Estarer Women’s Laptop Bag Review

Being a blogger my laptop is very important to me.

What's more, it is often on the move with me. There are days when I go and see my parents, but I know I need to grab 30 minutes of work time so in the car it goes. Of course, when it comes to holidays it is always popped in the car as well just in case as well.

Estarer Womens Laptop Bag in red

So I am always looking for ways to keep it safe when the time comes to take it out of the home.

Not so long ago I was asked by Estarer if I would like to review and giveaway one of their laptop bags and I, of course, said yes – I mean you know how much I love a giveaway.

Made of PU Leather (synthetic leather) and lined with nylon. This laptop bag has been built to accommodate a 15 – 15.6 inch laptop, alongside room for other essentials.

Estarer Womens Laptop Bag in red

It offers a main compartment, perfect for holding your laptop, mouse, charger and perhaps a few more items. While to the front there is a small pocket to the bottom, which is closed by a popper, this has an area for pens as well as keys.

It comes with both handles and a strap. However, the strap actually isn't that long, there is no way you could get it across your body and as such I would only want to carry it for a short distance on my shoulder.

Overall I can see this bag being useful for carrying my laptop to and from different situations, offering more protection than the bags I currently use.

Estarer Womens Laptop Bag in red - alongside my laptop

As someone who doesn't go out daily, I cannot comment on how it would hold up to the daily grind of a commuter lifestyle. However, for someone such as myself, using it as and when it is definitely going to work well for.

I can't post this and not comment on the RRP price on Amazon which is £116.99, I think as with many Amazon items this has been exaggerated, there is no way I would pay that much for this bag. I feel the price it is actually selling for is much more realistic. If you would like to see more of the Estarer range you can, of course, check them out on Amazon.

Estarer Womens Laptop Bag in red

Of course, I mentioned earlier in the post I also have a bag to giveaway! So how can you be in with a chance of winning an Estarer bag of your choice (check the range out here)? Well, all you need to do is let me know using 8 words or more:
In which situations do you think this laptop bag would come in useful for? 

Win an Estarer Bag

Good Luck!

I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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Estarer Womens Laptop Bag Review


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  1. Robyn Clarke

    I am in the process of starting a new blog, I think this bag would be great for taking my laptop with me when we go on holiday so I could write while I’m away.

  2. Andrea A

    This laptop bag would come in useful when travelling on long train/ferry journeys.

  3. Solange

    I’d use it to carry my laptop to work.

  4. iain maciver

    my wife would love this

  5. Cath English

    I’m self-employed and need to carry my laptop to client meetings regularly. I find a handheld one really hurts my back and I need something much more sturdy. I also like to work in coffee shops so this would be ideal to just transport my laptop around easily.

  6. Rosie

    This is really nice. And I’m checking out the others on Amazon, so many and really good prices! Amazing find!

  7. Lyndsey

    This would be useful for when I start uni in September


    This is such a smart and stylish bag, no one would even know it was a laptop bag, so you carry it around everywhere you go!

  9. Leanne Hansell

    This bag would be useful for taking my laptop to and from work.

  10. Ann Marie Gould

    This bag would be amazing for traveling especially on public transport

  11. Susan B

    Mostly for working while travelling on the train but it is so stylish that I would be tempted to use it as a handbag, too.

  12. Annabel Greaves

    This would be a great bag for travelling x

  13. Dean T

    My partner lives on her lappy so this would make her happy being able to carry it around looking swish

  14. Joo Dee

    ideal for travelling for me, looks comfy, hands free and stylish

  15. Bec Jones

    I think this bag would be great for carrying my small laptop and other paraphernalia. So I think I could get away with out needing a handbag. I like that it doesn’t look like a laptop bag.
    Bec x

  16. Kim Murray

    Would love to win for my daughter x

  17. andrea tinkler

    I have a small laptop and tablet which would fit in ideally. love this. very feminine and so much nicer than most i have seen

  18. Stewart Smith-Langridge

    This would be just right for my daughter who lives and works in London and has to lug her heavy old laptop around

  19. Kim Neville

    Would be very useful when travelling and keeping it safe

  20. Sandra Fortune

    These are fab bags I could use this not just for my I pad but my other things I carry as well make up and phone I could get all sorts in one

  21. Tracy Nixon

    When travelling on holiday or by train!

