Cross Star Wars Click and Jotzone Journal Set - Darth Vader

Cross Star Wars Journal Set – Darth Vader from Pen Heaven

Not so long ago, Ash and I were wandering around a store. Ash is someone who loves a good notebook he and came across some Star Wars sets, it was obvious that he wanted to add them to his collection. However, with his birthday and Christmas not being too far away I suggested leaving them for another day.

So when the lovely people at Pen Haven, popped into my inbox the other week with news of their release of the Cross Star Wars selection, I knew I had to ask if it was possible to grab Ash a review set. Kindly they said yes and it wasn't long before a beautifully wrapped parcel arrived at our door.

Don't they wrap their presents well?

Cross Star Wars Journal Set – Darth Vader.

The Cross Star Wars range includes a selection of pens, journals and sets which all feature a number of loved characters from the Star Wars saga. Including; C-3PO, R2-D2, Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. Ash, of course, went for Darth Vader.

Cross Star Wars Click and Jotzone Journal Set - Darth Vader

This beautiful set includes a Cross Star Wars Click Ballpoint point, in black ink. This particular pen includes the new click feature from Cross, which allies the ease of writing offered from a rollerball with the convenience of a ballpoint.

Cross Star Wars Click and Jotzone Journal Set - Darth Vader

The journal has a leatherette cover, expandable inner pocket (placed to the back of the journal), 160 lined pages of 100 gsm acid free paper and is A5 in size (21 cm x 15 cm).

Cross Star Wars Click and Jotzone Journal Set - Darth Vader

As something Ash had wanted for a while, he was really excited to get his hands on this set and thankfully it exceeded his expectations when it came to overall quality and usability.

I think we both feel as though it will offer up a great gift idea for Star Wars fans or of course a nice treat for yourself should you be in need of a rather interesting looking journal set (I am sure it will get a few people asking your just where did you get it).

Cross Star Wars Click and Jotzone Journal Set - Darth Vader

The Darth Vader Cross Star Wars Click and Jotzone Journal Set comes in at £55, while the journal or pen alone come in at £30 each. You can of course get all of these items over on the Pen Heaven website, where you will also find all sorts of stationery items.

What do you think of the Darth Vader Cross Star Wars Click and Jotzone Journal Set, do you know a Star Wars fan who would love one?

*PR Sample.

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  1. robin rue

    OMG I need one of these!!! I am such a huge Star Wars fan and of course Darth Vader is the BEST villain of all time.

  2. Dina Demarest

    What a beautiful pen and journal set. This would be a great gift for my hubby and my son.

  3. Alli Smith

    We are all huge Star Wars fans at my house! This is such a great gift idea and Cross pens have always been my favorite pens of all.

  4. john prendergast

    that is a nice journal

  5. Sandy N Vyjay

    Star Wars memorabilia is always fascinating. To have Cross pens with Darth Vader inscribed is definitely something I would fancy.

  6. Super Busy Mum

    Whoa, this is an epic gift for any Stars Wars/Stationery fan!!

  7. Amber Myers

    I just adore this set. I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars. This would make a great gift for a Star Wars lover.

  8. Christy Maurer

    That would make such a great gift for a Star Wars fan! We all love the Star Wars movies, so this would be cool to have.

  9. Bradley Allen

    I’d like to say this would make a great present but I think I’d rather just buy it for myself!

  10. mydeliciousmeals

    Wow, that would be a perfect gift for my son. He is a huge fan of Star Wars!!

  11. Jeanette

    About my half my family would love this. Most of my family love Star Wars and something like this would be a perfect gift for them at Christmas.

  12. The Jedi Wife

    This is amazing! I’m a Star Wars fan and even married a Luke Sky Walker, hence my own blog name! I definitely need to look into these, although I’m leaning towards R2-D2!

  13. Milton Goh

    This is definitely a great gift for Star Wars fans! Darth Vader is seriously an iconic character! I’m not very knowledgeable about the franchise and its lore but this character is just that famous!

  14. five little doves

    Ooh this is fab! My son would love this for Christmas, as would my husband!

  15. candy

    If any adults are Star War fans this would be a wonderful gift to give. I can see the surprise on their faces.

  16. Patrick

    That was very thoughtful that they sent Ash a set as well!! That made me a Pen Haven fan straight away! May the Force Be with You always.

  17. Jen Temcio

    This pen is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to check out their site and see what else they have!

  18. Emily

    This is so cute! I have a son that loves anything Star Wars, I am getting a Christmas list together and I know he would love this, it would be a great stocking stuffer!

