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The Best Flower Subscription from Freddie’s Flowers: Review

I do love a monthly subscription box, there is something exciting about getting a surprise through the post every month and one thing I have been doing a lot of lately is trying different subscription boxes to try and find a box that offers something I love each month. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to try out the weekly flower subscription from Freddie's Flowers and as someone who does love a bunch of freshly cut flowers in the home I of course said yes.

Freddie's Flowers

Freddie's Flowers Monthly Flower Subscription:

Before I agree to anything I always like to have a good look around the website and on Freddie's Flowers, I found beautiful pictures of bunches of flowers alongside the cost of £22 a week. Knowing how much flowers can cost for a full and beautiful bouquet I was left wondering, could this company live up to their photos with such a price point?

How are the flowers packaged?

Freddie's Flowers are sent in a large box, via courier, with the instructions that all boxes should be laid flat throughout their journey. If you find yours aren't given to you flat, you are asked to report this to the company. Personally I had no issues with my delivery the box was in pristine condition and handed to me flat.

Freddie's Flowers

What did the Freddie's Flowers bouquet include?

One of the first things I noticed when I opened the box was the information sheet, which is so detailed. As well as telling you about all the flowers included, it also gives you tips on how to best display them, the best type of vase to use and how to make them last for as long as possible.

My bouquet included the following: 
Creamy Lizzies.
Eucalyptus – Baby Blue.
Avalanche Roses.

Freddie's Flowers

What did I think of my Freddie's Flowers Bouquet?

Honestly, I was really impressed by everything, from the way it was packed, to the information included and of course the finished look of the bouquet, though I admit I am no florist I really think they look quite nice arranged in a mishap way in the vase.

I am seriously thinking about subscribing to this service myself, I love the flowers I received and for £22 I really think they are great value for money, when compared to what you can get for that price for other businesses. The only thing stopping me is I'm not sure I could afford £22 a week, if I could set it to be a once a month delivery, I would be signed up already.

If you wish to find out more about Freddie's Flowers or are thinking of subscribing yourself, just head on over to their website where you will find out more about them.

Plus to get 50% off your first two boxes use the code: LBDFF which is valid until the end of October.

What do you think of the sound of Freddie's Flowers, is it a subscription you would like to sign up to?

*PR Sample.

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  1. robin rue

    I love, love, love fresh flowers in my house. I love how the wonderful smell fills the entire house. That’s a beautiful bouquet you have.

  2. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    What a lovely arrangement! I love the smell of fresh flowers. I’ve never heard of Creamy Lizzies before, are they the minty green flowers in that arrangement?

  3. Alli Smith

    Fresh flowers add such a finished look to a room and they certainly give a pop of beautiful color! What a great subscription box – fresh flowers every month.

  4. Amber Myers

    These are such gorgeous flowers! They’re a great deal too. I always like to have flowers in the house.

  5. Joanna

    I love fresh flowers so a subscription flower service sounds like such a good idea. The flowers you got are so pretty, I agree the price for every week is a bit much but the option for once a month would be great!

  6. candy

    This is one way to always have fresh flowers on hand and decorating our home year round.

  7. Natalie

    What a great way to treat yourself or a loved one as a gift. Flowers can really brighten anyone’s day.

  8. Andrea

    This is really cool, I didn’t know flower subscriptions existed. I mean we are living in a time where now subscriptions for just about anything exist. I have to admit I really like this one. I love having fresh flowers around. It brings my mood up, helps me feel great.

  9. mydeliciousmeals

    I learnt something new today ) I finally know that the flowers I have in my front-yard are sedums. It’s so nice to have some fresh flowers around you all the time…

  10. Stephanie


  11. Anosa

    The flowers are absolutely gorgeous and love the idea of the sub box but weekly is a little too much for me especially for £22

  12. Jeanette

    This is something I know my mom would like. She loves anything to do with flowers and I think it would be fun for her to have a monthly subscription box for flowers.