  22. Susan Smith

    Would be perfect for every day use, and especcally when going away, would keep my laptop safe

  23. Angela Treadway

    i regularly visit my dad so would use it for that x

  24. Sylvia Dixon

    Ideal for all my holidays, this would be perfect and a very secure way to look after my laptop and all my essentials securely when going through all the trials and tribulations of airports and travelling.

  25. Cat

    Ideal for working on the go!

  26. Sue McCarthy

    For work or when visiting my Mum or hospital visiting.

  27. Iona Cornish

    When trying to work out results for sailing events

  28. Maria

    Love the colour of this bag!

  29. Ashleigh Allan

    For taking on holidays and on the train

  30. Margaret Gallagher

    Would love to keep for myself but feel my neice off to university in September would benefit so much more – shes a style QUEEN – need i say anymore

  31. Jade Hewlett

    I love the bag! It would come in useful for work.

  32. Karen Barrett

    Perfect for when I am travelling home and abroad

  33. melanie stirling

    This would be perfect for taking my laptop on holiday or days out.

  34. Karen Hughes

    great for taking my laptop to work and my laptop is red as well!

  35. Andrea Fletcher

    This bag would be great for travelling on long train journeys.

  36. Suzanne

    This would be great for going to and fro from Uni

  37. pete c

    for carrying your laptop in when you have to go away from your workplace for meetings

  38. Danielle Cresswell

    This would be great for when I’m working from home and go and sit in a coffee shop xx

  39. Lindsey Stuart

    This bag would come in very handy for trips away, I always take my laptop with me a bag would be perfect.

  40. Tracy B

    It would be useful for meetings where I want to look stylish but still want my laptop to be protected, but where I’m not having to lug it around all day.

  41. Helen Best

    Very handy for those fabulous essentials

  42. Theresa

    Perfect for my travels!

  43. Caroline

    This would be so useful, especially for my daughter for university

  44. Rachel Craig

    Would be useful for when traveling e.g. via train. As wifi available, so laptop can be made use of during the journey. Bag useful for storage, and transportation of laptop.

  45. Penny Lane

    I’m always running between meetings and events so this bad would be so useful as it’s practical but also stylish!

  46. Kay Surtees

    Function and elegance, love it.

  47. Emsey Loftus

    What a great bag, plenty of space and pockets and I love the red, never had a red bag. You can tell its built to last too.

  48. Elzbieta Znyk

    I used laptop a lot and I like to take when I visit friends or sometimes to work, this bag would be perfect for me, it is very stylish.

  49. Laura Jones

    when travelling to see family will keep it safe and handy

  50. Dale Dow

    For me a lot of times as I always take my computer to my Mum’s when I go so I can do all her admin to I would be using it twice a week when I go there x

  51. Valerie Seal

    I’d always use it when travelling, but would be really useful on flights.

  52. Keith Hunt

    just the thing for my teen on very long coach trips

  53. Colin A Smith

    Pointing out bad points makes this review seem honest rather than an advertorial promotion.

  54. Pam Francis Gregory

    Mainly when out and about, however would be very useful when visiting MIL

  55. Sophie Roberts

    It would be great for when I’m travelling on the train for work!

  56. Debbie Finnerty

    A laptop bag is great for me it means I can get on with work out and about when my son is at his groups etc

  57. Geri Gregg

    Would be useful to travel with

  58. Kim Carberry

    This is gorgeous! It would be perfect for my teen. She needs to carry her laptop around now that she is going into the last year at school x

  59. Catherine Stewart

    When I go away on business trips and to meetings.

  60. Laura Lee

    I would use it to take my laptop in and out of work, I work in a pack away Pre-school and sometimes I need to use the laptop in a quiet area as my normal computer is within the 0-2yrs unit so very noisy as you can imagine!! At the moment I just carry it in and out again but this looks like it would keep it safe and look stylish my fingers and toes are crossed

  61. Theresa parker

    I do supply teaching…learning support…I can be in as many as 7 schools in one day …I have to keep all my data and learning plans on laptop…thus this would be really handy for me as the bag I have is truly on its last legs😊

  62. Hannah Wallington

    This would be great for trips away

  63. Sarah Morris

    Would be useful when we go away for our laptop to get safe

  64. Emma Peach

    This would be great for taking my laptop to work, or for travelling.


