :(. Sounds like you have been through the mill with your foot / leg! So good to know that it works wonders in all sorts of situations. x

  8. Sarah Bailey

    Could you pop by a bit at a time for a little while then treat yourself maybe? xx

  9. Glyn Winchester

    Thanks Sarah!! Just took the dogs out for their first walk with me in ages and all is good!! Leg and foot still looking and feeling smooth and ready for action with the foot and leg balm. I really think it is helping with the swelling!! I look forward to reading more of your posts!! xxoo

  10. Sarah Bailey

    Bet it felt amazing to take the dogs out, I adore the times I have the energy to Sal out I hate having to rely on others. It’s great to hear others stories on these things as well. Lovely to know it works for a multitude of people. I really hope you enjoy my other posts lovely to have you as a reader 🙂 Xx

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