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Guest Post: What They Don’t Tell You

Happy Wednesday all! Today I bring you the lovellllyyyy Bex from Futures this girl is well amazing – she's kept me sane on many crazy nights and has become one of my best blogging friends. If you ever see us having a mad chat feel free to join in – they only get sillier ;).
Today she's taking you down the road of ‘What They Don't Tell You' About kids… Featuring her gorgeous little guy Jack.
*Babies have no qualm about embarrassing you in front of a large number of people. Jack has thrown up, filled his nappy, thrown a tantrum and just generally done embarrassing things in front of plenty people – and he finds it funny!
*Pulling other women's tops down is acceptable. See boobs, they must come out, right? Unfortunately, my friends didn't agree. Likewise, if they look like a good enough landing spot, babies will use them for   vomit target practice.
*They do love cuddles – but your hair, being pulled out of your head strand by strand, is far more interesting and funny.
*Just because they are sleeping through now, it doesn't mean this will last. Not by a long shot. Says she, woken up the night the clocks changed within the hour after just climbing into bed after a night shift. Babies have no concept of time, if they deem it playtime, no matter how hard you protest, they will still think it is.
*You always used to say you were tired before babies. Now you know what tired feels like.
*Even though this post is about what people don't tell you about babies, you will still find that the world and his wife will want to tell you everything else, even down to the downright disgusting stuff you didn't want to know about their child.
*Finally, the one thing they never tell you about having a baby is just how much you will love them. I mean, how would you describe it? But I do love that little man above so much, even when he's having the biggest tantrum in the world because he's mine.
What is the one thing you wish people had told you about having children?
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  1. Esther James

    That  you will never ever get rid of your jelly belly!

  2. Sarah Bailey

    Lol your all putting me off ever having kids hehe xx

  3. Nicola Eld

    It’s probably bad that I can relate to this a lot because I share my uni flat with three guys who all lovingly refer to me as ‘Mumsie’, not because I have a baby. 😛 

  4. Nicolthe pickle

    Oh boy! I can relate to this. So many things. Just take the time to breathe. You have a new born. She doesn’t crawl yet; it’s ok if you didn’t sweep the floor. 

    And a full nights sleep, remember that? Neither do I.

  5. Reader

    Hehe, you got to love babies! 😉

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