  65. Mellissa Williams

    I’d love this bag to keep my laptop protected as I travel a lot

  66. Phil Darling

    Great for my daughter going to uni in September

  67. Christine Taylor

    Blogging conferences and Events springs to kind – it would be perfect for those x

  68. Karen Lloyd

    This bag would be perfect for business meetings, looks great but can carry everything I need.

  69. Fiona K

    I would use it for my daily commute and for heading to meetings

  70. leanne weir

    This would be great for trips away

  71. Ms C Bryan

    When travelling or general commute

  72. amy bondoc

    i always take my laptop on holidays or weekend trips, this bag would be super handy and i can carry it in style!

  73. Marycarol

    Gorgeous bag and would be perfect for travelling

  74. nicola dean

    When on holiday

  75. Kathleen Marsden

    I travel a lot on public transport so this would definitely come in useful for me

  76. tim poole

    Everytime my girlfriend asks…”Where’s my laptop?” and I can reply…”It’s over there in that lovely new Estarer Women’s laptop bag” 😁

  77. Karen Morgan

    This bag would be really useful to have easy access and storage for my laptop when I’m flying home to visit my family

  78. Rebecca Brennan

    Useful for carrying work laptop!

  79. Kelly Glen

    This would be ideal to use everyday because i could fit so much into it and it would be very handy.

  80. Rich Tyler

    Be super useful on trips away, great storage

  81. Laura Williams

    It would be perfect for travelling and work conferences.

  82. Simon Tutthill

    It would come in really handy when I go on holiday

  83. S.Otoole

    Great bag with good storage

  84. Carrie H

    Client meetings. I have a rather utilitarian canvas messenger bag for when I need to take a laptop along – I know I need something a bit smarter and more professional looking!

  85. Pauline Hill


  86. Maria Blythin

    this would be great for days out and travelling

  87. Lynda Jones

    When travelling especially abroad, when you have to take your laptop out and show it separately (such a pain) I take my laptop everywhere with me so this bag would be ace

  88. Jo Hutchings

    I’d use it for traveling between different work offices as it’s much nicer than my work issue laptop bag.

  89. Jo m welsh

    Would be great for my niece who starts uni in September

  90. Rebecca Sutton

    It would be so useful for work, as im in and out of the office with my laptop.

  91. Sarah Birkett

    WE are getting new laptops at work in a months time, they are also issuing the most horrible black boring bags for them so this would be amazing

  92. Jade Bremner

    I meet up weekly with my friend and we both take our laptops so we can blog, we swap ideas and just generally help each other out. It would be great not having to try and force it into my handbag lol

  93. Karen R

    My daughter would love this so she could take her laptop to college xx

  94. Kathy Cakebread

    this will be good for travelling

  95. Helen Tovell

    For when we have trips that include an overnight stay somewhere

  96. Zenath

    When I have to go to meetings and have to carry my work laptop

  97. Anonymous

    when we go away, to give the laptop some protection.

  98. Theblondedxll

    Would definitely use this for college! Could easily keep my laptop protected and carry it around no problem.

  99. Sarah Rees

    Taking my laptop to work, it would look fab

  100. Sarah prescott

    A great travel bag.

  101. Mark Johnson

    Would be great for my wife to use at work

  102. Angeline Gregory

    I work as a babysitter so it would come in really handy on the nights I’m working so I could take my laptop round for when the children are asleep.

  103. Lorna Ledger

    Gosh all sorts as it has loads of space and compartments, I would use it for work, as I use a laptop and have lots of stationary

  104. stacey turner

    Travelling somewhere, holidays, to see friends, or just to keep it safe at home

  105. Kate Fox-Pope

    for my long train journeys when i need to get down to work

  106. Angela Robinson

    Would be fantastic for work

  107. Helen Moulden

    I think when I’m travelling. I always struggle to keep my laptop secure in my current travel bag!

  108. Vikki Sanderson

    Getting out the house to go and find somewhere quiet to study!