  13. Michelle Gwynn Jones

    I love the smell of fresh flower and how pretty they are when arranged. I have a cutting garden.

  14. Anne Yedlin

    What a great thing this is! There is no other way to brighten a day than with flowers! It doesn’t look like this is available where I am though. Sure wish it was though, I definitely would love to have flowers delivered.

  15. Elinor Hill aka Beach Hut Cook

    A sub box of flowers sounds wonderful and would always brighten up a room and make you feel so happy.

  16. hannah

    This looks great. I have a friend who loves flowers so will recommend this to her

  17. Pam Wattenbarger

    This sounds like a really cool subscription. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love getting fresh flowers.

  18. Ali - We Made This Life

    Beautiful flowers, a great idea for fresh flower lovers, it makes it so much easier when they get delivered to your door

  19. Claudia Krusch

    I would love to try a flower subscription. I think it is a fantastic gift idea. The flowers look so pretty.

  20. Jen Temcio

    I love ivory and pink together in floral arrangements. This one is really pretty and I think a flower delivery subscription is the best idea yet!

  21. Mimi Green

    Flowers subscription box is a great option. There are so many people that love flowers and enjoy having fresh flowers in their home. I’m not that girl because I’m allergic to flowers. My mom loves them.

  22. Denay DeGuzman

    What a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers! I’d love one of these to grace my kitchen counter each and every week. 🙂

  23. Sincerely Ophelia

    The flowers look absolutely amazing! I would love to use them for flatlay photos!


    NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  24. Sapphire Kharyzma

    Freddie’s Flowers sounds like they have such fresh and awesome floral arrangements. I think I will check them out and buy my mom some flowers.

  25. Lavanda Michelle

    I love fresh flowers. I then to add them in addition to faux on really take my decor to the next level.

  26. Liz Mays

    Wow, your arrangement was just so pretty! I love the flowers they went with. This sounds like such a lovely service.

  27. Jean

    This would be a fascinating idea to send for my pregnant sister! It will make her mood happy.

  28. Margaret Gallagher

    They are gorgeous
    Hopeful someone will send me some

  29. Dogvills

    They do look like beautiful flower arrangements! I love fresh flowers. It uplifts my spirits and brightens up the room! However, I agree with you. At this point in time, I think the price is pretty steep for me to have flower bouquets delivered to me weekly.

  30. Patrick

    Do you think they would send catnip if one ordered it from Freddie’s?
    22.00 a week is a price I couldn’t do as well,that is pretty steep for flowers.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      The price for the bunch is really good value, I’ve paid much more for bunches of similar quality – I would definitely pay it if I could set it to come less often than once a week.

  31. Jack Jaleby

    Very nice article about flowers and packaging thanks a lot

  32. Anosa

    I just share this to my colleague and he got an idea of subscribing then having the flowers sent to her girlfriend. Sweet, isn’t it? Not sure though if he can keep up with the frequency and price.

  33. Chrissy Faery

    Such beautiful flowers!! They look very good quality too! I wouldn’t get flower subscription for myself, but I think it would make such a beautiful gift – a gift that keeps on giving! <3

  34. Kara

    I love getting fresh flowers and the idea of a subscription is a great gift idea. Do they last well?

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I’m on day 7 now and they still look really good – I’ll update the post when they begin to fade with timing (they wanted a quick turn around so couldn’t last them out before posting)

  35. Rhian Westbury

    I do love having fresh flowers in my flat, but I do find that I only buy them when I know I’m going to be in a lot x

  36. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I’ve heard a lot of different subscriptions and I never expected a subscription for flowers. The flowers look amazing and this would be great for surprising your loved ones with.

  37. Helen Costello

    Those roses are absolutely exquisite. £22 seems very good value for that quality of bouquet but I know what you mean about spending that every week. I wonder if every fortnight might be more doable?

  38. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    These flowers are so beautiful. I would really enjoy to receive flowers like this on a regular basis. What a wonderful idea!