  19. Pam Wattenbarger

    This is a beautiful pen and journal set! This would be a great gift for any Star Wars fan. I know quite a few people who love Star Wars.

  20. GiGi Eats

    And I think I just fell madly in love. I love handy-dandy notebooks and this one takes it to an all new level of AMAZING!

  21. Michelle Gwynn Jones

    A Darth Vadar pen, okay that’s cool and I know a fan who would just love it.

  22. LaToyia Dennis

    LOVE THIS! I would love to have one of these….my son would too.

  23. Cheryl

    Well I know what I’m getting my son for Christmas!

  24. Rose

    It’s very nice and with the leather it’s has a very sophisticated look to it. I know he was happy with this gift. What a great Star Wars gift for other fans.

  25. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    Cross makes beautiful pens. I didn’t know they made journals. This would be a great holiday gift.

  26. Amanda

    My family used to own a high end pen boutique so I know personally how great Cross pens are. And together with a Star Wars gift set? The perfect gift for a fan of the Force!

  27. Andrea

    Cross has the best pends. I love giving the as presents to friends of mine who like to have nice looking pens around. I also really like the leather.

  28. Sapphire Kharyzma

    This set looks like it would be the perfect gift! I know a few Star Wars fanatics who would appreciate this!

  29. Franc Ramon

    I am a star wars fan and also love cross pen. This would really make a great journal as well as a collectors item.

  30. Kim

    Cool set for all of those Star Wars fans out there! Would make a great gift for someone!

  31. rosemary palmer

    Don’t gasp – I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie. But this set looks like something I would use.

  32. Vy Nguyen

    Wow, it looks cool. Star Wars is my favorite movies. I love writing in my journal as well. I want to have that journal.

  33. Jacqueline

    Oh this is something I want! I am a Star Wars fan. I haven’t seen all the recent films and I may not in the future. But the first two films were such epic films for its time that they hold a special place in my mind. Also my birthday is now officially Star Wars Day, May 4th be with you 🙂

  34. Rebecca Smith

    Ash is so lucky, this looks lovely! Think Steve and Jack would love it themselves!

  35. Rani

    I would have never guessed star wars would have such classy pens and journals! Lol

  36. Kitty

    Wooo this sounds interesting… It would make a lovely gift for all the star wars fans this christmas 😀

  37. Dawn McAlexander

    That would be perfect for someone that I know for Christmas. I will make sure to add it to the list.

  38. Gareth Torrance

    Oh man, I need one of these in my life! It would be so cool to sit in a meeting with this in front of you!

  39. The London Mum

    What a great gift for a star wars fan! I’ll make sure to get my xmas gifts ready early I think 😉

  40. Anosa

    What a gorgeous star wars set, I am loving both the pen and the journal, definitely will be checking it out

  41. Elodie

    OMG, I’m going to need this! I write this in my favourite Star Wars PJ set by the way. Ha!


    That’s a very lovely planner. I might just keep it instead of using it.

  43. Krystle Cook

    This looks like it is amazing. We love Star Wars so this would be a hit for us. Plus the way it arrives is so adorable!

  44. Ashleigh Allan

    Looks a fab set

  45. Jenny

    My husband would love this! Although I must admit I do love a good notebook myself. I’m obsessed with stationery!

  46. fiona waterworth

    my son in law is mad for star wars, have to see if this would make a good present

  47. Blair villanueva

    Wow this is an impressive journal 🙂
    Perfect for fellow Star Wars fans! And the pen looks cool 🙂

  48. Cristina Leau

    I think this will make a great gift. I love all those geeky stuff, and my husband like Star Wars, so I think I found a part of him Christmas present.

  49. Emily Leary

    To say my husband is a Star Wars fan is putting it mildly, and he always has a notebook handy, so this might be the perfect gift!

  50. Ali - We Made This Life

    How great is this, I know a few Star Wars fans who would love this as a gift.

  51. Lucy | Real Mum Reviews

    It’s so great to see a stylish set for a Star Wars fan as opposed to the plastic tacky stuff. Looks amazing x

  52. Jason Tolliss

    Might have to treat myself for Christmas or an early birthday present

  53. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Oh my gosh … that is absolutely lovely!!! The geek girl in me is totally crushing over this journal. I know many friends who would love this as much as I do too. Can’t beat a lovely Star Wars journal set to keep track on activities and lifestyle.

  54. Kara

    My star wars mad Hubby and teen would adore this. A great stocking filler

  55. Margaret Gallagher

    Looks amazing
    Perfect for my nephew
    Would encourage his writing
    Win win for us

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