  109. chloe brill

    when i go on holiday

  110. Charlotte G

    It would come in handy for me to carry my laptop round when I go away on holiday or go for weekend breaks

  111. Kelly Lee

    The bag would be fabulous for taking your laptop everywhere

  112. Stephanie Coals

    Would be great to use to carry my laptop between home and university

  113. charlotte

    it would be great for doing work outside of the house!

  114. Sharon powell

    This would be useful when my youngest goes to preschool in September and I plan to go to the cafe to work.

  115. Elaine Stokes

    be perfect when i need to take my laptop to work, or meetings

  116. Anonymous

    For Travelling as mine usually get squashed into my hand bag si having its own Would be fantastic

  117. Jay MacInnes

    We’ve been to visit relatives this weekend, and as I ttok my laptop to do some work while I was there, this would have been perfect!

  118. Natalie JonesCARRY

    Carrying a laptop.

  119. lucy beckett

    i use my laptop alot for my business so this bag would be great on the go!

  120. Sophie F

    Be great to fly with

  121. Tina H

    I got a promotion at work and I start in September. I was the only female candidate and it’s a very make dominated industry, so I’m really thrilled. I’ll be travelling a lot between sites so this would be perfect to take my laptop in.

  122. Michelle Ferguson

    It would be handy for my holiday so I could take my laptop

  123. Emily OMara

    whenever I go away for business, what I use at the mo is not ideal. plus this is so stylish!

  124. richard hill

    a beautiful looking bag and so very useful LOVE the colour

  125. Laura Turner

    Thos would be great for my commute to and from work, especially if I know I’m going to be going on any kind of dinner date or evening function afterwards. Dead classy.

  126. maria

    It would come in handy for my business conferences as I lost my laptop case

  127. Anonymous

    This would be great for journeys to my friend’s later in the year, so I can keep my laptop safe in a crowded train!

  128. Sarah Fielding

    This would be great for taking my laptop to university, i haven’t found a nice bag that fits it so far!

  129. Lynn neal

    It would be great for keeping my laptop sfe when we are travelling because I like to have it with me!

  130. Joanne oneill

    everyday commute to work

  131. Lorraine Mabbitt

    Going on plane, the bag doesn’t look like it has a laptop It so less likely to be stolen.

  132. richard scholfield

    When I’ve forgotten the wifes’ birthday present.

  133. Christina Palmer

    This bag would be ideal for when we go on our next caravan holiday

  134. Sarah Austin

    This would be great for travelling between meetings

  135. Tania Atfield

    Useful for travelling on trains, to hotels, holidays lots of situations

  136. Jayne Townson

    I think this would be really useful for my daughter to take with her when she goes to uni, thanks.

  137. Melissa Lee

    This would be perfect to use when travelling. My laptop always feels clunky in other bags so to have its own bag would be perfect.

  138. Susie Wilkinson

    I go on a lot of courses through work, and it would be great to be able to take my laptop in a decent bag rather than in my backpack, which is too small for it really!

  139. Jacqui Kelly

    I’ve been having to visit my parents a lot more recently, so a bag like this would be ideal for carting my laptop and other bits and bobs with me.

  140. Julie Winward

    Great bag just what I need

  141. Christine Sutherland

    To take my laptop on holiday

  142. Julie Edwards

    I love this bag! Would be perfect for me to put my laptop in for staff meetings. Think I would be able to fit the agendas in too!

  143. Natalie Crossan

    For my laptop to work and back transportation xxx

  144. Emma Beckett

    I user a laptop for work so this would definitely be more stylish than carrying around a plain black bag

  145. jacqui rushton

    To keep my laptop safe when travelling on long journeys

  146. connie danielson

    awesome bag! I t would be handy for work and traveling!


    I stay at my friend’s quite a lot so this would be fantastic as I am always having to borrow Mum’s case so I can take my laptop with me.

  148. debbi ruskin

    This would be great for when I take my son out

  149. Christine Lockley

    I am that sad person that takes my laptop everywhere so this would be great (and stylish too) to take away for weekends, holidays or even a long commute


    On holiday as some airlines are being more strict, Would share it with the family

  151. Karen Lloyd

    This laptop bag would be great and stylish way to carry my laptop to and from work.

  152. Danielle Spencer

    This laptop bag would come in useful when we travel, I often go without my laptop and need it, this would give me the opportunity to take it with me to keep up to date with friends, family and my blog.

