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5 Luxury Travel Ideas to Save For

There is something about the idea of travelling that always gets me excited, getting to see the world is something I wish I had done more of before I got ill. However, of course, that doesn't mean that I can't still look to see some more of the world in future. I just perhaps have a bit of a different outlook on the places I would stay. Now more than anything I would look for more luxury travel, a place to help relax and unwind, in beautiful surroundings. Of course, this is so much easier to do today than it once was, with a host of luxury resorts around the world being able to be chosen from.

5 Luxury Travel Ideas to Save For

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To get you thinking of some areas you might like to take an extra special trip so I have put together 5 luxury travel ideas for you to save for.


Belize is a country located along the East Coast of Central America and definitely somewhere I think might be of interest. This beautiful country has a whole host of amazing areas to explore such as Lamanai; an ancient Mesoamerican archaeological site, which tugs on the excitement of my youth as I used to want to be an archaeologist. There is also the great blue hole, an interesting sinkhole in the ocean, favoured by many scuba divers, as well as the reefs that are found around the coast.

If you are looking for a luxury area to stay then how about a Belize beachfront rental to stay in during your trip to a little bit of paradise.


If the Carribean is calling your name, then how about heading to Barbados. A land with so much to do and see kept within. For those who love rum, you could head to the homeplace of the nectar and learn about the history of the Mount Gay distillery – founded in 1703. For those who want to experience something once in a lifetime, the waters of Barbados offer the opportunity to swim with leatherback and hawksbill turtles. While heading to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve can help you see some of the most amazing animals that call this beautiful isle their home.

For those who want to while away the hours, the beaches of Barbados offer a play to relax, while others in your party can partake in some water sports.


While Paris on a budget is completely do-able, much like many of the places on this list. If you want to head away for a luxury weekend getaway what better place could there be than the city of love? Well known for the breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower, the splendour of Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe. You aren't ever going to forget seeing the amazing artefacts that can be found in The Louvre (no matter if you choose to see the Mona Lisa or not).

Paris is the home of fashion, art and food, so no matter what you enjoy doing, a luxury weekend will have you all heading home with some wonderful memories.

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Los Angeles

If you want to mingle with the rich and famous then Los Angeles might be the perfect spot. Home of Hollywood, you can spend your days touring the likes of Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers, before taking a stroll down the Walk of Fame.

It doesn't all have to be about chasing celebrities though, for thrill seekers Los Angeles is home to a Six Flags and of course Disneyland. While one of the most loved activities of the area has to be shopping, with a whole host of malls and shopping neighbourhoods to choose from.


Tuscany, a region in central Italy is famed for its beautiful views, history, art and culture. There is so much to do in this region of Italy, from walking the streets of Piza to visiting the wine yards of Chianti. Will the leaning tower of Pizza really look like all those postcards we have seen?

For those who fancy relaxing, then heading to one of the spa towns of the area is a must. After all, many of the natural springs of the area are actually free to enjoy (though pre-booking maybe needed).

So there you have 5 luxury travel ideas to save for, are any of these areas on your luxury travel list? Or do you have somewhere else in mind you would love to go be able to explore one day?

This post was written in collaboration with Luxury Retreats.


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  1. Jess

    Tuscany gets my vote for sure! The food and the culture there are amazing, I’d never want to leave. Paris would be a close second. I’ve always said if I was going to visit Paris I’d want to ‘do it proper’ and not on a budget, ha!

  2. robin rue

    My friend is in Barbados right now and I am so jealous. That is high up on my list of places I want to go.

  3. Alli Rutherford Smith

    I’ve been to Barbados and loved the two weeks I spent there. I was just looking at Belize yesterday as I was planning our next getaway. I’ve never been there and it looks like a fun place to explore.

  4. Amber

    I would love luxury travel, but we’re more like budget travel. I hope to go to Paris again one day. We’d probably just stay in a hostel!

  5. jmanandmillerbug

    I have been to three of the five places you mentioned here and I will definitely see they are well worth it. I am hoping to get to the other two sometime in the next few years.

  6. kage2015

    Been to all but one of theses. We enjoyed our time and experience in each and every place. Always fun to travel.

  7. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    Oh gosh, I am going to recommend you DO NOT go to Los Angeles. I live there… And um, it’s not luxurious at all. hahahahahaha!

