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William Allen KernowInFocus

Meet William Allen, the man behind KernowInFocus, (for those unsure Kernow is Cornish for Cornwall), a whizz behind the camera and an all-around awesome guy. How do I know? Well, he's married to my beautiful cousin Sophie.

Over the years, Will's love for photography and the technology used to capture the perfect shot has grown and from this side of the screen it has been interesting watching him turn his hobby into a full-time job. It also means, of course, I get to see wonderful pictures of my family who live down in Cornwall.

William Allen KernowinFocus

KernowInFocus is of course based in Cornwall, Truro to be exact. While Will himself says he loves taking pictures of anything from landscapes to animals, his real passion is people, be it a wedding or a portrait. This is because in his own words; “Well because people are what interest me, you interest me. We all have so many expressions, so many stories to tell.”

As well as of course offering his services for hire, be it for your special occasion or in his studio. Will also offers the opportunity ability to buy some of his wonderful prints from his online shop. Here you will find images which include some beautiful shots from around Cornwall, a well as a gorgeous capture of a grey wolf.

William Allen Kernow in Focus Charlestown Harbour Tallship

Perhaps one of his most loved pieces available in the shop happens to be of the historical Charlestown harbour, with the tallship Phoenix moored to the side. This location is probably, most well known for it being one of the filming locations for the TV series Poldark.

Will has kindly given me a mount only print of this beautiful photograph to giveaway to one of you lucky people and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is let me know:
Which is your favourite print available to buy in the KernowinFocus shop?

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Good Luck!

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  1. Tracy Nixon

    I love The Cornish Waterfall!

  2. Margaret gallagher

    Hoof prints in yhr sand
    It’s simple yet stunning

  3. Karen Langridge

    I really like the grey wolf I would always pick animal pictures 🙂 x

  4. Chrissy Harris

    Love loads but the wolf is my fav

  5. clair downham

    cornish waterfall

  6. melanie stirling

    Cornish Fishing village is my favourite.

  7. iain maciver

    the wolf

  8. Tanya Deliyska

    My fave one is Grey Wolf.

  9. jo liddement

    I love the Mussel Mining print. It has a beautiful perspective.

  10. fiona waterworth

    GREY WOLF I love animal paintings

  11. Ann Willers

    Love the Mussel Miners

  12. john prendergast

    the South Cornwall Cliffs

  13. Emily Clark

    The cornish fishing village is lovely!

  14. MM

    I like thi sone “MUSSEL MINING”

  15. MM

    I like this one “MUSSEL MINING”

  16. Kim Neville


  17. Daniel C

    Beautiful pic!

  18. stuart hargreaves


  19. Ruth Harwood

    my son would love the grey wolf!!

  20. Suzanne Jackson

    I love the Grey Wolf – gorgeous

  21. Jo Carroll

    The Grey Wolf is a really striking, powerful image.

  22. Sally Collingwood

    I like the Cornish waterfall

  23. leanne weir

    the grey wolf

  24. Solange

    I really like the grey wolf.

  25. Susie Wilkinson

    Hoofprints In The Sand

  26. Dawn Wilkinson

    Hoofprints in the Sand

  27. lynn neal

    South Cornwall cliffs

  28. lorna ledger

    This is a beautiful photograph … I love SOUTH CORNWALL CLIFFS it’s something you could look at for hours

  29. jon morris

    what a lovely picture, love it

  30. Kim M

    Like the Cornish Waterfall x


    south cornwall cliffs

  32. Rich Tyler

    Cornish fishing village

  33. Stevie

    I also like the Cornish Waterfall.

  34. Susan Trubey

    Charlestown Harbour Tallship

  35. Christine Lockley

    I love “Cornish Waterfall”

  36. C PHILIP

    I like the Grey Wolf best.


    Like South Cornwall cliffs

  38. Rachel Butterworth

    Grey Wolf

  39. Lucinda Barton

    Oh i just love South Cornwall Cliffs! Beautiful!

  40. Jane Willis

    Mussel Mining – the scene sums up Cornwall so perfectly

  41. Natalie in Turner

    CORNISH WATERFALL – so magical!

  42. Samantha Keeley

    I like the grey wolf

  43. Victoria Prince

    My favourite is this one, Charlestown Harbour Tallship! Though it’s very close between that and Cornish Waterfall

  44. Nadia Josephine

    I love the Grey Wolf it is beautiful but I love all of them so it is hard to pick a favourite!

  45. Mark Colombus

    Grey Wold is ace, i do love a wolf.

  46. Julie Edwards

    I love the grey wolf picture. Beautiful xxx

  47. Zoe Payne

    south cornwall cliffs

  48. Mark T

    Cornish Waterfall

  49. lorraine polley

    love the cornish waterfall

  50. Susan B

    HOOFPRINTS IN THE SAND is my favourite but they are all fab.

  51. Mike Gerrie

    I do like the on with the Cornish Waterfall

  52. Lee Whittaker

    Love the South Cornwall Cliff’s. Reminds me of many happy holidays in Cornwall.

  53. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    The Cornish waterfall

  54. Daisy Belle

    South Cornwall Cliffs


    The Cornish fishing village

  56. Francesca Harrod

    The Cornish Waterfall is lovely 🙂

  57. Adrian Bold

    My favourite print is the Cornish Waterfall.

  58. astrid c

    cornish waterfall

  59. Lee Ford

    The Cornish cliffs look wonderful

  60. Emma Gillbart

    it has got to be Charlestown harbour tall ship. Its absolutely beautiful, it would sit beautifully in the mother in laws Tearooms.

  61. jennifer jackson

    I love the cornish waterfall

  62. DawnLouise

    The grey wolf.

    What a stunning print if a stunning animal

  63. carol boffey

    love the grey wolf

  64. Allan Wilson

    Hoofprints in the sand. Simple but very effective.

  65. dana

    Really like the Grey Wolf

  66. Clive Gerrard

    Cornish Fishing Village is my favourite!

  67. Jacki Mactaggart

    Love ‘Hoofprints in the sand’ …my daughter and I have many fabulous memories galloping across North Berwick beach :-)))

  68. Aaron Milne

    Charlestown Harbour Tallship is my favourite

  69. Diana

    Mussel Miners

  70. Caroline Signey

    The harbour

  71. Donna V Caldwell

    Mussel mining looks fantastic reminds me of my grandad

  72. Simone Griffin

    The grey wolf is beautiful

  73. Joanne smith

    Cornish fishing village

  74. Megan Williams

    I love the South Cornwall Cliffs print!

  75. Kelly Simpson

    Cornish Waterfall

  76. zoe g

    Cornish Waterfall is my favourite

  77. Simeon

    Lovely picture

  78. Eleanor Powell

    Mussel Mining

  79. marie panes-everill

    My favourite is the South Cornwall Cliffs. Reminds me of my dog walking holidays years ago.

  80. Stewart Biddle

    Cornish waterfall is beautiful

  81. Stephanie

    Cornwall cliffs

  82. Maria

    Definitely grey wolf one of my favourite animals

  83. Chris Hobbs

    South Cornwall Cliffs is perfection. x

  84. Keith Hunt

    Grey Wolf

  85. david crabb

    Cornish water

  86. Tammy Neal

    It would have to be the grey wolf ♥ xx

  87. Kevin Cannon


  88. Natalie Gillham

    Charlestown Harbour Tallship

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