  153. janine atkin

    id use this for both work and home. i often have to take my laptop with me

  154. Alice Dixon

    It would be so useful for when I’m travelling on the train and often take my laptop/tablet

  155. Maria P

    When you are commuting and you need to carry your laptop in a bag twice a day

  156. claire woods

    I don’t have a laptop but wonder if I could use it for my ipad.

  157. Wendy Stanger

    Be great for work meetings

  158. Katie Harmer

    What a lovely laptop bag! This would be perfect for me to take my laptop to my friend’s house whilst I am waiting for the garage to fix my car, and I can esconce myself on their sofa so I don’t disturb them too much because they work from home.

  159. Charlotte Burton

    This would be great for my uni work.

  160. hannah igoe

    This would be so handy for when I take my laptop out and about with me on a weekly basis

  161. Susan Hoggett

    I think this bag would be great when going on holiday as I could use it for my laptop and tickets etc. plus it’s very stylish and practical.

  162. Leela

    This would be really handy during road trips.

  163. kazh

    good for commute

  164. Emily Hutchinson

    It would be great for taking on holiday

  165. Simone Griffin

    It’s too nice for work but I could take it on the plane when travelling for work 🙂

  166. Maureen M

    Perfect hand luggage when flying.My laptop would be safe yet accessible.

  167. claire austin

    I really love this. Its so hard to find a stylish laptop bag and the colour is fabulous!

  168. Helen Rosbotham

    I work for social services and use a touch screen laptop on all my visits. This bag is much smarter than th ebony standard one we are issued with and would be used everyday

  169. Cara Lavery

    This sounds like an amazing prize

  170. Steph

    My Laptop bag just broke, so at the moment when travelling between meetings, i just put my laptop on the passenger seat! Would be much better in a bag, especially when i stop off at the bakery for lunch!

  171. Caron Twyman

    It will be very useful when I’m travelling on public transport. Thank you.



  173. Abigail

    For transporting my laptop to and from the library for studying.

  174. Natasha R-M

    This stylish and practical design would be invaluable for anyone who needs to use a laptop whilst travelling.

  175. vicki hennie

    This would be great for my husband who uses his laptop to show potential customers his work, it would protect his laptop and look professional xx

  176. L Smith

    This bag would be fab to make my working mum life easier.

  177. Susan Willshee

    I would love to use this bag when I go to my adult education classes. I always take my laptop because I travel there and back on the train and use the laptop to do my homework as I’m travelling home

  178. Mark Mccaffery

    This would be ideal for long train journeys.

  179. Margaret Mccaffery

    This would be great for my regular commute to the coast.

  180. Sarah Mccaffery

    As I take a lot of coach trips this would be ideal for the computer and a few accessories.

  181. Emma

    This would be so useful for when I am on deadline and cart my laptop around various coffee shops and soft play areas.

  182. donna l jones

    mostly for when l travel om the train lovely giveaway

  183. Carole Nott

    This would be so useful when travelling away from home

  184. Iris

    This would be perfect for my daughter, she is at uni and needs to carry her laptop around everwhere

  185. Anonymous

    I always take my laptop on holiday or short breaks, and to my boyfriend’s every week, it would be lovely to have such a stylish laptop bag instead of the boring black one I currently use…

  186. Julie Camm

    I always take my laptop on holiday or short breaks, and to my boyfriend’s every week, it would be lovely to have such a stylish laptop bag instead of the boring black one I currently use…

  187. Lauren Stebbings

    I work from home but sometimes need to go to meet colleagues with my laptop in coffee shops so a bag which looks like a normal bag rather than advertising I’m carrying a laptop would be perfect.

  188. Kim Lam

    I think this bag would be ideal as a cabin bag on a flight if you have hold luggage as well

  189. Victoria Prince

    Oh so many! It would be absolutely perfect when I go on holiday, because I always take my laptop with me. It would also be perfect to take to the training course I’m on at the moment

  190. Caroline Hunter

    I think it would be great as a work bag, especially if you worked in an office.

  191. Natalie Gough

    A laptop bag would be really handy if I was going straight out after a day at work, I often go out for dinner with friends so need something a bit more stylish to go out with.

  192. James Travis

    For carrying my laptop while travelling places in the car, on train or coach

  193. bex allum

    As a mature student I need to carry my laptop into uni this would be amazing!