  8. Mamas Travel Tribe

    Yes please to all 5 of those!! I have so many places on my list of places to go!

  9. countryheartdeb

    oh wow yes to all 5 and love the comment above about not visitng los angeles lol its always the same when you live somewhere, the magic all but disapears! lol

  10. Rebecca | AAUBlog

    Would love to visit Tuscany – it sounds amazing. I have been to LA and thought it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be – very glam though!

  11. Valerie Gray (@valmg)

    I have a friend staying in Belize right now and it looks lovely from her photos. Four of the five places on your list are on my travel bucket list.

  12. dearmummyblog

    We’d love to head to Belize and see the great blue hole! Shame we’re not good divers, and with my mummy’s bad lungs can only manage snorkelling x Great suggestions! Better start saving….

  13. Adrienne

    I may need to give Belize another try because it wasn’t my favorite place to visit. A lot of people really like it though.

  14. Jeanette

    Yes! Travel is on my to-do when my kids get bigger. These are definitely places I’d love to save and plan to visit!

  15. Kelly Reci

    I would love to Paris once again – you’re right, it’s totally a luxurious trip! I just love how I dine there – everything tastes delicious.

  16. Pam Wattenbarger

    I have been wanting to visit Belize. It’s supposed to be such a beautiful place to see.

  17. Farida

    This is great list! And one certainly has to plan ahead to travel and to enjoy the many activities one can possibly do and explore the many new places. Traveling need not be expensive. It’s a matter of researching and doing the right choices to enjoy without hurting our bank accounts!

  18. Anosa Myrabev Malanga

    Ohh dear, who would not love to be in this beautiful places! I love travelling and seeing beaches. Barbados is one of my bucket list! So many beautiful places to explore.

  19. Rhian Westbury

    I’d love to do every single one of these. We’re currently saving for my boyfriends 30th next year where we want to do an all inclusive resort in South America x

  20. My Dee Dee's Diary

    I love this list. I definitely want to visit Tuscany one day.

  21. Carol Cassara

    Paris will always be my favorite city and it’s just always a delight to go there. These places are worth it and you definitely should see them at least once!

  22. Cathleen @ A Taste of Madness

    I haven’t been to any of these places. You are giving me wanderlust!

  23. emmanuel damian

    I really want to visit Belize and Los Angeles. I have been to Paris. So four more to go!

  24. Wanda Lopez

    I vote for all five. I can start with those closer to me and then head up the list. Great tips and list!

  25. Kara

    I think all 5 are on our list but hoping to do Tuscany this year

  26. Jay Colby

    Great ideas! I’ve always wanted to go to all the places you’ve mentioned.

  27. Mimi Green

    This is a good list. Sadly I’ve only been to L.A. It was fun, but I want to go back and do some of the things you suggested.

  28. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    All these places sound wonderful. Barbados is on my list of places to visit within the next few years. My friend went and had a wonderful time.

  29. CurvyGirlThin

    Belize is definitely on my list. If I had to chose 4 others it would be St Petersburg, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and a Californian tour. I could go on, but those are my top right now.
    C x

  30. Kiwi

    Im going to barbados in March. I am so excited!!

  31. Maritza Baez

    these trips look amazing. a price range would be nice to see so I know how much to save up

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It all depends on how much luxury you want – if you click over the website they have lots of options, or of course, you could choose to do it on a budget and still have the same amount of fun but it will not cost your pocket so much.

  32. kayleigh watkins

    They all sound like beautiful places to visit, I have never been abroad but would like to take my children when the baby is older xxx

  33. Sela

    Your suggestions are great. I would love to see Belize. I have been to Barbados and Paris and I live in Los Angeles.Thanks for sharing..

  34. Chubskulit Rose

    Barbados and Belize are in my bucket list. We were gonna go to Barbados few years ago but decided to wait till the kids are a little older. Hopefully in few years we could all go.

  35. acupofassamtea

    Such a great list of places at the same time every place has its own charm. Belize is in my bucket list.

  36. Margaret Gallagher

    Tuscany and Paris are amazing – I’ll have to start saving for Los Angeles next

  37. youngsickandinvisible

    Tuscany and Barbados sound amazing, to be honest I’d love to go to all of those places, so so beautiful and you’d make such wonderful memories. Definitely would make a change from rainy London.