  39. melanie

    What a great idea to receive flowers on a subscription basis, especially if you are in need of a good cheer up 🙂 x

  40. Jessica Taylor

    Those are beautiful! I am a sucker for a good flower arrangement!

  41. Rani

    What a great ide! I love flowers and getting some in the post every week seems like a dream!

  42. Kitty

    Fresh flower subscription sounds great…. I would love get subscribed to it 🙂

  43. Aishwarya Shenolikar

    A week to start with new flowers! That must be refreshing! I loved how nicely they’re arranged too!

  44. Kita Bryant

    Those flowers are more gorgeous than ones I’ve paid much more for! They are beautiful and it sounds like I will be checking into this company.

  45. Ana De- Jesus

    I really love the idea of a flower subscription service and it sounds like a great way of brightening up your home. A great idea in autumn especially x

  46. kirsty

    I’m really impressed with the speed and the information they put in to tell you about looking after the flowers and the types you had. That’s really cool. I think once a month would be more affordable but you can’t go wrong with a pretty bunch of flowers x

  47. Lucy | Real Mum Reviews

    Love the idea of a fresh flowers subscription! Flowers definitely make a house feel more like home!

  48. katrina downie

    I loveeeee fresh flowers… I hate having to find somewhere to park and getting them home without my son pulling off a head in the back seat so this is the perfect solution. i want i want i want someeee

  49. Terri Beavers

    Fresh flowers are the one thing I feel is a necessity to splurge on. I’m single but I love them so much so I buy them often because they make me happy. I’ll check out this flower subscription.

  50. Hey Sharonoox

    I love the scent of fresh flowers in my home. I like this idea of a box subscription and that it’s convenient.

  51. alice lightning

    everybody love flowers stunning arrangements fills your heart with joy to see

  52. Kiwi

    I would love some fresh flowers. I would love to see how long I could keep them alive and then press them into a book.

  53. Emman Damian

    I love the arrangement. The flowers also looks fresh. Can’t wait to try their service.

  54. Dannii

    These flowers are beautiful and this is such good value too. It’s always nice to have a house full of flowers.

  55. Nikka Shae

    You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers being delivered to your house! I love this arrangement.

  56. Amy Deverson

    The flowers look lovely. It would be so lovely having them delivered to you freshly too 🙂

  57. Nichola - Globalmouse

    Oh I love the idea of a regular delivery of fresh flowers. I’m with you and would prefer a monthly version but these look beautiful and a great price.

  58. Tanya

    This sounds like such a good subscription box! I love that they seem to have thought of everything like what vase to display them in, and that they take feedback on the delivery procedure

  59. Olivia Thristan

    This is a lovely idea to brighten up your house, super easy getting them delivered too all of the hard work is done for you 🙂


    Their flowers look lovely. I didn’t know there were flower subscriptions – that’s such a lovely idea! That’ a great offer 50% off is a substantial amount.

  61. Sarah Burns

    Not much beats fresh flowers for lifting the mood – these look lovely x

  62. Joanna

    I like how they take good care in sending the package and making sure that it’s flat all throughout the journey. The flowers are so pretty!

  63. Tanya brannan

    I love fresh flowers in my house and so this subscription sounds like a great idea. Sadly I couldn’t afford the £22 a week 🙁

  64. Baby Isabella and Dawn

    We agree Sarah, if they did it as a monthly subscription we’d be interested. Not sure we could justify £22 every week. Flowers for us sadly is just special occasions x

  65. Yaya

    What a lovely selection of flowers. The bouquet is gorgeous, but I do agree that £22/a week is not affordable for many. Thanks for sharing a great discount code, though! x

  66. Super Busy Mum

    What a GORGEOUS bunch of flowers! We need a little bunch of pretty blooms on these cold, grey days, don’t we!

  67. Ashleigh

    I am not too interested in subscribing to beauty boxes, but a flower delivery service sounds amazing!!!

  68. Debbie

    I love fresh flowers in the house and these look so pretty!

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