  194. sandy ralph

    it would be so useful for my daughter to use when she has to take her laptop into college or when I travel and take mine with me

  195. Karen B

    It looks very handy for travelling and commuting

  196. Kat C

    This bag would be great to transport my laptop to my English classes, starting this week!

  197. Joanna Ford

    Would be good for taking my laptop to and from work

  198. Sheri Darby

    My daughter travels all over the place with her laptop, this would be brilliant

  199. Fiona Johnstone

    I usually just put my laptop in my backpack which isn’t ideal stuffed in with everything else I carry. This would be perfect and safer for me and my travels.

  200. Paula Phillips

    I go away most weekends and always take my laptop with me so need a good strong back to help protect it, this bag would be lovely to help carry my laptop around with me and make sure it doesn’t get damaged on my journeys.

  201. Ash R x

    for travelling on the train 🙂


    Perfect for keeping my laptop safe and me looking stylish

  203. Jo McPherson

    Would be perfect for when I am travelling, especially on a plane or train

  204. Sharon Burroughs

    This would be a great bag for travelling.

  205. Lorrainek

    This is so stylish you could take it anywhere

  206. Ashley Phillips

    The fact it doesn’t look like an obvious laptop bag this would be great to take everywhere and makes showing my customers new products really easy

  207. Sharon Everett

    Beautiful bag xxx

  208. debbie jayne Davies

    This would come in very handy for carrying my laptop back and fore to work.

  209. paula cheadle

    I live on my laptop, I take it with me, where possible

  210. Mandy Betts

    I would use it to keep my work laptop in

  211. Sharon Everett

    This would be fabulous for all my bits and bat’s when we go caravaning. 💕

  212. Anonymous

    Stunning bag for Autumn and a busy working mum

  213. sarah parker

    this bag would be perfect to keep my laptop safe on my commute 🙂

  214. Clare Thomas

    I am currently doing a wedding and event planning course at home. If I could easily bring my laptop around with me out and about it would be great to have the option to do this outside of home such as my train journey to and from work and also my lunch breaks! Love how stylish it is.

  215. Diana

    It would be great for holidays and trips, I don’t have a pretty safe bag for my laptop so it usually goes in a suitcase which isn’t very good :/

  216. Jenny Rogers

    This would be great to take my laptop when I am visiting family They don’t live too far away, so I just tend to throw things into the car for the journey. This is a much more stylish and efficient way to travel.

  217. Rebecca Whatmore

    Would be so handy for travelling and also when I take my laptop to friend’s/families houses. It looks great and love the colour!

  218. Rebecca Whatmore

    Would love to win to keep my laptop protected.

  219. Simon Smith

    Nice prize I’d find a use

  220. jo liddement

    Brilliant for my holidays, when i travel by train and need the laptop for the journey

  221. Angela Kelly

    This would be great for when I have to take my laptop into work.

  222. Laura Pritchard

    On my work trips to London.

  223. JaneMay

    I’d finish writing the last chapter of my sci-fi novel, using this to carry my laptop to the library 🙂 One chapter to go, then an edit. Woot!

  224. Mary Baldwin

    If I need to work in another building, this would enable me to transport my laptop safely while still looking smart and stylish.

  225. laura stewart

    fingers crossed, lovely prize x

  226. Erica Hughes

    Going to blogging events and conferences as I could work on the train.

  227. Katie

    When traveling with a laptop

  228. Catherine Bullas

    My daughter would find it useful for her laptop.

  229. angela sandhu

    My cousin would get a lot of use out of this

  230. Anonymous

    when travelling long distances and you need to take your laptop with you

  231. Marie Rungapadiachy

    This laptop bag would be really useful for my daughter to take with her for her A-levels.

  232. Debbie Preston

    When travelling by train as would be able to get all my stuff in one bag

  233. Stefany Acaster

    It would be useful for work and travelling.

  234. Adrian Bold

    It would be great for taking the laptop to work or on trips / holidays.

  235. Yvonne Dimbleby

    This bag would be great to keep my laptop safe on my frequent trips to London and beyond.

  236. Geoff Hibbert

    For anyone with a long commute this would be ideal.