  38. Sara Welch

    I have always wanted to go to Barbados. I love the islands.

  39. lavandamichelle

    My niece recently won a trip around Europe and she was telling me about how It doesn’t really cost much In Europe to have fun. I want to go to Paris really bad! Thanks for sharing.

  40. Sarah

    These are fab ideas! I’ve wanted to travel to Barbados for a long time, and if I’m honest – I’d love a cheesy rom-com inspired trip away to Paris!

  41. Holly Hood

    These are great suggestions. I would love to visit Paris and Barbados

  42. Charli Bruce

    I’ve always wanted to go to Tuscany! It’s already on my list of places I want to save to go to x

  43. toastycritic

    All of those would be amazing. Although I live in the middle of LA so it kind of feels weird to be a travel destination. My only comment about the LA part is that if you are coming here, make sure to go to Beverly Hills. When people think Hollywood, that’s mostly what they think of. Hollywood is so much different. (Although a trip to the Kodak Theater and The Chinese Theater is essential to any LA visit.

  44. Photoshop Inspire

    I think that’s a great list of places! I would love to go to Paris some day though 🙂

  45. Yeah Lifestyle

    Not been to any of these destinations except Paris so would love to head there. My mind is wondering about these beautiful places now!

  46. Sally Akins - Travel & Food Blogger (@SallyAkins)

    I’d love to go to any of those, as I’ve only visited Paris from that list, and that was nearly 20 years ago! But California is my dream trip – I would love to go and do a road trip

  47. kirstyralph11

    I’ve only ever been to Paris once and loved it and have always wanted to go back, but it can be so expensive so I love your ideas on saving money! Tuscany would be beautiful to visit especially the natural springs.

  48. secretplussizegoddessblogt

    I love the sound of most of these, however Belize is the one that is really making me want to start saving and looking up the costs. I would really love to visit it as it is such a wide and diverse country and it is really high on my bucket list. I did Paris twice last year and whilst lovely…. it costs a bomb!

  49. Thank You Honey

    So many great destinations on this list. We’re planning a trip to Paris next year. Our son has never been. We can’t wait to take him!

  50. Bobbi

    I would love to be able to travel more. All of these destinations would definitely be worth saving up for!

  51. Blair Villanueva

    I would love to travel to Tuscaby and experience the authentic Tuscany life. I am jnspired hy that movie starred by Diane Lane.

  52. Ally Jones

    These all look amazing. I would love to check every single one off the list 🙂 I have always wanted to go to Tuscany!

  53. D. Eros

    Los Angeles is my dream destination, but would definitely love to see all the places.

  54. Dannii

    Belize is high up on our travel bucket list. The beaches just look so beautiful.

  55. thestyletune

    I have been to Tuscany and Paris and they are both magical!! Specially Tuscany with all the great produce!

  56. adstanfield25

    Belize and Paris are dream trips for me! I am determined to make Paris happen this year, but I’m not sure if I can financially swing two this year, so Belize 2019!!! LOL. Tuscany seems beautiful as well!

  57. nbosken

    The Carribbean in general is beautiful. I would love to take a trip to Belize. It looks absolutely amazing. Also Tuscany is not super far from me over here in Spain. While I’ve been to Italy, I’ve never been to that region.

  58. Marius

    Awesome destinations. I particularly like Barbados and Belize for the scuba diving.

    The Paris image almost looks like a tiny home community which would be awesome and maybe more economical than other accomodations.

  59. lmochoa488

    I love all of these destinations. I would love to go to each and every one of these.

  60. Nicole Caudle

    I’ve heard so many things about Belize, I’ve always wanted to visit. This is a great list!

  61. The Motherhood Club

    Ive been to Belize ( The Cayes) and its absolut4ely beautiful! Snorkeling there is so amazing and fun ! Just make sure to wear lots of mosquito repelent because it can get really really bad! And i live in L.A so I need to visit the other 3 locations <3

  62. Hayley Warren

    I’m so desperate to go back to Paris! I need to get my boyfriend to apply for a passport!

  63. Mo

    I would like to go to Belize and see the Lamanai – it does sound very interesting.

  64. A S,Edinburgh

    These are wonderful ideas. It’s surprising how achieveable some destinations can be once you do the sums.

  65. MJW

    Love these! LA and Barbados are top of my list 🙂

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