  237. Joanne Smith

    I regularly have to ferry work to and from the office in a heavy, bulky , oversized works laptop bag which I struggle with. It would be great to have something like this.

  238. Terry Greer

    This would be perfect for my lovely wife Susan 💕 she runs a small review site and always has her laptop with her so she’d adore this

  239. MICHELLE Stewart

    Ideal present for my niece as she is starting Uni

  240. Angela Macdonald

    This would be a much more stylish way of carrying my laptop to and from work

  241. Victoria N

    I’d use this bag for meetings out and about for work

  242. carol boffey

    great giveaway

  243. S Kerry

    This bag would be great to travel with, it looks lovely!

  244. Emma Davison

    Travelling for work or even commuting to and from work.

  245. Caroline Shepherd

    I’m always trying to squeeze in work around the kids, too, so I’d use it to take my laptop to use while I’m waiting around at clubs and activities.

  246. Rebecca mercer

    I’d love to win this bag I’m hoping to start college so will need a bag for my laptop

  247. Laura Avery

    For walking about the supermarket with with or without a laptop it’s one sexy stylish bag!

  248. Leanne perrett

    would make a great bag for someone going to collage

  249. Kirsteen Mackay

    I think this laptop bag would come in really useful for me when I’m travelling at weekends and when I’m taking my laptop to meetings.

  250. Heli L

    I’d take the Estarer laptop bag with me when travelling. It’s stylish and I wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of my laptop!

  251. Denise Wilden

    I’d take the Estarer laptop bag with me when I’m off on holiday it would also come in very useful when I go pet sitting for my daughters cats can’t live for a week without my laptop.

  252. Sally Collingwood

    This bag would be good to take your laptop home from work to work from home

  253. Louise

    When I’m traveling with the kids means I’ll have free hands to hold theirs and look stylish at the same time.

  254. Emilia Nastaly-Howard

    In any situation. I travel a lot st that would be perfect

  255. Alison Furber

    I wouldn’t just use it as a laptop bag! It’s to beautiful for that.

  256. Carolynn Woodland

    Do a fair amount of travelling and I always seem to want to take loads of bits and pieces. I absolutely love this bag and would put it to good use.

  257. Ruth Wollerton

    When I am travelling or on the go, to keep my laptop safe

  258. gaynor Vincent

    When travelling to and from work – I cans still look stylish!

  259. chloe ellis

    a laptop is useful for on the go to work and holidays and general daily life

  260. Collette SR

    Would be useful on day to day commutes and when on holiday

  261. Claire rees

    I am a supply teacher so therefore this bag would be used for travelling back and forth to different schools x

  262. Adele Hill

    I’d use it to carry my laptop to work.


    A laptop bag would be wonderful for transporting my laptop safely on trips away, holidays & also when taking it to office meetings etc

  264. Eleanor Toms

    When would this be most useful? When travelling to and from work on public transport when I need to bring my laptop.

  265. Jessica Hutton

    I need my laptop for work so this would be perfect for transporting it. Especially when I travel on business.

  266. Mrs Sarah Roberts

    This perfect for taking the laptop to work l love thats its so stylish and doesn’t look like a laptop bag so gives you added security. Lovely for when you go away as well. I love it!.

  267. sharon martin

    i would come in very handy for travelling or just generally out and about

  268. Leeanne Clifford

    Perfect for work but also for going on holiday. You could keep tablet computers, laptops and everything safe and protected in there

  269. Hazel Rea

    The Estarer laptop bag would be useful first of all when at home to keep my laptop safe from accidents! It would also be great when travelling or when I need to take it with me when visiting my son or daughter.

  270. Kerry Webber

    I think it would be great for commuting! It honestly doesn’t look like a laptop bag, it’s very stylish and modern.

  271. Beth h

    I’m starting several new projects that could require me to frequently be on the go so this would be ideal.

  272. Lucy Robinson

    This would be perfect when I travel with my lap top.

  273. Monika Bascombe

    Would come handy while i travel abroad with my work

  274. Georgie Wright

    It’d be perfect for taking on holiday or using on the train. I’d also use it when I visit family by car as it’d transport my laptop safely.

  275. Nuala R

    I travel for my job and have to carry works laptop it is small enough but still have to put it in one of those old style laptop It would be brilliant to look smart on visits with a bag like this.

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